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  1. Interestingly, it has been well documented that certain intelligence agencies had funded countercultural gurus like Timothy Leary back in the Sixties, as part of a social engineering program. This led to many (anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, anti-marriage) hippies believing that love, peace, and harmony would eventually lead to an end of nations and a one-world government, a planetary commune, based on these idealistic notions. These flower children were utopian, unaware that such a world, one based in reality, would quickly descend into totalitarianism. These fanciful notions crept into the music industry at the time, as with John Lennon's "Imagine," a song about a world without borders and religion.
  2. It's of interest to note that back in the days of the Contactee movement, certain elements within the U.S. intelligence communities had kept a close watch on what some of these Contactees were saying, about messages pertaining to nuclear disarmament and the environment, as these could be seen not to originate from altruistic spacemen from another planet with a curious interest in our own, but possibly instead from fifth columnists or from saucer enthusiasts under the psychological influence of otherworldly messengers of deception. The cosmopolitan appeal or veneer of these supposed aliens from outer space was enough to set off alarm bells in the minds of federal dossier-keepers, with an interest in protecting democratic national sovereignty.
  3. A question that I too have been wondering about. There's not even a mention of Q or the movement in the index to The Answer. Can anyone tell me if David Icke has talked about this elsewhere and what, if anything, he thinks of it?
  4. What to make of some within the ufological community or hierophants at the fringes of it who seem to reveal their true colors whenever the topic of Fake News is raised? I refer to those who claim to be marginalized by the MSM due to their paranormal beliefs, yet who nevertheless take to twistedly identifying proverbial Alice's looking-glass as being in reference -- not to the intelligent mockingbirds who control the topsy-turvy mirrors from the shadows of the Fourth and Fifth Estates -- but to the "Fake News" supposedly propagated by the conspiracy theorist subculture itself. This, a shocking distortion of truth if there ever was one! In instances such as these, what might explain this: self-delusion, or a light-masquerading mouthpiece of a benighted muse? Q: Do you think there exists cultural fringe-dwellers whose covert assignment is to acclimate their following to the idea of a global utopia, via a paranormal narrative -- say, to be ushered in by "spiritually evolved" and "environmentally conscious" ETs? In other words, might the concept of a NW(O) be taught within certain ufological circles, by either ideological sell-outs or possibly outright wolves in sheep's wool?
  5. It is so obvious to anyone over 40 and who's been paying any attention, that the west has been and continues to be infiltrated by those who hate western freedoms and values. Not by force has this been happening, but stealthily, gradually, insidiously -- be it via the subtle ideological infiltration of universities, to the fascists that own and manage social media platforms, to religious fundamentalists who want to impose their antidemocratic, totalitarian system on the democratic natives, these infiltrators or unwitting agents have made their way into top and influential positions in western society -- be it within academia, the MSM, business, or government -- and have been using these channels as a means of imposing political correctness and censorship on the largely unsuspecting public; in the name of "tolerance" have these hypocritical imposers gone about with their devious plot to win the information and culture wars, with the ultimate agenda being to usurp democracy. Two highly recommendable books on the issue of free speech, and how and why it is being attacked in the west and by whom: Title: Censored: How The West Became Soviet Russia Contributing Authors: Alex Jones; Laura Loomer; Gavin Mcinnes; Paul Joseph Watson; Tommy Robinson Published: 2019 The chapters by Jones and Loomer are especially must-reads. I've heard a lot of things said about Jones by those who parrot the establishment spin and here Jones explains in his own words the smear campaign that has been brought against him in an attempt to silence the truth. Title: Muzzled: The Assault On Honest Debate Author: Juan Williams Published: 2012 Incidentally, where is George Carlin when we need him? This late great stand-up comedian often ranted about the PC police and other riff-raff who self-appoint themselves as censors. For anyone interested in wanting to hear a true hero of the human race tell it like it is, his comedy album Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics is definitely worth a listen.
  6. What if Donald Trump, in getting elected, threw the Deep State for a loop? What if he isn't a DS stooge, after all? These curiosities must be weighed in the balance, as there on the opposite scale lies the fact that although he gives off the impression of being pro-free-speech, what with his being admirably un-PC and all, he does enjoy telling those who disagree with and contradict him to shut up quite a bit. His administrative policies also have tended to reflect a defending of U.S. national sovereignty, sometimes described in arguably disparaging terms as isolationist. Does he not want to make America great again, or is that just overblown, insincere rhetoric? For a long time he never wore a facemask. If he is now, how does that reflect ideological compliance with the DS? If DT were to suddenly don a toupee, would that necessarily signify he's no longer a crypto-combover?
  7. Now there is talk of highly toxic antiviral drugs and aerosolized mass-sprayed vaccines. Your thoughts?
  8. My first introduction to Lizardmen was prior to my discovering Mr. Icke's material. It was in Loren Coleman's book, Mothman and Other Curious Encounters, published in 2002. (Any correlation?) Q: What of Lizard People in fictional narratives? Do you think the storytellers are onto this reality, and via their including of these creatures in their stories have tried to acclimate audiences to the idea of Reptilians being covertly in our midst? Do you think these writers know something most of the population are completely unaware of? As a huge Outer Limits fan, I cannot help but notice how many episodes within the 7-season anthology series had contained alien creatures of this kind, that could shape-shift and who controlled humanity.
  9. This talk of Trump as a bulwark against the Deep State -- a red herring? Trump hadn't been framed by operatives on the left, as part of a smear campaign to portray him and Putin as bedfellows? There was no plot by the DS to prevent DT from becoming president? All that talk of impeachment -- just a part of an elaborate script, designed solely to keep scandal-loving couch potatoes in peaches? Congressman's Devin Nunes' "Objective Medusa" -- nothing but political intrigue, created to throw us off track? There is no one last ditch attempt by the Deep State to prevent Trump from becoming re-elected, since the president had been selected all along?
  10. A lot of the time whenever I've recommended to others that they check out David Icke's material, one of the common reactions I get is: That bloke's a nutter! He believes [so-and-so] is a shape-shifting Lizard! Q: How to respond to this admittedly sensationalistic aspect? It's somewhat the equivalent of, say, a Christian evangelizer who when recommending someone read the Bible is told that the book is nonsense, to be dismissed outright and entirely, on the basis it contains the story of a man being swallowed by a whale. Q: Has anyone else encountered this intended conversation-stopper and how do you respond to it? It's not that I disbelieve in the existence of shape-shifting Reptilians, but that when speaking with people outside of these forums I feel it only detracts from Mr. Icke's more important and primary message, that being our illusory reality, America's occult history, and the corruption of the powers-that-be. , It makes me think whether the critic who immediately brings up the Reptilians is not so much ignorant of Mr. Icke's fundamental themes, as likely in the know and attempting to write off Mr. Icke's entire body of knowledge based on one of the more far-out pieces of the puzzle. At the beginning of The Biggest Secret, David Icke comments how it was suggested to him that he don't bring up talk of Reptilians. I sometimes wonder (outside of these forums) whether this was not sound advice. Mr. Icke has kind of stopped talking about Lizard People since then, hasn't he?
  11. It's now August. Statistics across Canada show a dramatic decline in Bleeping-19 reports. One or two provinces report absolutely no cases at all! For the most part, it's business as usual. So, why this? -- this circulated message being blitzed across the country, at this time? It makes absolutely no sense, and bespeaks of an obscene collectivist mentality & technocratic lust. One stat I came across just the other day stated that only 1 Canadian under 20 has died from the coronavirus, and that was mainly on account of a pre-existing terminal illness. Canada's population: 37 million. Total number of "COVID-related" deaths across the entire country: Less than 9000. Do the math. App available. Download it. Bend over further. Big Nanny's dildo isn't through screwing with you.
  12. It's frightening to think just how many people, when you talk of global government, are all (undoubtedly, innocently) for it. Case in point: Someone once told me the story of a man who years ago went door-to-door on behalf of his sectarian faith. This person was apolitical but would often begin his religious pitch by talking about how the current system of things was corrupt, how we needed a new government, and how he was there to speak about a glorious future which awaited mankind, that would usher in a new world order. The majority of people he came into contact with amid his ministering had assumed he was a politician; their faces would light up and his presentation was most welcomed. There is definitely some totalitarian characteristics and tendencies even to be found within certain fundamentalist Christian groups or offshoots, who imagine and await a new system of things where everyone the world over will believe exactly the same things. I would call this groupthink taken to the nth degree! A collectivist mentality where independent thinking is a no-no and that on the surface preaches love and truth but where internal spying, eavesdropping, snitching and snooping is to be found. These are the fruit of hypocrites and offspring of vipers. Blue Pill People who scoff and snicker like ignoramuses when talk of conspiracy theories are even hinted at. Who aren't aware that a Rabbit Hole even exists. Despite this, smugly, and like good little unquestioning anti-intellectuals, they nevertheless think they've got it all figured out and regard the rest of us not apart of their elitist, triumphalist Orwellian mindset as being utterly lost and in the dark.
  13. Q: When you hear a person say something like, We really have to think globally, but start locally, are they possibly naive, well-meaning folks or actually in support of a NWO? Q: And what to make of the self-professing cosmopolitan -- he who speaks fondly of an imagined future where there are no national boundaries, and everyone is living in worldwide peace and harmony -- sentiments perhaps even couched in religious terminology (i.e. via the establishment of a theocratic, heavenly one-world government ruled by Christ)? The sugar-coating talk of a crypto-globalist, or of a sincere, well-intentioned idealist?
  14. Re: video presentation: David Icke Live: Live At The Oxford Union Debating Society One thing that greatly impressed me about this particular speaking event of David Icke's, was the fact that he was even invited to speak at the OUDS to begin with! How did he manage that? Universities, especially elite ones -- it has been said, long ago infiltrated by the philosophy of anti-intellectual industrialists and later by radically progressive propagandists -- are not known for, especially in this day and age, allowing dissenting opinions and so-called controversial knowledge on their campuses. Instead, and with some exceptions, they are expert at churning out unquestioning, if not brainwashed, graduates of the contemptibly politically correct cancel culture, where upon existing these highbrow indoctrination centers they simply trade in one cerebral straightjacket for another. After all, searchers and seekers and independent thinkers seldom enroll in universities. As I watched this video presentation, I couldn't help but notice that although no one among the audience appeared to be an artificially intelligent automaton, some did appear to me to sit there looking down at the floor, periodically fidgeting, restless, uncomfortable, expressionless, perhaps only half-listening and thinking what was being said as beneath their scholastic snobbishness? Only speculating here. No doubt there were some in attendance who were receptive to the material, but as one interviewee commented following the presentation, some simply attended close-mindedly, just to be humored.
  15. Just received this message on my phone a few minutes ago: "Help protect yourself and your community. Download the COVID Alert app for free to help stop the spread of the virus. The COVID Alert app lets users know if they may have been exposed to COVID-19. Available now in the App Store and Google Play." This is the first time I received such a message. And only days after starting this thread. Coincidence?
  16. Title: The Iron Triangle: Inside the Liberal Democratic Plan to Use Race to Divide Christians and America in their Quest for Power and How We Can Defeat Them Author: Vince Everett Ellison Published: 2019 Not a Christian myself, although I support the book... Also, Title: China Virus: How Justin Trudeau's Pro-Communist Ideology is Putting Canadians in Danger Author: Ezra Levant Published: 2020
  17. As one who would not like to live in an Orwellian police state, it goes without saying that police brutality against anyone is abhorrent and ought to be punished. That said, the riots and the vandalism that has been occurring in parts of the U.S. is itself reprehensible, and plays right into the hands of those who would like very much for a total police surveillance state to exist. A few months ago I finished an excellent book called Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, and the chapter titled "The 1960s: Fascism Takes to the Streets" may seem somewhat applicable to this discussion. Makes you wonder whether some of this looting and vandalism has been caused by fully conscious impostors as opposed to just unwitting liberal fascists.
  18. Funny, but every so often I find I like to laugh. Don't know why that is exactly, but I have some theories. New to these forums and don't know exactly were to place the following comments so I hope this thread is okay... One thing I've enjoyed about David Icke's speaking engagements/slide presentations on video (aside from the main discourse, of course) are those insertions of mock signs and posters, with their amusing captions. Some of them are absolute howlers. I've noticed, though, that the audience reaction is not always one of amusement, which I find mind-boggling. Take the lecture Mr. Icke gave at the Oxford Union Debating Society. He inserts a downright hysterical slide image to absolutely zero audience reaction, whatsoever. A few seconds later, another one. Once again I'm chuckling. Whereas, those seated there at the event just sit there like humorless stoics. Q: Did Mr. Icke make up these (mock) signs and posters, or someone else? I think these ought to be made available to buy on the website!
  19. Hegel could tell something was not quite right when back in March, while he was out for a stroll, and prior to the mandating of muzzles in these parts, he happened to pass a canine and its human companion, and both were wearing protective face coverings. I had to stop and do a double-take, to make sure I wasn't seeing two human beings. Even to this day I will see solitary pedestrians ambling along suburban sidewalks with nobody else around them for blocks, with masks on. It's not as if these people are at an indoor public place where these unfashionable indignities are required, but outside, alone. This I notice while I'm out driving. It's absurd. One young man even said to me that in a post-pandemic world how he would like very much to continue wearing a mask, as he believes society should do so even in the best of times, as there's always that one percent chance of catching someone else's cooties, and so therefore a mask should be used so as to protect oneself from potential spittle exchanged from sibilant speech. Next thing you know, someone will suggest that we ought to all learn sign language. My intuitive sense told me from the very beginning that the mask represented to those operating behind the curtain a symbol, equivalent to the dunce cap of yore. It's as if they wanted to see how many sheeple would willingly line up to get their dunce cap -- to be made to look the part of the fool. There have even been medical scientists who have said these masks are for the most part the equivalent of psychological security blankets, that they do not fully provide protection if not are practically useless. Prior to the government here mandating the use of face masks, there were companies who (undoubtedly for PR purposes, primarily) implemented policies making it obligatory that their employees wear them, even in workplaces where physical distancing is practiced, where the work equipment is regularly disinfected, where hands are cleaned with sanitizers possibly containing a recallable ingredient on the hour every hour, and where employees are given mandatory temperature tests each day they show up for work, via an electronic thermometer placed to their foreheads, symbolic of branding cattle. There was at least one case I know where an employee thought that even this was in itself a violation of privacy and stopped coming into work. Why, when there were yet no cavity searches involved, is beyond me.
  20. Enjoyed reading all your posts. I use a dumbphone, myself. But with 5G rolling out, it's said that in the imminent future we will be forced to upgrade. It saddens me that the majority of citizens are so eager to have all this Orwellian technology at their disposal and to want to use it in like fashion.
  21. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I came across this thread after having posted my first message. Hi, everyone. I live in Ontario, Canada -- a country situated just above the U.S. (specified for that one person who may have flunked geography). I'm in my forties and have been familiar with Mr. Icke's books and videos for some time now, and am completely on board with him. I thought about joining this forum a few times in the past but I'm such a passive introvert that finally the spirit in me has seen to my coming down from off the fence, as if drawn here, guided to where I won't feel so intellectually and spiritually alone and in the minority, especially during these chaotic times. This site and its message areas is like discovering a long lost family of kindred spirits. It's so refreshing to be able to discuss topics as these without having to debate them. That can get a little tiring at times. I've browsed the various topic headings and look forward to tossing in my two cents here and there, every now and again (in hard currency as opposed to paperless) -- which, incidentally, is where I think COVID is leading society -- to a cashless one. What's so difficult about simply wearing a pair of gloves if you're so paranoid of handling dollar bills (conveniently, only), is beyond me.
  22. Hi there Has anyone else heard of this mobile phone app being advertized which allegedly can be used to test whether someone has COVID? Is this for real? A relative told me that she had either seen or heard a commercial for it. She might have gotten this wrong, but if true, I can see how someone might think this of use (although, I'm not sure what the medical community would think of it), but there's certainly a creepy undercurrent to it, which might be its ultimate and ulterior motive for existing if it does exist. Perhaps only a hundred tiptoes away from getting citizens to "police" other citizens via their technological devices for things unrelated to COVID and not criminal?
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