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  1. Yes it always rains there it don’t use too when I went in the 80s and 90s
  2. On the top the real photos when she was last seen alive in the public arena, with normal hair. Below, supposedly new photos with her wearing her old clothes (surely she can afford new clothing?) and her hair looks like a Barbie doll. Bizarre. Deep fake AI, but looks like something I could photoshop if I could be bothered to do.
  3. I’m still not convinced … both look AI as hell. with her wearing outfits from years ago and her face not having aged and her hair perfect from chemo. Also her right hand doesn’t look anatomically correct and part of her left ankle is missing. I’ll book myself in for some ECT.
  4. I’m still not convinced I wonder if it will be a body double on that balcony
  5. That’s really strange because one of my friends said the same thing about this about the Titan sub.
  6. Why on earth would the tptp and the gangsters running the world want to take him out ?
  7. Whatever it is it is strange and spooky and it could be true. As there have been no photos of Carole either recently.
  8. Carole Middleton and the car crash Of all the weird things that have happened, this one weirds me out the most. I only came across this the other day, it seems to have gone largely under the radar. On 2nd March, local news site the Birminghamist reported that Carole Middleton was in critical condition following a head-on collision with another vehicle. It says it got the story from the Daily Express. But there doesn't seem to be any report from the Express, or any other source, except for one other local news site, countylocalnews. [birminghamgist.com/2024/03/02/hea…]
  9. The Middletons have been finished, Kate and Carole both dead and made bankrupt on top of that.
  10. For obvious reasons it’s very hard to find details about it Just Google it and you will find stuff on Reddit and X
  11. Has any one any details about Kate’s mother she was killed in a head on car crash at the end of March air lifted to hospital - total news black out. Refused to be allowed to see Kate. Then the Middleton’s were declared bankrupt in April.
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