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  1. home / cultural school your kids. if they are in the system you can expect the teachers to call the authorities on you.
  2. nicotine increases alert levels. and smoking itself feels like a 6-10 minute meditation session to me.
  3. @alexa its in line with the signs of the coming of imam mahdi... the scholars here mention the coming of a plague from the east - china/india before his arrival... imam mahdi - commander of the muslim army which eventually joins the christian army against battling the antichrist and it's army.
  4. Check this out, apply the Tech-Control to the "One-Eye" Symbolism.... ie: AI, Smart Phones, Cctv, etc = Cameras = "one eye" Dajjal, also known as the “false messiah” or “the liar”. Every Muslim in the world believes that he will create a great destruction by his lies and powers! Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is always considered as the most intellectual and the knowledgeable person in the whole world. He talked a lot about this false messiah, which is also known as Dajjal. The westerners know this as “Anti-Christ”, who will create havoc all around the world with his deception. According to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Dajjal will come out before Judgement day, like in last days of earth. Dajjal’s motive will be to sabotage the people of Allah from the religion Islam. He will try to make these believers follow his path which leads to Jahannum (Hell) ! Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that he will be blind in one eye. Furthermore stated that it will be like floating (Shaking), but not staying at one place. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that the skin color of Dajjal will be Reddy White (Like English and Irish people). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that Dajjal would have a prominent forehead and an abnormally wide neck. His height will be shorter! He would have a hunch in his back but still, he would be very powerful. He would be able to walk, but not like a normal person. He will be having curly long hair, and they will look like snakes handing from his head. Dajjal will never have the ability to make children, he will be sterile. Dajjal, will be a man, not a woman. Lastly, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated, that he will have the word “KAAFIR” between his eyebrows and forehead. The people of Allah, people who are following Islam will be able to see it clearly while others won’t be able to see it. and the word "kaafir" when we look at certain military regiments in the world... Israel's Kfr Brigades Nato's KFOR Battalion
  5. uk should not allow them in. you do not know who was part of the looting spree.
  6. it was a mob of thousands. looting and burning in the cbds.this was all definitely co-ordinated and planned a long time ago. in my area they were only looting, not attacking any civilians of any race... @skitzorat thank you for the videos from red ice, this is deep! going to forward this to all our community policing forums asap. hopefully we can figure out the bigger picture and prepare or something better.
  7. oh shit this could be very possible. thank you! will only know at the end of it though. right now we are rationing food. communities have to fend for themselves.it's hectic.
  8. sometimes it gotta get worse to get better. until - oppenheimers, ruperts (the elite families branch of SA) - are defeated, the struggle continues... #FreeJacobZuma https://www.facebook.com/groups/711755765656697/permalink/1930938550405073/
  9. Imam Hussein = grandson of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. what do you think this piece of architecture symbolises?
  10. Whatever happened to terrorism? their bosses are busy selling the new ism to the world-covidism
  11. https://www.tribalwars.net/en-dk/ browser based, strategy, world conquering game
  12. clotrimazole cream gave me almost instant relief...and in only a week it was cleared up. results may vary
  13. putting these verses on a coin like this is actually kinda blasphemy. there is some kinda satanic crap involved with this. if u look deeper into saud's arabia, you will see their police have the one eye on their insignia too. fyi, the saud royal family are into creepy occult weird satanic shit including adrenochrome.- they aint really practicing Islam. the concept of royalty and royal succession also, does not exist in Islam.
  14. lol i just created a thread like this. anyway BUMP!
  15. i duno if this a real question or humor? there are vids of coca cola testing positive, as well as vids of the late tanzanian president's speech of goats and papayas testing positive...
  16. wonder if people are looking into ^^^ this ^^^ yet. would be a chaos for them if 100 people had the same certification codes. crash the system lol
  17. good idea. music hits quicker. catchy tunes even more so. maybe check the protest songs thread
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