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  1. I've read the book and have mixed feelings about it. For starters, it's a little too New Agey for my liking. A term that's used frequently throughout Meet The Hybrids is ascension, spelt with a capital A, which for any Christian (not one myself) should raise alarm bells. The problem is, books like these, as warm and fuzzy as they make the reader feel, as with those by self-proclaimed Experiencers, are remiss I think in failing to accept the reality of a negative force in the cosmos, without which the positive could not exist. It's in this gray area where I personally stand on the UFO issue, as I think both benevolent and malevolent ufonauts are interested in something relating to the human double helix. What that is hitherto remains a mystery, with various interpretations, and yet here we read of those who are only interested in the idea of there being an enlightened Galactic Federation who loves us, and who tune their minds out to there being negative nonhuman entities in our midst as well (existing either in the ether, as quasi-terrestrial incognitos, or as subterranean beings). Have not numerous alien abductees reported ongoing harrowing experiences? Indeed they have. These ones certainly do not feel special and apart of some elite class of intermediaries. Some Experiencers like to think of themselves as light beings and some may very well be, but part of being a genuine light being or light worker involves exposing the dark, shining a light on it, not ignoring and being in denial of its existence. As such, I find it curious whenever I hear fatuous if not questionable remarks made within the New Age or spiritual communities, to the effect of, Stay in the light! (meaning, don't dare speak of things that are upsetting however true they may be). Meet The Hybrids is a compelling read containing some fascinating testimonies, albeit to the exclusion of many others whose reports in regard to hybrids haven't been as pleasurable. Some people are after truth no matter how much it stinks, whereas others are content only with sweet-smelling fluff.
  2. For Canadians after the other side of the news story, a different point of view from MSM propaganda, there are few options out there other than Rebel News. As such, it provides a valuable service. Tell me what news site doesn't have a slant on its coverage, if not often (as with state broadcasters) then every now and then? Levant can be just as critical of the right as he is of the left in this country. Rebel News is about the only (independent) news site in Canada that has spoken out against things like social media censorship, mandatory face masks, Black Lives Matter, Epstein, vaccinations, the Climate Cult, the country's PM, and so on. Without it, my guess is the entire nation would be comprised of mass-conditioned zombies. I realize some on this board think Alex Jones to be COINTELPRO (a statement that to me sounds COINTELPRO-speak itself) and that Tommy Robinson is a shill, but Levant has also come to the unpopular defense of both these men, which again is something you simply will not find within the Canadian MSM. Levant's extended, approximately 90-minute chat with Robinson I found to be rather riveting and memorable and his guest if not an award-winning actor a quite transparent and sincere interviewee. Obviously, as with all media companies there is sifting and screening and at times spinning of stories, but Rebel News is generally disliked in the mainstream for its refusal to be just another parrot of officialdom and extension of the corporate-owned media. Rebel News is a massive underdog within the information wars and being so it's hard enough as it is to maintain an air of credibility without those in the alternative world coming down on the little guy, too.
  3. George Carlin was mentioned above. Carlin's shtick was often refreshingly un-PC, and as such he was hardly ever heckled or booed, if at all. Were he alive today, my guess is he'd have more material than he could possibly handle, what with all the nonsense on the part of the intolerant and illiberal infecting modern-day culture (as with those offended by "microaggressions" and so-called "cultural appropriation"). GC has to be rolling in his grave if not chomping at the bit to reincarnate in order to take up the mic again and put all these fascist assholes in their place. Only, good luck finding a comedy club nowadays that would let an edgy comic like this perform. Gone I think are the days of comedians like Lenny Bruce. I don't attend these clubs myself but have been told by ex-frequenters that due to all the PC filtration that goes on, that these places nowadays are about as entertaining as monasteries, which is why they stopped attending. They desperately were in want of a few laughs but couldn't get any.
  4. Title: Forbidden Gates Authors: Thomas Horn, Nita Horn Published: 2010 How many of the faithful have heard of transhumanism? The book In large part speaks to the church but can also be appreciated by any anti-transhumanist. The laity may have heard of a talking donkey, but what of animals with transplanted human organs? Although the term xenotransplantation does not appear in the Bible, Christians ought to be made aware of the half-human/half-animal monstrosities said to be in the offing and which the authors feel will amount to a direct attack on the faith of all true believers. (Or will, say, a centauride one day be allowed to teach from the pulpit?) The book is an attempt to bring the faithful up to speed and into the 21st century. The authors feel that many Christians are ill-prepared for what's coming down this particular unholy pike. The forepart of Forbidden Gates is heavy on scripture and anyone familiar with this holy book may be reminded of the words recorded in Ephesians 6:12. Perhaps it is why transhumanism is considered inevitable -- a reckless but unavoidable path -- what with it, after all, seeming to be in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Mr. and Mrs. Horn introduce the devout to nanotech, AI, genetics, and robotics and explains what this all means as it relates to the End Times. Will all this be enough to provoke God to action, to usher in His Second Advent? Much text is given to theological musings. That mankind is involved in spiritual warfare there is no doubt. These gates that are forbidden were put in place by God, for our protection and in order for us to maintain bodily integrity and purity. Occasionally, there are those, as with some occultists, who are foolish enough to play around with Pandora's box. We learn that the international transhumanist movement is largely supported by the U.S. government, the U.N., academics, military personnel, and corporate investors but that the governments of the world are ultimately under the control of the Wicked One (Luke 4: 5-7), who uses these players like pawns in order to carry out what is at its very core a supernatural and diabolical agenda. All the while well-intentioned and well-funded labcoats toil about, misled and oblivious as to the larger picture of their involvement in this. The book is to be commended for its tone: it isn't preachy in the least. It sets out to inform; granted, so that the reader might be saved, true, but that is something beyond the authors' power to do. Awareness of the situation and what's at stake is the first step. Transhumanists are or will be in all likelihood beyond redemption, but there's no need for those who cherish their humanity to be. Forbidden Gates is a wake-up call, not only for Christians but for anyone who believes in an afterlife, beyond illusory matter. Title: The Milieu Authors: Thomas Horn, et al Published: 2018 Less scripturally and genetically focused than Forbidden Gates, this equally important book wastes no time in getting to the transhumanist agenda, with discussion this time around centered more on the tech-side of the movement, introducing members to cutting-edge jargon such as artilects, cybernetic integration, and borgification, with the ultimate goal of the mentally warped techo-sapien goners being the seeing to posthumanity becoming a wired hive mind, a global superorganism. One might think of this as the bride, not of Christ, but of the demiurge, although the authors not being gnostic would likely use another more orthodox term to describe this. A tech-based paradise on earth? The book mentions how some futurists predict a world war by the end of this century, which they call gigadeath, between man and machine. If reading this book doesn't make an anti-transhumanist of one, I suspect nothing will. This is some creepy, disturbing, surreal shit going down. Technophilia taken to the very depths of spiritual perversion. As the book explains, the normalizing of transhumanism has already begun, via the gaming world and virtual environments. Here you will read of GF2045 (GF for Global Future), whose mission statement one might observe is eerily similar to the stated objectives of the architects behind "The Great Reset." We learn that most proponents of transhumanism are left-leaning urbanists, with only a miniscule fraction being rustics (no surprise there), of a book titled "From Transgender To Transhuman," and are reminded of how the trans-humanizing of man into gods is also a main teaching within the Luciferian New Age.
  5. It has been said of the Reptilians that they are deeply anti-Christian. Might Christ have been a starseed sent to earth whose mission was to help raise planetary consciousness? If so, it is understandable why these lower-fourth dimensional beings would not care much for the gospel message of one whose heart chakra was quite unlike any other known to our species. And what of the Insectoids? Alien abduction researcher David Jacobs places these often robed and hooded beings at the very top in the chain of command, with the Reptilians (or "Reptalins" as he calls them) lower in the hierarchy. Much is made of the Reptilians, in and outside of the work of Mr. Icke, when it might very will be these praying mantis-resembling creatures the ones who are ultimately running the show.
  6. Renegade is not only for "Ickettes" but I do wonder just how many Blue-Pill People will get a chance to see and appreciate it. I've hitherto seen it twice and my favorite moment remains the tour that Mr. Icke gives aboard a bus. Renegade is a perfect mix of biography and fairly recent footage of Mr. Icke on a speaking tour. Mentioned is how his website is blocked in various secular indoctrination centers where people attend to pass the time. I wasn't aware of this. That some of his speaking events end up getting cancelled due to public or media pressure is a shame. The encouraging Zagreb, Croatia sequence was interesting, as was Mr. Icke's recounting of his mystical experiences in and around the time of his meeting Betty Shine, psychic and authoress. What the nonhuman intelligence that spoke through Shine communicated in regard to Mr. Icke was of interest -- of how Icke would go onto face much opposition but how they would be a constant means of strength and support to him throughout it all. We get to see a quieter, more laidback side of Mr. Icke, perhaps no better captured than in the moments he shares with a friend of his who lives in a scenic region of California. As Renegade comes to a close, the present technological path society is on is given brief commentary; how things like VR are the stepping stones towards a transhuman dystopian future, which the unelected technocrats of the world are inching their way toward. Liberty is what's at stake. In the moment that has Mr. Icke shouting freedom, it makes you wonder how anyone, not of the One Percent, would not at least want to listen more to what this voice in the wilderness has to say. I was quite enthused about wanting to see Renegade when I first learned of it and am looking forward to one day watching it again.
  7. kj35: I enjoyed reading your above post and wanted to get your opinion on The Fifth Estate (2014), if you've seen it. Have been reading about Assange on this board and there's differing if not polarized opinions of him. I thought the movie was well-acted by both Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl, and am interested in getting your take on it as to how accurate a portrayal it was being you met him. The Fifth Estate is primarily plot-driven. In a rare scene that breaks from the action, the lead character is invited to dinner at a friend's place, but he can't stand the idle chatter and flees in frustration. He feels he has more important things to do than hang out and chew the fat, which he considers a waste of time. The Fifth Estate portrayed Assange as a driven and tunnel-focused workaholic and as entertainment I thought it was an overall good piece of filmmaking. Your thoughts?
  8. Thank you Grumpy Owl for this. A bit disappointed that Mr. Icke doesn't blog. Not to get too off-topic but since you mentioned Ickonic I would like to know if Mr. Icke has a podcast there or just the videocast? I'll take whatever I can get, just wondering, though.
  9. Anyone who is actually familiar with Icke's material knows that for years he has been speaking about the need for people to overcome fear and how fear is used by the self-loathing ptb to keep the cowering masses spiritually disempowered. Far from wanting to make ones feel even more demeaned and anxious than they perhaps already feel, Mr. Icke has been all about the opposite: making ones see the divine light they inherently possess. Endless talk and ink in regards to raising of consciousness, lightening up, chilling out, oneness over division, and freeing ourselves from a prison planet does not sound like the talk of someone insidiously promoting some ulterior motive based on dehumanization and disillusionment. In fact, quite the contrary! As for 5G, there are numerous researchers and authors other than Icke within the alternative media who have been warning about this for a few years now. In some places, has not 5G already been banned by governments? Even some doctors are warning about it. I've just finished reading Joseph Mercola's EMF*D (2020) in which he equates the minimizing of wireless radiation and 5G to the tobacco industry which back in the mid-20th century via a disinformation campaign had sought to cover up the health risks of nicotine use, even going so far as to get supposed physicians to speak highly of cigarettes and to promote them in advertisements!
  10. Back in the early part of the year when this global phenomenon first started I had sensed on an intuitive level that this was something much deeper (almost occult-like) than the story being told the panic-stricken. What's coming out now in regards to "The Great Reset" is likely what it was all really about to begin with, whether Bleeping-19 was planned or not. TGR is what ought to be feared the most and yet I'm afraid that just as people had bought the official version hook, line and sinker earlier, that they will also buy this latest bait and latch on to the sugarcoated fishing rod out of blissful ignorance, and won't know what they're truly in for in the long run. Others that I have spoken to about this "Great Reset" who, for example, I have recommended they read that archbishop's open letter to the president (as just one voice in the wilderness), I have been left with the impression that they think this has something to do with the Q Anon thing or partisan alarmism and hence are dismissive of it, or very creepily seem to be in favor of it as if not caring much for freedom at all. It is these latter ones that I can't figure out. But I suppose it takes all kinds, just as there are sexual masochists who get off on being gagged and in bondage.
  11. I apologize if I posted the above message in the wrong thread. It was only after submitting it that I realized it may not apply here. Prior to which I had scoured the forums looking for a place to post this message but didn't come across any where questions of this nature could be submitted to a moderator. Then I stumbled upon this, saw "Help" and "FAQs" and figured this place was as good as any. Still, it's a question I would like to have answered somewhere on this board. Thank you and mea culpa.
  12. Has Mr. Icke (ever had) a journal or a blog or somewhere online/on this website where his thoughts are regularly put down in written form, in analysis of current events? Most high-profile thinkers within the alternative news community offer this basic feature. (Indeed, some get so carried away, are so prolific and verbose, it makes you wonder if they get any aside from suspected self-stimulation.) Broadcasts/videocasts (a popular informational mode of communication within this dumbed-down culture of talking heads and visual aids) are all well and good and have their place but, generally, are not very literate or intellectually stimulating.
  13. Just as there has been divisiveness within the UFO community over the decades, with this ufologist distancing himself from that one (for whatever reason) and so on, you get the sense the same petty behavior goes on within the subculture of the theorists. This is not only immature but sad. So what if one is a bit more far-out in some respects than another who fancies himself a moderate, both are on the same side, after truth, attempting to expose deceit and corruption, and generally conscious of the same social issues. So how to explain when David Icke is marginalized and ignored even by his own subcultural peers? There is no understanding it as far as I can tell. Do they know something that the rest of us don't, or are they acting as no better than those they criticize in the MSM for how they are treated? When guests like the late Jim Marrs, Peter Levenda, Andy Thomas, Jon Rappoport, get invited onto an alternative talk show that is primarily into discussing conspiracy theories, but never Mr. Icke, for example, it makes you wonder, whether the problem here is not more with the host than he who is seemingly barred from being welcomed onto the program.
  14. A year or so ago I read Ron Taylor's tiny book Agenda 21 (published in 2016). In it the author stated how this was not a conspiracy theory. Now this related Agenda 2030 is being talked about in the MSM, four years later. I wonder what he must be thinking? (As an aside, I find the title of the first chapter an interesting choice of words.)
  15. All these well-off, verbally unctuous and controlled mouthpieces and other media/internationalist figureheads parroting the sustainable development/2030 Agenda line reminds me of a phrase Mr. Icke has used which I feel certainly applies in this case: "Same shit, different asshole." What is now oozing out the facial orifices of these exploiters/opportunists echoes what occurred back in 2015 or 2016 when the proverbial fan was officially turned on. Did not the entire 194 member states sign on to this at that time? What were they thinking? This should be no surprise to them. Many nation-states refused to join the League of Nations circa 1919 as they were well aware of what the real agenda was all about. How times have changed.
  16. There are futurists who predict the year 2045 to be the year of the Singularity. Then you have certain globalists speaking of 2030 as being an important transitional year. Yet, over in the climate cult there are children being programmed to think that humankind has only ten or twelve years remaining unless something can be done about this issue. Is there not a contradiction here? What have these climate cultists to fear when their technocratic leaders are talking about 2030 and 2045 and beyond? As for TGR, how to reconcile talk of the New Agers who speak of light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the Age of Aquarius? This almost parallels the biblical promise of a new earth that awaits humanity once the earth has been cleansed of evil which, according to scripture, will not take place until following TGT (The Great Tribulation).
  17. There's nothing like a good depressing movie to help raise one's spirits. Unsure if all these titles count but they'd be difficult to be classed as utopian. In alphabetical order... Bad Taste (1988): Alien invasion from outer space. Humans treated as pieces of meat. Early Peter Greenaway flick. The Circle (2017): A naive young woman joins a cultish tech company only to discover they're totally against privacy. She ends up turning the tables on her employer by using the very same technology on them, thus managing to remain in the same perceptual box and never really escaping to freedom. The Day After (1983): A post-apocalyptic future worse than any stink bomb. Eyeborgs (2009): Surveillance cameras run amok -- literally. These mechanical creatures can run, skip, hop, walk and peek around corners and are shaped like giant golf balls. (Kind of goofy.) The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956): Who can you trust when the people in science, government, and law-enforcement turn out to be pod people? The Island Of Dr. Moreau (1995): Is about what happens when scientists mess around with nature and genes (when they could be lying in a hammock on an island sipping a cocktail instead). Killer Condom (1995): Toothy, homicidal prophylactics are on the loose and preying on manhood. A nightmarish scenario where the very practice of safe sex comes under attack. Left Behind (2000): A movie about the end of days, the rapture, and a man working in mainstream media who converts to Christianity. (Who said this was a Fantasy?) Miracle Mile (1989): Yet another movie in a long tiresome list about the world coming to an end. (Makes you wonder how many nihilists are in the filmmaking industry.) The Rapture (1991): The lovely Mimi Rogers plays a woman who is called on by two door-to-door ministers who tell her that the end is nigh and that she must seek salvation. She escapes to the desert along with her daughter to await being caught up to heaven. Not as uplifting as it sounds. Contains a memorable ending. The Road (2009): A man hits the open highway on foot in search of survivors. Stephen King's The Stand (1994): Heavy on the eschatology; about a spiritual battle between the forces of good and evil, with humans caught in the middle, but of course.
  18. You look at images of Mr. Icke in his younger years, as a greenhorn appearing on TV talk shows back in the '90s, and his face had a rose-tinted glow to it. This was before the shite hit the fan, when all the ridicule began. This "before" version of Mr. Icke appeared to me a bit New Agey and a wee naive, as if unaware at the time of what he was in for -- the subsequent and ultimate coming into his own and eventually not caring what others thought of him. We are to be grateful for this. To think of where some of us would be today had Icke's navel gotten the better of him. After all, it was an age of navel-gazing and cloud-bursting, of stationary visionaries sitting around in the lotus position with their heads either in the clouds or in the sand, absent-minded of or indifferent to the outer reality (even if this only an illusion). It is something I have always admired about Mr. Icke: his outer-directedness and grounded nature as a spiritual individual. I simply can't picture him sitting around all day staring at his belly button. He writes books. He gives lectures. Hosts videocasts. He's active and out and about attempting to raise public awareness. In the book Lifting The Veil, Mr. Icke speaks of transformation within the physical world, and comments that he sees much of New Age spirituality as being nothing more than escapism. I couldn't agree more. I wonder though, what has become of the overall insubstantial New Age Movement (NAM)? Has it long fizzled out or does it still linger with us? You don't hear much about it anymore, other than perhaps a few in their ivory towers, who are sitting back and awaiting benevolent ET saviors to appear on the world scene and to intervene in human affairs, just as many had once thought the year 2012 would be an eschaton event and usher in an age of global enlightenment. Interestingly, Mr. Icke mentions in the afore-highlighted book of Henry Kissinger having been partly responsible for bringing about the New Age Movement. It does seem that it was created with the purpose of distracting large numbers of lotus-eating solipsists from the reality of what is going on around them in the news. There are some evangelicals, meanwhile, who believe the NAM to be Luciferian and in league with the globalist agenda; as representing the "Mystery Babylon" of Revelation; of it one day becoming a one-world religion.
  19. The justification some pro-RR humans have used in defending their support for this, is a line of reasoning that goes like this: We may not want robots at the foreground of our lives, and should we pass laws limiting their use or completely prohibiting them altogether, this may place us at a severe disadvantage, as other nations would likely continue on with their own roboticization of the species and thus dominate. It is a valid argument from an "Earth as a fallen world / prison planet" perspective, akin to Cold War-speak. That is because the global elite are what is really behind this, with the peoples who may happen to be against the RR ultimately coerced into caving in to fear of being dominated by foreign powers. The thing is, proponents of a one-world government run the show, and so the fear of being at a national disadvantage will likely be used until all nations have become centralized, so goes their thinking. It thus seems to be a no-win situation, a possible fated scenario playing out according to cosmic script, with some Christians even speculating the Antichrist will take the form of an ASI.
  20. It's being said that the Robotics Revolution (RR) will lead to the displacement of millions of blue- and white-collar workers in the near future. Interestingly, Karl Marx, way back when, wrote or rather foretold that in a capitalist system the proletariat would inevitably become redundant due to the implementation of automation. For years now, numerous large corporations have been heavily invested in secretive robotics projects, often unbeknownst to the knowledge of government regulators. Indeed, the rise of the RR is largely outpacing humanistic legislation. As if caught in some type of trance, a lot of people hitherto neutral on the issue of primitive robots being designed primarily for the purpose of radically altering life and labor, continue to remain curiously ho-hum about it, even when informed of the likelihood that the RR will lead to massive unemployment and by extension social deterioration on account of it. Instead of questioning the need for an imminent future comprised of ubiquitous robots performing work and mundane tasks that humans can do just as well -- which ultimately will lead to millions of humans becoming economically irrelevant in the process -- rather astonishingly there are those who simply shrug the entire matter off and have adopted a whatever attitude of unquestioning acceptance: Robots are here, get used to it. Adapt to "progress" or be rendered obsolete. This is the way things are. No use debating it. Get with the program. (Adapt, echoing social Darwinism.) So much for the democratic process. Have we the people ever had a say in the matter? Of course not. Society is shaped, after all, not by our largely incompetent leaders, our so-called elected representatives, but by the movers and shakers and in this case roboticists as well, whose only interest and expertise is in designing, unconcerned they are with the ethical aspects their creations will have on humanity. We aren't talking technophobia here. Obviously, humans use and appreciate the internet. We drive automobiles, use appliances, and enjoy being entertained via electronic devices. For me, it ought to become an issue of technocriticism, whenever technology is designed either to replace the human being or demean or dehumanize him in some way. Personally, when I'm at a grocery store, I prefer using checkout lines with cashiers than the impersonal self-checkouts. This is just one small way I am able to "vote" for humanity over machine. I recall one fellow mentioning how all work has value and gives one a sense of purpose, whether washing dishes or cleaning windows. A job well done often brings with it a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction. With robots doing everything for us, not just at work but off-hours as well, there are the techno-optimists who attempt to rationalize by saying how this will lead to more leisure time for us all, more time for us to engage in creative interests. That we'll all be better off for it. If this isn't sugar-coating, I don't know what is. Where is the human dignity in that? If you are a Bible-believer, God did not place Adam and Eve on Earth simply for them to live with their heads permanently in the clouds, thanks to some omnipresent labor-saving technology. In fact, many of our labor-saving technologies that have been around for decades serves as a band-aid solution to the problem of its users occupying hectic schedules, that were it not for this, various chores and errands could likely be done quite appreciatively and with the least amount of gadgetry required. Computers are great for performing complex mathematical equations, but if all that is required is for someone to know basic arithmetic in order to make a living, then in my opinion there is no need for the machine. Let the human do the work. Sadly, the powers that be, CEOs, managers, and the like, would rather invest in the inventions of scientific materialism as workplace assistants or replacements, instead of what is best for the human being and likely the economy. There are the critics of the RR, who predict that this will only lead to a greater gap between the rich and the poor. Not to worry, counters the pro-robot human. With millions out of work and no work to be had, the state may very well intervene to offer citizens guaranteed income. But with the populace state-dependent on their livelihoods, the RR-critic responds by pointing out that ever more personal freedom would likely be lost. Obviously, only the few and perhaps temporary advantages of the RR are emphasized by the proponents of it -- how this will end up improving the quality of our lives they say, lead to new robots-related jobs (e.g. maintenance), and so on. Of course they're going to advertize it this way, entirely missing the bigger practical picture and the deeper spiritual concerns involved. Never-mind that in the meantime the RR, according to numerous prognosticators even within the field, will end up causing job loss within numerous and a variety of occupations and professions. It is predicted that robots will end up taking the place of human waitresses, chefs, baristas, bartenders, publicans, janitors, custodians, commercial airline pilots, soccer referees, baseball umpires, disk jockeys, game show hosts and contestants, news anchorpersons, radio show hosts, podcasters, repairmen, auto-mechanics, technicians, literary authors, architects, hairstylists, nannies, teachers, police officers, I.T. consultants, logistics personnel, healthcare providers and even court judges. The list is practically endless. With that in mind, many parents, resigned to the way things are as if RR-apologists, have been encouraging their teenage sons and daughters to think about enrolling in post-secondary training of some sort, relating to robotics, in seeming full support of this overall dehumanizing revolution now under way. (A bit like a pacifist applying for employment at a plant that manufactures weapons of war.) If these ones really think that robotics is going to stop at human assistants, little do these ones realize or care to. But then, there actually exists Christian transhumanists, of all people. Whether these particular oxymorons are simply misled or witting sellouts is anyone's guess.
  21. Film Title: Endgame Director: Alex Jones Released: 2007 Although Endgame was released in 2007, it is not outdated by any means. In fact, it is so timely it plays as if it could have been released a year ago. It is a well-researched, information-dense, and prodigiously composed film at a runtime of approximately 2-and-a-half hours. Alex Jones narrates and tells of how UN-admired Communist China serves as a globalist testing ground, with the Chinese population treated as guinea pigs, and how from the perspective of the global ruling elite the U.S. must be weakened in order for the NWO to gain momentum. Endgame is a compelling overview which covers the entire globalist agenda, from various angles. We learn of the covert testing of chemical and biological agents that have been used by governments on unsuspecting citizens and how in the 20th century states were responsible for the murder of 150 million people. Endgame includes numerous video clips and quotations from several NWO proponents, ranging from Ted Turner, H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, to Eric Pianca who has spoken fondly of China's police state. One notable quote is from Ray Kurzweil, who predicted a world government by 2020. Endgame connects WW1, the formation of the League of Nations, WW2, and the formation of the United Nations together, and later the European Union. There's a clip of George W. Bush saying how conspiracy theories are not to be tolerated. Bertrand Russell is quoted in regards to vaccinations and how injections into the human body could or would be used. David Rockefeller is quoted as saying how a worldwide crisis would be needed in order for the NWO to emerge. Jones also mentions the Gates foundation, and how it has donated over a billion dollars to population-reduction groups. A large portion of the film follows Alex Jones, bullhorn in tow, to Ottawa, Canada, to protest a Bilderberg meeting that took place in June of 2006. There's even a clip from the German silent film, Metropolis (1926), which depicts a bleak urbanized future in which herds of dehumanized citizens shuffle despairingly off to dingy, slavish workplaces in prison-like uniforms while the controllers sit comfortably high above the city in their ivory tower far removed from the gritty conditions that keep the underclass enslaved.
  22. I'm halfway through THE ANSWER and this is by far *one of David Icke's best books to date!* (Note: the textual praise parenthesized by way of asterisks, as the use of capitals in expressing delight or emphasis may be misconstrued by "cribullies" as a form of shouting, or so I've been informed by the policies of various online moderators over the years, so I mustn't do that! If we are permitted to use capitals as often as we like on these forums in expressing emphasis I shall likely continue to use asterisks or italics in such cases. Call it repression but I just can't seem to bring myself to capitalizing words and sentences in posts other than to highlight titles. These past moderators and their umpteen petty rules may have damaged me to some extent, and I've been working to free myself of their conditioning ever since.) What a powerful book and ever so timely and well-written! Am about to begin chapter 11. Would like to at some point pen a favorable review of it online, but would my review make it past the censors? I have been trying to spread the message and bring people's attention to David Icke's work but have experienced shadow banning and so forth, likely on account of the very mention of his name in my writings. Almost as if he's been blacklisted by the MSM. Mr. Icke uses the F-word in his new book (not that swear words ever offend me) so I think I can get away with saying damn here. As in, THE ANSWER is damn refreshing. Finally, someone who gets it, who isn't afraid of telling it like it is in cogent, rational, and sane terms. I've been so fucking tired of having to put up with PC-ness that I've thought a number of times of starting a movement called Self-Censors Anonymous. It would involve support groups and lots of hugging and shaking of hands. Don't know how well it would go over considering the current climate of fear and all, in which the expressing of affection is now a no-no. Just finished chapter 10 a few minutes ago and experienced a number of spontaneous chuckles, at all the latest examples Icke gives of PC-people taking offense to things. The list reads so preposterously, not even the most creative of satirists could make half of this shit up. We live in absurd times, to be sure! Risible, too, was the chapter's final paragraph, in which the dog whistle phenomenon is imaginatively taken to new lengths, with the word whaling being interpreted as a code word for wailing. Absolutely priceless. Luckily for me, I had a bed-pan handy, I laughed so hard. Anyone reading the book or having just finished it, please share your thoughts on it.
  23. Yesterday's ballgame between the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox was postponed. The two clubs issued a joint statement explaining why this was. Supposedly, the reason for this is related to police brutality against Black Americans and Indigenous communities. I guess this is a way for the players to protest this. Is this happening in other professional sports across North America and the UK? According to one report, back in 2014 about 6000 black Americans were killed -- by other gun-toting blacks, and that about fifteen times more cops are killed by gun-toting blacks than unarmed blacks are by police. Police brutality does exist (likely not as exaggerated as the MSM makes it out to be) but I've seen numerous news clips and documentary footage showing police officers manhandling white folks as well. My own feeling is that the minority of brutes on police forces has more to do with anger-management and other psychological issues, and not racism.
  24. The Bible was a daily part of my life growing up, having been raised into a religious faith, somewhat unorthodox and sectarian in its doctrines. We were taught the need for theocracy, with the scripture often cited about how humans were incapable of properly directing their own affairs apart from God (due to their inherent sinful condition). Well, not exactly or entirely. What was usually left out of the equation was the mentioning of perhaps the primary reason for why humankind would be incapable of self-governing itself, and undoubtedly why there is so much division in the world: namely, the principalities, who, according to verse, control nations. These non-human entities seem to be working overtime of late, what with all the craziness being witnessed in the world today, in the form of a legion of cultural ills predominantly associated within this post-truth era of moral relativism, sexual perversions, and self-censorship (so as not to offend intolerant self-righteous judges, those among us bent over and speaking out their bare-bottom straight-jackets). Belly of the Beast tells of a spiritual doorway that possibly might have been opened during the time of Crowley and Parsons, something which is also discussed at some length in Nick Redfern's excellent book, Final Events, which tells of a group within the U.S. DoD called the Collins Elite who had expressed their misgivings as to what might have come through the portal, coincidentally around the same time the Grays started being reported, known for their Breeding Program (i.e. tampering with human genetics), that parallels to some extent the transhumanist agenda, which some have dubbed, "Nephilim 2.0."
  25. Film Title: Belly of the Beast Directors: Justen Faull and Wes Faull Released: 2018 David Icke has himself covered much of what is presented here, years ago in The Biggest Secret: e.g. the Freemasonic symbolisms on the American one dollar bill; the occult layout of Washington D.C. and the city's numerous pagan monuments and architectural structures. We know this, but do most Americans -- those who are God-fearing and who think their nation was founded primarily on Christian principles? That's where Belly of the Beast comes in, intended as if for the enlightenment of Bible believers, first and foremost, although I would add that one needn't be a Rapture-ready evangelical to appreciate this prodigious special interests film. It's a talky presentation, with both of the Faull brothers for the most part shown seated and speaking to the camera, but they do visit the capital city of America (a name whose etymological origin, we learn, can be traced to "Amaru-ca," translated as "land of the Plumed Serpent," contrary to what we were taught in school about the term originating with Vespucci). We learn of high-profile politicians who dabble in Wicca or various other occult ceremonies or practices, such as spirit cooking. There's some interesting information about Hillary Clinton and a woman by the name of Marina Abramovic. There is talk of the Deep State, Bohemian Grove, the de-population agenda of the globalists, and some background information on the environmental movement and Earth Day, and how these relate to the NWO agenda. Although goddess worship is making a resurgence in the U.S. in recent decades, at the crux of this film is the emphasized revelation of how within arcane circles it is the god Osiris that is ultimately worshipped by adherents of a covert Luciferian religion, with these ones anticipating the return of Osiris in spirit, as if in fulfillment of both ancient pagan and eschatological prophecy. Many will be surprised to learn that Freedom of Religion was designed more to protect the occultist settlers than of Christians.
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