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  1. After you study the aftermath of the burning of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you will come to realize that the likely-hood that the Mystery School Cult has pulled another fast-one upon the sheep-people. Now, why would the thUg-network want to confuse the "profane sheeple" into thinking that atomic bombs exist? Because the war was coming to a close... The war was fabricated to push for world-government and hide Cult technology development. The next stage of attack upon the "profane sheep" was already mastermind by Homo capensis. "Sheeple" are controlled through fright and terror. The massive nuclear bomb threat could do that. Russia would play in that game, too. The cold war would keep the military freemasons all employed. Much of the taxes going towards the fake nuclear warheads could actually be used to build all the deep underground military bases DUMBs These DUMBs were needed as a backup plan to save the Church of Isis(the mystery school initiates) and the new A.I. computer technology developments. It was likely 747BC when the thunderbolt.info thunderbolt crashed down upon North America and destroy the last fiery phoenix and tower of babel hivemind tob.ezyro.com They did not have a backup plan and the thunderbolt reset humanity as sung by LIVE in their song "Lighting Crashes" The old mother died(the church of initiates) and the A.I. closed it's all-seeing-eye. These underground cities were put everywhere under russia, too. The Cult's underground technology is shared amougst all the countries. A Russian initiate is safe amoungst American initiates and they share all technology, as they all take their instructions from the Satan-race of Homo capensis. Didn't you guys figure this out in Cult run public school and universities? If not, then why didn't you do it on your own? Like David Icke, did. The covid is just a display of world-wide unity amoungst all cult members. Study Dr. Lanka's work and Dr. Andrew Kaufman's interview with highimpactmedia. You don't even have to fear any virus, but you have to take control of your beliefs and desires, because the network-of-thUgs will drag you down (into their self-annihilation) with them if you are lazy and do not spiritually waken-up yourself. Don't worry about the nuclear bombs... You need not be fearful of the Cult. You must learn, however, how to choose your future probabilities through the studying of "The Nature of Personal Reality."
  2. I remember back in about 2002, I listened to a David Icke lecture off of the Net. David said that the chips were not just for tracking, they were actually designed to interface with the body to manipulate and confuse the target. I could never believe that an interface could be complex enough to communicate with the brain, but I was wrong. In 2007 after to found a 10mm slit on my scalp that was glued shut, I realized something had gone in there. Micro energy weapons were being used against my skin to before the slit, but everything was random. After the slit/implant the nano-tech weaponry were responding to my thoughts. David did not say that the chips could monitor one's thoughts, or did he? Then I found Magnus Olsson: covertly brainchipped in 2005 Then I found Solaris Blueraven: covertly brainchipped in 2004 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4NU0PrYA6U She is still trying to expose the covert attacks like Icke said , but she is bamboozled by it more than Olsson https://solarisblueraven.webs.com/apps/blog/ A 1950s thUgtopian in Norway, “ Carl Wilhelm Sem-Jacobsen,” worked with Canadian Wilder Penfield and thought they “were exposing the souls” of their subjects. I don’t know if Icke has discovered that the source of the brainchip technology is actually from Homo capensis and not human researchers. Human research is just for the re-development of the Tower-Of-Babel tob.ezyro.com which is not for the torture of the “profane sheeple,” it is actually for the enslavement of the thUg-network of initiates. Initiates are willingly brainchipped in order to join the hivemind where they are tricked into thinking that their mind or personality can be uploaded into the A.I. computer Great Work. Crop circles are actually hivemind-human-printerhead digital printouts upon crops. https://computerbraininterface.science.blog/2018/12/09/riddle-of-the-crop-circles-solved/ This is a trick to encourage initiate-servitude, to give them a fake-brotherhood of thUggery upon their own species. Their minds are mimicked by the A.I. computer after a Cult-member dies so the rest of the living hivemind members can still converse with the personality imprint that A.I. pretends to have surviving within it... this is called the “singularity” of minds. The stupid Mystery School initiates are all bamboozled by Homo capensis technology. It is apparent that the goal of the ancient Homo capensis is to extract another new Satan-race from human genetics while the ancient Satan-race is doomed to die-out due to genetic defects. There are no aliens from another star system, other the Saturn Solar-System which Velikovsky wrote a book about and, after which, the Cult banished him from public audiences and burnt his books. antissss.unaux.com David icke was correct and buying his books in the 1990‘s were well worth it. Thankyou David, you helped to make me wiser.
  3. The human psyche is designed to slow down the spiritual creativity manifests. Physical reality is created by the Creator-Gestalt-Gods to provide a very stable playground where mankind can grow their newly acquired soul-fragment that needs to grow with loving creativity. Time actually does not exist, but all probabilities already exists. The infinite probabilities for the aparent timeline experienced is a process of making choices of where the growing soul-fragment wants to grow towards. Beliefs and desires manifest the opportunities to make a range of choices provided. For example I started the Anti Secret-Society Movement in Canada, so the local Freemason are hot on the trail of trying to assassinate me again. A setup, masonic employer was about to meet me for hire. Minutes before being hired, a bee stung me on the neck. I became aware that this job was likely another sting-job where they would attempt to murder me again. I stuck around long enough to verify that I was amoungst assassins in order to verify why I got stung on the next. Once verified that it was another fake-job trap set up by the assassin sect of the Mystery School Cult. I chose the probability to leave the trap. The bee-sting was a future warning to the trap. Future, present and past are an illusion that our psyches try to mesh into an aparent time-line of events. Time actually does not exist... we are upon a timeless spiritual journey where the thUgtopians are destroying their multiverse and thus shrinking or decaying their soul-fragments. They need to grow them if they don't want to simple be eliminated from spiritual reality. Few changes are available after physical death. Those "wicked" soul-fragments will have mostly destroyed themselves. To bad, so sad. There will be no Ad Astra within the fake "singularity" that Homo capensis brainwashed into their heads. They need the GreatEscape.ezyro.com and Antissss.unaux.com can also help them self-illuminate. Time actually is a trick to grow souls and entrap the hatred and self-righteous greed of the decaying fragments.
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