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  1. Why would the Cult push a vaccine on people that would exclude the latter from their NWO realities? Isn't the whole point to get 'everyone' on board?
  2. The next couple of years should tell us how destructive the 'vax' is.
  3. A thought just occurred to me. What if, contrary to our expectations, the jabbed get imbued with extraordinarIly high intelligence, awareness, and longevity, living to 200 years and above? And then when the unvaxxed see this and rush to get the jab, a big sign is put up saying SORRY, NO MORE VACCINES AVAILABLE. The unvaxxed will turn the NWO's slave class naturally, by sheer virtue of their genetic inferiority. Could that be the devious way this is all being planned out? You never know with these people.
  4. Many unvaxxed have various ideas as to what might eventually happen to all those jabbed citizens of the world, presumably in their billions by now. Some reckon they could turn into mindless zombies in the future. Some think they could all perish in a mass depopulation episode. David Icke for one says 'billions of people' could be annihilated by the injection, with the survivors transformed into digital zombies connected to a central computer. A system much beloved by Bill Gates and his ilk in the Cult. I heard that one Chinese scientist said 'three years' was the time it would take for the jab's effects to lead to this mass culling. What do you think? What will happen to the jabbed, and when? . .
  5. This is incredible. My mum is 76, and took the jab against my advice. Never known her to sneeze or cough once in her 76 years. Now that's all she does, and she insists ''it's not covid'' in between bouts of sneezing and sniffing.
  6. You sound like a lunatic, neo-nazi p.o.s. What business do you have with South Africa? How many Africans own territory in Europe? Mind your damn business and leave Africa to Africans, not the colonial thieves, mass murderers, looters, and robbers you support.
  7. Absolute garbage. Go and study the accounts of Near Death Experiencers - with an OPEN mind. IF YOU EXPECT TO BE 'DEAD' AFTER YOU DIE, YOU WILL BE SERIOUSLY SURPRISED. Death does not exist. And I seriously have no idea what you are doing on a David Icke forum if you think it does.
  8. I don't actually believe we were created by God, or the Source. By 'we' I mean our physical bodies. Our souls DO come from Him and no one else, however. He operates in the non-physical realm, as testified to by near-death experiencers and others, so could not have physically created human beings or caused them directly to materialise. That was the job of powerful entities operating in the physical world. But that is not to say that the Source cannot influence the thoughts of men or alien powers to carry out his wishes though. So in that sense, maybe, Yes, he can act to stop any attempts at annihilation of the human race. Whether he will do is another question entirely.
  9. Yes. ''The kingdom of God is within you''. But what goes on 'outside' is important, or you wouldn't be on this forum, checking out the views of OTHERS.
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