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  1. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/real-vatican-men-of-god-speak-out_z6mBqXAm7fuFa6U.html must watch 2 high ranking catholics speaking against the vaccine can anyone tell me their names and any info on them would be appreciated
  2. it was probably a very bad flu type instance because it was a bad flu, i saw reports earlier on this thread from the nhs asking people not to phone complaining of loss of smell and taste from several different flu seasons long before covid, it would be great if someone could post it again also i believe the mask wearing can play a part in the senses if you get a flu covid is not real just a lot of trickery
  3. my relation just informed me he cant call up later as whole family are isolating with so called covid, there are at least ten people infected including neighbours and they got it from a schoolkid apparently, they are all fully vaxed and he got his booster last week. wtf is happening, had to laugh a bit
  4. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/ireland-take-heed-of-this-message-warning-hugo-talks-lockdown_ZNBvIiORVQeu9zi.html
  5. ive seen that name pop up as a truther alot but never watched him before, thank god as someone who knows the crack but takes the shots to travel cant be trusted, all he had to do is stay in canada. even i know my travelling days are over
  6. maybe old but first time ive came across it, worth seeing https://s3.wasabisys.com/public-videos/play.html#c=Critical Inception&v=Critical Inception/PCR_Test_Inventor_Kary_Mullis_Called_Fauci_a_LIAR-sjt1y-gPKo8
  7. imo no job is worth the vaccine,i had to give my career up over a year ago because of this shit, if you have 6 months reserves use them wisely to adjust to a simpler lifestyle, learn new skills and be happy that you dodged the mark of the beast shot, its not nice but its a reality atm. stay strong and stand firm i wouldnt bother sending psychos love, personally i hate the c*nts god bless also stay at work till the deadline incase they are bluffing.
  8. just heard on radio that cancer appointments in northern ireland are cancelled due to rising so called cases thats disgusting and pure evil, what a sick world we are in atm
  9. still havent worn a mask, used sanitizer, ive been everywhere and havent been sick scince this crap started- i have an exemption card in my pocket but have rarely used it and never wore it. all those maskless green card wearers are technically vulnerable so could be more at risk but they are happy enough to go maskless, ive started asking them if they have been maskless for 16 months have they or anyone around them had covid=the answer so far is 100% no which got me thinking if a proper survey of green card wearers would be worthwhile-a few simple questions about how they have got on so far without a mask might reveal a virtually covid free group of people-the only ones who dont wear masks. does the green card also make you exempt from so-called covid
  10. do you think this is genuine? if so should be on bitchute etc, (not capable myself) i found it sinister af, freaky mask song. would like to know more about this
  11. nearly at the end of pt13, brilliant from start to finish-i just hope its not a psyop in any way as im already mentally drained need to find out more about it
  12. WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED - PART 8 - EWARANON https://www.bitchute.com/video/0CNksLMUZyWk/
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