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  1. There is some hope out there. Not much, but some. Case in point. Whenever I hear stories of ex-Muslims who upon abandoning their religion have taken to speaking out against their former faith, I absolutely rejoice, as no doubt all the angels in heaven do as well. Here are people who have come to their senses and are now that much closer to raising their consciousness and expanding their hearts. Apostates of Islam are some of the most admirable human beings on the planet, having escaped spiritual darkness and twisted ideological enslavement, these ones are to be proud of themselves, as they represent a beacon of light and hope for the worldwide family of beloved kafirs, who surely must feel heart-warmed at the brave stance these awakened souls have taken; fine examples they are for those who have yet to renounce their allegiance to an overbearing and arguably demonic theocracy. There are thousands of examples across the world of those who have left Islam and come to Christ, and should this joyous trend continue, the future would certainly not appear so bleak as it presently does. Truly, to be called an infidel is the highest of compliments an Islamist could offer, and many do so without any reluctance on their part, perhaps unaware of their strengthening the self-esteem of many a nonbeliever throughout the world. Although there are many Christians who continue to hope and pray for Muslim minds to be opened to the light of a more loving God in Jesus, there are others who would simply be in praise of the divine were an Islamic Reformation to take place, one that would see to the hateful and supremacist aspects of the religion being removed from its ideology and sacred texts once and for all. Followers would then be able to read their holy books to their hearts' content without ever the risk of their becoming deranged lunatics. That is to say, there would be no passages for the demented jihadist to try and pass the buck onto. This would no doubt lead to an end of numerous divisions and strife, and there might finally be peace in the Islamic lands. More genuine conversions to Islam might even occur, sans the need for coercive tactics and ultimatums. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one such admirable soul who has championed the need for an Islamic Reformation to occur, although I'm not exactly certain what in her mind this would entail. Imagine if all Muslims were moderates who embraced freedom and democracy and sharia law was no more. There would be more of heaven on earth for sure.
  2. In The Answer, Mr. Icke writes of climate change being connected to weather manipulation, via the use of satellite systems, and how what's been really fueling all this is technocracy. Once again, Icke is spot-on, as he often is. Now we are hearing of a Bill Gates-funded project called "Stratospheric Controlled Disturbance Experiment," which is said to have the goal of supposedly wanting to cool the earth by releasing artificial particles into the atmosphere. All this ties in to the book I am currently reading: Under An Ionized Sky by Elana Freeland, which aside from the The Answer, of course, is in my opinion the most important book anyone could be reading right now. According to the authoress, our weather is not only being modified but even weaponized by means of electromagnetic technology. Involved in this vast Mephistophelian plot are military psychos, Deep State lowlifes, and other contemptible riff-raff. Aside from geoengineering, somehow tied into all this is what is termed full spectrum dominance, the Space Surveillance System, transhumanism, and a whole bunch of other nasty stuff. Most people know nothing about any of this and probably continue to believe that CO2 is the greatest threat to our well-being. What nonsense. The process of photosynthesis is absolutely divine. What isn't divine, in fact the very opposite of such, is all these self-appointed, soulless megalomaniacs out there wanting to play god and fuck with Mother Nature.
  3. The study of end-times prophecies can initially at first seem convoluted and to those in want of analytical endowment perhaps an altogether meaningless intellectual exercise without any relevance to world events. Yet with time and patience (and some might include prayer) what at first appears labyrinthine gradually gives way to understanding. In a way, it too is a form of dot-connecting, with biblical verses/passages the hints and clues by which to work from. Personally, I am not altogether engrossed in this material but do find it interesting and important to some degree, as well as highly respect Richardson's oeuvre. I've enjoyed a number of his seminars/lectures and believe his scripturally based worldview to be relatively accurate (although he makes no claims of being infallible). It is true that there have been numerous fake Mahdis who have come and gone in the Islamic world, with all of them said to be Sunni. Many Christians believe, however, that even the final and "real" Mahdi will be false as well -- specifically, the very Antichrist! Christians who are accepting of Richardsonian interpretation of end-times analysis also feel that the character of Isa (the Jesus spoken of in the Koran) is an utterly blasphemous concept and the very False Prophet -- the Mahdi's sidekick, if you will -- spoken of in the Book of Revelation. Indeed, it is many a biblical Christian's contention that certain teachings within Islam are adamantly, diametrically opposed to orthodox tenets with regard to the Lord and Savior; hence, blatantly antichrist in spirit. Not surprisingly, Islamists will fail to see it this way, with an eschatology of their own in which black is white and white is black. Said Bible commentator offers one such glaring example of the latter, in his pointing out an interesting fact about Islamic teaching which just so happens to be a complete inversion of biblical eschatology. Apparently, there is a beast that is said will emerge out of Mecca. This beast also marks the foreheads of people. The difference being, that in the Islamic tradition, this beast is viewed as benevolent, making the receiving of the mark a positive sign identifying all true Muslim believers. As such, the recipients of this mark would be totally accepting of the mark of the beast -- this beast anyway -- as they would consider it a good thing. This, a total reverse of what the Bible teaches, as if inspired by the Devil itself. As for the messiah figure and deliverer prophesied about in Islamic scripture, he is said to be one who will invade and conquer Israel and rule the world (for a time being, anyway) from Jerusalem. Coincidentally, this is a perfect description of the biblical Antichrist! There are Christian Zionists who feel this would be the ultimate sacrilege, far surpassing the "monument of defiance" that already exists on the Temple Mount. What concerns evangelists like Richardson are those like the Shia Iranian leaders who believe that they can assist their god along in bringing about these prophecies via their intervening as active messianists. (These ones note, however, that it is unlikely that Iran would ever outright nuke Israel as this would go against the prophecies contained in their religious texts.) According to some Bible teachers with an in-depth knowledge of the Middle East situation, peace treaties that some Islamic countries have signed with Israel are considered to be insincere at their core or to be honored no more than ten years, what with the very root of Islamic theology said to be one involving the conquering of Israel (and, by extension, the rest of the world) in the name of their god. These teachers have warned that this would be more easily accomplished were a caliphate to once again emerge in the region. Historian Bat Ye'or has also written of the possibility or likelihood of a coming global caliphate. As for information pertaining to the founder of the Islamic faith with regard to his intimacies with women if not as well with an underage girl beginning in his middle age, such is well-known throughout most of the world and has been for centuries long before the internet. There have been moderate Muslims who have acknowledged this, as well as critics such as Christopher Hitchens (author of God Is Not Great) and scholars like Nigel Davies (author of The Rampant God), among other credible sources.
  4. About the only quibble I have with this film is with its treatment of 9/11, of which I personally do not feel was an act of militant jihadism, even though what sadly happened to the approximate 3000 victims of the WTC towers was loudly praised and cheered throughout most of the Islamic world, as if their believing that bin Laden and his henchmen were the orchestrators of the event. Nevertheless, to think that just days following 9/11 there was a proposal to construct a mega-mosque at Ground Zero! Just what message was this heartless and disrespectful idea intended to convey to the world? As I watched this film, I was reminded of the fact that radical Islamists perceive moderate Muslims as being weak in their faith if not nominal members, albeit people capable of being radicalized, or so they believe. The film also focuses on militant jihad only, which although troubling is not as insidious a threat to western liberty as that of cultural jihad. America ought to be thankful that they have those among the citizenry trying to raise public awareness as to the wolves in their midst; righteous souls like Robert Spencer and the stylish Pamela Geller. Ms. Geller, in fact, was the main organizer behind the protesting of the 9/11 mega-mosque, which had it been built would have most certainly been a contemptuously monstrous desecration of the site. God bless these freedom-loving individuals like Spencer and Geller and others on the side of peace and democracy.
  5. There are those among the Blue Pillers who are so lost without hope that even God in all his omnipotence would nevertheless be powerless to arouse from slumber. As with members of a cult, their minds are hopelessly closed to any information that threatens their highly guarded and self-perceived infallible belief systems. No amount of reasoning has any effect on the irredeemably mentally imprisoned. Fantastically, among those of said mental state are those who claim to possess absolute truth(!), such is the extent of their hubris and the power of self-delusion. Then there are the somnambulists who do not wish to be disturbed. It's not so much that their minds are impenetrable (as the former lot) as their hearts simply not interested in hearing anything unpleasant. Theirs is the attitude of, You are probably right but I much prefer blissful ignorance. What you speak is no doubt gospel but such has no place in my protective bubble, where happiness supersedes often inconvenient truth. Fantastically, such ones are all for the illusion so long as there's television game shows to watch, card games to play, and chicken dances to flap their arms to (admittedly, a fun pastime in its proper time and place). These people do not care to be informed of anything that may upset their carefree, pleasure-seeking la-la-lands. They are like ostriches with their arses to the wind. To them, the Red Piller is nothing but a bearer of negative news. Heck, often mainstream tidings do not even puncture their orbit, let alone alternative/independent news sources. Sadly, I feel such zombies make up the majority of earth-dwellers, who are not so much mass conditioned by the social engineers and occult enchanters as it being a case of their choosing to inhabit fairylands of their own devising. It is why so many can be controlled by so few. The powers-that-be merely need to draft a blueprint for the prison; the inmates are the ones who by and large willingly construct, maintain, and update it. Is it pessimistic of one to glean from this that the so-called Great Awakening being anticipated by some, mostly in New Age circles, is nothing but wishful thinking on the part of those who are not being realistic? Those awake to the grim reality of things and to the manipulators operating behind the curtain can do little it seems to open the minds of those who -- either out of a sense of infallibility or vulnerability -- dismissively write their potential perceptual liberators off as being crackpot conspiracy theorists or wallowers in doom-and-gloom. Indeed, the chains of this prison planet are so deeply entrenched that there are those who would not exchange their beloved shackles for all the freedom in the world, even if it only meant just once listening to someone with a critical yet open mind without smirking or snickering and tuning out.
  6. I've been told by an avid enthusiast of ET lore that the Zeta Grays, although thought to be behind the "H+" movement by many a seer, are actually opposed to the transitioning of Homo Sapiens into hybrid-human machines as this would only work to interfere with their Breeding Program, in which unaltered human DNA is a most precious commodity to them. This leads me to believe that, aside from the involvement of the earthly Dark Cabal, another alien race is likely behind the push for Homo Evolutis, quite possibly those speculated descendants from the Draco region, who are thought to be generally misanthropic and in want of reclaiming the planet as their own, which would first require subjugating, nay, transmogrifying the divine's special creation. Once across the dystopian threshold, it is thought the super A.I. will serve as minions on behalf of the unearthed Dracos. Something very dark is behind this antihuman phenomenon to be sure. It's no stretch of the imagination to think certain crypto-terrestrials may somehow be involved, in quite possibly influencing the (unwitting) proponents of this movement. It seems to me that no human in his or her right mind would willingly choose to relinquish their precious humanity unless their minds were not totally their own to begin with. I could be wrong in this but what else can explain the absolute disdain some among the species have for being endowed with divine spirit? This divine spark, it has been said, can be lost to the archontic illusion or on the altar of the demiurge, and if it is so that certain cosmic entities are absent of silver cords connecting them to what Nigel Kerner terms the 'Godverse,' it only makes sense that from their perspective the forever earthbound would want to devour as many souls as possible, by keeping them tethered to the earthplane, as mechanized, quasi-immortal freaks of science. So not worth it.
  7. I grappled with a question recently but I think I may have stumbled upon the answer. The question involved the seeming contradiction between the NWO agenda & its characteristic police state and the recent 'defund the police' movements that are in large part funded by globalists. Is the latter not counter-intuitive on the part of the one-percenters? It was not until I stumbled upon a little news notice of a soon-to-be published book that it was all clarified for me. Brandon Tatum is the name of the author. The book is titled: Beaten Black and Blue: Being a Black Cop in an America Under Seige. The book apparently delves into various stats, such as how in the U.S. unarmed whites are shot and killed by police twice as much as unarmed blacks, and how the majority of homicides and other crimes are committed by black offenders. As I read the snippet the author Vince Everett Ellison came to mind, whose book I reviewed elsewhere on this forum. Tatum, as with Ellison, is also strong in his opinion that black Americans ought to exit the Democratic Party. (The movement Tatum co-founded dedicated to working towards this is playfully dubbed 'BLEXIT'.) But what caught my attention was what the author had to say about the 'defund the police' movement. According to this former police officer, the agenda has to do with the transference of police power over to the government. Once federalized, he says, unconstitutional mandates will be more easily enforceable.
  8. Film Title: Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West Director: Wayne Kopping Released: 2006 This highly important yet disturbing documentary is an exceptional examination of radical Islam, a fanatical movement within Islam driven by an innate contempt for western values and especially Jews the world over. Specifically, the film focuses on the power of anti-Israel, anti-American propaganda on the impressionable minds of those content with getting their news solely from Arab media/satellite TV. The doc also parallels the spirit of Islamic extremism with the spirit of Nazism, highlighting their uncanny similarities, in which Jews are regarded as subhuman and referred to as 'pigs' and 'swine.' One commentator remarks how back in the mid-to-late 1930s, very few people took Hitlerian rhetoric seriously, until it was too late. The Nazis had sought world domination, and held a dehumanizing view of the Jews, as do radical Islamofascists. About halfway through the film there's shown a set of split-screen images, comparing sketches of (past) Nazi and (present) Palestinian depictions of Jews. The first of these split-screen images depicts the Jewish race as a spider in a web; the second, as an octopus. Although produced generations apart, these images are practically identical and are products of the same reptilian-brain mentality. The lovely Nonie Darwish appears in this production as do other commentators, moderate in their Muslim faith (including political scientist Salim Mansur), who have taken to speaking out against increasing rabid Islamism and warning western societies of the enemies in their midst. A former PLO terrorist is also heard from, as well as a Palestinian journalist, both warning of the danger. Various clips are shown, mostly from Arab tv, in which is shown ... small Arab children being indoctrinated in anti-Semitism, with adults instilling in them hatred at an early age ... a jihad rally in London ... a sheik expressing to his audience of how U.S. decision-making is manipulated by Zionists ... an Islamic cleric who recounts some remarks that another cleric once said to him about the dream some radical Muslims have of one day completely occupying the White House and renaming it the Muslim House. One of the interviewees in the film, an intelligence researcher, speaks of his having acquired audio recordings that were secretly made of meetings held in London mosques which reveal a not so peaceful message. (What a contrast to Christ's gospel which teaches to love even one's enemies. It has been said that 'by their fruits' true followers of God can be identified, with God being Love.) Within the doc are many a scene of these ungodly extremists clad in black attire, often with their faces concealed, and brandishing weapons, appearing every bit as woefully spiritually impoverished. This is not a documentary on what is known as cultural jihad -- which is a more insidious threat to the west, in which the intended takeover of infidels is attempted or accomplished via deep-laid, subtle and gradual 'democratic' means, lobby groups, and such -- but of militant jihad, in which in some cases passages taken from the Koran have been left at the crime scenes; sadistic atrocities all done in the name of their tribal deity. The one person missing from this film who has discussed extensively about the threat of Islamism is the intellectual heroine Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a dignified and refined gentlewoman, who has spoken of radical clerics in Great Britain, for example, who preach 'holy war' and how such talk is not the product of U.S. imperialism (as such talk has existed from as far back as the political ideologue's very first conqueror) but rather intrinsically rooted in the sacred texts of the faith. 'Tis why the Islamic caliphate known to history was a conquering force, subduing other peoples in the name of their belief system and bringing their captives under oppressive submission. As one expert on the threat of global jihadism has noted, the Islamists' hatred of non-Muslims and especially Jews is ultimately based not on any provocation on the part of so-called victimizers, but is largely predisposed.
  9. The gist of evangelist Richardson's polemic is that the final world empire and the Antichrist will not be of European origin. His take was initially unpopular within Christian circles, but has since been gaining momentum in recent years, this message convincing many believers as to this particular scriptural interpretation. As is common knowledge to most people, the founder of Islam was himself a conqueror -- in more ways than one. He was said to have been visited by the angel Gabriel (a la Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon faith), and went onto become a polygamist at almost 50 years of age, reportedly sleeping each night with a different spouse. This revered figure to a lot of religionists, it is recorded, even had a wife as young as 8 years, a girl who still played with dolls. This was in and around the time of his supposedly having taken an airborne safari from Mecca to Jerusalem, long before magic carpets were even invented. In the spirit of the founder, following his demise, Islamic imperialists and intolerant Muslim armies went about for centuries attempting to conquer or conquering Christian territories and other lands -- in the name of peace or something or other. From as far back as the eleventh and twelve centuries A.D., there were fanatical sects of Muslims who terrorized and sought to dominate not just Christians and Jews but pagans; one of the earliest forms of these sects being the "hashish eaters," otherwise known as the Assassins. The final kingdom of end-times teaching is said to be one akin to being under the influence of the 'Prince of Persia,' who will once again take to conquering, perhaps not militarily in this case as culturally -- a fertile supertribe (i.e. one against abortion) into the crushing of other cultures and religions, perhaps this time by less overt and more stealthy means (as with the modern-day phenomenon of 'Chrislam'). Interestingly, according to biblical eschatology, the Jewish Temple is destined to be rebuilt, in or around Mount Moriah in Jerusalem; once re-established, it's said it will then be sacrilegiously usurped by Gog, a scriptural figure interpreted by some scholars as being in reference to the final caliph of Islam, the Mahdi who some speculate if not a biological thrall will be of artificial intelligence, operating under the control of the Great Dragon, who gives him/it authority -- up until, that is, the return of Christ, who will reign from Mount Zion, as has been prophesied in holy text. No wonder, remark some Christians, that Satan's seed is set against the very idea of religious Zionism and why maybe crypto-globalist, pseudo-Zionists posing as Jews have infiltrated and control Israel, in order to ruin the reputation of and detract from biblical Zionism. As Mr. Richardson has noted, the Bible, from beginning to end is, after all, Israel-centric.
  10. To this day, The Biggest Secret continues to hold a special place in my heart and remains my favorite among Mr. Icke's printed works. Periodically, I will return to it and each time am amazed at how much of what is contained in that book continues to remain true and relevant after all this time. In it, Mr. Icke writes of his being a truth-seeker and as such how he is always willing to change his views if need be. Over time he has on occasion done just that it seems; incidentally, much to the dismay of a few people I know who no longer regard themselves as among his fanbase, due to their not having liked where their once admired and indirect guide has taken his research in recent years. To be sure, whatever fans Mr. Icke has lost on account of this estimated exodus has been made up for and then some via his undoubtedly having acquired since about the publication of The Trigger a whole new interested readership and following, apparently quite fond of the direction in which he has been led. Aside from many interesting if not shocking parenthetical asides relating to Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Charles Taze Russell, and a whole host of others, much is made in The Biggest Secret of the threat of global fascism, of Reptilians (the ultimate and main string-pullers) operating from within the lower fourth dimension (this, the big dark secret that was), of secret societies, interbreeding bloodlines, the royal families of Europe, the Tavistock Institute, intelligence agencies (one of which, based in Amerika, Icke writes of having been created by Nazis), and of the epicenter of the Spider being the City of London financial district. All these intersecting strands and cusp groups ultimately forming the Web that controls the world. At the time, Mr. Icke wrote of Zionism strictly in passing and only constituting a mere part of this Web, despite many believing it to be the central aspect to it all. Unlike today where it's Sabbatian this and Sabbatian that, there was instead more emphasis on Hitler, Aryans, their warped ideology of there existing a "master race," and of how the U.S. is a superpower-puppet, controlled not by Zionists but by the Babylonian Brotherhood (a much less controversial and divisive term). All of which I myself continue to believe to be quite accurate. Recently, I had a chance to view Confessions Of A Mother Goddess for the first time. Prior to the candid interview Icke conducts with Arizona Wilder, Icke gives the viewer a tour of this very aforementioned epicenter, providing insightful commentary in addition, for about fifteen minutes. He describes this video at the time as being a complementary companion to the book, and I would have to agree with this. (Incidentally, I'm not quite sure what to make of every last detail of Ms. Wilder's testimony. The gist of what she says is not entirely beyond plausibility but one wonders just how much of her anecdotal revelations are entirely factual. Her testimony reminds me of Cathy O'Brien's equally rather far-out memories as recorded in Trance Formation Of America, one of the most disturbing accounts I have ever read. Many of the claims that are made allegedly involving one-time prominent figures in American politics and Hollywood often come off sounding too fantastic to be believed.) It's as if all the villains mentioned and discussed in The Biggest Secret have, since its publication, in line with Mr. Icke's latest findings, gradually coalesced into a neatly packaged, oft-used, coined catchphrase, one which has seen to the Spider in the last decade having shape-shifted so to speak and relocating from the City of London to Israel of all places. Take for instance the image of the All-Seeing Eye. What is clearly a Freemasonic symbol (as also observed to be in The Biggest Secret) is described in a caption in chapter 20 of The Trigger as now being of Sabbatian-Frankist origin. And on and on this seeming overwriting-vocabulary goes, enough to make some question this apparent contrast or contradiction between Icke's message of old and the rebooted version if you will. As perceived in the index to The Trigger, even the great big "Illuminati" has since taken a back seat to Sabbatian-Frank-speak, this SF phrase used so often now with almost mantra-esque fascination. Without doubt, The Biggest Secret would be my pick to recommend to anyone interested in learning more about the esoteric goings-on behind the scenes and the Orwellian agenda of the elite one-worlders (an agenda, by the way, that within today's alternative media has been kept largely suppressed by system-controllers operating under the guise of paranormalists who wish to conceal the NWO plot by means of seductive consciousness-diverting "programming"). As an aside, I think The Trigger, with all its talk of (ultra)Zionists, would only end up turning off too many seekers unfamiliar with the one-percenters and their shadowy masters. (Somehow I just can't picture Mr. Icke in the years to come sporting a fez and quoting from suras to help lend weight to his arguments, if that is the intellectual destination he is subtly inching towards.) Whatever the case, as it presently stands, I continue to recommend to others Mr. Icke's entire body of work and really couldn't care less where they start from, as I feel each one of Mr. Icke's books to be good starting points to one degree or another. Interestingly, author Mark Dice, whose research I also happen to think contains much vital info, devotes a small section to David Icke in his book The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, and his overall impression is unfortunately not a very flattering one. Dice goes as far back to the early '90s to make a case for his general dismissal of Mr. Icke's credibility, which I think is rather unfair. As Icke himself notes in The Biggest Secret, it was not until August 1996 that he began discussing conspiracy subjects (in the U.S.), which would make anything he said beforehand, prior to entering into his dot-connector mode, for the most part obsolete and beyond comparing.
  11. Yesterday was Canada Day. It was disappointing to hear in the news of Canada Day events being cancelled in various communities across the country, with some citizens ashamed of living in one of the greatest countries on earth. One can really see the influence of the infiltrators and their quasi-Marxist adherents at work here. All the good about Canada, which far, far outweighs the (magnified) negative, ought to have been the focus of the national holiday. Instead, there were numerous skeletons at the feast, party poopers, and others who seemingly took great delight raining on the annual parade. What a disgrace. No doubt there were many others, however, who celebrated the day from coast to coast with a sense of patriotic pride, waving their handheld flags, perhaps even clad in their "Make Canada Great Again" ballcaps, glad they are not to be living in places like China, or Iran, or North Korea, fully aware of the precious freedoms they have living in a democracy.
  12. The expression 'God works in mysterious ways' just may in fact be applicable in this case. If it is according to a divine plan that the Third Jewish Temple be rebuilt, who's to say that God isn't using -- however indirectly, imperceptibly, as He sometimes has in the past, according to Scripture -- people not His own, at times even impostors or outright enemies, in order to carry out His will, by means of 'placing it into the hearts' of, in this case, the ultra-Zionists who, although having their own agenda for rebuilding the Temple, may unbeknownst to them be unwittingly setting into place the necessary building blocks in harmony with biblical eschatology. Then again, some have wondered whether the whole 'ultra-Zionist plot' theory is maybe nothing more than a clever invention of propagandists operating from within a Fourth Reich, ultimately deceiving those who promote it, who have fallen for this particular campaign in thought reform. Following Germany's defeat in WW2, it is well-known that numerous Nazis fled to various parts of the world -- some have speculated Brazil, Argentina, Spain, with Israel possibly having been an even more plausible destination point for these ones in which to covertly settle, as members of an occult-based fifth column. The Nazis' knowledge of rocket science and possession of advanced technology was said to be superior to anyone else's, with high-ranking Nazi officials and scientists, via Project Paperclip, having found their way into top establishment positions in the U.S. To this day, anti-American sentiments frequently depict the U.S. in generalized terms (e.g. 'the U.S. funded so-and-so', etc) when it is more likely an anti-American faction within that's responsible for marring or attempting to mar the democratic nation's reputation in the non-free world, as well as attempting to dismantle the Constitution.
  13. Re: PPE as its relates to "Covid"... I know someone who works in a warehouse in Ontario who told me today of a company policy that'll be taking effect next Monday. These are workers, some might say exploited workers, who are already required to wear two facemasks as per company policy, and who of late have been suffering from almost unbearable working conditions due to plus-thirty degrees temperatures in the building (this multibillion dollar company doesn't provide these floor workers with air conditioning, that's how much they truly care about their employees' health). Starting Monday these warehouse staff will now also be required to wear either a face shield or another form of protective eyewear. This, or the highway. (Can anyone spell exploitation?) This is June 30, 2021 and not June 30, 2020, correct? Is it just me, or does this policy seem a bit extreme? And why now, a year-and-a-half into this "plandemic" and not, say, a year earlier, when in the thick of it? There are some places in North America finally starting to open up and are easing off on restrictions; then you hear of stories like this that boggles the mind, and it makes you wonder whether those in positions of power within business care about freedom and the emotional and mental health of their employees or whether these ones derive a diabolical thrill acting like petty tyrants, into the imposing of dictatorial policies that in all likelihood will not affect them, those who sit comfortably at home or in their air-conditioned executive offices. This person I spoke with is none too pleased and has informed me of co-workers of hers who also have had about enough of these (arguably illogical and unscientific) company policies in regard to PPE. This lady contacted a government agency that specializes in workplace matters to enquire as to whether a company has the right to mandate ridiculous policies such as this and was told that in regards to covid-related policies, that a company has the right to go above and beyond governmental policies, if they so desire. My question is, if all your employees are double-masked, then what possible reason is there for protective eyewear, other than to implement it for public relations purposes (i.e. herald it in the news of this latest virtue-signaling act of yours), or just for the hell of it, like how mad emperors in ancient Roman times used to order their underlings to do senseless things, for no reason at all other than so that the emperor can get off on a power trip. This lady is thinking about quitting her job. For fun, I put on two facemasks and some goggles and in a matter of a minute, the lenses kept fogging up. Good lord. How does this company expect their employees to work under these draconian working conditions? Are the ones who dream up these policies sadists? It could be worse, I told her. At least it's not a HASMAT suit she has to wear or a suit of armor. (I wouldn't put it past them.)
  14. There are those who are of the opinion that the centuries-old Illuminati are an offshoot of Sabbatian-Frankism. I would respond by saying that it's probably the other way around. Too much emphasis, I feel, has been placed on the identity of this existent "Death Cult" as somehow being interconnected with this SF element out to control Israel and the world, which in my view, even if true to some extent, only ends up muddying the waters and creating a convenient deflection for overt or crypto anti-Semitic readers, followers, and Arab Nazis to latch onto, magnify, and become mired in their infallibly perceived vocal and printed echo chambers. The sincerely expressed sentiments contained in the Protocols are undoubtedly Illuminati-inspired and much of its contents, as others have noted, has been put into global action by the actual devotees of its ghostwriters who are satanic at their core, never-minding their irrelevant heritage. The Jewish connection was, according to some astute and objective researchers, a clever and later addition to the documents as part of a disinformation exercise designed to divert attention to the scapegoats, and in effect causing a century of hatred for an Illuminati-despised people, culminating in the horrific Holocaust and its loathsome deniers, who continue to this day, primarily among the "Mideast Beast" countries, that have tremendous influence on the minds of many a suggestible and bigoted ignoramus, via their one-sided propaganda-laced broadcasting.
  15. There was a news report recently that told of resumed religious services in a Pennsylvania, U.S. county, in which some Amish communities re-assembled, sharing communion cups and exchanging facial pecks upon greeting each other, as the Christians in apostolic times. What a contrast compared to the police state-like reactions of certain law-enforcement officers in Alberta, and even of ordinarily law-abiding citizens who have committed actual non-covid-related crimes against these poor pastors, crimes utterly hateful and malicious in spirit, as if compelled by a demonic force. Even if you're one like many among the mask-fetishists who almost derive an erotic pleasure from the experience and feel that what these pastors have done in peacefully assembling in physical environments is wrong and maybe even deserving of capital punishment, it's hard to disagree with the fact that the way they were manhandled and charged far exceeded befitting punishment. I don't think this was so much about penalizing those who have committed infractions as it was about singling out representatives of a faith you despise. Who knows, maybe they'll come up with a reason to target self-professing Christians who meet in virtual settings next. Perhaps something along the lines of not being permitted to recite the Lord's prayer unless gagged and six feet away from the monitor.
  16. When it comes to the decades-long Palestinian-Israeli conflict, in which letting bygones be bygones seems to be easier said than done, there is much room for dialogical debate, complex as this is as opposed to being cut-and-dry. (I feel it smacks of wokeism/political correctness to want conformity of opinion on certain debatable issues and to demonize intellectual dissent as out to intentionally "cause division.") For those who have not succumbed to wokeism or have fallen for the Protocols, it is generally felt that in a professed democracy such as the United States, support for Israel, a democratic ally, ought to be a bipartisan affair. Yet, in cases where the provocation of Israeli retaliation occurs, the common reaction has been the leftist/PC media's subsequent zeroing in and magnification only on the actions of the retaliatory party. I don't believe this can be solely attributed to possibly Arab-inspired anti-American sentiments, which sees the U.S. and its allies as being overall "oppressive" colonial powers, much of which is cover for (veiled) anti-Jewishness and insidious expansionism of their own. For centuries, the Jewish people, regardless of statehood, have been arbitrarily attacked and made the scapegoats for no other reason than their ethnic heritage. History informs us, for example, of Muslim zealots who for centuries, prior to the 19th, persecuted Jews (regarded as dhimmi as opposed to imperialists), for no other reason than that the persecutors were incorrigibly dogmatic bigots, if not djinn-possessed. Indeed, an argument could be made that the religious aspect of Zionism -- the purest and most legitimate aspect -- has been superseded or hijacked by a pseudo-Jewish faction said to be driven by a sinister, conspiratorial agenda; in effect devilishly marring what at its root is a non-pejorative term. Perhaps the overzealous exposers of this (theoretical) diabolical agenda are doing a disservice to all Israeli Jews and religious Zionists, in their inadvertently(?) painting these ones with the same brush. Interestingly, hate-mongering muftis in and around Palestine during the mid-to-late 1930s had allied themselves with the Nazi Party, some even co-opting the swastika and the brownshirts' salute, and took to championing on their fascist anti-Jewish friends and sometimes financial supporters, such as the SS, who funded these Palestinians and their anti-Semitic deeds. To this day, psychologically disturbed pro-Hamas protestors in Western lands such as Canada have been known to use the Nazi salute in seeming admiration of their hate-filled, thuggish predecessors. A disturbing fact which many an anti-Zionist conveniently glazes over and minifies, despite their professing to despise fascism in all its forms.
  17. Within higher places of learning in the U.S., indoctrinated students are generally woke and thus in keeping with political correctness (a creation of the far left) tend to be sympathetic to violent Islamist groups such as ISIS and Hamas. Some free-thinking pundits have suggested this is due to the infiltration of Islamist (i.e. Jew-hating) propaganda and influence within Western academia, which is primarily "progressive" as opposed to conservative. If so, the so-called tolerant left is being unknowingly used by an insidious ideology that is political at its core and fundamentally intolerant. One commentator has expressed his belief that when the Islamists rise to prominence in the U.K., which he predicts won't be too far off, the censorious leftists will be utterly surprised to get a taste of their own medicine; meaning, that they will be immediately deleted, and ultimately subjugated under sharia law. No doubt when this happens they will blame ultra-Zionists for the takeover, or claim that all the imams and mullahs in their midst, the ones spewing virulent hatred of Jews (not only Israelis), as being "crypto" Jews. With all due respect to Mr. Icke, whose work I greatly admire, if one were to do a word count of how many times the word Zionist appears in The Answer compared to Islam, one would begin to understand the reason for the almost pathological anti-Zionist-speak that goes on among the arguably more impressionable parrots of Ickeism. (Note: I consider myself an Ickette as well; just not, shall we say, an ultra one. I can disagree on some things! Imagine, just holding a contrary view as this gets you labeled by some as one working on behalf of Hasbara!) This is not to say that I don't believe the expansionist Islamists are being used themselves as part of an agenda orchestrated by -- I prefer to use the term global elites rather than Zionists -- but are Zionists also responsible for the way some if not many Muslim women are treated and viewed within Islamic societies?, for the persecution of Christians and minorities in many Muslim countries?, for the enforced genital mutilation of many Muslim women?, for the contempt for homosexuals in lands under sharia?, for so-called "honor killings"? The alternative media is for the most part a refreshing respite from leftist influence/rhetoric except it seems when it comes to this, in keeping with a damn good conspiracy theory.
  18. What has been happening in Alberta, Canada with regard to the harassment and persecution of Christian shepherds is utterly shameful and almost surreal. Some would even say draconian, if not outright satanic. Here, I refer specifically to the appalling mistreatment of pastors Artur Pawlowski, James Coates, and Tim Stephens. All three have been the victims of various forms of abuse, short of their being forced to wear a crown of thorns. All this has got me to wondering, what effect these repeated/extended lockdowns is having on various organized religions and religious faith, the kind that for centuries has depended on tangible fellowship more than anything else in order for their congregants and parishioners to be encouraged and to experience the perception of God's love. Will brick-and-mortar churches ever be allowed to reopen or are virtual religious services here to stay and perhaps one of the intended results of this "plandemic"? Interestingly, there are those among the faithful who have hitherto enjoyed participating in virtual settings and would like very much for them to continue even if and when physical places of worship are one day permitted to resume functioning. Why go to all the trouble of dressing up in one's Sunday best when you can praise the Lord in one's pajamas?, some have passionately argued. (Referencing the whole 'come as you are' principle.) Only time will tell whether suits and frocks will ever again be needed to attend church and if these shutdowns/restrictions have been causing an increase in zealots or more so lapsers.
  19. Has any modern-day published author other than David Icke written as extensively on Sabbatian-Frankism as he has? There seems to be an obsession with some people over these two mortal men of yore but outside of Icke, research into this duo is suspiciously scant. Couple this with the almost equally obscure dialogical phenomenon known as Noahide. Had never heard of this until I read The Answer. (Noahide, by the way, has nothing to do with tanning.) Personally, I don't think either of these is or will be much of a threat to global freedom, but for the sake of argument, assuming these players turn out to be more influential forces than the Spider masterminds and secret societies/mystery schools that have operated for centuries and certainly long before Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank emerged on the world stage, does not there exist somewhat of a contradiction between these two supposed arch-enemies of mankind? How can both be threats to our liberty when they are in principle diametrically opposed to each other? Will a form of Satanism end up converting the masses or enslaving them against their will, one in which morality is said to be inverted, or a set of strict moral laws steeped in Judaism? You can't have it both ways, or can you?
  20. Was unfamiliar with this person until just the other day. One of the best interviews I've heard from a highly credible doctor critical of the recent vaccine rollout: Podcaster Sheila Gunn Reid's recent chat with the admirable Dr. Roger Hodkinson. Listened to it the other day and must say of all the critiques from those in the medical field surrounding this latest issue, this interview was the most cogent, straightforward, anti-BS one of them all and would be most accessible, I think, to anyone with half a brain outside of the conspiracy subculture (i.e. it's Blue-Piller-friendly), willing to hear the other side of the story, other than the one presented by the Ministry of Truth and repeated ad nauseum by mainstream media (unquestioning and controlled) mouthpieces. Mr. Hodkinson is not even an anti-vaxxer, merely critical of this latest fiasco. We learn of a side-effect described as inflammation of the heart, to go with blood clots in the brain and legs.
  21. Prodigious researcher and Bible commentator Joel Richardson has produced a significant body of work and makes a strong case for the seventh/eighth global empire referred to in Bible prophecy being none other than a re-established Caliphate. In one of his lectures, he mentions an event that occurs annually in London, England alone -- pro-Khilafah rallies that have attracted up to 30,000 attendees (a staggering 120,000 in 2008). Caliphate or no caliphate, it has been said that Islam is the fastest growing modern-day movement in the entire world. According to traditional Bible prophecy, Rome is thought to be the final world empire. Richardson's position makes much more sense, with the seventh having been the Islamic Empire which ruled much of the Middle East since the fall of Rome, until 1924 or so, when the Caliph was abolished and the Ottoman Empire broken up by western powers into various nation-states. One of the Arab leaders at the time who was in favor of and behind this abolishment, according to Richardson, was accused by many in the Islamic world of being a crypto-Jew and part of a Zionist conspiracy (this, before the state of Israel even existed), when he was merely acting as an overt secularist. In The Trigger, Icke is of the opinion that the One World religion will be Sabbatian-Frankism. Whereas, if you read highly important yet disturbing books like Bruce Bawer's While Europe Slept and Leo Hohmann's Stealth Invasion, a less fanciful and more plausible picture is presented, one based on the reality of global expansionism happening in the here-and-now, with the covert goal being, via Hijra, world domination, sought not by peaceful, democracy-loving moderate Muslims who perhaps make up the majority but nevertheless by various Islamist cabals who interpret the Koran as being primarily a political idealogy, one that promotes conquest, and who are thus out to take over the planet demographically instead of militarily. (This goes way beyond regional Wahhabism.) Some have wondered: If Islam is a religion of peace, why then are there so many (supposed) refugees and asylum-seekers fleeing their homelands and immigrating to the "infidel" West? Hohmann writes of how America is being radically transformed, albeit gradually and insidiously, from once in large part a Christian nation to a soon-to-be Islamic one. (In say, fifty years time, what will the West look like?) He explains what is termed the interfaith strategy and why the (radical) left has allied itself with these religious fundamentalists: both groups are generally Christophobic/Judeophobic, in favor of big government and more environmental laws, and in extreme forms despise America and its Constitution. As David Horowitz points out in Dark Agenda, Christian prayers are forbidden in the American school system but apparently not class trips to mosques or the showing of videos to small impressionable children that promote Islam as the one true religion. (This, a double-standard that stinks to high heaven.) In another related example given in the book, a classroom of middle-schoolers in Tennessee were required to write that There is no god but Allah. So much for separation of church and state. The Sabbatian-Frankism global-religion theory I think is a major stretch. For starters, how is this even a religion? An occult influence and shadow government of sorts, yes, but a religion that will overtake the world? C'mon. As I've stated before, I'm on the same page with Mr. Icke on so many things, just not in regards to the threat of Noahide, as well as this.
  22. Re: Christians & Israel: Addendum One rather well-known and influential pundit, a man who has been dubbed Israel's preeminent revisionist historian, has referred to Christianity, in passing, as a mythology. I'm not sure what exactly he means by this, but I interpret it as a comment which, seemingly, snidely belittles the entire faith of Christian Zionists the world over, via one casually expressed and flippantly expressed polysyllable, if in fact this man is implying Christ as being ahistorical. If so, is this part of his revisionism, also? Just imagine if you are of the adamant opinion that Christ never lived in human form, despite all the recorded and extra-canonical evidence to the contrary. If you were to base in part your polemical foundation on a shaky premise as this, can you possibly be said to display truly detached objectivity in your examination and profuse coverage of the Zionist situation? Maybe not. Maybe one's ultimate stance on the matter is based on a political slant/bias.
  23. Title: All Who Go Do Not Return Author: Shulem Deen Published: 2015 This exceptionally compelling read is a memoirs penned by an ex-member of a tight-knit community called the Skverers, a severely cloistered Jewish sect. Mr. Deen grew up a Hasid, in New York, and lived for most of his early years absorbed in Talmudic study and Torah lessons, cut off from the high-tech outside world. As a young man with a wife and five kids and numerous kinfolk in the faith, Mr. Deen would go onto experience a crisis of conscience. No longer satisfied with going through the motions and living the life of a perfunctory follower of Hasidism, after much soul-searching and questioning of his faith, Deen eventually decided to distance himself from the sect, in his wanting of a life beyond its restrictive boundaries. Once engrossed in rabbinical texts, Deen, following a period of disillusionment, would later become interested in computer technology. It helps that the book is written in English and not in Yiddish. As a matter of fact, rather remarkably, Mr. Deen, as one who was raised a Hasid, is surprisingly a gifted writer if not a master of the English language. He writes even eloquently at times. Written in an intimist and introspective style, Mr. Deen on numerous a page bares his soul. He writes of his passionless marriage, due to it having been pre-arranged, and even the awkwardness of the consummative act. (As an aside, the Hasid are not alone in this. There are other religious sects who are equally square in the sack. It is not uncommon among these clans/cults for them to totally prohibit their women from ever being even for a moment the dominant sexual partner. A rib in the superior position is considered an act of insubordination within these patriarchal systems and a wife in dominatrix gear is most definitely out of the question. Intercourse underneath these pious bedsheets must be awfully rigid; movements, mechanical and by the elders' book. One wonders whether there is any undressing at all that goes on save for the necessary divested articles.) Mr. Deen recounts his meeting with a three-member rabbinical court of judges to discuss the matter of his being a doubting Thomas. In sects like these, as twisted as it is, the questioning of even minute aspects of one's belief system is considered a sign, not of humility but of pride. The book really picks up and becomes ever so intriguing beginning with chapter 17 (there are 26 in total). It is here that Mr. Deen begins speaking of what would become a major turning point in his life: namely, his transition from devout worshipper to eventual individualist. It is here where he begins to write about his double life phase, of being a Hasid in body only, all the while secretly engaged in Hasidic taboos, like listening to the radio when no one else was around. It didn't take long until his curiosity of the outside world would lead him to discovering other delights, such as the local library, secular music, movies on videotape, TV, and the internet (including starting his own blog). During one of his sneaking out at night pedestrian getaways, Mr. Deen tells of his visiting a bar for the first time, where at first he could not figure out why some of the patrons were walking around in bare-ass lederhosen. Talk about being out of one's element. All Who Go Do Not Return is the fascinating story of a religionist turned disbeliever and is one of my favorite non-fiction books of all time.
  24. This Neom sounds like a real shithole. When one thinks of desert people the image that pops into most Westerners' minds is undoubtedly one of men in archaic robes and low-tech sandals, riding (stationary) camels or mules. What an ignorant stereotype this is! Say what? A futuristic megacity being built where? In Saudi Arabia of all places, that's where. Talk about an anachronism! Heck, the place ought to be named Mirage. One thing is for sure. If this massive and unprecedented dystopian surveillance metropolis were being constructed in Israel, you can be sure the majority of posters on this forum would be on it in no time, and criticizing it ad nauseum, but because it's not it has hitherto gone practically ignored or if talked about in a neutral or even favorable manner. Robots. Drones. A.I. Holographic educators. A city without automobiles. No, this isn't China we're talking about or some other predominantly atheistic nation but one where there are many people who are still fiercely monotheistic. One wonders if Neom will attract any Islamists to its techno-prison or only technophilic wankers?
  25. Just finished re-reading this book and I enjoyed it even more the second time around. Although it focuses mainly on what Mr. Icke refers to as the Cult and in particular its relation to the latest artificial crisis creation, it is all the additional info, insights, and comments contained in The Answer that I seemed to notice and appreciate more during this latest go-through. Briefly, there is mention of the wall which Trump had intended to build while in office and how this was met with accusations of bigotry. The issue of mass immigration is also in passing discussed. Certainly, there is a problem not just with illegal immigrants entering the U.S. but with crypto-invaders as well, a matter which has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with protecting Western freedoms, as open borders allow not only for the entry of commendable assimilationists but, disturbingly, also of covertly antidemocratic infiltrators, be they political plotters or misogynistic, homophobic, medieval-minded theocrats. In regards to the whole Bleeping-19 affair, the majority of Earthlings are of the opinion that this is real and not just some bugbear. Assuming for a moment this is so, this too can be said to make a strong case for closed borders and national isolationism. After all, according to this official version of events, this is a global concern brought on by, in large part, a worldwide problem -- involving international travelers, jet setters, and globetrotters. Yet, in a world of peaceable nation-states and restricted travel, pandemics would not be an issue. Incidentally, an argument could be made that it is the high-minded and cosmopolitan-at-heart isolationist nation-state which not only keeps the NWO at bay but preserves the beautiful varieties of people on the planet and their cultural traditions from being homogenized and dissolved into melting pots. One of the better books I've read on the numerous flaws of multiculturalism (an admirable ideal but one with real, practical problems) is Delectable Lie by Salim Mansur. The Answer is spot-on on so many things, from celebrity virtue-signaling to the problem of grooming gangs in Britain, an epidemic which has gone largely unreported in the MSM on account of the perps being visible minorities. (An excellent book which goes into detail on the subject is Easy Meat by Peter McLoughlin.) Mr. Icke writes of the mayor of Londonistan, er, London, being Muslim and of Catholic popes being servants of the Cult. (One of the more highly influential players on the world stage that I've yet to hear Mr. Icke talk very much about are the Jesuits. The late Malachi Martin was perhaps the leading authority on this shady secret order.) In The Answer, one reads of transactivists run amok, of gender-bending drugs, and of drag queens who read to schoolchildren, subject matter that's enough to make lapsed Christians take up the cross again. Author Thomas Horn in his book Shadowland, writes of some drag queens being associated with Satanism, who visit libraries and schools around the United States in order to be with kids. Sabbatian-Frankism. This was a new term to me. It sounds like it could be the name of some strange and fanatical cult against the eating of frankfurters on the sabbath. Little did I know until reading The Answer that, according to Icke, not only are the Saudi royal family fake but are Sabbatian-Frankists. (Please expound!) As an aside, many feel the Saudis were linked to what happened on 9/11, and the late Philip Marshall certainly made a strong case for this theory in his highly important book, The Big Bamboozle. (No, the mastermind was not some primitive caveman.) Smart TVs. They're mentioned two or three times in The Answer as being the equivalent of Big Brother telescreens, yet the author provides no reference sources for this claim and I'm wondering what makes him so confident these are spy devices. I brought up the theory to a man who makes his living repairing these components and he laughed it off. Was he playing dumb? Finally, I liked what Mr. Icke wrote about in regards to those oh so noble folks who are judgmental of others for their being judgmental. In reality, all of us make judgments, good and bad, right or wrong, and such is a part of free speech and expression. The woke crowd see it as something negative yet are some of the most judgmental people of all. Without the freedom to cast judgment one cannot condemn perceived wrongs and wickedness and as such Christ would have been up the creek. What is expressing views in support of critical race theory, or pointing out supposed instances of microaggressions and cultural appropriation but perfect examples of being judgmental?
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