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  1. Help me out here?

    I am not in a social nor financial position to defy the continuous onslaught of opinion from family and friends to get vaccinated because of the CV19 pandemic. Don’t get me started about the flood of propaganda from the mainstream media.


    The reality of my situation is that as a low-income retiree I must survive on a minuscule pension, without personal transport, continuing to live with those who, despite above average intelligence, accept the current CV19 pandemic as truth. My objections indicate to them that I must be an anti-vaxxer-conspiracist-nutjob, and who must therefore be convinced that my erroneous thinking will not only place me in danger but them and the community at large.


    Swimming against the crowd sounds noble especially when one is in a secure position to tell everyone else to get forked. But here in my real world, where I must live and breathe, I do not have a single person with whom to confide.  Any amount of ‘evidence’ I can provide is disregarded while they continue to accept the consensus reality of their echo chambers.


    So, I probably will at some point go and get a CV19 vaccination, for as a mid-60-year-old, with type 2 diabetes, asthma, and obesity, I fall into many of the danger zones of contracting CV19; even though I don’t actually believe it exists.

    And I don’t think I am alone with this situation, but I do wonder what the outcome in about 3-5 years will be for this world. A global citizenship living in a A.I. mediated, trans-human, digital utopia free of sickness living on a state provided minimum wage perhaps?

    I guesstimate that I have about 20-25 years left with this fragile human shell, do I want to stick around that long? Suicide is, indeed painless for me at least.

    Thoughts and suggestions. Please do not tell me to just pack up and leave home or tell my family to get forked.


    We are living in a large sea of egocentric humans, controlled by a small number of narcissistic sociopaths from which it is hard to escape.

    Is it worth the effort, do you have any doable solutions?





  2. Hi I am Alan from lockdown Melbourne Australia.

    I’ve been following David Icke for a while and have many of his books.  I was gona go see him here in Melbourne but he was effectively banned by two politically opposed but culturally united people.

    Anyway, we all know who they are and why they do this stuff. That’s not why I am here.

    I would like to find people out there who have put together source material (but not opinion) on all the current issues which David Icke and others speak about. I want to create a portfolio of information to give to people like my family members who think I am just a conspiracy idiot.


    any help would be appreciated.




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