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  1. located in the center of the dictatorship production, in Israel-Palestine, it is overwhelming to see the military state move into massive action. most mornings staring with the buzz of helicopters and aircraft spying in the air for hours. I believe we were the first to be fined (around 100 pound per person up to 1000 pounds fort the shop owner!) if we fail to put our masks in shops\transportation\any public building\gathering. personally I rushed to issue a medical paper, recommending me not to wear one. till now it is working well. Some police officers even smile and let me go with a mutual understanding it is all dirty politics. I have a lot to share and say about curfew, house arrest and panicking people with huge fines, or preventing them from flying, transporting anywhere , entering whatever, work or learn or speak whatever. .. . After all, my Palestinian neighbors live is like this for the last 40 years, specifically the last 20. David is my idol since the current production started. Bless him. Mor Carmi, Israel\Palestine
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