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  1. When I was a drunk.. I'd have out of body experience. It always felt as if my blankets were swhooshing or wind rippled my backside. For a few hours after these experiences i felt a "surge of energy" coming back into me through the spine area.
  2. Is Satan actually the "bad guy "? Maybe the gnostics had a better idea of it all? Why did the catholic church eradicate them throughout France, burn their books? The "demiurge " is the umm creator or master of this reality?.. maybe those "holy books", written by man, have lead humanity down the wrong path? What if "lucifer" is actuallya good force?
  3. Great.. how do we do that? Love energy? Love and light to everyone including our greatest enemies..?
  4. Does David icke offer ANY solutions to the problems he presents? How are we to stop what's coming?
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