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  1. Check this out, apply the Tech-Control to the "One-Eye" Symbolism.... ie: AI, Smart Phones, Cctv, etc = Cameras = "one eye" Dajjal, also known as the “false messiah” or “the liar”. Every Muslim in the world believes that he will create a great destruction by his lies and powers! Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is always considered as the most intellectual and the knowledgeable person in the whole world. He talked a lot about this false messiah, which is also known as Dajjal. The westerners know this as “Anti-Christ”, who will create havoc all around the world with his deception.
  2. niice! adding to my collection, thanks i be driving around with these tracks bumping..every bit helps
  3. the are trying by all means to create chaos. divide and conquer those terrorists may either be ex-isis (wahabi) or from deep state programs. to discover the truth, its best to hand those scum over to the communities they lived in to make them "sing" - as we are starting to understand just how false govt is. so rona narrative is failing - let's start the race wars - culture clash "welcome to the future, its a culture ride, an override" - lyrics from maddona's 2019 music performance peace
  4. so words are spells... spell ing damn this is mind blowing! thanks for vid @Beaujangles
  5. "you are not a drop in the ocean - you are the entire ocean in a drop"
  6. i wonder what the spiritual implications are. as a Muslim, its a sensitive topic for me but what if the foreskin serves as a protection of sorts of male energy - on a spiritual level - like from wandering succubus types of entities
  7. @alexa interesting! Being "created in His image" certainly takes on new meaning when we observe.... We have patterns all around us in the World and the Universe. Many of these patterns, we can find in ourselves too... it's quite abstract, but definitely everything seems connected.
  8. yes. i believe this state of being is lightly achieved with astral projection... the shifting of "attention / consciousness" as in the anime video,we see how souichiro's point of attention shifts, and views his human body from the ladybug's perspective, but he regains the connection to his body. so, thats why i reckon it be similar to astral projection.
  9. resist by all means. we have time to prepare. we can survive out of the system. but do not expect going into the system for healthcare and emergency services without a chip. so prepare. old school. simple life
  10. @Steph sounds buddhist... also sufi and many philosophies coming from india
  11. A scene taken from "Tenjou Tenge" ("Heaven and Earth") final_5f973b8010e2730094834e16_546174.mp4
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