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  1. Everyday, at least 25,000 people dies in India. India is not running out of oxygen and neither is its health service overwhelmed. It is just another propaganda to push the idea of variants. Seems also the perps are not too happy with Modi and the slow pace of vaccination. This is the same tactics they used with Tanzania. Tanzania was in the news everyday as having massive amount of covid cases and death which the government was supposedly hiding. Then they murdered Magufuli, and suddenly Tanzania disappeared from the news. Ask yourself, if there was truly a covid epidemic in Tanzania why did it disappeared the moment Magufuli was murdered.
  2. When it come to pregnancy, unless there is complications do anyone actually need a doctor. Home birth is getting more common nowadays and the human race survived millennia without doctors or dentist. Of course, not all of modern medicine is bad. But a large part of it is based on making people lifelong client instead of curing people.
  3. Actually, you can heal a broken bone without going to a hospital or needing a doctor. There are many places even today where people still do not have much access to modern medecine/doctors. All I am saying that you should take care of your own health, do not become dependent on the medical industry for your health
  4. People for too long has believe that health come from a drug or doctor or hospital. No, health come from taking care of your body, keeping yourself healthy.
  5. You expect class from politicians? What are you drinking?
  6. That was the first thing i noticed too. They laughing at us.
  7. he is a decent actor. Fooled the patriots for four years. Now they will see that he is part and parcel of the same swamp he claimed he was going to drained.
  8. https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/inauguration-2017/washington-faces-more-anti-trump-protests-after-day-rage-n709946
  9. As an African and a guy who lived through a coup and a myriad number of failed counter coup in my country Seychelles, it makes me laugh each time CNN say that this was a coup. How exactly was this a coup? Even if they had taken over the building and hold the members hostage, how would that translate to the USA handing over power to them? Particularly when their leader is still the president and hold executive power? People are stupid for buying this coup nonsense. That is not how a coup is done.
  10. Does it matter when the plan is to never have election again. And it is not like election mattered anyway. All the politicians serves the same masters
  11. the problem is everywhere is the same. This is a worldwide agenda
  12. of course he was. A billionaire who was bailed out by the Rothschild and became president of USA was always in on it. What exactly has Trump lost in all of this? You know the destitution thing will be forgotten as soon as Biden is in power. The only reason they might go ahead with the destitution thing is if they want a revolt from the patriots so that they can finally imposed complete martial law
  13. I stole that from a poster on September clues forum and it makes perfect sense to me. He said and i quote: 'Let me say something about the 'Capitol shooting' of a woman, draped in Stars n Stripes. The woman was wearing a backpack, it looked like a cushion to protect her from the fall after being fake shot in the neck. The cameraman sees her falling, but doesn't capture the landing, instead he focuses on 'reactions'. No police officer put pressure on the wound; they only cared about pushing people away, so they don't see what's going on. She received no immediate medical attention! Most people will run and hide at the sound of a gunshot. It's not normal to stick around for the sake of capturing 'money shots'. - They would value their life more than that. It's a psyop. There's a phrase and it's 'I want to believe'. That is powerful, you can allow yourself to believe anything as long as it matches your view on life'
  14. If you looking for a quarrel you will not get it from me. Sorry to disappoint you
  15. Isn't the whole point of the forum about discussion and having disagreement. We have already sort out our little dispute and both have apologised to each other. Why are you trying to stir up shit? BTW, i am more of a lurker than poster. Showing that i am a willing listener.
  16. I apologise too. I may have misunderstood your intention. But the Trump followers now need to face up to the fact that there is no saviour coming to save us. We, as a collective, have to save ourselves.
  17. I do not feel better or more self righteous about being right. I wanted to be wrong. Can you imagine if Trump had turned out to be what he pretended to his supporters to be. We would be rid of the globalist and the covid scamdemic. Instead we are on the verge of global technocracy.
  18. Then i would suggest you find a dictionary and look up what ridicule means. Were they not wrong about Trump? In what way is it ridicule to tell people to give up on a wrong position? In what way is it ridicule to tell people there is no more excuse to be made now that Trump has officially thrown in the towel?
  19. do not forget the part where he went along with the global covid scam, albeit not with any enthusiasm, even pretending he has the faux virus to convinced his supporters that covid did indeed exist. As for the pros, most will be reversed once Biden is in office. The USA will be back in with the Paris agreement, Clinton and Biden are both free and most of the peados are still free. He could have done far more against big tech. Like do as Poland is doing and penalised them each time they censored post. Let be honest here, Big Tech have not gotten any less powerful under his watch. He said a lot of nice things but he did not actually delivered much on them, particularly when it comes to thing of fundamental importance
  20. Could you point out where i ridiculed anybody? Be specific. quote the line
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