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  1. Finally received my copy of Mr. Icke's latest release, Perceptions Of A Renegade Mind, which was pre-ordered months ago. (Some pony express.) As it stands... My schedule has been cleared. All appointments have been cancelled. Chores and errands -- postponed. All other interests and hobbies have been put on hold. The answering service has been turned on. 'Do Not Disturb' signs have been posted. Air baths will have to do. Cat naps, too. Pre-made meals are all set to go. The adult diaper fits comfortably. Suffice it to say, Mr. Icke's books deserve a reader's undivided attention!
  2. The youth-geared music industry certainly appears to be a demoralizing force by design. In the documentary Drugs As Weapons Against Us, the film makes a strong case for the theory that drugs such as psychedelics (in the 60s) and later Ecstasy (in the '90s), as just two examples, were/are purposely introduced into society as a means of both promoting a lack of social values in their users as well as a means of controlling a large segment of the masses, by keeping them, (young adults especially), enervated & disoriented and thus incapable of producing any positive changes in the world. When I hear some of the 'music' that young ones listen to nowadays, to each his own, but it makes me wonder if music as well has been and is being used in large part as a means of keeping a large portion of the population confined to a spiritually destructive frequency. Aside from this, I have heard snippets of interviews on alternative podcasts, guests who have spoken of how even certain tonalities and specific notes -- aside from downbeat lyrics and the infernal screaming & shouting that passes for singing in at least two genres I can think of -- are intentionally employed as a means of negatively affecting their intended audience on both a psychical and subconscious level. Most of the music I listen to rises above the earthplane, both melodically and lyrically, as opposed to becoming locked into its base wavelength as with, say, some bellowing wallower, which is where I think the powers-that-be prefer musicians and their fans to be: submerged in discordance. Certainly, since about the 1970s there has been an increase in antimusic (as I like to call it): chart-topper after hit obsessed with morbid or low-minded themes such as death and hate -- angst-ridden, gloomy offerings. It seems to me that, generally, many of these Alternative Rock stars and almost all Heavy Metal bands, undoubtedly unbeknownst to them, perform a valuable function to the very system, the very machine, they oppose in their vocalized moaning and screams, by keeping a large number of the younger generation down -- feeling angry at the world and down on life. I cannot help but feel that that's just what the controllers of the system want: for people, young ones in particular, to be depressed, moody, cynical, feeling as disempowered & disillusioned victims of society, totally embracing of the gutter & the sewer, instead of as mature, upbeat, responsible, radiant, intelligent, physically pure, spiritually empowered & sober adults, appreciative of life's beauty, with love in their hearts, and in a position to make a positive impact on the world. It truly baffles me how anyone can like, say, Gangsta Rap if they are one who envisions a world better than this one where only peace and harmony exists, or do these ones get off on songs obsessed with revenge and ego, the lust for power and riches? I also don't understand how anyone can read books that stress the importance of ascending to higher states of being and yet at the same time be attracted to music that seems designed to keep, or at least has the effect of keeping, the listener from experiencing positive feelings and emotions. Maybe I'm just reading too much into all this and there really are light beings inside those who look and sound like Marilyn Manson, but the greater part of me suspects that this is not the case. Just as there is junk food for the body, so too in my opinion do I think there exists junk food for the mind/soul. By comparison, how can one listen to the positive-consciousness lyrics of (to name just a few examples) Jon Anderson's "Time Has Come," or Christopher Franke's "Scene At The Crossroads," or the song "Serra Pelada" off the Powaqqatsi soundtrack and not feel positively euphoric, elevated, and recharged?
  3. My song for today: "Babylon" by Brendan Perry (of Dead Can Dance), otherwise, of late, during this Canadian federal election period it has been Perry's "The Bogus Man" which I've been listening to on a daily basis, with "Wintersun" my favorite track off the Ark album.
  4. What I can't stand is when you're surfing online and you come across a news item/headline about another woke celebrity or popular media personality repeating the covid mantra. One wonders: Are these influential mouthpieces sadly-misled useful idiots or paid/bought-off agents of the corrupt system? Take the latest self-appointed authority which the MSM has spotlighted as being a source of wisdom. Howard Stern of all punchlines. You're talking about a dude with the I.Q. level of a Beavis or a Butthead. What is it with these guys in society who look or sound as if they exist at the margins or the fringes, who appear as, say, hard-featured & goateed diehard individualists, or as in Stern's case as one who presents himself as a host of shock radio, but who are some of the most mainstream-thinking & overly compliant conformists around? Stern has spoken! Everybody needs to get jabbed and fuck anti-vaxxers and their freedom! If there's ever an agitator who looks like he wouldn't care what type of substance was injected into his body, it's this ill-favored moron. This low-minded, crass & obnoxious ignoramus is so plugged into the matrix it's not funny. How this freak of nature ever managed to acquire even a semiconscious fanbase as he has is beyond me.
  5. Movie Title: Confessions Of A Teenage Jesus Jerk Director: Eric Stoltz Released: 2017 Confessions Of A Teenage Jesus Jerk is a bit of a satire on the Jehovah's Witnesses, although it really could be about any claustral and holier-than-thou faith which takes itself too seriously. The movie centers around Gabe, played by Sasha Feldman, here in his cinematic debut. The several scenes of life inside the organization are quite entertaining. Take the sequence set at an annual convention, in which two teenage members of the church are shown on stage illustrating for the audience a dialogic strategy when confronted with a disinterested householder, in response to various 'conversation-stoppers' they may encounter during their door-to-door ministerial assignments. There are scenes of Gabe engaged in the recruitment work, calling on people's homes, and attending his local meeting hall dressed in his Sunday best. Gabe's father, an elder within the congregation, is none too pleased when he finds out that his son has been caught holding hands with a 'worldly' girl at school. Gabe is placed on the hot seat and undergoes a grilling by a committee of elders. He swears to them that all he did was embrace. Confessions Of A Teenage Jesus Jerk portrays its sympathetic hero caught between two extremes, and if the screenplay is at fault for anything, it's that it limits the choices the protagonist has to one of two options: the family faith or living a life of immorality and hanging out with punks. It's that old Us verses Them, black-and-white mentality, commonly associated with cults or cloistered religious communities.
  6. I have relatives who even prior to this plandemic were already borderline unstable valetudinarians, germaphobes, and walking basket cases, people practically afraid of their own shadows and who have for years suffered from dysphoria and other mentally debilitating complexes (like melancholia). All the irrational fearmongering that has gone on since early 2020 has only exacerbated these issues of theirs. These are the same hyperventilating victims of nervous breakdowns who have bought the scam hook-line-and-sinker and who have been encouraging me to take the jab so that once or twice a year we may get together for social events. (Okay. Enough with your powers of persuasion, you've made a believer out of me!) I love of all them but these are people who do not go onto the websites of the vaccine makers to read the long list of potential side effects, nor do they visit government websites to compare fatalities with the size of the population and thus put things in their proper perspective, to know that the death rate in Canada in the past few weeks has been virtually zero or very close to it. (This is so not a pandemic. It doesn't even come close to one.) Here are people who have little knowledge of or seeming interest in the Charter. Ignorant they are of things like Event 201 and a war game simulation that took place back in 2001 called Operation Lockdown, or NASA's 'Future Wars 2025' which also took place in 2001. Would they look dumbstruck if they were to learn that the leading cause of polio in America in recent decades has been the result of the polio vaccine itself?, and that in recent months most hospitalizations in Israel have been due to the covid vaccines? What would they think of the Tuskegee Experiment if informed of this? Have they even heard of VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) or ever visited its database? The Center for Autism and Related Disorder; the 'Vaccine Court': Sound even remotely familiar? And yet these fanatical, snickering, socially conditioned pin-cushions regard me as misled and speak to me as if they had just mussed my hair. (Hey, the world laughed at Noah and his family.) Even those among my family (including those who have gotten jabbed) are in agreement that it normally takes at least 2 to 3 years for a vaccine to be properly tested and studied. How is it then that this covid vaccine was able to appear so quickly on the scene? They find themselves caught in a verbal predicament. They don't care to entertain the idea that these vaccines may have existed prior to the 'outbreak' of covid, so they start to respond by saying how they now can make vaccines more quickly, but have stopped themselves in mid-sentence, as if dawning on them that this also contradicts what they so adamantly believe, which is that these are standard vaccines and not gene therapies speedily concocted in large part by technocrats, as those crazy 'conspiracy theorists' say.
  7. This past year I re-read a classic book on social panic and the hysteria prone to crowds. In it, was the story of an imaginary outbreak that occurred in some small European town in which students were initially told there had been a poisonous leak in the building. Some of the students began fainting, others even convulsing. Later it was discovered there had been no leak at all and that all the effects upon the students were caused by the power of (auto)suggestion. As I read this, I could not help but think of what we have been witnessing with regard to all the covid hype. Say, if for the past eighteen months the media had reported and endlessly repeated every single automobile accident that ever occurred the world over, with 24/7 coverage, can you imagine the number of psychological cripples and paranoiacs there would be worldwide; people afraid of getting too close to their vehicles and ever fearful of other motorists on the road, possibly even regarding all those driving the speed limit (as opposed to under it) as 'not caring for other drivers' and being 'selfish'? One simply cannot underestimate the almost supernatural power of media propaganda & social conditioning and its glaring effects upon the impressionable public at large.
  8. Here in Canada we are being told that these vaccine passports are only temporary measures, to last for a few months, or possibly into next year. Oh, is that why the Canadian PM has ordered something like 37 million vaccines to last all the way into 2024? And are these pre-ordered vaccines for the original covid or for the invisible variants to come? (Never-mind that this latest Delta 'variant' is in all likelihood caused by the very covid vaccines themselves.) In a world where you have governments legalizing marijuana and contemplating doing the same for harder drugs, via injection dispensaries and so forth, and where these very same politicians do nothing to help pass laws that prevent babies and infants from receiving dozens of jabs before these poor innocents have even developed an immune system for god's sake, it's quite comical to hear some of these transparent rhetoricians in recent weeks saying they're all for vaccine passports in order to 'protect children' (the using of children to promote your cause, a tactic which began with the Nazis and which also can be seen in the eco-anxiety movement). How about protecting children from a possibly damaging rushed-to-market quasi-vaccine? Meanwhile, it wouldn't surprise me if these same politicians were privately wary of the shots, enough to maybe inject themselves and their own kids with nothing more than saltwater placebos. Incidentally, as more and more people are being (coerced into getting) jabbed, it'll be interesting to see what the reaction will be among various religionists, and especially those within Christendom. One may remember it was only a few churches that had tried to freely assemble during the lockdowns. Now all the ones that have remained under virtual arrest all this time are likely preparing to reopen their places of worship, what with vaccine passports now likely being their ticket to do so. In fact, it's been quite interesting to learn that one particular religious movement has been totally pro-vaccine from the very beginning, and of late has instructed its members how they ought only to associate in person with those who have been vaccinated, in true totalitarian fashion. This, coming from a religion that appeals to their charter-protected right to individual conscience when in the face of state-mandated blood transfusions (as portrayed in the excellent film, The Children Act). There seems to be a double-standard here: treating those who have not been vaxxed as a separate (under)class to be segregated, all for their abiding by the same constitution they themselves fall back on in defense of their right to reject blood transfusions. Yes, but refusing blood transfusions does not risk putting the health of others in jeopardy, they'd most likely respond. Yet, say for the sake of argument that it did. Do you think that would stop them? I think that, in such a hypothetical scenario, these ones would continue to obey their god-given consciences, which is what the entire point is here.
  9. It goes without saying that since the beginning of this plandemic, critical and free thinkers have found themselves in the midst of a social cult, with the majority of its members more than willing to take the socially revered, if not idolized, pharmaceutical concoction. Sadly, such lobotomized groupthink has extended down into the family unit, with numerous stories now coming out about domestic clans being divided, and even divorce cases and custody battles taking place, and all over strong differences of opinion regarding the virus and now the vaccines. No doubt the diabolic masterminds of this worldwide psy-op are loving every minute of it, as the family unit has always been a target for them in so many other ways prior to this. In my own situation, in recent weeks I received a letter from a close family member who went and got herself vaxxed. Prior to this, she was wary of the vaccines; undecided as to whether she would take one, all the while watching as her lady friends and relatives were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Since the jab, she has reversed her formerly cautious and level-headed stance entirely and, bafflingly, has become a rabid advocate of the vaccines. Go figure. This complete reversal of belief, as if overnight, has been unsettling and surreal for me to observe. Yet, not all that surprising. I love her dearly but when it comes to the inner workings of this fallen realm she possesses a Norman Rockwell view of the world. This is a person who listens daily to a mainstream call-in talk-show on the radio (the propaganda box as I call it), in which listeners receive only one-sided information (bordering on disinformation), hosted by a guy who promotes the official covid narrative and who immediately hangs up on anyone who calls in not in psychological lockstep with the controlled media. This missive of hers was written, albeit with good intentions, for the most part in a condescending tone (from her perspective, I'm lost and in need of being rescued from incorrect thinking). In all my years I've never witnessed this person use the term conspiracy theory until my skimming over this letter of hers. (Hmm. I wonder where she picked that up from?) What I find most frustrating in all this is that all the members in my immediate and extended family who now consider themselves 'saved' are saying they're afraid of being around me out of supposed fear they may catch covid. It doesn't don on or matter to them that for the past year or so during 'the worst of it,' back when everyone was unvaccinated, that on occasion we used to visit one another in person without there being a problem. Neither does it matter to them that they're now 'protected' from the unwashed, er, unsaved. It's this new variant which has these highly suggestible groupists all concerned for the welfare of my soul. At the outset of the social hysteria, back in 2020, I made the comment how I thought this plandemic to be, on a spiritual level, occult in nature. What I see occurring with hysterical pro-vax family members -- with their resorting to guilt, coercion; even accusing unvaxxed relatives of having no love for parents and siblings; along with other manipulative tactics -- only confirms what I have suspected from the beginning, of there being something most definitely supernatural and skewed involved. From out of this 'chaos magic' there is a strong chance the NWO will emerge. It disturbs me to personally observe unthinking parrots repeating the official narrative as if victims of post-hypnotic suggestion, all the while -- as people who have no time for or interest in reading & research, nor an open & questioning mind to listen to the other side of the story -- having the arrogance to regard individuals like me as confused, simple-minded, and astray, just as religious cults do those who begin to doubt what they've been spoon-fed by the group's or organization's authority figures. So, you're in the right and the 80-90% of us who are getting vaccinated and all the bureaucrats and newscasters and doctors and leaders are wrong? was a question one of my relatives rhetorically put to me recently. This is the type of 'logic' one encounters when dealing with some religious zealots. As if majority opinion always equals truth or rightness. What if you were a Jew living in Nazi Germany? What if you belong to a quasi-Christian sect of about 6 million in a world of 7 billion and are totally convinced you possess absolute 'Truth'? If Satan is the ruler of this world, as you believe to be the case, is this not a conspiracy? The examples are endless in cogent refutation of this fatuous 'majoritarian' argument. This person told me how, after struggling with the thought of whether to get vaccinated or not, prayed to God, and suddenly felt a calmness wash over her. Good lord, how to reason with and intellectually get through to such ones? Next, I was told how she contacted her GP to ask him for his advice on the matter. Hold on to your seats. You'll never guess what was said. The advice she received was that the vaccine was okay to take. What a shocker. This person was not interested in hearing about the 11, 000 or so doctors and citizens who have signed a petition titled 'Declaration of Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth,' challenging the covid narrative and doctatorship of the CPSO (the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) or about how GPs are (no, not in one some grand conspiracy as they think I think this to be, but) generally 'experts' who are indoctrinated themselves, from medical school onward, and who basically serve as well-meaning middlemen between Big Pharma and patient. No, I do not think her doctor is a quacksalver, simply a Pharma-owned drug-pusher, mostly. There were those who as soon as the covid vaccines were rolled out were more than eager to get the jab, and very pleased with themselves for doing so, to the extent of proclaiming to others just what good citizens they were. I recall during the Bush Jr administration years, a popular motto among the political left being: 'Dissent is patriotic.' Apparently, if you're conservative in your views, dissent is something altogether different.
  10. It's been something to observe what has been occurring in Canada. There's a federal election coming up near the end of the month and the contemptible PM is on the campaign trail fascistically promoting vaccine passports like a loathsome dictator, and speaking very critically of the righteously unvaccinated, when back in January of this year the feminist dick had spoken out against the very idea of these Gestapo-esque tactics. These unsurprising about-faces by so-called elected representatives, statists with zero personal integrity and moral backbone, have been occurring all across the country of late. Premiers and other officials who only a month ago were saying they were opposed to vaccine passports have since changed their tune, fickle and controlled and unprincipled as they are. What a pathetic bunch of liars, if not arguably unCanadian as well, what with their glaring contempt for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Two Michaels are being held hostage in China and I think many Canadians would love to see them released & safely returned and the PM traded for them. During the election campaign, the scumbag has been heckled in many places all across Canada. The once blackface-wearing buffoon is understandably despised by free-thinking citizens who cherish their constitutional freedoms. Despised also are those handlers-controlled premiers who have taken to giving members of their party the 'vax or ax' ultimatum. One provincial politician, Rick Nicholls, has refused the jab and has willingly suffered the consequences. No doubt the guy's a national hero and a role model to many Canucks. These are crazy and dark times, to be sure. Like trained seals, the mindless masses have taken to flapping their flippers in full acceptance and appreciation of the genetic therapy they've been receiving via the shots. Facemasks made from nanotechnology and containing graphene particles now seem the least of one's worries. Now there's the thought of graphene oxide nanotubes in the COVID vaccines that are on the minds of many conscious individuals (the prochoicers). Sure, vaccines may very well be 'effective' if the whole purpose of them is to create health problems by which Big Pharma can be relied upon to try and correct, or if they're designed to rewrite your body's DNA. Never-mind that the plandemic is statistically over, and that for people under 60 'COVID' is no less bothersome than the rhinovirus, vaccine passports, in keeping with the globalist agenda, are being rolled out and promised as being only a temporary measure (like the income tax of old). I cannot help but feel this may be a slippery slope. Mandatory vaccines today; compulsory cross-sex hormones, tomorrow. Now the ptb can keep on going with the variants excuse indefinitely, to further justify more lockdowns and booster shots. How convenient. So what if the FDA has now approved what still amounts to being in many people's estimation an experimental vaccine, as it's still way too early to tell what the long-term effects of the vaccines will be. On another level, vaccines hold a special symbolic value in the hearts of those who champion them. More than just a medical treatment, vaccine mandates speak to those who are unconsciously or overtly anti-individualistic & advocates of communitarianism. It is not simply about keeping society 'healthy' as it is about the super-spreading of collectivist thinking via an enforced/coerced injection. As the chemicals and toxins enter the bloodstream of the unwilling or reluctant recipient, an act of violative conversion to an undemocratic ideology occurs, perhaps more than anything else.
  11. Film Title: The Pathological Optimist Director: Miranda Bailey Released: 2017 For those in search of a documentary which highlights one particular hero in the whole vaccine debate, I recommend viewing The Pathological Optimist. That is, for anyone who sits in the court of public opinion and whose sense of justice allows for the other side to speak. This thoroughly compelling film recounts the Andrew Wakefield case and all the trouble this poor guy was put through. Here was a labcoat who was accused of falsifying data, scientific fraud, and who his critics said only spoke out against the combination MMR vaccine due to supposed vested interests he had. Wakefield, in my opinion, was unjustly treated by his peers and by the media at large. I like the fact that Wakefield stood his ground and refused to cave in to the suppressive -- and, in his case, oppressive -- medical establishment, even if that meant his having to move to another country to do so. Once in the United States he tried to get his life back in order. Here was a physician who truly cared about the health of people, enough to risk his reputation and put his career on the line, in order for the truth to be told. What a prick this Brian Deer was, who wrote for the Sunday Times. This smug little tightass went after Wakefield the way that all reprehensible mudslingers do their targets. It seemed to be that Deer thoroughly relished in demonizing Wakefield and had went on quite the crusade in an attempt at discrediting this then clinical and courageous scientist. Watch close and you will catch a brief clip of Bill Gates, also making Wakefield out to be an unethical physician. As an aside, in my research of the MMR controversy, I came across the story of a holistic doctor by the name of Dr. James Bradstreet, who also had expressed concerns with the vaccine, circa 2015. The doctor's clinic was soon raided by the FDA, and the man mysteriously died not long afterwards.
  12. Pro-Islamic leanings from non-Muslims, and anti-Zionist sentiments by non-Muslims, are virtually omnipresent these days; they are found on student campuses across North America, within the so-called progressive movement and LGBTQ community, and it is only natural that at least some of these apologists/critics would find their way and filter down into this movement as well. This demonstrates the extent to which this sacred cow has disseminated its droppings. When the alternative/independent media likewise remains largely silent as to this sacred cow, that's when you know we're no longer in Kansas. I have also found this rather odd, if not a little alarming. Programs and shows which presumably have the freedom to discuss something that within the MSM is considered un-PC and practically taboo, curiously and seldom venture into this territory, despite claims of being edgy or in pursuit of truth. This may at times have something to do with shows that are aired on the radio, in which political correctness is monitored and policed by various commissions. The hosts of these shows may themselves wish to focus upon a particular cow patty every now and then but more often than not decide against it, perhaps feeling it's not worth it to make waves which could potentially jeopardize their show's very existence, which serves a useful purpose in so many other ways, via the discussing of other important yet less sensitive subject matter. But there also seems to be a lot of self-censorship among podcasters, which I find quite telling, also. There are some exceptions to this, of course. Although not among the conspiracy theory subculture, Ezra Levant, as an independent news commentator, is one who doesn't seem to be intimidated when it comes to being critical of sacred cows, which the country's state broadcaster and legacy media either won't touch or cleverly 'spin' from a sanitized leftist slant. He is to be admired for this, but you're right, even outside of the corporate-owned media, there is for the most part eerie silence if not covert, in-the-background submission at work. For this, freedom-lovers might all be doomed.
  13. The term antichrist means against Christ. There are many people who would fit that description. Over the years, specific individuals have been thought to embody the one and only. Aleister Crowley was nicknamed 'the Beast', and others have pointed to Hitler as having been the Antichrist. And on it has gone, akin to randomly drawing names out of a hat. The Bible speaks in general terms of the existence of an antichrist spirit, but it also is very clear that there will come a being who will one day perfectly personify this spirit and who will have to fulfill some basic biblical criteria/prophecies in order for this being to accurately be identified as the Antichrist. Within traditional Christian eschatology, the common belief is held by many that this abominable one will emerge from out of the Roman Catholic Church, or the EU, or the U.N. According to Bible prophecy, the Antichrist will be a great and influential leader, both militarily and politically, who will establish a New World Order and who will set up a one-world religion. That rules out quite a number of candidates for the role. Scripture gets even more specific as to what this Antichrist will do. In the end, he/it will lead many people astray and will desecrate a holy place set aside for worship of the one true God (as foretold in Matthew 24:16-22). He/it will be against God's bride, the 'Woman' spoken of in Revelation 12:1, a figure that represents the nation of Israel. The Antichrist will set up a throne in a sacred temple (2 Thessalonians 2:4; 9-12). With this one can see that the Third Temple will need to be rebuilt or otherwise somehow exist in order for the Antichrist to appear. Prior to my discovering Joel Richardson's body of work, I had thought that this one-world religion prophesied about in Scripture was in all likelihood in reference to the New Age Movement/Freemasonry, with the false messiah who is said to one day appear on the scene as possibly referring to Lord Maitreya (a.k.a. the Master Jesus). Yet this theory doesn't match with the prophecies as recorded in the Bible. What Richardson teaches makes much more sense. He makes a strong case for Islam as generally possessing the antichrist spirit more than any other group, and points to the embodied Antichrist as coming from within Islam, yet nevertheless perceived by the majority of Muslims as being their final caliph. Islam is, after all, the world's fastest-growing movement. Islamists (not speaking of ordinary Muslims here) often tend to be Christophobic/Judeophobic. The Antichrist is said will oversee a global empire and invade (even if by stealth) Jerusalem. At first he/it will make a peace treaty with Israel, which he/it will break midway through, after which the Antichrist will turn on 'the Woman.' Muslims here try and confuse the issue by pointing to the Dajjal as being the Antichrist, when in fact it is Islam that views Christ as being just another prophet, and as such rejects Christ, denies His sonship, divinity, as well as the Crucifixion. Indeed, it could be said that 'the spirit of the age' is anti-Zionist (i.e. anti-Christ). Israel-bashing as it is today is beyond mainstream, more than fashionable with most people, and utterly ubiquitous in today's society. One may think himself an outspoken nonconformist or brave maverick for speaking out against Zionism and its perceived extremes, when such rhetoric is all too common the world over. The radical left, especially, is most condemnatory of Israel, as is much of social media, the MSM, Big Tech, and of course many Islamists throughout the earth. One cannot help but feel that this is the enmity spoken of in Genesis 3:16. This isn't to say that what is happening in and involving Israel is all godly and of divine doing. The Bible speaks of the whole world being under the influence of the Devil, and this would include the so-called center of it. Yet, it appears that somehow Jerusalem will play a significant role in helping to bring about the Second Coming of Christ. It's of interest that in recent years there has been a movement in Israel based on an ecumenical vision or interfaith alliance between certain rabbis and Muslim intellectuals. One wonders, however, if this would be the equivalent of signing a peace treaty of sorts, this coming together and worshipping the same God, what with each side being Abrahamic in origin and monotheists. As noble as this sounds, this could very well be a sly ploy in an attempt to conquer Israel, via stealth.
  14. I recently watched a quite interesting documentary titled Convex Earth (a.k.a Earth: The Flat Truth). The film is a scientifically based examination of the flat-earth model and I think would appeal most likely to those with mechanically inclined minds. Various experiments are shown being conducted by a Brazilian research team, comprised of a civil engineer, a geographer, a cartographer, a geologist, and other highly skilled & educated investigators. These (for the most part nautical) experiments, using hi-tech equipment, took place back in 2011 and are said by the team to be repeatable if other scientists are interested in reaching the same conclusions for themselves. (For an English-speaking audience, the documentary features a voice-over translator.) This independent research of theirs lasted several years and involved boats, a Newtonian telescope, hi-definition cameras, radio waves, etc. We watch as one experiment is conducted in the blackness of night, at Lake Titicaca, in which laser beams were employed, with researchers located on opposite shores. In another, the result of the experiment revealed that a ship which appears to descend below the horizon line is but a mere optical illusion, in that their hi-tech camera was able to view it sailing on the flatness of the waters despite it appearing to the human eye that the boat looks to be disappearing on account of the supposed curvature of the earth. This is an overly technical examination of the flat-earth model, with interview clips from both an astronomer and a physicist, as well. In this, the very existence of gravity is questioned, if not disputed. Other instruments such as the plumb and the level are used to help demonstrate their convincing hypothesis. This scientific coverup, it is said, has been going on, not just for 500 years, but for 2000 years. The researchers also discuss the relation of satellites to their findings, as well as the implications an official disclosure would have, both in science and within society. A computer-generated image of what they imagine the earth to really look like I would equate to that of one half of a baked potato, with waters encompassing the land mass/continents and a layer of ice surrounding the waters all about the edge. If this fine documentary isn't enough to convert the average viewer who watches this, perhaps it is enough to plant some doubts in the minds of those who hitherto have unquestioningly accepted the ball-earth model.
  15. As one who is of the opinion that the overlords of the underworld are most likely the Jinn and that if Reptilians exist they are interdimensional as opposed to intergalactic, I find it difficult to accept the history of the Snake People as recorded in Len Kasten's Alien World Order. This is a far-out read, to say the least. A lot of it could pass for outright sci-fi; as if something that L. Ron Hubbard could have written. A number of alien names are mentioned within, most of them spelled with capital letters and with few vowels. Has anyone else read this work? For those Reptilian enthusiasts on board, this is all but considered an historical account of the Reptilian Empire, but oddly I have yet to find any mention of Kasten anywhere in these threads. The book is a bit all over the map. One minute we're on Earth reading about chemtrails and Nazis, the next, far off in distant galaxies, with talk of star beings from Alpha Centauri, Andromeda, and the Pleaides. We learn that what largely keeps humanity imprisoned has been the invention of money; that we are mind-controlled and, as Charles Fort also believed, viewed as cattle. Whether these entities consume our souls upon our passing, is something I went about contemplating as I perused the publication. It is told of how these Reptilians inhabit the inner earth, and how they are largely responsible for child trafficking. Within these subterranean bases of theirs, it is written of their practicing occult rituals and engaging in cannibalistic buffets. Apparently, these Reptilians are not just earthly occupiers but cosmic conquerors as well, and that they don't take too kindly to agrarian peoples. Originally from the Draco star system, it is estimated that they arrived here 900 000 years ago -- long before Christ ever appeared on the scene. What I find somewhat dubious is that much of this information contained in the book in regard to supposed Reptilian chronology was obtained by people allegedly to have been in communication with space aliens, via telepathic means/channeling. One wonders just how much of this is accurate or misinformation. The book also includes some prehistoric-conjecturing from a North American native -- a half/Apache-half/Hopi elder. It is taught that we as humans have it in us the ability to ascend to higher states of consciousness, to the point of reaching 5D -- the Fifth Dimension, which is why the Reptilians detest humanity so much, being it is said they are confined to the lower part of the fourth dimension, otherwise known as the realm of the deceased. The chapter on Christianity and the origins of Judaism is when it starts to get a little suspicious, almost as if the messages obtained via the channeling were received directly from those crafty Jinn. According to these 'star people,' the Jewish exodus at the time of their being freed from ancient Egypt was a deliberate tactic, a plot to spread Judaism -- here told as being a creation of the Brotherhood -- throughout the world, in an attempt to consolidate power and bring together nomadic peoples. Who helped pave the way for this and was responsible for parting the Red Sea? YHWH? Uh-uh. ET. Namely, the Sirians, who oversaw the Exodus and guided it along. The Ten Commandments? YHWH? Don't be daft. Why space aliens, but of course, who revealed to Moses the laws while they were hovering in a spacecraft above the mountain. Along we move to Sodom and Gomorrah, where we are told these two cities were destroyed, by space aliens, not because of any immorality on the part of the inhabitants, but so as to prevent the spread of AIDS. I have no problem believing in the existence of Reptilians, but I am highly skeptical of their existing an accurate account of the history of their race.
  16. The Trigger is my least favorite book among the author's canon, but still recommendable. The forepart is classic Icke, with its discussion of elite bloodlines, hidden history, secret societies, etc. This is the most readable portion of all. Part 2 of The Trigger is another matter. The tone of the tome at this point becomes a bit hardened. Some of the discrepancies that are pointed out that contradict the official version of events are obvious pointers to an 'inside job,' but the book goes way beyond the Saudi connection to its becoming bogged down in anti-Zionist rhetoric. In many of the chapters that open Part 2, there is just way too much ultra-Zionist this and Israel that for my liking. Reading between the lines, it's a diatribe that becomes tiresome after a while, if not questionable and off-putting. So bin Laden was not the culprit. I would agree with this. Still, it's worthy of note that following the 9/11 event, the catastrophe that claimed close to 3000 lives was cheered on by many Muslims the world over. Al Qaeda was praised by numerous celebratory Muslims across European cities, and you also had imams believing this to be divine vengeance with their mindless chants of 'Allahu Akbar.' Would these chanters have understood and embraced instead an ultra-Zionist connection, assuming one existed? Around the period when The Biggest Secret was published, Icke was teaching how even though the U.S. was a superpower, it was ultimately controlled by the 'Brotherhood' operating out of the City of London. Less emphasis was placed at this time on Israel and Muslim-Jewish relations, and rightly so. Fact is, extreme Islamist anti-Semitism extends back some 1400 years and all that time had, obviously, nothing whatsoever to do with Zionism (extreme or otherwise), as the state of Israel hadn't existed. Suddenly, along comes 9/11 and the question is asked of the West (i.e. the U.S. & Israel), Why do they hate us? Try reading the Koran, for starters. Extremist Muslims (Islamists) see Westerners as infidels, philosemites, a hundred times more than they do imperialists. Enter the Eurasia agenda theory, as put forth in The Trigger. That there were no hijackers is something that Thierry Meysson also had suggested in his book, 9/11: The Big Lie. Author Bruce Bawer has written about how most of the Western European establishment were quick to latch onto this delicious belief also; that this all had to do with the U.S./Israel and their expansionist goals. After all, there is much anti-Americanism/anti-West sentiment in these parts, what with the huge influx of immigrants from Arab lands and with Israel being run by elites who are for the most part far-left secularists. Even though Mr. Icke is not a Muslim (not yet anyhow), in reading The Trigger one gets the sense of where he stands on the whole Arab-Israeli dispute, which seems to be the entire thrust of the book beneath the '9/11' pretext. The author mentions a Alan Hart, a man who's an historical revisionist, and who actually thinks there would be more Arabs/Muslims flocking to the U.S. (as if there aren't already) if it were not for so many Americans being 'Islamophobic.' What utter nonsense this is, on so many levels. This self-perceived 'objective' Mid-East pundit is so clearly biased, that to authors like Bawer and Leo Hohmann this remark would no doubt be considered downright preposterous, backward & twisted. Elsewhere in The Trigger, in the context of social media censorship, Mr. Icke places Alex Jones alongside Louis Farrakhan in the same sentence, as those whom he feels have been wrongly silenced by Big Tech. As one who is totally free-speech myself, I am not saying guys like Farrakhan ought to be censored. But placing this pompous speechifier/demagogue on par with Jones, there's absolutely no comparison(!), and it makes me wonder why Icke would even be in favor of such a minister as this. 'Ultra-Zionist' is a term used ad nauseum throughout The Trigger. For me, there's no such thing. There are either Zionists or pseudo-Zionists (i.e. globalists operating within Israel). The term Zion is biblical in origin, and yet somehow by adding the suffix of 'ism' we are told in the book that such an idea was conceived by some Nathan Bimbuam, circa 1890. To be a Zionist, we are also told, one doesn't have to be Jewish. So true. There are those wonderful Christian Zionists, many of whom are non-Jewish. If what occurred on 9/11 is what is at the crux of The Trigger, then I would have to say that what comes closest to explaining what happened and who was behind it, can be found in The Big Bamboozle, a book authored by the late Philip Marshall. I believe there were Arab hijackers ('the Magnificent 19' as some Islamists have dubbed them), and real commercial airliners involved, not holograms, remote controllers, or directed energy weapons. Marshall was onto something and he ended up dying under mysterious circumstances. Some think he was 'suicided' for getting too close to the truth. Yet there are those who will prefer clinging to 'Jews' or 'Israel' as having been the masterminds, that this was all about land grabbing. Well, if you want to talk about expansionism, look no further than what has been happening all around the world (albeit, in the West especially), both openly and insidiously, in the spread of what is at its core a political and anti-democratic ideology. Noahide! Noahide! Whatever. Try instead that fascist S-word; that is, if you even care to speak this unmentionable word.
  17. Quite interesting that in The Answer, David Icke speaks of the Freemasons as believing Lucifer to be the grand illusionist behind this simulated fallen realm of ours; a role commonly attributed to the demiurge, Yahweh, according to Gnostic tradition; a possible Luciferian inversion, this.
  18. In chapter 3 of The Answer, Mr. Icke writes of good ETs who are spiritually elevated (here ruling out the Reptilians and the Grays), but which the fallen entities overseeing this prison planet of ours do not want us to be in contact with, as the advanced knowledge these benevolent aliens have to offer humanity would serve as a potentially liberating force, freeing us from the grip of the controllers. Such talk is eerily equivalent to the message being propagated by certain close encounter experiencers who espouse a New Age philosophy. Yet, at the same time, Icke does not seem to be talking about advanced technology, not in the form of spacecraft, anyhow, for elsewhere in the book the author mentions how many of the UFOs that are spotted are likely of human origin (in a sense), as the result of a transfer of knowledge alleged to have taken place years ago between the elites and the archons, in seeming reference to the Greada Treaty. If such is the case, these elites now have in their possession the supposed secret of UFO propulsion systems, something which many in the close encounter community fail to believe, their still looking to the extraterrestrial UFO as savior, utterly denying that a secret space program even exists and has now for decades. There will be no 'invasion' as perceived by those who anxiously await the otherworldly spacefleet. My guess is they will be among the first line of dupes to fall for the appearance of the so-called visitors.
  19. I have also been trying to make sense of the Masonic connection to all this, if there even is one. Dubay makes quite a bit of this in his book. Yet, how to reconcile this with what certain esotericists of yore have said, of Masonry being a universal religion, quite literally so, up to the point of even affecting extraterrestrial regions like the Pleiades and Sirius, where lodges are believed by some to exist. In The Trigger, Mr. Icke writes of the Illuminati as existing at the highest echelons or innermost circles within Freemasonry, and astute researchers like Ed Decker also concur with this. Many think Masonry is at its root striving to unite the nations into a global brotherhood (echoing the ancient Lemurian/Atlantean periods) -- a one-world system that is thought had once existed before all the competing religions burst forth onto the world stage. Whether they hope to do this on a flat or globular earth remains unclear, as does whether Masonry is even involved in this at all.
  20. Flat Earth & Christianity In recent days I've turned my attention to what can be found within Christian teaching specifically, in regard to this topic. What I found most surprising was the apparent dearth of material that exists within this particular school of religious thought. The world of Bible commentary ought to be overflowing with texts of said nature but curiously there's a glaring absence of content pertaining to this potentially earthshaking polemical outcome. Perhaps the flat-earth model is such a given within Christian circles that textual mentioning and scriptural defense of it would only come across as redundant and preaching to the choir. Or maybe it's the other way around, and as one theologian I happened to find who himself believes in the flat-earth model observes, with great regret, he feels this to be most likely the case. This same theologian even goes so far as to say that those who profess to be of the Lord but who accept the scientific doctrine of the ball-earth are in violation of the greatest commandment given to the faithful by Christ, what with their love for God heartfelt and soulful but not of sound mind. Additionally, whereas some theologians may be simply unaware of even the existence of the FE model, this theologian is of the opinion that the Church and its sectarian/denominational offshoots & governing bodies have been for the most part infiltrated by representatives of secret societies whose sole purpose it is is to spread nonbiblical "scientific" propaganda. Interestingly, the depictions of the earthly realm that I've thus far seen by Christian flat-earthers show Earth as remarkably disc-shaped (not really flat, technically speaking, thus allowing for the center of the earth to possibly contain a hollow interior, perhaps one inhabited by demonic or Reptilian beings, if that is your wish). One of these illustrations uncannily resembles the appearance of a traditional flying saucer. Therefore, this could be a case of the ones behind these "otherworldly" sightings mocking the brainwashed, placing signs and wonders before their eyes, miniature dome-shaped earths if you will, dangling the obvious before unsuspecting schnozes, all the while splitting their sides, knowing full well what they are doing, in their promoting of an "extraterrestrial" narrative whilst their using the very shape of Earth to do so. Cigar shaped craft? Mere decoys. ('Tis why USOs might very well be real; the watery depths their natural origin?) Whatever the truth may be, the majority of secularists, Satanists, and space-worshippers will nevertheless cling strongly to the Newtonian model, as entire ideological and cosmological foundations rest upon the theory as presented to them by the scientific priestly class. In the end, as viewed from a Christian perspective, it just may be that God wants humans to believe in Him not out of a sense of duty -- as would be the case for many if revealed the FE model to be gospel -- but out of love for the very idea that God might exist. Perhaps it all comes down to a matter of faith which side you fall on. Then again, I have come across numerous testimonies of scientists who, upon having devoted most of their lives to methodically examining the natural realm in some way, cannot help but believe in an Intelligent Designer, with some of these being atheists who have later gone on to convert to Christianity and believe in the Bible. Interestingly, these ones have all been and continue to remain ball-earthers. And around we go.
  21. No one knows exactly as of yet but he/it will likely be from that elephant in the room that also just so happens to be a sacred cow.
  22. One of the things I've observed and admired about Mr. Icke's overall message is how refreshingly Earth-centric it is, in a sense. The need for consciousness expansion as individuals, and concerns for the freedom of future generations on Earth is often given heed to. Within certain alternative and UFO communities, however, the fundamental issue pertaining to mankind's welfare and salvation revolves around, not the sovereignty and liberty of the individual, but rather some benevolent ET presence in our midst and hence the need for government Disclosure of this -- revelations, they say, that would help to ensure mankind's evolution as a space-faring species. Firstly, evolution. I notice how frequently this term is used within the aforementioned community, within the context of their collectivist dream of terraforming other worlds, by way of supposed back-engineered, state-of-the-art propulsion systems/anti-gravitic technology. Meanwhile, the need for improving the inner man is all but absent from this intergalactic, scientifically ambitious, worldview. It's been over 70 years since Roswell and to this day certain ones are still enthusiastically riding the extended treadmill of this much-debated event. Some close encounter experiencers have in recent years resorted to alarmism. The ecosystem is out of balance! The environment is out of control! There are too many of us on the planet! We need to get off it in order to survive! Naturally, these ones point to the presumed positive ET presence as our potential, if not only, means of averting all this doom-and-gloom. Hence, why they are working so hard at seeing to official Disclosure. This alien technology, they believe, will help bring an end to our dependence on fossil fuels and help to usher in a glorious age of singing Kumbaya alongside benevolent Space Brothers. One such self-perceived pundit within the close encounter community has even gone so far as to say that anyone who denies the environmental warnings of the Aliens are those belonging to the dark side. So very twisted, this. If this is not a perfect example of the politicization of the UFO phenomenon, I don't know what is. Yet, rather craftily, these very ones skewedly try and turn it around and claim that talk of the Deep State among those concerned primarily with "NWO conspiracies" here on Earth is what is being politicized! That the Deep State or Secret Government was, in their view, originally designed specifically to keep the presence of (enlightened, technologically advanced) space visitors from being made known to the public, that the DS has nothing whatsoever to do with controlling the U.S. political system other than to keep whatever president is in office from knowing the truth about the alien presence and by extension every other American/Earthling as well. In other words, as they see it, the Deep State is keeping this cosmic knowledge concealed from us in order to keep humanity confined to the planet, which is in deep trouble due to an archaic space-shuttle program as well as man-made climate change brought on by our dependence on "dirty" oil and emitting of CO2. To reiterate for emphasis what I stated in an herein-above post, all this strikes me as not only having a deep political undertone and an agenda seemingly in alignment with the globalists/technocrats (who long for humanity becoming a hive mind, as some collective bride to be presented to the heavens), but one which also conspicuously fails to take into consideration the spiritual component of those whose natural habitat in this dimension/realm is the one we find ourselves born into. My own personal belief in an afterlife in which -- for better or for worse -- consciousness survives is unwavering. If you are a Christian, then you know what the Bible says about the purpose and destiny of Earth, of it having been created for humans and of it one day being restored to its original state. Or if all you have is but an inkling of there existing more to us than just our five senses and physical containers, what has reaching the Pleiades got to do with the cost of a carbon tax?
  23. Playing Devil's Advocate here... How to respond to the argument put forth by ball earth proponents that a person could travel around the entire earth in one direction and end up returning to where they had departed -- something, they say, which could not be done using the FE model. Spurious or an actual stumper?
  24. It has been said of this subject how it is a polarizing debate and to a large extent it is, but where does that leave the agnostics on this issue? Only until recently have I taken the plunge into this controversial body of knowledge, and although far from over in my research I find myself leaning towards the FE model, but am otherwise somewhat non-committal, at least at the present time, anyway. One of the least convincing arguments of the flat-earthers is the one that argues that at the rate of speed the planet is allegedly flying through space, we all ought to be tremendously dizzy by now and spinning around like whirling dervishes. I'll pass on lunch if such is so. I have read Eric Dubay's The Flat-Earth Conspiracy, and I must say that much of what is contained therein is rather convincing. What I find confusing is a few of the comments from some of the posters on this board who seem to be unfamiliar with the persuasive points that Dubay makes and seem only interested in portraying him in a negative light. Shill? Transvestite? After reading the book, I find both claims quite difficult to believe. Dubay speaks of both God and the Bible favorably in the book and yet from reading some posts on this forum we hear how he's supposedly into New Age and Theosophy and how he has discouraged talk of God and the Bible on his website. Even if this were true, cannot a New Ager and a Theosophist be a flat-earther? In the end, I could care less whether the shape of Earth is globular, disc-shaped, conical, or whatever, as I have no deep-rooted biases at stake in the matter. I am simply after the truth. This is not to say that this isn't an important area of study, for I think it is. If we are being deceived and lied to, wouldn't you want to know? I'm not exactly sure how the ET phenomenon would factor into all of this if proven the FE model to be true. Some flat-earthers are of the feeling that ours is the only world in the universe home to intelligent life. UFOs and their presumed occupants might therefore be considered interdimensional as opposed to interplanetary, according to a more eclectic version of this model. Or, if religious, strictly demonic. Or, if anti-NWO, a globalist charade. The Reptilians are thought by some to inhabit the interior of the planet, which is perhaps why others are so adamantly opposed to the flat earth idea, which would make such a possibility all but impossible. What I am interested in knowing is what David Icke's thoughts are on this, or if even he has any at all? Interesting it was for me to learn that the late William Cooper also leaned toward the flat-earth model. According to Dubay, the Freemasons are largely behind this (suspected) hoax. He writes of how many who have worked for NASA as well as many of the Apollo astronauts were Masons, as was Isaac Newton who was influential in helping to spread the word of gravity.
  25. Interesting that back in 2013, Britain banned Ms. Geller from entering the country, where she was hoping to attend a freedom event. On the reason of her being pro-Israel. It's hard not to read between the lines of this. Why, even the Board of Deputies of British Jews were for this ban, and Ms. Geller is Jewish! Says quite a lot about the sad state of affairs in this part of the West.
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