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  1. I loved John Lennon. He wasn't afraid to speak out and do what he could. That's what got him killed imo. Chapman was no lone gunman. Bullshit- he was brainwashed into assassinating Lennon. That's probably why they won't give him parole. The excuse that he might harm Ono and her son is laughable.
  2. I would like to know if DI has any thoughts about the mark of the beast Revelation 13. I don't believe the bible is the infallible word of God but a lot of people have said that the patent number or some such number connected with Gates vaccine is 060606. Some bible footnotes also say the number is sometimes written as 000 so 666 and 000 are both in there. The ref.is if you don't know a mark on the hand or forehead without which you cannot buy or sell. Weird coincidence or what? I have not yet come across DI ever mentioning this anywhere.
  3. It's also a Hindu belief that we are all gods. Alan Watts talks about this a lot in his seminars and books.
  4. What's that on twitter. I can't get on there so I can't check it out. Can anyone enlighten me on the actual truth of excess deaths this year.
  5. The reptile is telling people about anot her pandemic. Nobody can predict a pandemic unless it's fake or planned. If people don't work that one out they have to be brain dead. If you get what I mean. I've lived through epidemics at my age and it just doesn't happen like this. Why can't people grasp this basic fact. I've been in Asda and home bargains today in Wales. I was the ONLY person NOT nappied up. Same in argos yesterday. SHOCKING. Got chased up the aisle in asda by retail gestapo but she was OK. Told her I am exempt and she backed off. Seriously, there will be less dentists around soon and a lot of people are going to get mask mouth in the next few years. My teeth are rotten and it's no fun having them pulled nevermind having to do a do it yourself job at home. I wish people would wake up , though they are stupid imo they are my people and they are damaging their health not to mention mental health issues are becoming more apparent.
  6. Yep Im waiting for the big one in California. It's coming I'm sure. I'd love to know when.
  7. Hey When did this happen. I noticed it on youtube but I can't bear the sound of billy gates voice so I can't watch anything with him in it. I can't stand the sight of him either or all that weird arm waving shit he does or the bloody smirk on his face at all times. Sorry, I digress, can you give us the date when this took place. Cheers.
  8. Paul Levys books are very revealing and informative. Through his relationship with his psychopathic father and his family dynamics Paul became well acquainted with this phenomenon. I have been through something similar, though not with a parent so I find his writing ideal from my point of view.
  9. You seem to have some major issues going on. When you go within do you recognise your own shadow?
  10. Maybe its a coincidence( but i don't believe in them) how this is all starting after the threat the other day from none other than the basilisk babylon Gates. Its a distraction from this covid crap which is completely doing my brain in. Particularly this bloody mask wearing BS.
  11. Damn straight. Screaming into the void is exactly what it is. I can't get through to anyone. I've fallen out with friends and family. Giving up just doesn't seem like a good option though. I have a feeling it would not be possible anyway. Good luck.
  12. Hey I too saw this headline. I've been waiting for someone to post. Thanks so much. I haven't read it all yet but I will. I detest the reptile too. Quick translation so far - You lot aint seen nothing yet. I've killed off thousands in the fake pandemic now I'm going to destroy more of you with my geo engineering bullshit. I would love to see a statement analysis, by a professional, of this Gates threat. Keep us posted. Much appreciated. Lisa
  13. Thanks. Any thing more up to date. Gates is threatening far worse than coronavirus hoax to do with climate change. What is he on about.
  14. Hi Where do you live. What exactly is going on there? Gates is saying cc is going to be far worse than the fake pandemic. Clearly they are planning something big.
  15. If it's going to get that bad we should be arming ourselves with AK 47s and stocking up on ammo. I can certainly see care homes being bull dozed in the near future.
  16. Shadow moon I can't access twitter. Can you give me more info on this subject.
  17. What is happening in the US. Is it the same procedure. Are they allowing the old and disabled to die the same as they are doing here.
  18. I don't know why they call them homes. I worked in them. They used to all ask to go home so no they are not nice places. I am so glad I got out.
  19. For sure. They took people off meds in care homes and when they became agitated district nurses went in with morphine. It is also compulsory DNR now once you get to 60 . I assume this is covert bio ethics. Bill Gates spoke openly about it 10 years ago. It involves defunding end of life care and putting the money into education basically. Nice. That is exactly what we seem to be seeing in the UK.
  20. Just read your post. Spot on. Damn straight. That is exactly how I feel at this moment in time. I could have written it myself or something very similar. It is so dis heartening. Even friends and family are not convinced there is no pandemic. I don't know what it will take for them to realise the big picture and they are more intelligent than me. I feel like giving up but I get up every day and start again. Learn what I can. Pass on info. nada. What worries me is this vaccine . That's going to be tricky to get round if/when it comes. I have not worn a mask nor will I. Bandana maybe if no other choice to get food. I am not depriving myself of oxygen though. Our breath is our life force. No one is taking that from me without a fight. I keep getting ominous texts from SSE telling me the govt are replacing my meter with a smart meter. I delete them but how long before they get more threatening. Soon we will get threats off docs to get some sort of flu vaccine. Ive never had one and don't ever intend to. They are so dangerous. Grown people just believe anything they are told as long as the person telling them is medical or govt. no matter how ludicrous it is. Maybe it's because I've been on the rough end of the nhs for so long with ME/fibromyalgia/hep b vaccine damage. I've seen for 17 years their true colours. I hate doctors. Never go.I will die in my house of whatever. I just hope I don't come back to this fucked up world. That would be hell.
  21. I'm sorry for anyone in a position like that. I'm stubborn. I don't use doctors at all. Haven't been for years. I was very ill with ME for years which I believe came from hep b vaccine. The doctor said he wasn't interested any way probably because they know theyve caused it with their vaccine. Ive treated myself for years. I haven't been able to work a great deal but Im happy. Ive just discovered earthing which involves walking bare foot for a time each day. I walk for a couple of hours barefoot through woods. Sounds simple but its cured all my fibromyalgia. They say you absorb the emf from the earth that shoes normally block. Its good for all pain and its addictive. I love it. I get some funny comments but hey who cares. Some people are quite impressed.
  22. I totally agree these days. At first i thought there was something. Now I find myself telling everyone there is no covid. People look at you as if you are nuts but I no longer care. DI is on the right track. I try to re explain what he says. It makes sense. Ive read 'Everything you need to know'. I just sat there saying OMG out loud the whole time. Shocking and disturbing. Should've listened to Orwell back in the 80s. Ive got The Answer pre ordered.We need all the help we can get now. It breaks my heart how this is affecting little kids. We have to 'fight' for their freedom or they will be enslaved. Trying times . I find listening to Alan Watts is awesome too and reading his books. What a wise man he was. I found him via DI too. Awesome.
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