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  1. 1 hour ago, thebk said:

    now ive posted, i should introduce myself, mid 30's male from near birmingham, england
    since the whole covid thing kicked off me, my family or my friends have not changed anything that we do
    we all still go out, go to work, mask free, no sanitising, no social distancing (stupid term), nothing
    not anyone i know has had this so called covid or know anyone who has had it
    nothing really changed that affected me on my high street, only big named shops closed their doors lloyds, hsbc, greggs, card factory etc
    all the little shops remained open, the small bakery, hardware store, off license, chippy etc
    the small bakery in which i know the owner who deals with quite a number of people a day
    take cash, no masks, no shields, no plexi glass, neither her or any of her staff have taken ill or had any time off 
    chip shop by my one of the staff, her father in law died of cancer during this craziness, was tested for covid,

    came back negative, but was still put down to covid on death cert.
    im mask free in all shops, not been confronted yet, pretty sure they cant even enforce it
    even if they tried i would not comply.
    ive also noticed an increase in cases, but deaths remain low, is the fake second wave imminent?

    Hi I totally agree !!!

    similar where I am mate up north 

    following all this with great interest 

    it’s so fake absolutely ridiculous 
    love this forum 

    first post

    I just want to know what In here people think :Do you think there Is a Covid virus  or not ? Or is it just bloody flu? 
    David says no virus but .....

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