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  1. Hello ! PAY ATTENTION! I don't know how much I have to live because I'm dying. I've been targeted for the last few months with Drones and Airplanes 60Ghz and above at my body. Given the fact I have studied the occult for 10 years and understand the nature if this reality, I gues they experiement and target people who can wake others up in this mass IGNORANCE !! IMPORTANT !! I HAVE EXPERIENCED ALL OF THIS !!!! CURRENTLY DYING There is no VIRUS as such , but THERE ARE symptoms of an ''ilness'' . Whatever you call the virus is Nano-Bio sentient particles that get activated by frequency. The ''Virus'' is Locally released and managed. Ways of infection(There are more I don't know about) 1.Face masks contaminated 2. Gells to rub your hands 3.Chemtrails and Smart Dusk relased in ventilations or From sky 4.Finger print(PHONE UNLOCK) Especially huawei The body needs to get Satureted with Enough material, then ACTIVATED, then Materials is assembling using your own cells protein,energy, fat.Resulting in structures being build in your body, mapping out the Centers of Energy(Chakras) Heart, Throat, Brain(CROWN - ''CORONA''). Once everything is build they can plant thoughs ,visions and emotions . Saturating the Body with Nano Particles WAYS by Speed: ( ALL DEPENDS HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE TO AWAKEN PEOPLE OR THREAT TO THEM) Slowest -1.Generally breating the chemtrails and Wearing mask destryoing your immune system, being stress(lockdown) no human interaction ALL OF IT. Quicker - 2 . Catching the virus through contamination which will spread multiply and once you recover(intergrate) then you can be activated . 7 days ,After wich they will target the body with 60Ghz for a month or so or above so the water molecule and cell memberane can be dismanteled and the virus can get into the nucleas and RNA. ( Its basically after virus integrated, they hit the body with a hammer to suppress the immune system and not sleep keep it under attack so to break down the body defence mechanism . After the Hammer(60Ghz or above) they can use lower frequency for building like your phone or tower or who knows but 1Ghz is enough.That is why people die on the VENTILATOR because under 60ghz the hemoglobin (the blood) cannot absorb oxygen no matter how much you blow, the chemistry is broken under the MMW milimiter waves. People are contaminated and then send for execution at the hospitals with AIRPLANES,DRONES AND TOWERS HITTING THEM WITH 60Ghz Fastest 3. Vaccine/RNA . They will inject already assembled structures like sensors and receivers , that will directly get activated by low frequency (low compared to 60ghz) like your phone. They won't need to break down your body with Hammer(60ghz) because the vaccine will get into the nucleas and masks itself as your own RNA and start reprogramming your DNA . APART FROM THAT A LOT PEOPLE WILL DIE, SOME WILL SUFFER LONGER AND DIE, EVEN THEY DON'T KNOW HOW THE DNA NEEDS TO LOOK YET TO MERGE WITH AI but they hope 7bn PEOPLE MASS lab experiment will succeed eventually. ULTIMATE GOAL ? They want to create HYPERCUBE REALITY, (See Image) its a symbol for total slavery, you have reality within the reality. You currently live in digital reality (created by god(infinte intelligence) and you are given FREE WILL TO CREATE.Your crown or concsiessness works like Wifi on frequency receiving information( thoughts, feelings, intuitions).There is already the infrastructure with Satellites and 5,6,7g on the Ground creating a grid whre people can't think. What if you are born like in THE MATRIX within a prison simulation by AI. PLEASE SHARE THIS , TAKE IT TO DAVID if you can, I don't know how much I will live I'm getting worse by the day. YOU NEED FARADAY CAGES AROUND YOUR BED WHILE SLEEPING AND FARADAY CAGE FOR YOUR PHONE, so the AI cannot be recoding your pattern of behavior , thinking and feeling.
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