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  1. I've just found the interview on YouTube: -
  2. I remember Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby interviewing David Icke once! It was conducted fairly, without taking the piss.
  3. Did the inquiry into political pedophilia, as part of Operation Yewtree, ever go anywhere? I seem to remember they kept changing who should head the inquiry. I also have a vague memory of Ted Heath being cleared and pardoned. As was Leon Brittain - after he died. It was decided that Cyril Smith had been a serial child sex abuser. I believe he is the only one they named for definite. After he was dead, of course.
  4. Did anyone see this interview at the time, where Philip Schofield presented David Cameron with a list of alleged paedophiles, in the Conservative Party? Then, Lord McAlpine sued for damages:-
  5. I could spend hours thinking about this, before answering. However, I will attempt a quick response based on futurology books I've read and all the awakening material I've consumed since 2010. I think I will answer it twice. First - we don't have a mass awakening. Second - we do... If we don't have a mass awakening 5 years time (2028) - Another man made virus is unleashed in the middle of the 2020s (either real or fake), resulting in another global lockdown. This is like Covid-19 on steroids, as the cabal attempt to force the completion of the NWO/Great Reset/Global Government. All alternative media is removed from the internet. All anti-Government protest becomes illegal. Digital currencies are rolled out in most countries (although physical cash still exists). Universal Basic Income also exists in most countries. It is removed if you refuse regular "vaccines" against the new virus. Also if you protest. The 2024 elections in the USA are rigged again and Trump doesn't win again. Someone else replaces Joe Biden. Putin is murdered by his own Government. China's leader is also replaced. Widespread taxes on car use in all towns and cities. Airports start closing. Woke in society recedes. King Charles III abdicates. All monarchies are abolished by now. Global population declines to 7 billion, with all the economic devastation and the forced "vaccines", due to the second "pandemic". 10 years (2033) - The aims of the Great Reset 2030, take longer, but are largely in place by 2033. Physical cash has been deleted, to be fully replaced by digital cash. Banks only exist online. The Chinese style social credit system is now used globally, tied in with everyone having a digital id and receiving UBI. People below a certain score cannot fly or catch trains. 15 minute cities are widespread. HS2 has been built and most of the population now live in cities, inside their 15 minute zones. Prime Ministers and Presidents no longer exist. They have been replace by technocrats in suits. Global population has plummeted to 5 billion. We have a global army. The EU has been absorbed into the global government. All meat consumption is man made only and very expensive. Most people can only afford cheaper protein, including eating insects. 20 years (2043) - All airports and airplanes have been abolished. Except for the elites, who are free to do what they want. Petrol and diesel car use has been banned. Only electrical cars are allowed. Global population is now at 4 billion, plus a billion robots with artificial intelligence. There is only one global news service, translated into different languages. They broadcast a fake story that global warming and global population is now under control and that the Earth is recovering. 30 years (2053) - After a decade of severe winters, the next Ice Age begins. The population plummets to 3 billion, as people die from the cold and crop failures. The elites decide to retreat to their underground bunkers to live. The survivors of humanity go back to an agrarian society. If we have a mass awakening 5 years time (2028) - Another man made virus is unleashed in the middle of the 2020s (either real or fake), resulting in another global lockdown. The cabal attempt to force the completion of the NWO/Great Reset/Global Government. This is unsuccessful, as too many wake up to all the lies. Revolutions break out in cities and towns across the globe. Many are violent, as people go after those in government and murder them. Others use peaceful non-compliance, which is also successful in overthrowing governments. Joe Biden is arrested. There is an election and Trump wins. He takes down the deep state, with mass trials and executions. The US constitution is restored. He bows out in 2028 and a new President takes over. NESARA GESARA is signed across the globe. A peace deal is signed with Russia and Putin dies of cancer. Communism falls in China and they adopt a more western style of democracy. New evidence comes to light about Jimmy Savile and Royal connections. King Charles III abdicates and the monarchy is abolished. MSM is taken down and replaced with alternative media. Global warming and the two 2020s pandemics are revealed to be fake. 10 years (2033) - NESARA GESARA has been enacted across the globe. The trillions stolen by the elites are shared out to the whole population. Each person is given a share of the money, into a bank account. Repressed technologies under NESARA GESARA, such as Tesla's free energy, are released. Good progress is made in converting to new free energy systems. Both nuclear power stations and wind turbines start being replaced. Man successfully sets up a base on the moon and then on Mars. 20 years (2043) - Laptop computers are as powerful as supercomputers. Robots with artificial intelligence are widespread. Population is now at 9 billion, but slowing down. Fairer democratic systems are in place, with the people having a lot more say in how they are governed. 30 years 2053) - Population stabilises at 10 billion. However, the next Ice Age begins. People start to die from the cold and crop failures. Many move to Mars to live in the established colonies there.
  6. Thankyou very much for posting these. Some must be his final work, before his death, as I had not seen all of them. David's work really enhanced David's text.
  7. I have a lot of respect for Andrew Bridgden, after watching this interview:- Andrew Bridgen DEFENDS HIMSELF after being EXPELLED from Conservative Party - YouTube (The bible basher, in the background, is rather a distraction though!)
  8. Altered Carbon is one of the best sci-fi books I've ever read. I thought the tv series was good too, but it didn't impact me to the same extent that the book did.
  9. I read the first three chapters yesterday, about David's life story. Much of it was familiar, but there were new details I had never read or heard before. I suppose he decided to expand on this as part of his 70th birthday year.
  10. I got my copy yesterday and gave it a skim. I love the cover. The significance of the goldfish will become apparent. I rarely read a new David Icke book in order. I tend to home in on the new content and read that first. I read Chapter 10 (of 12) today. I was completely absorbed. He talked about his experiences of 'K' and further meetings with psychics.
  11. Has no-one heard of the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham? See the photo from 1964, which was redeveloped, with a bull outside the main entrance. Derby has the ram. Manchester has the bee.
  12. The World Health Organization says it is working with experts to come up with a new name for monkeypox. It comes after more than 30 scientists wrote last week about the "urgent need for a non-discriminatory and non-stigmatising" name for the virus and the disease it causes. Monkeypox to get a new name, says WHO - BBC News The WHO has decided it needs better marketing.
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