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  1. I spend most of my time alone. I go out to buy food then remain in my room for the rest of the day. its not like theres anyone in the near vicinity to associate with. I'm prob 1 of 3 people who never wear a mask, tho i never see them. Being alone is fine, for a while. It doesnt hurt to have some company once in a while. If only it were that simple to sit in a room and put aside differences. Might work for a while but in the end it falls apart. I appreciate what you mean though.
  2. That's you in a nut shell. You've gone off the rails now, desperate to get the last word in every time with your one-upmanship. But you're falling, falling fast and swift into the canyon of irrelevence. Weeeeee.
  3. Like your Nelson meme? Don't like a taste of your own medicine do you? And here you are soiling someone else's thread with your baseless rhetoric.
  4. Hey man, is your user name Fear Factory inspired?
  5. I think we can add 'stalking' to the list. Go away.
  6. What a shit week its been. Sick of the corona bullshit and mask po-lice. i wonder what type of shilling is being done in the real word regarding the corona virus?
  7. There are blatant shills on this website who fail miserably. They also pretend to leave the website, come back with a different name yet become instantly recognisable by posting in the same exact manner and format using the same phrases and key wording.
  8. I couldnt give a shit anymore, beleive what you like.
  9. Proper sexy. No point detailing the perps as Comedy Time will insist numbskulls with box cutters outwitted a billion dollar defence system, flew planes like winged gods in the sky hitting targets with pure precision and on and on. I will stop replying to him/her/it now as Its only entertaining a shill/troll.
  10. Comedy Time's objective is to stonewall you in any way possible. Clear video evidence of metal columns evaporating into thin air-"made up". If the collapse videos are fake then so are the planes.
  11. Oh really? And you would know this how? You seem to know the answer to everything. Im still laughing at your kilojoules equation. One to tell the grandkids.
  12. Your sole purpose is to unsuccesfully debunk any opposing evidence to the bullshit official story.
  13. Made up? Its in videos clear as day. Once again, stop shilling you hypocrite. You state the planes in every video are real but the steel columns blowing away in the wind are made up. Very selective aren't you.
  14. In videos you see them turn to dust as they fall, including the last standing column tip over and simply blow away in the wind. What else apart from a nuke would make metal turn to dust.
  15. Sweet thanks, ive seen this but forgot he mentions Eyes Eide Shut. Whats your views on the films meaning?
  16. Nah, I've said all I wanted to say, head-brick wall.... but will leave with this: The Powers That Be are petrified of too many people waking up to their atrocities. That's why they pay the shills. It's an information war and its important to them because they are fully aware of the latent powers of humanity, especially as a collective consciousness. They know that if the awakening process is left unchecked there will be a revolution at some point and they will be overthrown. All of the debating and otherwise nasty diatribe aside, you have much to learn about human consciousness and the evolutionary process. And there is nothing wrong with that. In order to progress in knowledge and wisdom, someone has to sling the lunacy and nonsense to provide inspiration and motivation to those on the positive side to move forward. And that's your purpose. The good news is, human beings will absolutely awaken and take control of this world from the Dark Cabal of the Power Elite. Its not a question of if, but when.
  17. Here you go again shilling for a corrupt piece of shit. Why should, or would I believe anything that comes out of his mouth? So he goes on tv and states trillions of dollars are missing and the next day, voila, its taken care of, and a series of events all too convenient take place. What a coincidence! The VERY next day. It's clear even to a lobotomized baboon you are willfully blind/ignorant of the secret occult economy, exponentially larger than the false front portrayed to the world, a mere pittance of the $Quintillions that are actually out there being used by the Power Elite "Private Club" behind the scenes. And yet you bang on and on about paper trails and it must be soooo impossible for so many people to be involved without whistle-blowers. You must know many people are involved and it goes on all the time, so why ask such stupid questions? Much like I am pointing out how ludicrous the 'official' story is, and its many events. You can't even show concrete evidence of at least one plane on 9/11. 'Nada' as you say. And why are you convinced of this?
  18. You seem to know precise details, where as i have stated i have speculated with theories as to how all aspects of 9/11 events from the official story are fraudelent. It all adds up. How come you know precise details to something neither one of us would possibly know unless you were part of the cover up or a stooge, which is what you sound like in every one of your replies. Your kilojoules equation for example. Would you present this to experts in the field? You'd be laughed out the room. You present these statements as matter of fact.
  19. You want to talk about things being logical yet you are defending the official story without saying so. You don't say why and you avoid questions that make you uncomfortable limiting the scope of your understanding. So what is logical about 2.3 TRILLION dollars worth of "Accounting Errors"? Do you really think accountants are that stupid to make an incredible amount of "Errors"? How is this for logic-2.3 trillion dollars was missing, Enron was in full swing with the current administration right in the middle of the accusations even though they had insider info which allowed them to get out before the stock crashed. There was no current war at the time and Bush and Cheney both had monumental connections with businesses that require war to make money. Iraq was ripe for the picking and the only thing needed was a reason to go to war. The trade center buildings were built with implosion devices installed (FACT) so the buildings could be brought down in their own footprint. A sane person should be able to deduce a LOGICAL connection between these seemingly unconnected facts, or allegations if you prefer, if they are open minded. Unfortunately most people are afraid to consider the consequences of the realization that there could have been a deliberate operation and subsequent cover up by the administration. That seems impossible and illogical because a person would have to be insane to do such a thing knowingly. Megalomaniacs ARE insane. So that only leaves the possibility that YOU are unable to grasp the true depth of man.
  20. Criminal evidence needed to be destroyed, as I said, we can only speculate as to what that was. Another theory is theft of highly valuable data. Physical access to a server is the best way to compromise the security system and access the data. Evacuating the building would give the thief the best chance at reaching the objective. The demolition was designed to cover up the theft. What data you ask? There are many possibilities. I'm sure a more well versed researcher could name some off the top of their head.
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