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  1. Was listening to David's presentation Covid-19-The fake pandemic. About half way through, he was reading a document, 5G Technology and induction of Coronavirus in skin cells. I read the document and I cannot say it is a study but rather a theory. I was a counter Intel type with electronics technology background, and suspect that this was a planted ”study” to damage the resistance. The supposition may be correct but it is not a true laboratory study. I discovered through my own analysis and research how the 5G can produce viral like or viral infections. There is a weapon system in the US that is called the Active Denial System. My research shows that this millimeter technology has to function in the 60 GHz range in order to achieve the ranges advertised. As such we can reverse engineer down to the physical mechanism creating the weapon’s effect. In short, the ADS creates acid in the form of free hydrogen to rapidly form in the target’s skin and lowers the local PH to as much as 2.0. I disagree with the antenna effect, I believe the physics involved are quite simple. The acid production is what causes instant pain and burning, no antenna theory needed. All that the antenna theory does is point us in the wrong direction which blocks us from taking effective counter measures. The ADS was developed for the US and Israeli militaries for crowd control. ADS acute radiation exposure gives instant burning where chronic low level saturated 5G field exposure would create a slow lowering of blood pH according to science. The way it works is very simple, everything is energetic and therefor has its own frequency. The ADS technology works at 60Ghz. It is the same frequency as oxygen. It works on sympathetic harmonics, they direct a beam of millimeter (radar) radiation at a human target. The radiation hits the H20 molecule within the person’s skin, the oxygen atom begins to vibrate and shake violently. The oxygen then shakes the two hydrogens free and they become free radicals. Hydrogen is highly acidic, thus you get the burning skin sensation. The nature of free atoms is they always seek to find a home, so the free hydrogen atom immediately unites with a nearby H20 molecules to become H30. The H30 molecule with the extra hydrogen atom has a very acidic low pH. The 5G communications technology is basically the technology described above but the power is reduced, plus it has 3 bands. The high band 60Ghz frequency still interacts with atoms such as oxygen but at a much reduced rate due to lower power. In other words it takes a longer exposure time to see symptoms develop. But with a chronic long term exposure, the victim’s body would theoretically slowly accumulate H30 molecules. As the pH falls into the range of 6.0 the victim would begin to experience flu like symptoms. The Corona type virus is said to replicate or become active between the pH of 6.4 to 6.0. That is precisely why high pH nano silver and other such minerals like nano zinc that have the ability to enter the cell can raise pH and destroy viral replication. It is all about pH, voltage and frequency. The Wim Hoff method of deep breathing cures illness by raising O2, and lowering blood Hydrogen through the extraction of CO2. The key to health is to maintain blood pH around 7.4.
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