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  1. This was in response to someone who replied whose post has vanished....eerie.
  2. I was temporarily banned from posting for 2-3 days for calling out a piss obvious shill and antagonizer, and the ban is over. I'm far from convinced. Lionizing them doesn't make it so.
  3. Nothing makes sense anymore in this bullshit world, and you can't trust anyone.
  4. Genuine question with no malice. Are you elected by any of the Icke family or related? How does one come to be a moderator on this forum? Who are you?
  5. Prob got another forum to infect before late supper.
  6. Answer the question then. Where in the photo is any evidence of a plane? Thats IN the photo, not after or before, IN the photo.
  7. The outstanding photo i posted of the moment of impact shows no plane and collumn strips being blown out in full with zero plane parts visible what so ever. You insist on there being a plane in that photo so you show me the evidence. So far your 'evidence' has been a joke. Arent you getting bored of being a total bullshitter?
  8. Great come back, its because you're stumped on that one.
  9. Yet we see FUCK ALL upon the fake impact. Your landing gear etc, where is it in the explosion? I dont see a single shred of debris from a plane being blown out. You still havnt explained how full strips of columns are being blown out, impossible if a plane has smashed through it. Pull another pathetic explanation out of your ass why don't you.
  10. Hey man, don't waste your time engaging with Comedy Time. He is a shill who is here to rebuke/refute absolutely anything you say, regardless of what evidence or lack of on his part you provide. Ignore him and hopefully he will go away.
  11. No worries man. I lol'd at the 'nice plane bro' bit haha.
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