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  1. Well since this thread I’ve had 550 likes and 36 intros so they may have possibly read my profile where I have mentioned enjoying Ickes work, and maybe one or two seem worth meeting for coffee but the others don’t seem remotely interesting or appealling, it is not a main dating website but might try the big one soon lol basically we should definitely do a David icke love connector, maybe I’m being fussy but I would really like to connect with someone on a deeper level. Oh and yes some did Take selfies with masks on lol really
  2. That would but fun, I’m more of a holographic girl lol
  3. Yeah you are right conspiracy theorist is a term coined And I don’t particularly like that term myself but yet could be a way to weed out the ones who can’t think outside of what they have been programmed with..
  4. I want someone who I can talk to and go watch Icke together. We don’t have to agree on everything but same outlook Generally If that makes sense. I just don’t know how to word it as not been on dating websites for a while. Just someone interesting and who doesn’t wear a mask would be nice
  5. Do any of you guys go on dating website? I might join one soon but don’t want A normal man who doesn’t question anything and believes the world is has it is’ not for me at all. I like men who think differently and can see the world differently. If I was to go on a website would it look weird to ask for a conspiracy theorist? thanks
  6. This is true! Boiling hot from March no but so many storms and slays at the weekend. I’ve noticed this too
  7. Very simplistic way of looking at it. From my point of views it’s making a lot of people look at reality and the world around them and question it very seriously. You can’t tell people , you have to show them. I think it’s actually well done because you awaken people. Never seen or heard so much about elites in power being corrupt and what they really do.. making people pay attention.
  8. Waking people up whatever your opinion is of them.. They are doing something right . I personally think it’s Trump and probably other insiders, also I believe a bit of a shock is coming for some.. Some of their drops are really good and have made a difference during this pandemic , almost like they knew it was coming And trying to tell people not fear plus all this stuff about Gates! Finally people talking about it everywhere.
  9. I’ve seen hot summers here before and long ones too! Remember 1990’s, 2018, 2003 and 2016 and probably more to be honest! It’s rained more than 7 days here and July wasn’t that great ! Definitely not’boiling hot’ from March maybe sunny and mild. Also Sunderland was raining today and it’s about 19c max apparently and not a heatwave there! Anyone can confirm because my mate said it’s not been that hot there..
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