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  1. I have not only had the bad luck to got driven by the shaüeshifters almost into suicide, I also had the honor to speak in German with some guys with huge black eyes. I forgot to ask if I was allowed to take a photo, but this wasn't important at that time.
  2. this is insanity. not only is this self-enslavement, it will ruin your immune system. constant disinfection - holy shit
  3. FYI, although I'm newly registered I had an account in the old forum. Because I was a gangstalking victim many years ago and had to strangely obey every command I can tell you what the vaccinations do. All my coworkers in the company that I work for now call me a conspiracy theorist and get an agressive tone and don't have their own opinion. What ever they inject seems to block a receptor in the brain that makes you an adult. You are basically a child - severe cases like me even turn "transgender". You will never be back to normal but it wears off after years. The secret is, that a child (or young animal) is imprinted by the parents with a behavioral pattern in order to assure survival. The child has to believe everything the parent tells them. This is a secret known since ancient times, this is why politicians or priests wear a special robe or have a "title". This is also the very reasons why drugs are illegal - Meth can kick you out of it with light speed. However, if you do not know what was done to you, you can get severely addicted because you never get rid of the original cause. In Austria many people believe this bullshit blindly. They even say - well, there are to many of us around so some have to die. I wonder how many have actually counted the number of people. CO2 & climate change ditto, they make suicide seem mandatory for our survival. Austria has ordered 8 Million doses of vaccine already and I'm sure they are not planning to throw that away. Below is a video from Australia(NOT Austria) about the utter dehuminization. They speak of decades in "homeoffice" and how to clean your sex toys to prevent covid from spreading. Do the people think this is a childs game or a joke? This is life in hell.
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