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  1. I said it was done by Satanists and was treated with scorn and contempt on fb etc the land is owned by the Jesuits. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/oct/01/sapling-planted-at-sycamore-gap-removed-by-national-trust
  2. It’s the same as the tree it’s part of our shared national heritage … Orwell spoke about a civilisations culture and history being destroyed to control them this is just part of it.
  3. I’ve read a few posts by shills on Facebook about how this local 16 year old lad, who is doing some horticultural corse and is trained in using a chainsaw, fell out with natural England or what ever it is called. He drove down on his quad bike and did it. Not sure how the 60year old is part of the story.
  4. Had too many people going off message for their liking on gb news
  5. Some things I have read about which are strange Some babies have died when she isn’t on shift She has nursing colleagues who worked with her who believe she was innocent who were maybe scared out of being a witness on her behalf. Why did the managers of the hospital protect her for so long when senior doctors raised the alarm? Her witness that was called to trial was a plumber as there were leakages in the plumbing system of the new ward dripping effluent or god knows what onto the ward which may have caused illness and infection etc
  6. It will have been a planned targeted event you would need a professional lumberjack for a controlled fall etc and other people around to make sure there weren’t any walkers etc in the area. There are usually always tourists walkers etc going up and down that wall at all times of the day. Mature trees are easy targets for the malice of the evil people running this world. They all want to live for ever and have spite for trees that do. I curse them.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-66966187 Yesterday it was a 16 year old the bbc say and within the same article provide a contradictory narrative of it being cut down with skilled experienced hands. Now it’s a 60 year old. tptp the snake cult hate nature and the pleasure it gives normal folk.
  8. Yes it was called Smallbeer and I think it happened a lot but I don’t think it was the only thing children drank but then I can’t be certain but it seems a preposterous state of affairs the scale of the brewing would have to be massive to feed a large agrarian and later urban population .. like a myth the Masonic beer brewers created
  9. Id love to to have seen it that no that got killed one of her shoes was left at the scene … Jo cox… just an insult to people’s intelligence to be honest
  10. Thankyou I wondered why there was a shoe present in these events …
  11. You divide 2 by 3 and you get 666
  12. Bullshit imho designed to make us think the past was a dangerous place. Local people would have access to wells and fresh water. The water companies and local authorities have made a concerted effort to block wells over the last 200 years etc
  13. Very Masonic symbol aswell which denotes sacrifice imo
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