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  1. After you study the aftermath of the burning of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you will come to realize that the likely-hood that the Mystery School Cult has pulled another fast-one upon the sheep-people. Now, why would the thUg-network want to confuse the "profane sheeple" into thinking that atomic bombs exist? Because the war was coming to a close... The war was fabricated to push for world-government and hide Cult technology development. The next stage of attack upon the "profane sheep" was already mastermind by Homo capensis. "Sheeple" are contr
  2. I remember back in about 2002, I listened to a David Icke lecture off of the Net. David said that the chips were not just for tracking, they were actually designed to interface with the body to manipulate and confuse the target. I could never believe that an interface could be complex enough to communicate with the brain, but I was wrong. In 2007 after to found a 10mm slit on my scalp that was glued shut, I realized something had gone in there. Micro energy weapons were being used against my skin to before the slit, but everything was random. After the slit/implant
  3. The human psyche is designed to slow down the spiritual creativity manifests. Physical reality is created by the Creator-Gestalt-Gods to provide a very stable playground where mankind can grow their newly acquired soul-fragment that needs to grow with loving creativity. Time actually does not exist, but all probabilities already exists. The infinite probabilities for the aparent timeline experienced is a process of making choices of where the growing soul-fragment wants to grow towards. Beliefs and desires manifest the opportunities to make a range of choices provided. For exa
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