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  1. I read part of his books about being in the matrix, and infinite consciousness, I don't have it now anymore. So what happens when we are outside the constructed matrix (which lizards or whatever else may be keeping us in). How do we exist, as consciousness? So how would that work or exist? Can we go into our body again if we want? What's the point of living in infinite awareness as this soul entity?
  2. Shane Dawson was a wonderful man. How dare they cancel Shane. No one will come out unscathed if Shane ji is off YouTube. Bishop Shane was truly a very funny man.
  3. Tis true. The spiritual realm doth expunge such nonsense. 40 year old virgin. Pft. Superficial bunch. I bet you all watch the movie for fun. Soooo great isn't it seeing a 40 year old man sad.
  4. Hello everyone I realise it said it was edited by "moron", and it keeps calling me so, yet I am not. Thank you. I'm not.
  5. Do we go back into our body? What will everyday life as it were be like? Edit: I don't agree I'm a moron, it's just there for filler purposes. I'm smart.
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