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  1. Re: Noahide Israel is for the most part a high-tech secularized state and, unlike Judeophobic/Christophobic lands, largely absent of fundamentalists. Although it's not a stretch of the imagination to conceive of Israeli technocrats posing a threat to global freedom, that an ancient set of religious laws would somehow be involved and imposed by rabbis on the world is a rather fantastic notion. I'm in agreement with 90-95% of what Mr. Icke writes about in The Answer, save for what Appendix 2 tries to convince readers of. Re: Christians & Israel There are Christians who feel the state of Israel (Zion) is something precious to the Lord, despite its having been primarily if not entirely founded by secularists (as opposed to religious Jews) and voted in favorably by the globalist-agenda-driven U.N., arguably the very enemy of true believers. If anything, some think Israel is being prepared not for the Messiah's return but for the appearance of the Antichrist. If such is the case, this would help to explain certain anti-Zionist sentiments expressed by some people.
  2. The U.S. and Israel are democratic allies. Of course the 45th POTUS would have been not so much "owned" by but rather supportive of tiny Israel, a miniscule homeland surrounded on all sides by antidemocratic regimes and sharia-adherent countries. It's not so much that Zionists "control" the U.S. as it is perhaps a simple and overt matter of democratic alliance.
  3. It is said that numerous freedom-conscious Americans fear non-Mexicans crossing the U.S.-Mexico border from countries that outright hate the U.S. for its being "immoral" infidels. Under the guise of asylum-seekers or refugees, it is thought that these ones end up refusing to assimilate into Western society, instead bringing with them their religious intolerance and contempt for democracy (i.e. their anti-Americanism). During the Barack Hussein Obama administration, there were those who believed the then U.S. president was largely behind the influx of Muslim immigrants from countries overtly hostile to Christianity, and many naturally wonder if upon their arrival in America whether these imports end up valuing the Constitution or perhaps seek to undermine it from within, which would be in keeping with the goal of the globalists.
  4. Interestingly, in lands such as India, a country home to many a reincarnationist, feticide is taboo as it interrupts the process of infusionism. In Africa, also, abortion is frowned upon if not illegal as it conflicts with their cultural beliefs. It seems to be a case of if there is an acknowledgement of spirit and soul in one's worldview, the less chance there is of the people being pro-abortion. Whereas, within a scientific materialist paradigm, there is very little if no recognition at all of the holy miracle that is the act of conception. You hear about these young women who inhabit the largely secular Occident who choose to go through with an abortion while in the first or second trimester on account of their not wanting to have to experience birth pangs, or their fear of acquiring stretch marks, or their dislike of the taste of dill pickles dipped in peanut butter. Surprisingly, even some married women with husbands, careerists, opt for the chemical or surgical option. On the other side you have those who are pro-life, some of whom are of the opinion that a woman considering abortion ought to not only go through with the delivery but ought to experience the irony of mothering quadruplets. These ones view life even in the embryonic form as precious and the more religious among them point to the Bible where it's recorded that God takes note of each one of us while yet in the womb. It all comes down to defining when life begins. For me, it begins at the moment of conception. As a male, I've spoken with a number of women who are critical of the excuse that just because the embryo or fetus happens to be inside the womb, that somehow these are not separate beings distinct from the mother. If a small child was being abused by a single parent, in this example a mother, just because it's the woman's house does that make it all right, or off-limits to laws that protect the young? Of course not. Yet we have those who attempt to justify the woman's/feminist's decision to abort (a euphemistic term for kill) by saying that it's the woman's body, as if the life growing inside her is entirely a part of her and not a separate and evolving being, precious in the eyes of the Creator and neither the equivalent of a tumor needing to be excised nor a piece of shit evacuated. I recently watched the movie Unplanned. It's based on a true story about a young woman who for years worked at an abortion clinic until one day she witnessed an abortion firsthand and experienced a dramatic change of heart. It's a wonderfully made and well-acted film. In one of the scenes the character of the clinic director mentions a few big-name global elites on the side of Planned Parenthood. It's no surprise that those who may have in the past championed proponents of eugenics or perhaps are involved in a covert depopulation agenda would be pro-abortion.
  5. Tarek Fatah, a Muslim of Pakistani origin, has written a highly readable book titled The Jew Is Not My Enemy. In it, he comments on The Protocols, noting that it was condemned as being a forgery by the London Times back in the 1920s, that it was originally perpetuated by the secret police in Russia, commissioned by the Czar, in order to counteract the rise of Marxism at the time, and label it a Jewish conspiracy and part of a plot to eventually control the world. Mr. Fatah notes that the Protocols are what have fueled much of the anti-Semitism in the Muslim world ever since. Here is a Muslim, who thinks the Jews ought to have a homeland, who is pro-Israel, and who has in the presence of fellow Muslims come to the defense of the Jews and for doing so has been accused by fellow members of his faith of working on behalf of the Jewish lobby! This is how deep the paranoia runs within the minds of certain people. One must remember that within this context there is something like only 14 million Jews in the entire world compared to over 1 billion Muslims. With that said, something obscure called Noahide is supposed to be a threat to international freedom? What a laugh. Aside from the many other legitimate threats to global freedom, there is sharia law. As Muslim writers other than Mr. Fatah have written about themselves -- moderate Muslims who love Jews and Western democracy founded on Judeo-Christian principles -- there exists a small but significant percentage of Muslims who are Islamist extremists with designs of their own for global domination, via what they term cultural or civilization jihad, working in cahoots with the politically correct Far Left. Among these are Black supremacists whose favorite book happens to be The Protocols. Although a non-Jew myself, I simply can't understand all this Jew-bashing that goes on by some people. Jews have been blamed for practically everything since at least the beginning of recorded history, from Communism to crony Capitalism to being spendthrifts and miserly. In times past, even in lands that were relatively free, their businesses have been boycotted and they've been restricted from entering places like restaurants, hotels, and clubs. All this loathing for the Jew throughout history, pre-1948, has had nothing to do with Israeli wrongs or the Middle East situation. As the lead character in the movie, The Believer, a skinhead, remarks, Jews are hated simply because they are Jews. It goes without saying (but for some people it must be said) that there is so much the Jewish people have contributed to the world, in the way of artists, inventors, scientists, and comedians. (Incidentally, compare the amount of Jewish comics to Arab ones, if there even is such a thing. Heck, a simple cartoon is enough to cause certain ones to get their knickers in a twist.) Interestingly, and as a refreshing contrast to The Protocols, author Nigel Kerner in his book Grey Aliens And The Harvesting Of Souls has speculated that there exists within the Jewish Diaspora an uncontaminated bloodline to this day -- one that hasn't been corrupted by ET genetic tampering, and that this is what the Nazis were seeking to eradicate and what he surmises is at the root of the modern-day Alien Abduction phenomenon: specifically, Grays in search of this pure Judaic bloodline, so as to dilute it with alien DNA. An interesting passage also occurs in a book titled The Key, authored by Whitley Strieber. In it, the interviewee, a mysterious figure whom the author has dubbed the 'Master of the Key,' puts forth the idea that among the millions of Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust, among these were a few that would have seen to mankind's ultimate advancement as a species.
  6. This irrational, obscene, and pervasive blaming of the Jews, this twisted and simple-minded perception of the Jew as global conspirator is in my opinion satanic, dates back to far ancient times, but in the modern era has its roots in these Illuminati-authored/inspired Protocols, a collection of documents conveniently discovered in the early 1900s and later believed by many a (neo)Nazi and self-perceived online pundit as being authentic. It's been disproved as a hoax and was produced in order to deflect attention from the so-called illuminated ones, whose orphic knowledge and powers originate with the Watchers. Obviously, there is much more to it than that. There is much complexity at work, involving interconnected secret orders, agencies, factions, circles within circles, but they all ultimately lead back to these Luciferians, regardless of heritage, who control from the shadows and darkness and who answer to their otherworldly/interdimensional diabolic masters, who must look upon in absolute appreciation their globally dispersed choir of unwitting mouthpieces -- the vocal and brainwashed Jew-basher, perpetually kept off track, on endless repetitive tangents, and none the wiser.
  7. To think that there are MSM parrots on various online message boards outside of the DIF, still talking about and buying into the Russia-Trump hoax that was, even now with DJT out of office! Does not the mindless rhetoric spewed from these obliviously indoctrinated Blue Pillers ever end? Far from the conservative party having been corrupted by a pawn of Russian intelligence as these morons continue to claim, Trump, upon having been voted into office in 2016, cleaned house as it were (to some extent, anyway), yet this false conspiracy theory manages to live on in the minds of those who continue to see Russians under every Trumper's bed. Speaking of figurative bedsteads, China and its relation to certain national figureheads in the West definitely makes for curious bedfellows -- especially in the latter case, when the covert donning of women's lingerie may be involved by feminist wannabes in suited attire. But I digress. I'd like to think that these Russia-Trump conspiracy theorists are simply misled but some of them are the same ones who also conveniently see QAnon lurking behind every alleged claim made by "far right patriots" as to the vast corruption and in some cases outright darkness of high-ranking politicos on the (radical) left, which many non-Anons feel Trump, although not a savior, was at least on to and vainly attempted to expose. The belief that there is an ugly underneath within the nation's capital, that there are those seeking America's demise -- fifth columnists heavily involved in the occult -- predates the sophomoric QAnon movement by decades, with its love for diversionary cryptic droppings and overall credulity in believing in every fantastic tale spread by what was/is in all likelihood a Deep State disinformation campaign, designed to divert attention and to trivialize/demonize all talk of "conspiracy theories". Secret societies and their connection to America date back to the very beginning. In modern times, one hears of psychics and seances, Jeffrey Epstein, and trafficking rings. Pizzagate! The commonly used buzzword employed by those to stop and make light of such discussion, make it all seem utterly preposterous and the product of warped and deluded minds, victims of 'Q Clearance Patriot'. Indeed, and to reiterate, I'd like to think these ones are merely misled in their thinking as opposed to defensive gatekeepers, possibly in league with occult forces if not the Goat of Mendes itself.
  8. The argument made by some on board that the late Milton William (Bill) Cooper somehow "discredited" Alex Jones is extremely weak and unsubstantiated. In fact, a strong case could be made that this Bill Cooper dude was not a credible source, and his simply having name-called Jones various juvenile terms short of poopyhead in ranting, archived audio clips does not make for persuasive uncovering. By the end of his life, Cooper was washed up and had grown extremist in his subcultural beliefs to the point of his later being hailed as a hero by some within the Hip Hop culture. So Cooper authored a book back in 1991 in which he made some fantastic claims about his having had top secret clearance while in the Navy. As a child it is said he belonged to the DeMolay society, which is an offshoot of Freemasonry. If anything, Bill Cooper himself has been exposed, only more credibly and convincingly so, by people like Don Ecker, et al. To the contrary. Cooper did nothing to damage Alex Jones' credibility and character other than to call AJ names that in hindsight seem more applicable to him.
  9. I suppose the entire matter could easily be put to rest were Mr. Icke a recognized member of his own forum (as most other authors of websites tend to be). A simple post from him would be all that it would take. If he did say anything about this it may have been in one of his slide presentations/speaking events, during the early-to-mid Aughties, whilst showing the faces of prominent figures/discussing the depravity of certain elites & some of their seedy associates.
  10. I've only seen three of SBC's movies so far -- Borat; Bruno; The Dictator. The first was okay, the latter the weakest of them all. As for Bruno, it's a favorite of mine and have watched it numerous times. It gets me belly laughing like not to many cinematic comedies do. I personally could care less what the personalities of screen actors are like off-camera. The movie Bruno is absolutely hilarious. Two of the more amusing moments involve the protagonist pitching his idea for a TV show to a small group of gob-smacked previewers inside of a screening room, and him sitting with two austere Middle Eastern leaders and singing for them a soppy song, encouraging reconciliation and togetherness. I probably wouldn't like the guy in real life and the fact that he is seen alongside establishment mega-celebrities like Elton John and Bono during the closing credits admittedly turns me off. That he seems to be well-liked in Hollywood and in favor with woke superstars is the reason why I wouldn't care much for the guy, but as a comedic actor it's hard to argue that he's not funny. His characters are unashamedly and explicitly un-PC, a kind of pushback against the culture at large.
  11. Have been feeling rather musical of late so I thought I'd contribute to this thread before the feeling passes. My musical taste is somewhat eclectic (especially love Space, Ambient, Lounge, World, Contemporary Instrumental) but most forum members would already be familiar with any of these musicians/groups that I would mention. So I thought I'd highlight a couple of singers/bands that were/are not all that well-known outside of Canada. Artist: The Boomers Album: What We Do Released: 1991 Notable Tracks: "The Matter With Me": Anyone who has ever experienced a feeling of siege mentality or has suffered from hypochondria might enjoy this one. "One Little Word": Was a hit on FM playlists in these parts when it was first released many years ago. "Dirty Love": The word striptease comes to mind whenever I listen to this. Artist: Gino Vannelli Album: Inconsolable Man Released: 1990 Notable Tracks: "Rhythm Of Romance": Not much into love ballads and thankfully this isn't one. Here's a song that has the vocalist singing of spies, UFOs, and JFK. "The Time Of Day": Was at one time a chart-topper a few decades ago. An uplifting song about avoiding/resisting devilish snares/corrupting influences.
  12. Here in Canada, back in the day Burton Cummings, as a solo artist, was rather popular, especially with the ladies. Never much cared for the musician myself -- he was before my time -- until his Plus Signs album came along. (As an aside, as one who was raised in a deeply religious household, when I first heard "Take One Away" back in my late teens, I was immediately hooked.) Plus Signs strangely enough continues to this day to remain a favorite album of mine, even though outside of it I wouldn't say I'm a Cummings fan. In tone and in message, two tracks I'd like to highlight that I personally think speak to the theme of this thread probably might seem to others upon initial listening as being not all that pertinent, being both are mellow in spirit and lack an aggressive/defiant characteristic so typical of most songs of this nature. I suppose they appeal to my mild, easygoing personality, but even we laidback wallflower types appreciate songs that speak of courage and standing up for what's right in the face of injustice and oppression. That's where the inspiring "One Day Soon" and "Free" come in. Perhaps I am overpraising these two obscure ditties, but they touch my heart and speak to my soul, both lyrically and melodically. The former is a lovely tune about light ultimately prevailing over darkness and staying true to oneself, while the latter is about what may just be the most important word of all for those who love the light: freedom. Admittedly, these songs speak to solitaries as opposed to groupists, which is another reason why I like them.
  13. A most intriguing theory, one that just might be on the money, although I'm not sure I would include Hopkins or any others in close encounter research who perceive the alien visitors as being predominately nefarious. What hidden agenda might these ones possibly have? I think a lot of these are honest-hearted independent investigators, unlike others whose navel strings seem suspiciously attached to a covertly political Gaia and possibly in league with crypto-kazachoks and other comsymps. When you have certain global elites helping to create the U.N. headquarters while at the same time interested in and funding UFO research and especially wanting to see to Disclosure (e.g. the past push to release 'White House Initiative' documents), it definitely makes you wonder what's truly going on and some of the puzzle pieces start to fit together. People like Robert Murdoch are said to have helped publish New Age books in times past. Very curious, this. John Mack's oeuvre seemed to me less about an objective look at the experiencer phenomenon and trying to unravel the enigmatic nature of it and more to do with consciousness-speak, how we need to raise and expand our own in order to transcend and successfully make contact with benevolent ET, who are here to help us reach for the stars and realize our full potential as human beings. I've never understood why spacemen would be interested in our environment, but there you have supposed contactees relating to us their ecological warnings concerning our planet. What I've always liked about Mr. Icke is that he understands that spirituality is not without action and even needn't involve the almighty and glorified act of meditation. (He speaks of this in a fairly recent and excellent interview with podcaster Alex Tsakiris.) Whereas, a lot of self-identifying seekers are content with fribbling in overall meaningless and mindless do-nothingness, sitting in the lotus position singing Kumbaya all day, tickling themselves in fairyland. Solipsism is what this is. Be all that you can be by simply being. There have been Rockefellers into Buddhism; Maurice Strong, it has been said, was a bit of a New Ager. Behind all the oil and banking is seemingly incongruent inner-directedness, green activism, ecological awareness, and associations like the Club of Rome. Do your research into the study of some of these connections between the elites and prominent figures within the spiritual and paranormal communities and certain names will begin to appear that will have you saying to yourself, Say it ain't so! Dot connecting can take one to some really interesting if not at times startling places, and a lot of this is much deeper and intricate than most people can even begin to imagine.
  14. Film Title: Shoot 'Em Up Director: Judy Apicella Released: 2008 Sounds like it could be the title of a video game or a documentary on firing ranges. It's neither of these. What this is is a relatively well-made film, overall critical of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, especially in regard to pre-schoolers. A woman by the name of Judy Apicella directed and interviews a few doctors and mothers who have taken to voicing their concerns, particularly over the amount of shots infants are required to take upon entering the world. At least two of the mothers relate how their son or daughter were once lively and talkative prior to receiving a series of jabs and how soon afterwards they noticed their children had become withdrawn, taciturn, spaced-out, and learning impaired. Correlation is the operative word here, with the ingredient of mercury of special concern to these interviewees, all of whom are down-to-earth, articulate, and studied. The doc features Dr. Richard Moskowitz, Dr. Stephanie Cave, and Barbara Loe Fisher (of the 'national vaccine information center'), among others. Although the production values are rather low-budget, the film nevertheless makes for an adequate introduction for anyone just starting out in their research of vaccines, who may be dubious of what they're being told by the either compromised or indoctrinated vaccine-risk deniers within society. One or two of the doctors interviewed speak of homeopathic alternatives to taking vaccines. Dr. Moskowitz tells of a researcher who in the early-to-mid 1980s, while studying S.I.D.S., discovered a correlation between vaccines administered on newborns and abnormal spells of sleep apnea, in which some of these babies had to be resuscitated. Another interviewee speaks of the vested interests involved; how some members on health committees into the promoting of vaccines own stock in the companies that produce this stuff and of some pro-vaccine politicians who are bought off by the pharmaceutical lobby. A few of the mothers were once pro-vaccine but now speak out as to what they feel are the harmful correlative effects of these concoctions, after witnessing what happened to their own children. Dr. Cave talks about the potential for neurological damage to babies when certain preservatives in vaccines are injected into their bloodstreams. All in all, Shoot 'Em Up: The Truth About Vaccines, which clocks in at just under 90 minutes, makes for satisfactory viewing. It's by no means the best film out there that's critical of vaccines, but for mothers with small children, I would say it's quite watchable and informative as an introductory lesson. The tone of the film is relaxed and informal. Ms. Apicella, accompanied by her baby son and his teddy bear, head out across the country (the United States) to speak to various doctors and laypersons. The film includes footage of a few Congressmen, amid speeches, expressing their own concerns and criticisms as well. These are level-headed, well-informed and cautious folks who only want what's best for their children or their patients and who have done their circumspective research. As far as I could tell, there were no pre-Truthers in this or people clad in body-length suits of armor made of tinfoil. The content that's presented is educational and yet accessible. One needn't be a virologist or an epidemiologist to appreciate this, nor does it condescend to the intellectual level that say an average politician or health minister might be able to comprehend. Shoot 'Em Up is certainly not on par in technical informational value as, say, "Vaxxed" or much of Len Horowitz's work, but good enough. In answering the ethical question as to whether the state or medical science has the moral authority to force citizens to do something against their conscience in the name of the greater good, Ms. Fisher references the Nuremberg trial, quoting from a summating statement made by the tribunal of judges, who concluded in favor of the rights of the individual, with the freedom to make his or her own decision.
  15. This isn't to suggest that mankind has not been visited by legitimate interstellar inhabitants dating back centuries. There were the Viminas of ancient India, for example, and so forth, and yet as far as recorded history informs, even back then the mode of human transportation did not change all that much, unless you factor in accounts of flying horses. The preternatural or hyperphysical realms exist and the agents of the demiurge can take on tangible forms in accordance with the Zeitgeist of the space-time continuum. These ones are also thought to be directly involved and influential in political affairs at the highest of levels. Incidentally, the unfallen angels also possess this power to manifest themselves as daimonic entities, at times dining with the sons of men or engaging them in intellectually stimulating discourse. They do not require wings to move about, nor spacecraft. These volatile appendages of theirs are mere metaphors, yet often reinterpreted to read as jet-packs by the woefully mechanically minded who look back on historical reports through a modernized, distorted lens. Conversely, the kosmokrators needn't flying saucers to transport themselves nor, like the wee folk, their captives. There has likely been a trade-off of monumental proportions between the archons/subterraneans and those who, like Crowley, have opened gateways and made pacts so as to satisfy their satanic ambitions. No doubt there are and have been spiritually enlightened starseeds among us, like Jesus of Nazareth, whose aim is/was to show us the pathway to the Pleroma beyond the illusion, as opposed to simply taking us to the stars with promises of energetic gifts far more advanced than our present propulsion systems, perpetually reverse-engineering and yet nevertheless confined to the archontic dome. Theirs is a predominantly secular if not atheist dream and "aspiration," based strictly in five-sense reality, or even worse if you factor posthuman agendas into the equation. At this point in time, this seems to be the diabolic goal of the Watchers: to entrap us further in materiality, at the very risk of losing our souls. The label on this particular Pandora's Box may in fact read Disclosure. The advocates speak of this as if it will be the next best thing to happen to mankind since the advent of birth control. These ones seem blissfully unaware of the Spider's stratagem, totally ignorant of the terrestrial powers at work in the world, operating the strings. For the most part, the pro-Disclosure gentry envision ET in a benevolent light, as potential saviors, but I find it hard to believe that Christly Space Brothers would want or would have anything to do with low-souled military personnel and high-level, seedy politicians, when in all likelihood spiritually advanced aliens would be far above and beyond war and base & corrupt power structures. We are left with either a malevolent "extraterrestrial" force at play behind the Disclosure movement, or a bunch of useful idiots consciously or unwittingly in league with those pushing for a New World Order (the political component).
  16. Israel is said to be the global leader in tech innovation, a country overflowing with brainy entrepreneurs and intimately connected to benighted Silicon Valley. It's also one of the world's leaders in the manufacturing of robots. There are some who speculate that many of the otherworldly discs and craft that are observed in the skies around the world are largely of Israeli origin, piloted by automatons or remotely. So when someone out there, with a once high-ranking position in their own space program, comes out with a fantastic story like there existing aliens among us seeking contact, wisdom says to take revelations of this nature with a grain of salt. These may only be attempts at preparing humanity for some spectacular event in order to usher in the damnable Singularity -- or, from a Christian perspective, the nonhuman "Man of Desolation."
  17. Recently, claims have been made within certain spheres of officialdom of there existing Martians living in underground bases. Any connection to us? The idea of conscious ET existing on the Red Planet is, outside of scientific materialistic thinking, certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Within esoteric lore, it has been postulated that intelligent life exists on other planets within our very own solar system -- Mars included; albeit, in either an astral or ethereal state, only. These solely incorporeal beings, so goes one arcane theory, are (as if echoing the Fallen) thought to possess the means to materialize long enough in order to obtain the necessary physical anatomy for interacting with maternal worlds, by way of planetary insemination. If so, these "space" onanists would not require ova or some scientifically oriented Breeding Program in order to reproduce universal intelligence or to transmit genetic information across the interstellar expanse. This not-so-inconceivable concept of the "masculine" Godhead or "Heavenly Father" principle as synonymous with the largely pneumatic cosmos itself would help to explain why humans possess a spiritual nature, if it is so that our immediate astral lineage, Martian or otherwise, exists entirely in etheric form, if not upon primarily uninhabitable planets even to this day as well. Indeed, this universal bubble we inhabit may just be an entirely alien creation overseen by a horny Yaldabaoth.
  18. In response to the comment made at the outset, of being awakened and taking time out to think... I know of some and have heard of many who are turning to reading their Bibles again, as they feel what they are witnessing is the dawn of a one-world government. One lady told me how she feels more hopeful than ever and that her faith in Christianity has been renewed, if not validated. She added that if it were not for all the lockdowns, she wouldn't have had the time to brush off and up on her Bible. All this has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for her. 'Tis perhaps the silver lining in all this. Religious worldviews aside, people are being wakened and are beginning to question, whether they be lost sheep returning to the flock or sheeple who can start to see the light shining through their hitherto mental prisons. For such ones, these must be joyous times to be living in. It's all beginning to make sense and become clear to them. This same lady told me how grateful she is for this worldwide phenomenon to have happened, prior to which she had been floundering and at sea. We may be in for tougher times but one senses this may be the catalyst to seeing to a global freeing of minds and of hearts, which is certainly encouraging.
  19. Over thirty years ago, economist-libertarian Murray Rothbard, in a well-known essay of his, wrote if not warned of a naive, credulous public, who would buy into the propaganda of the state, of it being genuinely concerned for their welfare, and how conspiracy theories would be attacked -- being these are or would be interpreted by dictatorial governments as undermining influences ... or, to put it another way, as truth-bearing seeds inspiring healthful doubt which are planted in the minds of subjects, otherwise unwittingly the victims of Big Brother thought reform/psychological warfare.
  20. Mr. Icke has most certainly talked of ET. Various alien races are alluded to in The Biggest Secret; creatures from the Pleiades and so forth, as existing within the universe and according to experiencers involved in human affairs. In The Answer, Mr. Icke speculates as to the identity of the Grays and their relationship to the Reptilians; the latter of which he has emphasized over the years are not all evil.
  21. There's this theory that certain entirely terrestrial militaries are involved in or are even directly and solely responsible for the CEIV phenomenon, as part of a Black Op, with their mission being to genetically trans-form the species, all the while passing the buck onto nonexistent space-based scapegoats. A theory which brings us to supposed ETs inhabiting an underground base on Mars; one not out of the realm of possibility. If the UFO occupants (and we can assume there are more than just one kind) have requested that their presence be kept a secret, what's this guy doing publishing a statement in the Jerusalem Post and blabbing that "They" are here and among us? As if some spiritually advanced Galactic Federation would want anything to do with the governments of this base planet, an astral rock that in all likelihood is under the control of benighted interdimensional entities and keeping these very institutions and powers in the dark. If the one-percenters on Earth (who may not entirely be human) have their own secret space program, dating back decades, as some believe, than they are light-years away from any other organization or movement, out and about (stealthily) seeking global domination, either politically or religiously. Come 2030, will "They" have arrived by way of holographic armada?
  22. Those pushing for UFO Disclosure obviously must think the alien presence among us to be benign. Mr. Icke has spoken at length of the Spider and how it virtually extends into the lower-fourth dimension, inhabited by beings of low-level consciousness. Yes, humanity must first awaken if it is to spiritually evolve. Awaken and intervene on its own behalf. Yet there are those of firm belief who feel that Disclosure would ultimately free us from this prison planet. Generally speaking, the ladder of upward mobility here on Earth is an inverted version of the biblical Jacob's. Aspirants rise to the top and are then looked up to for the answers. Enter high-ranking statesmen, military brass, and other V.I.P.s on record as to the existence of ufonauts in our midst. We are supposed to be impressed by this, and indeed numerous Disclosure advocates certainly are. Yet I wonder: Just what is a Rockefeller doing interested in UFOs? What is a prominent ufologist doing taking his research to Silicon Valley? Is mentioning names within a U.S left-wing administration, as some UFO researchers have done, supposed to lend weight to the phenomenon? I've been thinking of late as to the seeming politics behind official UFO disclosure. There seems to me to possibly be a political undercurrent to all this, based on a lot of the characters involved, who would like very much for governments of the world to come clean as to what they know about this alien presence in our skies and waters. Note how few conservatives and especially Christians who study or follow this field are pro-Disclosure. It's true that in the latter case there is likely a religious reason for this. It may not be so much a need to uphold a geocentric belief system as it is a wariness as to the entire concept of an alien savior, one toting various far-out technologies in order to get us to "ascend." It's been said humanity is not yet spiritually advanced enough to be welcomed into the Galactic Federation, and yet there are those humans in high positions who wish and seek to spacefare and terraform other habitable planets, or think via Disclosure that this in itself would act as the catalyst that would see to humanity evolving and experiencing a dramatic paradigm shift ... and away from dependence on fossil fuels, for example. There have been close encounter experiencers who tell of just how concerned the aliens are of man-made climate change. You don't say? Disclose and imagine the many gifts on offer for humanity! All sorts of new nuts-and-bolts and dazzling baubles and perhaps a state-of-the-art mower for the lawn that operates by way of telekinesis. These ET supremacists are practically drooling, they can hardly contain their dewy-eyed enthusiasm. Is this what consciousness expansion is all about? Advanced technology to go with our lasers, fiber optics, and microchips? Undoubtedly, the globalists would love for Disclosure to happen, as this would likely present the need for nation-states to dissolve and come together in the face of a potential common enemy or, if proven our visitors to be benevolent, to still unify, become less territorial. Would Disclosure really free us from the Spider or ensnare us even further? Would not the corrupt and soulless atop the ladder simply misappropriate any gifts that this alien presence would bestow on us, even if it turned out these aliens were benign? And, getting to the gist of this post, are there perhaps less humanitarian and more earthly motives behind some of those pushing for this envisioned and much anticipated turning point in human history?
  23. What denotes "extremism" these days is often decided by actual, illiberal radicals doing the silencing and/or intimidating of mere moderates or democratic dissidents into the upholding of long-held Western values. Consider certain forums which allow for "true" conspiracy theories to be entertained but not "false" ones. How's that for logic? Shouldn't it be left up to the users of the message board to decide what is and what isn't for themselves? (Not here referring to this one, which is a refreshing contrast by comparison.) An ideological infiltration has taken place and in recent years has been raising its ugly head in various censorious ways, perhaps the height of which was the recent witnessing of a U.S. president (one no longer in office), the leader of a superpower of all people, being banned from a social media platform! Downright anti-democratic this was; an act which smacked of truly obscene extremism and hubris, whether one much cared for this POTUS or not. I know how cults operate. Control the information. Ferret out those with critical thinking skills and those with inquiring minds and demonize them as being the problem. Label them in disparaging terms and close-minded, groundless stereotypes. Excommunicate them if you have to. Say they're the ones in need of help and being deprogrammed. All very twisted and topsy-turvy.
  24. Alex Jones' filmography is somewhat extensive but his output as a filmmaker has petered out over the last decade; this, both disappointing and a little curious. His first few releases were amateurish in their production values, even though I enjoyed Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove for this very reason. He was not all that well-known when he appeared in Waking Life in animated form playing a protesting motorist cruising the streets in an attempt to raise pedestrian awareness of the American two-party system (i.e. two sides of the same coin). I discovered his own film work rather late and although I have yet to watch them all consider Endgames to be his best effort thus far. Perhaps AJ grew tired with making these offline productions. His show is no doubt very time-consuming but it's these films of his which over the years have reached people like me, we who generally live outside of cyberspace and are not mouse potatoes. Came on board here and was surprised to find some strange dichotomies of belief, among them comments critical of Mr. Jones, as if this fellow hasn't been unfairly marginalized enough already outside of alternative forums. Go figure. Over the years a number of his films have sought to expose many things which Mr. Icke has also, like police and surveillance states, Agenda 21 (a.k.a. 2030), the globalists, the depopulation agenda, secret societies, the real purpose behind mass immigration, and so forth. What's not to like? Some don't care for Jones' style and parlance but I watch and love his films for the wealth of important information they present and it's in these his own personality tends to take a back seat.
  25. Title: Bodily Matters Author: Nadja Durbach Published: 2005 It's of interest to read of how more than a century ago, there existed an anti-vaccination movement. Nadja Durbach's highly readable Bodily Matters is primarily a detailed account of these conscientious objectors of yore, who valued bodily purity above all, and the individual over the collective. This historical account details the period between 1853-1907, to be precise; in and around England, specifically. Parliament at the time passed a law in 1853 making vaccinations compulsory. My favorite passage in the book quotes from a man who likened this particular Parliamentary session to a black sabbath and satanic at its core. These early anti-vaxxers believed to their very marrow that the state ought to stay not only out of one's boudoir, but even more so one's veins, and viewed the mandatory lancet as a violation of their very being. Maintaining bodily integrity was of utmost importance to these resisters, who were at times subjected to fines and even imprisonment for their unwavering stance. By 1907, the compulsory vaccination act was amended to allow for exemptions. One reads about mothers who did everything in their power to spare their children from the vaccinator's instrument and of the blood-tampering vaccine matter which existed during this period. The authoress quotes from a lawyer who in 1885 observed how people were kept in a constant state of fear on account of government-funded health officials who took to frequently warning the public of contagious germs. (I'm not an "X-Files" fan, but the book briefly mentions in passing how this TV show, which originally aired in the '90s, contained a running storyline in which vaccination was used as part of an alien agenda for global control.) It must be pointed out that Ms. Durbach merely presents the material as a detached historian would and does not express any personal opinions in the book in regards to vaccines and vaccinations. I hadn't realized until stumbling upon this book just how pensive, literary, articulate, and intellectually deep those within the anti-vaccination movement could be and most certainly were in those days, and just how long it's been in existence, dating back to almost a century-and-a-half ago, prior to Big Pharma and the advent of technocracy. It was not so much that these ones were "anti-science," what with scientism back then not as religiously revered as it is today. Their position was based more on spiritual grounds, more than anything else. I love the language that was used by these early anti-vaccinators, with their figurative talk of poisonous snakes, bats, and witches' brews. It was as if some of these ones thought vaccine matter to be more harmful to their souls than even to their bodies, that perhaps the ultimate goal was to see to the transformation of ordinary citizens into miniature anti-Christs.
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