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  1. Another for my ScreamingEagle. This is music from a time before the English were thugs.
  2. The fifties were very austere but many were also tired of conflict. Anything for a quiet life. We are living in the worst possible time in terms of non-material human development. Humans are aggressive and territorial and have been manipulated to be this way by the decadent society we inhabit. We need to relearn the very basics about morality.
  3. In the nineteen-fifties there was a generation of writers who were called 'angry young men'. Contemporary society lacks skillful orators and polemicists. Younger generations are absorbed in social conventions. Even when they protest, all the younger generation can manage is a sterile version of the sixties, but without the good natured optimism and powerful rhetoric of that decade. The younger generation of today know they lack the authenticity of previous generations which is why they turn to violence. Violence has become a form of self expression for them. The only way they can express thems
  4. I do concur we live in a dark age but the problem is rooted in the acceptance and normalisation of violence. Violent behaviour has become venerated. Violent individuals are now the most respected members of the society. All forms of violence including simulated violence should be verboten. What is unnatural is not necessarily evil.
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