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  1. Altered Carbon is one of the best sci-fi books I've ever read. I thought the tv series was good too, but it didn't impact me to the same extent that the book did.
  2. I read the first three chapters yesterday, about David's life story. Much of it was familiar, but there were new details I had never read or heard before. I suppose he decided to expand on this as part of his 70th birthday year.
  3. I got my copy yesterday and gave it a skim. I love the cover. The significance of the goldfish will become apparent. I rarely read a new David Icke book in order. I tend to home in on the new content and read that first. I read Chapter 10 (of 12) today. I was completely absorbed. He talked about his experiences of 'K' and further meetings with psychics.
  4. Has no-one heard of the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham? See the photo from 1964, which was redeveloped, with a bull outside the main entrance. Derby has the ram. Manchester has the bee.
  5. The World Health Organization says it is working with experts to come up with a new name for monkeypox. It comes after more than 30 scientists wrote last week about the "urgent need for a non-discriminatory and non-stigmatising" name for the virus and the disease it causes. Monkeypox to get a new name, says WHO - BBC News The WHO has decided it needs better marketing.
  6. I believed there was a virus, until I read David Icke's demolition job in his penultimate book. (He continued his demolition in his latest book). I think it is just flu and all the cases are from dodgy tests, which don't test for a virus. I think the primary motivation behind the vaccines is money. Omicron has been invented to keep the billions rolling in from "boosters". The aim is to keep the con going , in order to roll out the vaccine passports. These are the gateway to a social credit system, including restrictions on flying, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (another con). They have managed to control peoples' behaviour for months. Why not take it further? I'm undecided on population control, unless the vaccines end up having the longer term effect of stopping fertility. We have already been told there is going to be a Great Reset, by 2030, by the elites. Ultimately the plandemic it is about power, control, making money and advancing agendas such as cashlessness, revamping the economy, reducing carbon dioxide and controlling our behaviour through vaccine passports/social credit system.
  7. Click on 'Live Events' and press play. (Even though it is no longer playing as a livestream).
  8. A lot of the content from the first and third parts had been covered before. The second part went into Wetiko, which was new. The scandemic and the vaccines was expanded upon, from The Answer. He brought the climate scam right up to date, talking about COP26 and the green pass. This part was only meant to be 2 hours, but it ran for 3 and a half!
  9. Log back into Ickonic and click on livestream. The whole lecture is still there. It is easier to watch afterwards, rather than live, which always glitches. It will probably be packaged into smaller sections at a later date, to be accessible from the archive, like his other lectures.
  10. I still listen to Simon Parkes, but since Joe Biden's inauguration, take what he says with a pinch of salt. I want to believe that many of the things he says are true, but the jury is still out for me. I really hope Donald Trump comes back for a second term (now and not in 2024), but it will have to happen soon, for me to listen to him for much longer.
  11. The Answer finished with part one of David's views on the 'pandemic'. This book continues the unfolding story and brings it up-to-date. The concluding chapter provides his slant on Wetiko. The Perception Deception (my favourite) is his longest. A complete mind bomb. This one is a lot shorter, but still packs a powerful punch.
  12. Where I live the local tv and radio transmitter has caught fire. (The Bilsdale mast). As a result these services are now only available over the internet. The "pandemic" has resolved itself!
  13. I've not felt any more free today on 'Freedom' Day. Got to work (a shop), hoping that at least some of the risk assessments for 'Covid 19' would be scrapped. No, exactly the same as it was last week. All the customers were still wearing their masks. SSDD (Same Shit Different Day). Got home to an update about the return of Park Run on Saturday, which I had really been looking forward to. My heart sank when I read this: - "All parkrun events are required to follow our COVID Framework, developed in collaboration with Sport England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), and this Framework will continue to be in place in all locations for the foreseeable future. As part of this Framework, all participants and volunteers are required to self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms prior to attending, and not to attend if at all symptomatic. Local public health advice is that even those without symptoms should make use of free Lateral Flow Device tests where possible, to ensure people aren’t spreading the virus without realising". I've never taken a Lateral Flow Test and don't intend to start now. So no Park Run then. I would hardly consider running outside in the blazing sunshine high risk. People need to elevate their mood and in many cases lose a few pounds. Both positive for health.
  14. I think we will have step 3 on May 17th, but just as we are about to exit lockdown on June 21st, the 'Indian variant' will hit. Then the lockdown will continue.
  15. Just seen a Facebook profile with 'Covid-19 Vaccinated' stamped under their mugshot. FFS. Nearly as bad as those that say 'Still European'. She is only my age, so won't have had the second one yet. Therefore she isn't officially vaccinated.
  16. I read 'The Guardians', which also featured on the BBC series. They were the police force for the Masters, wore black and rode on horseback. Not read the 'Death of Grass' though. I was gutted that the third book was never made, beyond the scripts being written. I understand, that the man who tried to axe Doctor Who in the mid-80s (Michael Grade) also pulled the plug on this. He openly admitted to hating sci fi. I thought the Masters controlled the Tripods. At the end of the first series they topple a Tripod, then lob a hand grenade inside. Out oozes the green remains of the Master driving it. When I first heard about chemtrails, it also reminded me of the Masters' final takeover plan.
  17. I remember the tv series and books vividly. I think the author, John Christopher, was awake and aware of future planned agendas. The cap was shaped like a pyramid and implanted by the one eyed Masters. People became docile and controlled once capped. The Freemen resist being capped and eventually overthrow the alien Masters. A final signal is beamed to their mothership (they were about to move to a full global takeover). All the caps turn off and their brains return to normal.
  18. At the end of the article it mentioned 'Panorama - Vaccines: The Disinformation War'. I forced myself to watch it. It was propaganda, to persuade people to take the vaccines. David Icke wasn't mentioned, but a nurse who protested against vaccines, at one of the Trafalgar Square protests appeared. They also tried to dismiss the opinions of Doctors who expressed an anti-vaccination stance, saying it was misinformation and resulted in conspiracy theories.
  19. Someone should invent a bullshit meter.
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