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  1. Worth a watch of this video that echo's what David Icke has been saying about the unproven status that the virus Covid 19 as we know it, has yet to be proven to exist. Dr Sam is a fully qualified New Zealand doctor and runs her own a Youtube channel, but was naturally reluctant to post this particular content for fear of reprisal. The original link was for Odysee.com but I have since found that re-playing that content or linking to it had become problematic and found another option to view. https://thereisnopandemic.net/2021/07/28/once-upon-a-time-in-wuhan-dr-sam-bailey/ Scroll down a touch on the page to see embedded content/video. The documentary is called 'Once Upon A Time In Wuhan' about 20 minutes long and shows compelling evidence from a scientific point of view. Please share the content.
  2. The BBC/government finally start posting the so called coronavirus death count with "Deaths For Any Reason Within 28 Days Of A Positive Test" rather than the previous Deaths Within 28 Days Of A Positive Test statement. The difference is subtle but indicates a potential turnaround in the general public deception perception. These are some of the figures and stats that the government are using to lock down and ruin our economy, create new laws and scare the living shite out of the general public and all based on a simple daily manipulation that nobody in the MSM seems to want to question, and probably in the fear of being brow beaten to death by the normally polite and mild mannered Dr Hillary and other such like MSM payroll stooges. Mass testing a population was never a good idea and will never work, it only serves to provide the figures against daily doom we all face if we do not do as we are told. In the meantime here is a very long but very interesting and super revealing interview with Dr Mike Yeadon who is more than happy to call out and challenge the so called professionals and experts who have been feeding the government narrative. I am sure this has been posted already somewhere but here it is again....
  3. Little lambs to the slaughter considering that children from the outset were the least vulnerable but now this has taken on a whole new level and especially so in the more populated northern regions. I didn't think it would be long before the army were introduced into the population/mix.
  4. Quite interesting facts and articles that back up David Icke's outlook that surround the current PCR test, invented by Kary Mullis (used for HIV research) who (maybe ironically?) passed away in August of 2019, is no longer here to defend the use in which his methods have been applied. Dr Kary Mullis's main argument for A.I.D.S and his research was there was never any solid scientific proof or evidence that HIV was a direct cause of AIDS. Kary Mullis has stated that the PCR test is more suited to research methods rather than clinical testing and was not designed for mass testing, despite now the Wikipedia updated claim that it is, the inventor clearly states otherwise. Different countries are using different levels of testing sensitivity, meaning that figures can vary significantly and can also be manipulated to show more or less infections. Because of the magnification, any positive samples are often that small as to not cause any concern, as you need a lot of a virus to actually make you poorly or even have mild symptoms and the very reason as to why the majority of positive cases will not amount to anything.... I have read from more than one source that the survival rate of covid19 is around 99.96%. Covid virus is virally related to the common cold and it is likely that you will find a sample in most of the population if you look hard enough by increasing the testing sensivity parameters which is a feature of the PCR test. Here is a link to an article/video - a bit of a read but very interesting. https://uncoverdc.com/2020/04/07/was-the-covid-19-test-meant-to-detect-a-virus/
  5. "Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about" - David Icke. I caught a glimpse of the Event 201 recently on YouTube that was held in October 2019. This obviously took many months to organise such an event and therefore it wasn't just before the pandemic, but I found it quite spooky as it is based on a version of the corona virus outlining potential flu like symptoms and how the world could change dramatically as a result of such a pandemic, and almost like a virtual run through of what we are experiencing now. I find it very difficult to comprehend how many of these random type simulations are so like the real thing and as an example September 11th 2001, they were running typical scenarios actually on the day and so much so that many on the front line claimed they were confused at what was actual real world events and exercise, and in some cases used it as an actual excuse to why they didn't respond quickly enough. 9/11 appeared to me to be the first of many major events at the turn of this new century to break society and re-model it as part of an agenda (agenda 21 perhaps). The 7/7 bombings in London are another example where even one of their own 'simulation' staff/directors were saying that it was beyond coincidence as the target scenarios were virtually identical in type and actual location to what actually happened on that day. This further brings home how 'compartmentalised' the system must be when even officials seem rather bemused in how events actually unfolded in real time, in comparison to the actual simulation that they were a part of - surely many must they must feel a little duped or suspicious and as they have illegally taken 'journalists' like Julian Assange out of the mix, it offers one less place to be able to blow that particular whistle. I don't rate myself as a conspiracy theorist in the same way as the mainstream are trying to use the label and denigrate anyone for asking simple questions, and there has definately been a change on that score since this particular pandemic started, but there has got to be something wrong when your natural intuition for right or wrong or something being out of line, is constantly being tested - people really do need to find the courage to tune back in. Not really sure if the masses are waking up or in fact they will wake up as we create a new generation of zombie who can't even remember 9/11 and a place now where there are far too many mainstream distractions to take you away from current events. This particular distraction I am sure was the 'Black Lives Matter' protests but maybe they should have been protesting that 'All Lives Matter' while they were penning in their banners and arranging gatherings on their smart-phones produced now by the BIGGEST company in the world that uses modern slavery to boost their recent 2 trillion valuation!! Kids today eh - whatever happened to joining the dots... In the meantime the other global mankind fear scenario also known as global warming, or when they found we weren't warming for the last 20 years it was changed to man made climate change, seems to have been put on the back burner since this pandemic kicked off. The MSMedia forces have certainly been utilised to punch this sucker home good and proper, and I guess this offers a much quicker result than waiting for humanity and the almighty Al Gore to drown under the weight of his own prize winning predictions. Sorry for the overwaffle Here is an important and thought provoking film on 9/11 in case anyone hasn't seen it.....
  6. 'Children Of Men' is a very British dystopian movie showing us in the next phase of modern England/London being a highly policed terrorist state. The story revolves around mankind's inability to procreate, but with the extraordinary exception of a black women who is pregnant and under the protection of the resistance as they race to keep her safe and away from the powers that be in what looks an attempt by world power to severely reduce the population. Clive Owen, Michael Cane, Julianne Moore etc star - worth a watch or two - currently on netflix, amazon. Quite dark but strangely believable given the current pandemic/agenda.
  7. Thank-you for the explanation - I wasn't aware of the potential link to actual health - sounds like a similar problem to water fluoridation and fluoride affecting the brain. The problem with mainstream science and the mainstream media is that it was all bought and paid for a long time ago, and so anyone with legitimate questions are always forced into that public realm of everything being a 'conspiracy theory' and/or a 'conspiracy nut'.
  8. Hello, Not really looked at the temperature gun or temperature camera thing tbh... What would you consider the problem to be?
  9. I have not been tested and don't know of anyone in my personal network that has suffered any extremes (outside of normal flu like symptoms) or died from Covid 19 or for that matter even had any sort of a test. To be honest I don't even know where the local testing station is and wouldn't go if I did. It seems the government are clearly on a spending spree with their big pharma buddies by buying a shed load of vaccines that have yet to be properly proven and where the majority will probably never be used.
  10. It does seem rather odd that they would put water features on some of the most expensive real estate in New York. It may go some way to explaining why many first responders were seeing pools of molten material and why those underground fires were still burning months later. Many thanks for the link.
  11. Some logical suggestions are that flight 93 that was brought down in Pennsylvania, was destined for building 7, but when that event/collision didn't happen they decided to bring it down anyway, but consider even a plane alone hitting building 7 (just like the towers) isn't enough to bring down a whole building . Buildings like the twin towers and building 7 cannot completely destruct/collapse through themselves like they did without outside intervention - impossible. Building 7 contained very high tech military operations including ongoing investigations such as the Enron fraud, all of which were destroyed on that fateful day when the building eventually dropped. Some of the collapse (8 stories) were recorded and eventually admitted (9/11 commission) to have fallen at free fall speed, which as we all know is an absolute impossibility under normal gravitational collapse conditions.
  12. Does anyone realize that under mask exemption you do not need an official medical certificate to state why you cannot wear a mask in the U.K ? If you go to the Gov.UK website under face coverings and go to section 3 'exemption' you can download and print or download directly onto your phone, your own government exemption badge which simply states 'I am exempt from wearing a face covering'. Although you don't actually have to show anyone this badge by law (your word is good enough), it at least shows polite intent to people who are just doing their job and furthermore you are not at liberty to divulge to anyone why you are actually unable to wear a mask. I have used mine many times without any problems or had any refusal of entry. If you are one of those that are worried what other people think then just clip the badge to your lapel for all to see - Shimples!
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