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  1. Sorry this got posted twice I was editing my previous post and it reposted some how. Moderators please feel free to delete one of the posts as I won't let me. Thanks
  2. The following event is happening in Liverpool soon! Looks really interesting, Dr Kevin Corbett is going to be doing a talk about the covid situation. There is meditations and all the speakers look to have very interesting talks. https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Liverpool/North-Shore-Troubadour/Consciousness-Arising-Conference-/13817293/
  3. Unfortunately Kate has put on her Facebook that instead of attending the planned 26th event that everyone knew about she is now attending one that has suddenly been organised for the week before? In the same place (Trafalgar Square) It seems a really shame and I hope egos are not getting in the way. Kate was talking about unity at the last event!? Apparently she has recently put a video up saying she wasn't happy with the last event now as it was messy. It seems a big shame we need one main date so we can show the world are number's!
  4. Yea they have used her as an example, and a warning to keep others from speaking. She knew the risks and she chose truth over fear!
  5. Piers seems like the real deal to me, he has been pushing this movement hard each week going to different places and trying to get people to the streets. Alot of the time talking to small crowds (and still getting arrested ). He is definitely passionate about it, and I have since read in a few places he is banned from attending these demonstrations and this is why they keep arresting him. As for the other Corbyn tho
  6. David was not an organiser no. This particular demonstration was arranged by a collaboration of different groups, which I think is a really appropriate way to be organising these type of events as it will make it alot harder to stop us! It seem they arrest peirs at nearly every event he speaks at, no matter how large or small. I don't really know exactly what they're arresting him for and I would also like to know more about why this keeps happening. Poor Peirs!
  7. Around 17mins in is where it gets particularly interesting with regard to NWO/covid if you want to skip. However it was all pretty interesting
  8. I've just listened to a very interesting piece of audio recorded by a David Goldberg in June 2019 a few days before his death. These recordings where recovered from his hidden safe by some friends. In these recordings he talks about 2 secret projects and details documents from both "Project Zyphr" & "Project Pogo" Apparently he was fearful for his life and believed he was being tracked and followed by government officials. I don't know much about his background and have only came across this now. I found what he discussed in the audio clip to be incredible as it describes everything we are seeing and are about to see with the "Covid" story. If anyone could tell me more about him it would be appreciated.
  9. This is exactly what I seen too. It was silent and strobing constant for around 2 hours in Liverpool. I have never seen lightning like that before.
  10. Its another technique designed to get more people to accept the vaccine. We will be told that once we have been inoculated we will be allowed to return to no mask wearing.
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