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  1. Join us in a stimulating 'Questioning History' event 18-20 December, 30 minutes from London. Spend three days among like-minded people in beautiful surroundings with stimulating speakers and excellent food in Hertfordshire, just 30 minutes by train from London. You can also buy signed copies of books by authors - unique Christmas presents! After our successful event last year,, with visitors from the UK, Europe and Asia, we expanded the programme to offer more talks and more time for socialising. Why history? As Voltaire said, 'history is the lie commonly agreed upon' and this matters since, according to Orwell, 'Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present, controls the past'. So, we are morally compelled to question official history and stop the falsification of the present. Amazing line-up of speakers include: Mark Devlin - The Pandemic: the history and timeline behind this - The CIA control of the Hippie movement - The Black Heart of the BBC and the truth behind what this establishment institution may really be about. Gerry Docherty - Why the First World War was prolonged - The Balfour declarationl: the truth about this - The Oxford elite and its links to racism. Andrew Gough - Hollow Earth – fact not fiction; - Yamashita’s gold – an untold secret. Gloria Moss - The secrets of Asclepian centres, medical centres for hundreds of years - Surprising facts about famous archaeologists and how this may affect the sites that they excavated (Knossos; Qumran by the Dead Sea and ancient temples at Malta) Prof David Bates – the Bayeux tapestry as propaganda. More information: Email: [email protected] Website: https://learningholidays.webs.com Mobile: + 44 (0) 777 1535 087 Don't hesitate to phone for information! Early Bird ticket (up to 1 September 2020): long weekend, including talks, top-notch food (standard, veggie and vegan) and two nights’ overnight accommodation in ensuite room (single or double) £235. Spaces are limited for this unique event so look forward to hearing from you! Offer your own talk: feel free to submit an outline of a talk that you would like to give yourself in one of the after dinner slots
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