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  1. Going in and out of shops and supermarkets and refusing to wear masks and sanitize your hands is all fine and yes you can easily do that. I came up against an impossible situation recently where the choice was unfortunately out of my control. If you need medical assistance, and in my case it was emergency medical assistance in a hospital, they will not, firstly, let you through the hospital door without a mask, and secondly, they will not treat you or send you onto a ward from A&E without the Covid stick being shoved up your nose first. Believe me I tried but I was in agony with acute panc
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice please. I am due to go into hospital in just under two weeks time for day surgery to have my gallbladder removed. Of course they want to give me a swab test for Covid 19 three days before my surgery. I 100% am against the test because it is not a credible or effective test and I see it as an infringement of my human right to have it forced upon me. The problem is, I will probably be refused the surgery that I desperately need if I don't have the test but subsequently I am worried about testing positive for other material they are
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