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  1. I wondered what the agenda is with the police being investigated for sex crimes thing all the time I don’t get it it doesn’t seem genuine.
  2. I’ve still got my old gas and electric meters … the number of people who have rang to harass me emails text messages etc to get a smart meter. It will never happen. Apart from the radiation the smart meters charge twice the amount of the old meters. I have a lump of crystal on both meters which slows down the mechanism
  3. hi the nodes on modern street lighting what do they really do then ? Please tell me
  4. I hope he continues his work as a journalist in this area.
  5. Bizarre really given how much he has baited the authorities to do something and when they do he goes into hiding! Wtf
  6. Is he related to Levi Belfield?
  7. Ridiculous Russia is struggling to conquer a small industrial town in Luhansk. How will they manage Poland?
  8. It happened at the end of the concert caused a lot of panic
  9. No but I got told a story by the mother of whose son girlfriend went. Sounded phoney as hell. Got covered in some fake goo after hearing a big bang in the disabled section.
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