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  1. Is this Carlos re-incarnated? Again with the paper trail bullshit. Which wreckage is this? The tiny engine (that is the wrong kind by the way) planted in a street? Great detective work there Watson. Photos of the Penta-con show three exits holes 3 buildings in. Game over. Please do bullshit your way out of that one. There is no substantial wreckage proof from 4 planes each made of millions of parts at any crash site. First you give me substantial proof of: 1) plane wreckage debris in manhattan 2) Shanksville 3) the Penta-con 4) shanksville-all the best with that one. Until then you are blowing smoke up my ass.
  2. So if i hit a Lucky Larry pinata with 59484473834&48,009,999,,00,000 joules of energy with a baseball bat, do the gold coins inside magically dissapear?
  3. LOL Thats piss easy, the explosives were designed to do that hence the laughable plane hole that looks like its been cut with an angle grinder. How do you explain the perfectly straight square and rectangle hole? The problem the perps had however were the outer column strips blown outwards INTACT. So how is this possible if a plane smashed through it? Theres more Indication of no planes. Those phoney videos arent fooling anyone. You keep saying there were planes, so WHERE did they go after the impact?
  4. You've interpreted it how you saw fit. Its my thread so im hardly hijacking it. 'Yeeh, 'collossal kinetic energy' that implodes on itself leaving no trace what so ever. Where did the planes go? Did they just explode inside the tower and vanish? Makes sense. So if they werent hollow then they contained passengers, seats, luggage, delicious peanut snacks and giant engines, they too went poof and evaporated. Same with the black boxes. go back and look at the photo i posted of the impact explosion. WHERE is your plane? Where is the evidence of any plane AFTER the so called crashes? You have zip. I can not see or find any evidence of planes crashing.
  5. True, but my point is the news reporter paid zero notice of him. The news is supposed to be objective isnt it (altho we know they arent). Yet they give the blatant shill a full interview with men in suits monitoring him and verbally signalling when the interview should end. Plus the other suite who commented he couldnt say who he was. Totally not suspicious.
  6. Good old Rick Mayall haha. Most blue pilled 'men' are highly insecure. The need to act hard or get tattooed up and walk around like they are mike tyson, reeks of not being self assured.
  7. Sorry for the late reply Flake. I had a friend like that too. His whole world consisted around "pussy" as he would call it. Lying to me about how many women he had slept with as if that was supposed to impress me. He also used to call me a 'goth' because i wore heavy metal tshirts lol. Also, back in the early 2000's i had a beard as i do now, and all the clean cut chavs in the pubs would say you need to shave that off, girls dont like it. And these are same same twats who have turned into hipsters and all have 'designer' beards that all look the same today. You're right, friends are over rated. I cared about my old friends more as these were long term guys i went to school with. They've all faded into obscurity now. For the best, as i now realise.
  8. And here we have an eye witness say no plane it was a bomb, and the interviewer shits himself and doesn't want to know. Strange don't you think?
  9. Heres the same video by a different uploader with a better comment section.
  10. Its the usual merry go round of bullshit witnesses, the people on the planes and their families, etc etc. Look at this tumbling dickweed crisis actor, failing hard at convincing everyone he saw a plane, and also seems to know why the towers fell. The CIA prob kicked his ass for doing such a lame acting job. Crack open a beer and have a good laugh at this knob head:
  11. You're a joke and a liar. There is ZERO evidence of any plane at any crash site. Wheres the 80 plus videos including the gas station video that was confiscated of your precious plane crashing into the penta-con? Why are they shitting themselves and not releasing the footage? WHO are you trying to bullshit? Give it up,
  12. Oh, but its totally plausible an aluminum flying tube causes each tower to collapse in the same manner and crumble like a sand castle. A 500,000 ton steel structure gone with the wind that day in roughly 11 seconds. You're fucking dreaming. Not to mention the ENERGY that's SPITTING out huge steel girders that evaporate as they fall. How do you explain this? That my friend, is not logical or a possibility. You could 'try' and crash a plane into a tower like that a billion times over and never would we see what happened on 9/11. The towers didn't just collapse did they, they were turned into very fine dust. That requires something that has a shit ton of ENERGY to do so. Use your brain. Or stop shilling for the Zionists. I look forward to the hilarious bullshit 9/11 "looking back" articles in the Daily Mail etc tomoro with not even a slither of a mention of how 9/11 was suspicious.
  13. The mainstream are a waste of time. With their heads up their asses appeasing their over lords. Now the masses suddenly care because this Covid psy op actually affects EVERYONE. You keep clapping for the NHS and banging your pots and pans. You're making a real difference.
  14. Man in New Zealand even as a resident and citizen u pay out your ASS for a doctors appointment. For non residents and citizens they charge you $100 for a doctors appointment, and you get mugged off if you require pain killers etc. New Zealands ambulance service is run by a CHARITY called St Johns, and you get a letter in the post after needing one demanding a $100 'mandatory donation'. If you dont pay they get a collection agency called BayCorp after you.
  15. The main focus on 9/11 should be that no one died except first responders and I have no real clue about the jumpers. Also what the world became since. Covid 19 is going to change the way the world operates and im sure these bastards have more tricks up their sleeves for future psy ops and manipulation .
  16. Whatever took the towers out was explosives of some sort, I think we could all agree in that, but i think Oz is taking the piss with cloaked aircraft firing lazer beams. But hey if it ends up being that hes right, I will eat my tin foil hat.
  17. Are you on crack? The most sensible theory? What a fantastical premise. i cant take you seiously with a claim like that. Any evidence of lasers? Any?
  18. I guess you've never heard of Molecular Dissociation. Are you still going with your Star Wars theory?
  19. Thats a really good idea. Crimebodge style. (check hus channel out on youtube its mostly about dealing with SS police).
  20. Great, i fucked up the thread heading. Meant to say Long Term, not Long Terms.
  21. I moved abroad in 2006 for 13 years and became a father. I went back to the UK twice in that time for a visit. My long term friends immediately cut contact with me when i first left., so it wasnt like my long term absence changed anything. My best friend who understood me more than anyone, and was more like a brother to me, eventually responded to several emails i had sent him saying we had nothing in common anymore and didnt want to know me anymore. I was mortified as I was younger back then, but it haunted me for several years after. Im ashamed and embarrassed to admit these people are in my dreams alot and it torments me. On my second visit I tried to re-connect with two other friends i was deeply fond of, and they had turned into emasculated liberals, and i ended up having a bust up with one of them because i gave the wrong (honest) answer to his question. Being in my 30s now, I realised these people were never really my freinds, and i thought more of them than they did of me. As for family, same thing but way back in 2001 when they left the country. Being in my 30s now, it seems futile in searching for friendship. Things change when you get into your 30s, theres an adult awkwardness there that you never have in your 20s. Things seem to flow. Being a social pariah doesn't help. Anyone else had similar experiences? Seems the only people i can connect to now are online. Real life people are sheep, closed minded and infuriating. Its also annoying to see how easily some people get everything in their life with minimal effort. It blows my mind how most people have close doting family, all the social status's etc. I've never experienced that.
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