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  1. yes.but it aint people.like the succubus/incubus, there are various entities, including jinn that do this. when affected by this situation, you will notice that it is almost impossible to "progress" in this world... a result of your "luck" / sustenance energy being sucked up by these entities.
  2. had a weird, random dream last night... of the sun being "blocked out" by multiple satellites. it was totally random, as i haven't been doing any research into these things for the past few weeks. and all i did last night was watch a few episodes of a turkish medieval series, and play a survival game on my pc. anyway this morning i find this article. freaky! makes me wonder if the rona stuff is actually a distraction for something else https://www.popularmechanics.com/space/satellites/a34739258/china-launches-first-6g-satellite/
  3. for reference, the hero in this vid is the "mahdi" - the commander at the end times who is said to lead the muslim armies against the false messiah/dajjals army. definitely not from the pet goat/in shadow team tho.
  4. the "holy / promised land" is the heart chakra of the planet.
  5. https://banned.video/watch?id=5ff6857e00bac0328da8e888 infowars covered it
  6. prophecy says the caliphate will rise again from "khorasan" - the area around afghanistan... and be led by a commander "al mahdi" - who will be organizing the final battles against the antichrists/dajjals armies.
  7. best prepare your defense just in case. barbed wire, melee weapons, improvised bite proof armor, helmets, etc etc and some petrol - firewall xD
  8. @old-timer I am in the same boat as you. seasonal allergic rhinitis (asthma/sinus issues daily) - a result of a vax I was given at my uninformed age of 8 -- for all those who have supposedly passed away because of rona, a study needs to be done. were they wearing masks all the time? breathing in the waste air which the lungs push out were they sanitizing all the time ? ie: were they weakening their immune systems because govt told them to how were they treated if hospitalized? did they have other complications? acute/chronic - pneumonia,heart disease,cancer, e
  9. been playing this game through lockdowns. i get chills when i hear that song - knowing about the 5g plans (like what if the 5g ends up disrupting the earths magnetic fields) xD
  10. We have a reprieve in 2020 with facial recognition because many of us have to wear masks. But can we keep hiding our face? Should we keep hiding our face? Back in the day, there was always a lot of resistance to embedding any kind of chip in our body. Today these chips like RFID are common and we still have a lot of resistance to having these inserted in our body. But the tech has overtaken us. It is no longer necessary to have a chip since our face is a fixed biometric that we cannot escape from. Let's talk about how Facial recognition data is collected
  11. ok here is something you may find interesting
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