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  1. imo no job is worth the vaccine,i had to give my career up over a year ago because of this shit, if you have 6 months reserves use them wisely to adjust to a simpler lifestyle, learn new skills and be happy that you dodged the mark of the beast shot, its not nice but its a reality atm. stay strong and stand firm i wouldnt bother sending psychos love, personally i hate the c*nts god bless also stay at work till the deadline incase they are bluffing.
  2. just heard on radio that cancer appointments in northern ireland are cancelled due to rising so called cases thats disgusting and pure evil, what a sick world we are in atm
  3. still havent worn a mask, used sanitizer, ive been everywhere and havent been sick scince this crap started- i have an exemption card in my pocket but have rarely used it and never wore it. all those maskless green card wearers are technically vulnerable so could be more at risk but they are happy enough to go maskless, ive started asking them if they have been maskless for 16 months have they or anyone around them had covid=the answer so far is 100% no which got me thinking if a proper survey of green card wearers would be worthwhile-a few simple questions about how they have got on so far without a mask might reveal a virtually covid free group of people-the only ones who dont wear masks. does the green card also make you exempt from so-called covid
  4. do you think this is genuine? if so should be on bitchute etc, (not capable myself) i found it sinister af, freaky mask song. would like to know more about this
  5. nearly at the end of pt13, brilliant from start to finish-i just hope its not a psyop in any way as im already mentally drained need to find out more about it
  6. WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED - PART 8 - EWARANON https://www.bitchute.com/video/0CNksLMUZyWk/
  7. just found part 8 on bitchute, any recommended sites for old photographs?
  8. the main one in my town has no glass,just some horizontal shutters on the inside,i also noticed both churches have the same window designs and poles which are detailed and very similar to the shapes in the video.
  9. great video, would love to know more about all those empty streets in the 1800s, when i looked today 2 church buildings in my small town have those designs as windowframes along with 4 long things on the roof beside a huge spire,makes you wonder who built it and why-it does look like some sort of energy conductor,
  10. was watching when i noticed at 4.29 he flashed three sixes on his hand,made me stop. do you think im being too cautious about this which could mean dismissing good honest people(not many about)because atm its enough to make me suspicious of anyone.
  11. thanks for the replies about my mum this is one of the few places i trust to get the right info going to phone health services now,probably a waste of time but will update later thanks again this has made me wonder how many minor side effects are not reported as people cant be bothered-probably most of them
  12. my mum(75) got her 2nd shot on wedensday and has developed a small hard lump on her forearm just under her elbow which is painful to touch,she also has a sore hip,fatigue and the usual headache. has anyone else heard of this lump and how concerned should i be. ps my mum is fully aware of whats going on (she has had daily updates from me from feb 2019) and in the end she had to take it as the thought of not being able to function in society was to much pressure for her. any info on the lump would be greatly appreciated.thanks
  13. hi need help, ,my mum just got a phonecall to be vaccinated tomorrow,the receptionist tried to tell her if she doesnt take it she might miss out as they are moving on to the over sixties next week,my mum is an anxious person and burst into tears when she heard the phone call,i would like if someone could clarify this as they are telling people if you dont take it now you wont get it later.my mum knows whats going on as i keep her well informed but the fear of being isolated due to no vaccine is getting to her,also my brother in england is all masked up waiting for the vaccine so he wants her to get it whereas i see it as simply the mark of the beast. btw she said no for now but is in a state
  14. hi,i am trying to get my head around this atm,does anyone fully understand the coding that seems to be used regularly involving the numbers 6,3,33,9,etc some basic stuff i understand like 15=6,12=3,cancelling out 0,and 9 can be inverted to 6 flicked the radio on yesterday right on cue 3300 covd cases,turned the channel on there now and heard in florida someone moved 3 times in 3 days the news also said about the 6 rule then the next headline was 6.6 percent of something(well sneaked in) i would like to know more about it,what it means and why so any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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