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  1. That I have a song to respond to them. I don’t know what it is about this song, but every time I play it I just get thIs surge of energy and just want to sing it from the top of my lungs.
  2. my prediction is a Christmas lockdown like they did for Eid in Bradford. I think we’ll try to break our spirit. Have any of you started preparing for these food and water shortages? I am rather worried, not for myself, I can afford to live off my own body fat. But I have a very vulnerable dad who has had many strokes and vascular dementia. I need to know what to do in order to plan for this eventually. I’m trying not to scare him, but I’ve heard many things about food shortages, I can’t verify this, but Kate Shemirani mentioned ration books have been printed. If I start trying to prepare
  3. If I’m being honest, I am completely and utterly exhausted. I think it’s partly the fear and control that society is facing and partly due to the awakening/deprogramming process itself. I don’t want an off switch, I just want to be able to integrate myself back into normal life. Doing this kind of research is the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. I think I’ve let it affect my life too much but obviously it’s really important so I don’t want to stop. My house has never looked so neglected in all my life and I cannot for the life of me stick to
  4. Fantastic idea! Having others to talk to you about this stuff who are awake really does help. lately I’ve been struggling to put this stuff to one side and get on with other parts of my life, it’s sort of become my life and it helps having other people to talk to to get this stuff out of your head. I think someone said it right when they said most people can’t handle the truth.
  5. This is INSANITY! It’s not even hidden, they’re TELLING US!! WTF! They really are psychopaths ffs
  6. Personally, I think they will keep locking us down and then loosen it back up, just to mess with us, like a game of cat and mouse. I think one of two things will happen, they will either make vaccines mandatory and we’ll have to do our damnedest not to take it, veganism, religion, what ever reason you can get away with. Or they will not need to make it mandatory because the mass population will be clamouring for it.The goal of all of this is to create a population that are under constant fear and constant control. Tyranny is the goal, do your research on agenda 21, also known as the UN sustai
  7. Indeed! Agenda 21 is one of the things that woke me up. What gets me is the crafty language they use, “end poverty,” no, they want to make us equally poor. It’s getting other people to believe it that’s the difficult part. Rosa Koire does a pretty good job of explaining it though
  8. Definitely more people are, people are waking up that I wouldn’t have imagined. As my confidence has increased to talk to people, I now have a close group of people that I can talk to about this stuff which is so much better than doing all this alone. For some people, I think it’s a protection mechanism, I think it’s easier for them to think that their government wouldn’t do something that evil. For example, my sister is one of the most intelligent people I know, we’ve had several discussions about the coronavirus and it’s never lead to a full on argument but she always talks about how the NH
  9. I have used binaural bests before and it does make you feel weird in a good way
  10. Last year I had an insane vision, I was trying to get to sleep and I saw all these blue flames. The. An image of a gravestone in a church yard, the image started to spin and then we were in a pub talking about my dad passing away. I was so convinced my dad had died I had to check on him. Later the next day, my aunt rang me saying when she dropped my dad off at home, she could smell gas really strongly. My dad has no sense of smell because of all the strokes damaging his brain and couldn’t smell anything. The gas heater at the bottom of the stairs was condemned and apparently he could have died
  11. There is a thread here. Some people think it’s a psyOp but I think their info is waking the masses but some of it is a bit OTT
  12. So, I’m a part of Riverford and they’ve obviously been listening to too much MSM BS. Their Facebook group was the Riverford Tribe, now apparently tribe is racist and not a good word This is mental! What makes it all the more depressing is everyone is commenting on what a good move they’ve made.
  13. First of all, you have to forgive yourself. From what you’ve mentioned, at that time you really did believe you were doing the best possible thing for you and your daughter. As a newly awakened/deprogrammed person myself, I know how terrifying and bewildering it can be to realise that you fell for their lies for so long about absolutely everything. I am not the same person I was six months ago. Kate Shemirani talks about the thyroid and iodine and lots of stuff you might find useful. Organic is by far the best unfortunately because it’s not been sprayed with glyphosate, non organic is very de
  14. I don’t swear but FUCK THATS SCARY!! i actually sent this in a group to 3 friends today and wondered why I couldn’t see the group message. that’s why,!! Omg I actually feel sick that they are taking away our freedom. I knew they were probably monitoring stuff but still when it happens to you it gets a lot more real.
  15. I wrote this on my Facebook after one experience. Not sure if it was sleep paralysis, as I never attempted to move during the incident, but I could hear my phone going off and I just made no attempt at moving. It’s happened on another occasion. Just dozed off unexpectedly. First a voice told me to send a message home, then it felt like I was physically being pushed through these tunnels. Sometimes they were dark and sometimes white. But always loads twists and turns. I was sent through different levels. In one of them I was fitted with a harness like you would wear for climbing, I was told on
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