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  1. I Wanna start off by saying Hello to anyone reading this, as well as wishing u And ur family’s happiness and good health First off I’m gonna talk about why I have signed up and ultimately why I am typing this message. For a large period of my life, my views and beliefs In terms of reality and everything that is relevant today, were what most people would describe as the “norm” and were very similar to the majority. In the last year or so I have been exploring different sources of information and ideas, which has not only changed my beliefs and views, but has changed me as a person. I first stumbled upon YouTube videos regarding meditation, psychedelics and consciousness. After educating myself on those subjects it came clear to me that the mainstream media, tv and all the common platforms most people depend on for information about everything, never talk about the importance of these things and only prioritise entertainment and a news alternative that gets everyone to react in the same way. Following my realisation I learnt to judge things through my own experiences and my own honest opinions, which led me into looking at David Ickes work because the same media platforms that I no longer trust or watch, address him in a negative way and focus on the more controversial stuff he has said. Because of my dramatic changes In beliefs and Interests, I have had friends distance themselves as they struggle to understand me which is the reason I am here typing this now, I have no one to talk to about anything that is on my mind so I will do so on here. Now on to the Coronavirus. My moms uncle has suffered from his emphysema his whole life, for those who don’t know emphysema is a lung condition that causes respiratory issues. He was always in and out of hospitals before the plandemic was introduced, he was rushed to hospital because he couldn’t breathe, he passed after a couple days of arriving. Covid-19 was put on his death certificate and we don’t even know if he was tested. From this experience and with hearing other individuals talk about similar situations, it had me raise a question that no one seems to be able to answer, why would they need to manipulate the deaths by COVID-19 if the virus was actually as bad as they’re making out? The only answers I can think of is because it isn’t or that it doesn’t exist, either way both answers suggest that these rules and laws being put in place are not for the reasons they are telling us. Myself and many of u I would imagine, have been listening to what David has been saying and even writing for 30+ years. I have been seeing so many things unfold that he has so accurately Predicted in terms of all that is going on in the world right now, wanna say a thank u and hope that enough people wake up in his lifetime so that he gets the credit he truly deserves. Stay safe and happy u big pussys hehe
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