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  1. in a few eastern religions, the number 9 is considered a complete, perfected and divine number because it represents the end of a cycle... there are cosmic codes in numbers,patterns,symbols. let me add this as well for reference... https://19.org/
  2. notice how our perspective changes when we become informed on these kinda subjects - normie perspective : tend to focus in one direction - higher? perspective : scan all directions
  3. i agree with you @London_Lad ! "Father wants us all to live in the dark ages" a simple life, that does not harm the soul or the planet.
  4. interesting http://www.starforts.com/gallery.html
  5. this is one branch im certain... egyptian energy science - dr ibrahim karim
  6. patrice motsepe is connected to billy goats foundation. imo the power issues are linked to this. maybe they want motsepes power company to take over the power supply from Eskom SOE.
  7. Hoping to find this magazine PDFs
  8. Is the Nature of Reality by David Icke legit, you think? check this... Dr. Ibrahim Karim, BioGeometry (Egyptian Energy Science)
  9. sorry, i know how freaky it is dealing with the unknown. try playing this, like for a few days , they will lose power and keep me updated please
  10. https://lifewave.com/santosbonacci Just wondering if anyone here has tried this...
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