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    It’s a petition for the government to print their own money lend it to population with no interest fees or seizing assets instead of borrowing from private banking systems
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    I need 5 signatures before it becomes active mate
  3. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/577353/sponsors/new?token=uiUvKAe705_CHO8D18Qv really want to see how quick they take this down. I bet nobody has made this petition before haha probably get licolned for doing this but fuck it
  4. Even so. If there are NHS staff who will allow me to do this I’ll happily do it and if covid is proven to a)exist b) cause an infectious disease and c) give me that alleged infection with a positive result i will give them all the money in my bank account
  5. He mentions David in the video about consciousness n all that but this would be good material for present events to wake people up to the scam
  6. I mean... Just look at some people on twitter it’s actually only a few tbh about 80% of the feed was people supporting the movement which is great considering most of the twidiots were ridiculing the protests back in April/May. one said. Honestly this is how dumb these woke people are! When someone replied saying what’s the difference between the BLM protests and the anti corona protests? “but the BLM protesters were wearing masks” yes I kid you fucking not someone actually typed that and pressed post... some of these jurnos as well... I mean how did they get employed? They’re just so fucking dumb the lack of research is absolutely appalling
  7. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1328973/london-news-lockdown-protest-trafalgar-square-coronavirus-protest-covid19/amp
  8. Gareth replies and I’ve gave him his email address hopefully we can see David tear him a new arsehole in the debate
  9. Totally agree mate. His channel, website and Twitter he just seems like a boring sado tbh all he does is ‘debunks’ things. Anyway I’ve emailed him and he replied and we’ve been back and forth for a bit and he’s avoiding the question when I’ve asked him to debate David 1v1 and I’ve also got in contact with Gareth to see if he can get a debate with him and David arranged. I would pay to see it!
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