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  1. On 1/30/2021 at 3:09 AM, Kali said:

    The extra  dimensional beings that are working through the cabal do not see the world as we do.


    This game they are playing has nothing to with emotions—about my culture, my heritage, my skin colour—they do not care for all this and have no agenda against any race white or black or blue or green--for they know it is an illusion as they 'created' it by firewalling our senses within this prison. This game is about power and absolute control.


    While the white people  are sitting at their computers obsessing as to ‘Who is the fairest of them all?’ (like the evil queen In Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), Ali Baba and his Forty Thieves have emptied the royal coffers and rebuilt the boundaries of our palatial prisons. 

    Our senses have been hijacked or firewalled into this 5 senses reality, so we see white, black etc. the way we do... but they do not see reality that way. ---For them we are just beings of energy—a food source—but the food of this particular extra dimensional entity is the energy of our negative emotions because it is a being opposite of infinite love, what we might call evil for the sake of expediency. 
    Our senses are hijacked to ‘create’ all this sorrow, angst and unhappiness in the world, thus we live in perpetual disharmony.. 

    Believe me even if there was not a single non-white person in the UK or USA or any such country, the evil would still have found something in a deep dark corner of our subconscious to arouse that negativity on which it feeds. It could have been that maybe  child crime or animal crime would have increased in the white countries; or division into some subsects that would have fought like crazy—like anti Trump and pro Trump supporters- a drama that went on for so long and it still refuses to end.


    We have been constrained to think we are these 5 sense reality beings and we have finite potential, so we are constantly fighting in state of survival scared of losing control over what little power we have--our lineage, Aryan race, masculinity, white race or anything else. Since we cannot control much else, we want to at least have validation of something that makes us feel superior to a being we perceive is lesser than us.

    We are an animal farm for the cabal and it is no longer even an abstract analogy, we are literally going to be an animal farm for them. 

    The AI that embodies the beast is already in place and the data collection process is almost done—all our thoughts, reactions, weaknesses, triggers are being uploaded to it. 

    Once all the DNA is harvested and the chips are in place along with the vector technology they are calling ‘5G’, we in our human forms are dispensable.


    They can forever run a VR show with our harvested memories as we live in an ‘avatar’ state, still fighting the same wars and having the same snow white arguments till the cows come home--- until one day by a blessing of the divine, a spark of some awakening (a piece of writing or some such clue of our true nature that's still left in the information field and that has not been scrubbed)  will crawl through the artificial reality and we will be given a chance to awaken once again.

    love this. Truth right there

  2. Everyday, at least 25,000 people dies in India. India is not running out of oxygen and neither is its health service overwhelmed. It is just another propaganda to push the idea of variants. Seems also the perps are not too happy with Modi and the slow pace of vaccination. This is the same tactics they used with Tanzania. Tanzania was in the news everyday as having massive amount of covid cases and death which the government was supposedly hiding. Then they murdered Magufuli, and suddenly Tanzania disappeared from the news. Ask yourself, if there was truly a covid epidemic in Tanzania why did it disappeared the moment Magufuli was murdered.

  3. On 1/29/2021 at 6:41 PM, Kali said:

    I watched this movie a few days ago. Here are my somewhat rambling thoughts on it (and others may of course disagree with my interpretation). 

    It is pure Hollywood programming stuff. Hollywood is the illusion production factory of this realm. This is Devil’s advertising machinery, his pitch to pull us back in. And it is not even subtle anymore. But they have hidden some truth in the propaganda- I guess they need to do that as a law of nature or something..

    We have cute baby faces (souls) laughing and giggling as they fall to earth. Trying to tell us that it is so much fun to be born on earth again. And what draws one of the characters to earth is the taste of pizza and the sound of music. It is all a spell. The story of the Pied Piper was not a fairy tale. It is happening all around us.  

    All the sensory enjoyments make this prison liveable, so instead of trying to break the walls of the prison, we just spend time decorating our prisons and hanging picture frames of memories on its walls. And if we grow bored or lonely, we can always invite someone to join us in our cell, or even bring to life another being,  to justify to ourselves, why we are still hanging around in the prison. 

    We have beautiful music playing and pizza slices with wafting appetising smells, autumn leaves rustling and a cool gentle breeze—how about the camera panning out and showing the rest of the city and the rest of the world where human existence is barely surviving at abysmally degraded levels, while this system keeps pushing them to  work, work, and work and degrade themselves for earning money and to feed themselves, because there is something to be had at the end of the race? 

    The only true depiction of reality in the movie was the subway scene with the dead faces of all the people, being transported from one block to the other block of this open air prison. Because, and for a reason I don’t fully understand and therefore can’t explain convincingly, they need our consent to be in this realm, they can’t just throw us in, but they are allowed to trick us and lure us etc..Otherwise, why would they need to go to all the trouble to program us or convince us? Why not just use brute force?

    We are the rat on the street with the pizza slice between its teeth- reduced to a sub human existence of struggling for food, shelter, self respect, dignity, always asking for these things like beggars while the Divine in us sleeps untapped and unnoticed and unacknowledged.  

    The reason addictive chemicals are added to our food and drinks is to keep us in a state of unsated hunger perpetually, and our ‘cells’ retain the memory of the food, so that link is maintained to the devil’s realm. So we can never be in the NOW. 

    Ideally it should be something like the following—eg. when a wild animal eats, it is sated and forgets about food and is in the NOW, but as humans we are never sated, the food we eat is dead, a hunger for something keeps gnawing at us, we seek it in food, s*x, company, entertainment even good stuff like classical music, or these days in spiritual practices, yoga etc. We move from session of consumption to the next but never ever reach complete satiety. 


    Dead food barely keeps us sated until the next meal, the p**n industry and cinema and netfx movies keep feeding into unsated feelings of love that have been mistranslated into the physical, a deep disconnect that keeps seeking social validation through social media, fake socialising, drinking ourselves mindless in pubs, music that numbs us, etc. 

    The movie seems to be a programming attempt to invite us to return to earth. But one may ask, why are these things being produced? As DI says somewhere--the AI we talk about, is actually already there, not least because past, present and future are all already there, and AI is already working through this cabal and therefore it is amping up its propaganda machinery so nobody escapes this realm or to look from a positive perspective offering us an opportunity to awaken. I have read people’s comments on a YT channel, where they actually say that finding moksha or enlightenment actually does not appeal to them and they just want to enjoy life, drink, travel and post photos on fb, etc. 

    The movie was trying to depict that lost souls are the ones who have lost their purpose on earth, LOL!! The only purpose of us in this prison is to keep the machinery of this prison realm active, as they showed in that very old 1927 German movie Metropolis. The symbolism of lost souls is those who have lost their divine connection, in whatever name they may visualise the divine, so they are forever hungry and need to find ways to pacify the hunger of their sensory perceptions and among such hungry beings are also those who are trapped in dimensions we cannot see, who are even feeding on the energy of emotional trauma, anger, pain etc.

    So true

  4. On 4/7/2021 at 9:14 PM, Human10 said:

    Easy to say... But I had to go to the dentist few months back, people need to check how they pregnancy is going, etc. We achieved quite a lot in medicine and not all of it is wrong... We can't deny that doctors saved a lot of lives... Just hard to spot good doctor, good medicine nowadays... 🙄

    When it come to pregnancy, unless there is complications do anyone actually need a doctor. Home birth is getting more common nowadays and the human race survived millennia without doctors or dentist. Of course, not all of modern medicine is bad. But a large part of it is based on making people lifelong client instead of curing people.

  5. On 4/7/2021 at 10:36 PM, Pawson13 said:

    But what about a broken bone?

    Actually, you can heal a broken bone without going to a hospital or needing a doctor. There are many places even today where people still do not have much access to modern medecine/doctors. All I am saying that you should take care of your own health, do not become dependent on the medical industry for your health

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  6. 3 hours ago, Rolandson said:

    I am from Austria. On Tuesday i have to go to the hospital. The thing is you need have an negative covid test to get in now.

    I will not take that test. fuck them. if I will make one they win.

    what would you do?


    People for too long has believe that health come from a drug or doctor or hospital. No, health come from taking care of your body, keeping yourself healthy.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Noctua said:


    Interesting.  I was also surprised at how up-beat Trump's farewell statement was today (and Melania's), not a hint of the bitterness he has been portraying recently.

    he is a decent actor. Fooled the patriots for four years. Now they will see that he is part and parcel of the same swamp he claimed he was going to drained.

  8. 23 hours ago, oz93666 said:


    But if you believe that information You can't also believe David's no virus theory ...


    My point being there are many different theories to explain covid ...If you pick anyone you will find much supporting evidence , much of which maybe disinfo intentionally planted to mislead ...


    I still have a wide open mind on covid , and would not feel comfortable encouraging people to open restaurants ... the stakes are too high , and it may well turn out that covid is real and a danger , but not in the way the authorities are saying .. 

    You seriously beleive Covid exist at all? 

  9. As an African and a guy who lived through a coup and a myriad number of failed counter coup in my country Seychelles, it makes me laugh each time CNN say that this was a coup. How exactly was this a coup? Even if they had taken over the building and hold the members hostage, how would that translate to the USA handing over power to them? Particularly when their leader is still the president and hold executive power? People are stupid for buying this coup nonsense. That is not how a coup is done.

  10. 4 hours ago, AlpineWhite said:



    They want to impeach him because under US law an impeached president can't run for ANY public office again. This is all about preventing him from running for President in 2024 or running for Senate.

    Does it matter when the plan is to never have election again. And it is not like election mattered anyway. All the politicians serves the same masters

  11. 2 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Yeah I can see this. The government are being portrayed in the media as being correct but incompetent and labour are seen as being more competent e.g. they would be even more strict etc for lock downs. Starmer will come in to "save" the nation - and implement the next phase of the agenda - even more draconian measures, and the peoples will love it! Time to seriously consider leaving the UK!

    the problem is everywhere is the same. This is a worldwide agenda

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  12. 2 hours ago, Saved said:

    That's the one possibility in all of this that causes me to pause - was Trump in on the whole thing, playing the part he auditioned for?


    I guess we'll find out soon.

    of course he was. A billionaire who was bailed out by the Rothschild and became president of USA was always in on it. What exactly has Trump lost in all of this? You know the destitution thing will be forgotten as soon as Biden is in power. The only reason they might go ahead with the destitution thing is if they want a revolt from the patriots so that they can finally imposed complete martial law

  13. I stole that from a poster on September clues forum and it makes perfect sense to me. He said and i quote:


    'Let me say something about the 'Capitol shooting' of a woman, draped in Stars n Stripes.

    The woman was wearing a backpack, it looked like a cushion to protect her from the fall after being fake shot in the neck.

    The cameraman sees her falling, but doesn't capture the landing, instead he focuses on 'reactions'. No police officer put pressure on the wound; they only cared about pushing people away, so they don't see what's going on. She received no immediate medical attention!

    Most people will run and hide at the sound of a gunshot. It's not normal to stick around for the sake of capturing 'money shots'. - They would value their life more than that.

    It's a psyop. There's a phrase and it's 'I want to believe'. That is powerful, you can allow yourself to believe anything as long as it matches your view on life'

  14. On 1/2/2021 at 3:46 AM, Malbec said:

    I understand where the original poster is coming from, as I’ve probably heard of approx 10 people having “Covid”, some seriously ill and having paramedic attention and one (91yo underlying conditions) has died. So, the 91yo was obviously due to due anyway, so that’s a good example of labelling a normal death as Covid. But the spate of illnesses, is possibly psychological out of fear/ stress and anxiety? Possibly. Or, it’s normal for people to become ill when heir body is overloaded with toxins, from diet or lifestyle. But “believers” would hear those numbers and think they were all ill with Covid. 

    however, I would suggest that the people claiming to have Covid seem to be trying to get in on the act. And then are desperate to be part of this prominent “event” (some attention seeking some through fear), so due to the massive list of symptoms people seem to almost make their symptoms fit... so any hint of any kind of illness is then exaggerated - either literally or in their mind, due to the prominence of the supposed pandemic in their mind. (Just thoughts) 

    yep the nocebo effect

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  15. 2 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    dont waste your energy on someone who has doubled their post count in the last hour.

    Isn't the whole point of the forum about discussion and having disagreement. We have already sort out our little dispute and both have apologised to each other. Why are you trying to stir up shit? BTW, i am more of a lurker than poster. Showing that i am a willing listener.

  16. 10 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    I totally agree, which is why I said it was disheartening before. Apologies if you think I'm being harsh, I just don't think asking people to admit they're wrong is the right way to go. People will know what's happened themselves and feel fuckin awful about it. They've committed themselves to it with every ounce of their being and that reality has crumbled before them. 

    I apologise too. I may have misunderstood your intention. But the Trump followers now need to face up to the fact that there is no saviour coming to save us. We, as a collective, have to save ourselves.

  17. 6 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    Implies ridiculing to me. You're asking people to publicly give up their position. What does that achieve? Will it make you feel better and more self righteous in the knowledge that you were right? 

    I do not feel better or more self righteous about being right. I wanted to be wrong. Can you imagine if Trump had turned out to be what he pretended to his supporters to be. We would be rid of the globalist and the covid scamdemic. Instead we are on the verge of global technocracy.

  18. 3 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    Implies ridiculing to me. You're asking people to publicly give up their position. What does that achieve? Will it make you feel better and more self righteous in the knowledge that you were right? 

    Then i would suggest you find a dictionary and look up what ridicule means. Were they not wrong about Trump? In what way is it ridicule to tell people to give up on a wrong position? In what way is it ridicule to tell people there is no more excuse to be made now that Trump has officially thrown in the towel?

  19. 11 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    Trump cons:

    -had ties to rothschild man wilber ross

    -had ties to jewish mafia roy cohn

    -had very close ties to israel, including family ties

    -flip-flopped on vaccines and didn't get Robert kennedy to head an investigation as he'd said he would

    -didn't reveal any 911 truth


    Trump pros:

    -didn't start a war (first president not to do that for a long while....unless we see some sort of false flag attack that sparks something against iran soon)

    -left paris climate change boondoggle

    -clinton and biden corruption got exposed

    -lots of satanic pedos got outted, although imo epstein was released and is still at large

    -political correctness slowed down a notch and critical race theory came under attack

    -it became socially acceptable for a while to say that you love your country

    -created a more unified opposition to globalism

    -push back against big tech ramped up

    do not forget the part where he went along with the global covid scam, albeit not with any enthusiasm, even pretending he has the faux virus to convinced his supporters that covid did indeed exist. As for the pros, most will be reversed once Biden is in office. The USA will be back in with the Paris agreement, Clinton and Biden are both free and  most of  the peados are still free. He could have done far more against big tech. Like do as Poland is doing and penalised them each time they censored post. Let be honest here, Big Tech have not gotten any less powerful under his watch. He said a lot of nice things but he did not actually delivered much on them, particularly when it comes to thing of fundamental importance

  20. 24 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    I don't think there's any need for anyone to admit anything and frankly such a call is pathetic and wrong. You come across as the type of person to kick someone when they're down. Just because someone's wrong on a topic doesn't therefore justify other people ridiculing them for being wrong. We should support each other, not shoot each other down. I'll be first to admit I am wrong about anything, but I depise people who want to gloat, when such actions are not going to assist in us turning this situation round. This will cause more division, so think on. 

    Could you point out where i ridiculed anybody? Be specific. quote the line

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