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  1. I think we will have step 3 on May 17th, but just as we are about to exit lockdown on June 21st, the 'Indian variant' will hit. Then the lockdown will continue.
  2. Just seen a Facebook profile with 'Covid-19 Vaccinated' stamped under their mugshot. FFS. Nearly as bad as those that say 'Still European'. She is only my age, so won't have had the second one yet. Therefore she isn't officially vaccinated.
  3. I read 'The Guardians', which also featured on the BBC series. They were the police force for the Masters, wore black and rode on horseback. Not read the 'Death of Grass' though. I was gutted that the third book was never made, beyond the scripts being written. I understand, that the man who tried to axe Doctor Who in the mid-80s (Michael Grade) also pulled the plug on this. He openly admitted to hating sci fi. I thought the Masters controlled the Tripods. At the end of the first series they topple a Tripod, then lob a hand grenade inside. Out oozes the green remains of
  4. I remember the tv series and books vividly. I think the author, John Christopher, was awake and aware of future planned agendas. The cap was shaped like a pyramid and implanted by the one eyed Masters. People became docile and controlled once capped. The Freemen resist being capped and eventually overthrow the alien Masters. A final signal is beamed to their mothership (they were about to move to a full global takeover). All the caps turn off and their brains return to normal.
  5. Oops:- “President Harris” - YouTube
  6. At the end of the article it mentioned 'Panorama - Vaccines: The Disinformation War'. I forced myself to watch it. It was propaganda, to persuade people to take the vaccines. David Icke wasn't mentioned, but a nurse who protested against vaccines, at one of the Trafalgar Square protests appeared. They also tried to dismiss the opinions of Doctors who expressed an anti-vaccination stance, saying it was misinformation and resulted in conspiracy theories.
  7. Someone should invent a bullshit meter.
  8. Ian Brown - Little Seed Big Tree - YouTube [Intro: Ian Brown] We don't need no stinking badges [Chorus: Ian Brown] Just a little seed, makes a big tree Standing on its own, thriving all alone Just a little seed, makes a big tree Grows so high, gonna touch the sky Just a little seed, makes a big tree Spreads roots deep, branches far and wide [Verse 1: Ian Brown] Masonic lockdown, in your hometown Masonic lockdown, can you hear me now From the top down, soul shot down State shakedown, mass breakdown G
  9. It reminded me of this scene from 'Years and Years' when I watched it. It certainly had a dystopian feel. Years and Years Episode 1 | The Next 5 Years - YouTube
  10. I subscribed briefly when it launched, but it hadn't really got going. I reactivated my account to watch David's 'The Answer' lecture. They gave me access to everything for a fortnight. It's content has grown significantly. I liked the 'Unatural' documentary. The films about technology and social media addiction were really good. I was also interested in Eben Alexander's account of his 'Out Of Body' experience. I hope the channel grows and grows.
  11. David delivered a great speech, but I thought Gareth's was even more impressive.
  12. I've just finished watching part one. He absolutely demolished the 'Plandemic.' I wish that somehow BBC News 24 could be intercepted by this lecture playing on a loop. There would be a revolution.
  13. My motivation to buy David's latest book was to have his spin on the pandemic. I started with Chapter 15 - How did they pull off the fake 'pandemic'? I'm not sure I would go so far as to say that there is no virus, but I can believe that data is being manipulated. I'm convinced there is much more to all this than just a pandemic. For example, why face mask wearing in shops was introduced weeks later. It seems to be about controlling people. See how quickly a cashless society is being propelled forward. I can only buy a Greggs pasty with a card or mobile phone now! I have been at risk of redund
  14. I received my copy yesterday. I rarely read his books in chapter order now. Today I started with the chapter - How did they pull off the fake pandemic? There was a lot of science in this one, which I found hard going, despite having a biology degree. I put it down to feeling tired, but couldn't wait to make a start on his latest brick.
  15. A week is not too long to wait. I usually buy his latest publication, at Watkins Books, in London. This is usually weeks later, as I live up North. Watkins Books, is on a tiny side street (Cecil Street), not far from Leicester Square. It is a bit like Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. This mind, body and soul bookshop usually smells of joss sticks and I am transported to another place when I go in there. I've seen the occasional book for sale in Waterstones, but its rare. I've heard that they are now banned from sale (including ordering them). Amazon said it may take a month/2 months to receive or
  16. Planet Narnia, by Michael Ward, provides a key to the seven books. They each represent a Middle Age heavenly body. Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the sun book. The Silver Chair is the moon book. The Last Battle is the Saturn book, where everything dies. When I listened to and read David Icke talk about Saturn, it seemed to tie in with this book. Look deeper into Lord of the Rings, by Tolkien, and again you can see Saturnine connections, particularly with Sauron and the ring.
  17. I look forward to David's new book, which I've ordered via his website. Is it really true, that Waterstones are now banning the sale of his books? I bought The Perception Deception from my local bookshop, in 2013. At the end of the interview he mentioned live streaming his accompanying lecture The Answer, which he was originally going to deliver in Manchester.
  18. I voted for The Perception Deception. I felt completely red pilled after reading it. I was thinking about its content for weeks afterwards.
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