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  1. the same cult = the shadow govt which these 3 loonies are controlled by - in the grand scheme of things and what do you mean by "waiting for your answer?" everyone is waiting for answers lol, typing like this is like you are demanding answers like you are someone oh so important lmao
  2. New video by Lubomir Aesov Live The Myth Of Our Era & Enter The World of ‘KINGDOM’ w/ Lubomir Arsov video starts at 57:00
  3. Iran’s Masonic Parliament building is shaped like a pyramid with 33 window It is not East vs West or North vs South It is Talmud followers, Masons and Jesuits vs the World Population The satanic filth is everywhere, in all countries.
  4. “Netanyahu deliberately funded Hamas” says: Ehud Barak former Prime Minister of Israel “We did everything to make sure Hamas would continue controlling Gaza” Says: Ami Ayalon former head of Israel Secret Service “ He fed the beast and it exploded in our face” Says: Yehuda Shaul former IDF Commander
  5. very possible, i mean thats what David icke talks about mainly, and theres also Dr Shiva who describes this kind of network as "the swarm" in his shatter the swarm video
  6. @pi3141 if israel had launched a pre emptive strike with minimal civilian casualties (as its hi tech military is capable of) and taken out hamas, i would support it and appreciate it because for the Palestinian cause, hamas is a great thorn in it's side by constantly disrupting the Palestinian Authority, terrorizing the people of gaza and establishing its own authority over them which undermines Palestine and terrorizing israeli civilians to keep this conflict ongoing. -Hamas attacked Yasser Arafat's group when they agreed to a 2 state solution Hamas is an Opponent to the Palestinian Authority - The Palestine State Hamas does not want a 2 state solution. I suspect that hamas is connected to the israeli govt and being used for expanding israel's borders. -making attacks on israel randomly to keep the war ongoing Peace Talks why would hamas attack israel when peace talks were happening? it would mean Peace for Palestine, Peace for Gaza. do they not want Peace for their own people? Peace means no war, no fighting, no possibility for any side to expand its territory War, on the other hand brings opportunity to expand your borders and influence I support the idea that all the people of Israel must live in peace I support the idea that all the people of Gaza and Palestine must live in peace to make this whole scenario about Jews is unfair, because all Jewish people do not follow the Zionist ideaologies and policies the people in power in the govt of israel dont even look jewish, they dont dress as the religious jewish people do (as compared to rulers in Muslim countries, African countries,etc who dress according their faith and culture they represent) , so are they truly representing the Jewish faith and Jewish people? I still believe that the Jewish people are being played by the Zionist regime for its expansionist goals in the region against the Palestinian people. - notice how the current leadership of israel opposes the 2 state solution just as hamas opposes the 2 state solution https://apnews.com/article/israel-hamas-palestinians-opinion-poll-wartime-views-a0baade915619cd070b5393844bc4514
  7. where do i disagree with your point of view? i am looking at the bigger picture of it all trying not to be emotionally REACTIVE as you and some others are becz emotions cloud our minds and often little details will slip by. we need to pay attention/awareness to the finer details. why israel funnels money from qatar to hamass? if they are truly your enemy you will not help finance them. remember, problem-REACTION-solution
  8. can you see the heavens or the stars in your eyes yet? look ath the energy patternz
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