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  1. 4 hours ago, TheOldNormal said:


    Seems odd that.


    I am pretty certain there is a virus. Me and my partner had it in November. She was tested and was positive. It was a very bad flu type illness but we both completely lost sense of taste and smell. It has done me a huge favour though as the loss of appetite has lost me a couple of stone.


    It was definitely released on purpose though. 

    it was probably a very bad flu type instance because it was a bad flu,      i saw reports earlier on this thread from the nhs asking people not to phone complaining of loss of smell and taste from several different  flu seasons long before covid, it would be great if someone could post it again

    also i believe the mask wearing can play a part in the senses if you get a flu

    covid is not real just a lot of trickery

  2. my relation just informed me he cant call up later as whole family are isolating with so called covid, there are at least ten people infected including neighbours and they got it from a schoolkid apparently, they are all fully vaxed and he got his booster last week.

    wtf is happening, had to laugh a bit


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  3. 7 hours ago, Ween Dwijler said:

    One man can do more than all those postings here, which no one outside the forum ever sees.



    ive seen that name pop up as a truther alot but never watched him before, thank god as someone who knows the crack but takes the shots to travel cant be trusted, all he had to do is stay in canada. even i know my travelling days are over

  4. 1 hour ago, simdel said:

    I've been told I have to get the 'vaccine' or lose my job. I can't afford to lose it as my back-up funds will last me 6 months at most, plus I have dependents. I have argued against it and provided so many articles that have all been ignored. This pressure is too much as the alternative is basically to say 'no', be fired and not be able to support dependents etc. Really, really pissed off by this fascist situation and I know the vaccines are fake, useless and that there is no Covid. But I need my job for my wife and dependents. I have been given a choice of the Pfizer fake vaccine or the Sinovac fake vaccine. At the moment, I am wavering towards having to take the Sinovac, but have not decided what to do. It would be a last resort to have to take the useless Sinovac jab, but there is no way I would take the Pfizer thing. For normal, working people across the globe, the current fascist globalist world is totally cornering us. 

    I feel my example is an example of the fascist world we are now living in and people of our persuasion are massively up against it.

    There's no choice unless I leave my apartment after a couple of months and start to live on a park bench.

    The globalist elite are absolute bastards and while David Icke writes we must send love to them no matter what, I am struggling to do this at this time.

    imo no job is worth the vaccine,i had to give my career up over a year ago because of this shit, if you have 6 months reserves use them wisely to adjust to a simpler lifestyle, learn new skills and be happy that you dodged the mark of the beast shot, its not nice but its a reality atm. 

    stay strong and stand firm 

    i wouldnt bother sending psychos love, personally i hate the c*nts

    god bless

    also stay at work till the deadline incase they are bluffing.


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  5. still havent worn a mask, used sanitizer, ive been everywhere and havent been sick scince this crap started- i have an exemption card in my pocket but have rarely used it and never wore it.

     all those maskless green card wearers are technically vulnerable so could be more at risk but they are happy enough to go maskless, ive started asking them if they have been maskless for 16 months have they or anyone around them had covid=the answer so far is 100% no which got me thinking if a proper survey of green card wearers would be worthwhile-a few simple questions about how they have got on so far without a mask might reveal a virtually covid free group of people-the only ones who dont wear masks.

    does the green card also make you exempt from so-called covid


  6. 1 hour ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:


    Found this on rense.com.


    do you think this is genuine? if so should be on bitchute etc,

    (not capable myself)

    i found it sinister af, freaky mask song.

    would like to know more about this


  7. 1 hour ago, Jikwan said:

    What surprised me is when he said all the stained glass windows are not part of the origional design. They filled the windows so the frames cannot excite the electrons as intended. Have to say the stained glass artwork is low quality as though it was fashioned by children

    the main one in my town has no glass,just some horizontal shutters on the inside,i also noticed both churches have the same window designs and poles which are detailed and very similar to the shapes in the video.



  8. 2 hours ago, alexa said:


    Excellent vid! What is happening in the world today would be Albert Pikes best dream ever. We need to fight the good fight, to be Christian Warriors, be ready for it, cos many battles will have to be fought before that final day when Jesus returns.

    was watching when i noticed at 4.29 he flashed three sixes on his hand,made me stop.

    do you think im being too cautious about this  which could mean dismissing good honest people(not many about)because atm its enough to make me suspicious of anyone.


  9. thanks for the replies about my mum this is one of the few places i trust to get the right info

    going to phone health services now,probably a waste of time but will update later

    thanks again


    this has made me wonder how many minor side effects are not reported as people cant be bothered-probably most of them


  10. my mum(75) got her 2nd shot on wedensday and has developed a small hard lump on her forearm just under her elbow which is painful to touch,she also has a sore hip,fatigue and the usual headache.

    has anyone else heard of this lump and how concerned should i be.


    ps my mum is fully aware of whats going on (she has had daily updates from me from feb 2019) and in the end she had to take it as the thought of not being able to function in society was to much pressure for her.

    any info on the lump would be greatly appreciated.thanks

  11. hi need help, ,my mum just got a phonecall to be vaccinated tomorrow,the receptionist tried to tell her if she doesnt take it she might miss out as they are moving on to the over sixties next week,my mum is an anxious person and burst into tears when she heard the phone call,i would like if someone could clarify this as they are telling people if you dont take it now you wont get it later.my mum knows whats going on as i keep her well informed but the fear of being isolated due to no vaccine is getting to her,also my brother in england is all masked up waiting for the vaccine so he wants her to get it whereas i see it as simply the mark of the beast.

    btw she said no for now but is in a state

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  12. hi,i am trying to get my head around this atm,does anyone fully understand the coding that seems to be used regularly involving the numbers 6,3,33,9,etc

    some basic stuff i understand like 15=6,12=3,cancelling out 0,and 9 can be inverted to 6 

    flicked the radio on yesterday right on cue 3300 covd cases,turned the channel on there now and heard in florida someone moved 3 times in 3 days

    the news also said about the 6 rule then the next headline was 6.6 percent of something(well sneaked in)

    i would like to know more about it,what it means and why so any help would be greatly appreciated.


  13. just back from the dump-the place was empty so i drove through a gap in the cones over to the skip  when a staff member(full shield on) had a panic attack and told me i was meant to wait at the cones until directed-i told him its obvious covid is bollox and its not my fault your afraid of the invisible man.i know i shouldnt be having confrontations but everytime i meet a jumped up mini hitler i cant help it,they are everywhere and they seem to enjoy the extra responsibility of telling people when and where to go,these are the people tasked with keeping this illusion real even if they dont realise yet

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  14. i think a lot of people are masking up because they are more frightened of getting into trouble than catching so-called covid.

    when i was outside tescos today if i saw anyone rip theyre mask of as soon as they got to the door i approached them and told them nicely that they shouldnt of wore one in the first place as the staff cant enforce it and it is just bullying tactics. one reply was i get embarrassed if im not wearing one and i meet someone i know who has one on-just shows pressure to fit in has a lot to do with it.

    masks piss me off,i havent wore one yet and have ignored every rule as i knew this was bullshit from the start of february, i have made a deal with myself i refuse to wear a beak as its a sign of compliance or wash my hands in any shop

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