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  1. Re: Christians & Israel: Addendum One rather well-known and influential pundit, a man who has been dubbed Israel's preeminent revisionist historian, has referred to Christianity, in passing, as a mythology. I'm not sure what exactly he means by this, but I interpret it as a comment which, seemingly, snidely belittles the entire faith of Christian Zionists the world over, via one casually expressed and flippantly expressed polysyllable, if in fact this man is implying Christ as being ahistorical. If so, is this part of his revisionism, also? Just imagine if you are of the adaman
  2. Title: All Who Go Do Not Return Author: Shulem Deen Published: 2015 This exceptionally compelling read is a memoirs penned by an ex-member of a tight-knit community called the Skverers, a severely cloistered Jewish sect. Mr. Deen grew up a Hasid, in New York, and lived for most of his early years absorbed in Talmudic study and Torah lessons, cut off from the high-tech outside world. As a young man with a wife and five kids and numerous kinfolk in the faith, Mr. Deen would go onto experience a crisis of conscience. No longer satisfied with going through the motions and liv
  3. This Neom sounds like a real shithole. When one thinks of desert people the image that pops into most Westerners' minds is undoubtedly one of men in archaic robes and low-tech sandals, riding (stationary) camels or mules. What an ignorant stereotype this is! Say what? A futuristic megacity being built where? In Saudi Arabia of all places, that's where. Talk about an anachronism! Heck, the place ought to be named Mirage. One thing is for sure. If this massive and unprecedented dystopian surveillance metropolis were being constructed in Israel, you can be sure the majorit
  4. Just finished re-reading this book and I enjoyed it even more the second time around. Although it focuses mainly on what Mr. Icke refers to as the Cult and in particular its relation to the latest artificial crisis creation, it is all the additional info, insights, and comments contained in The Answer that I seemed to notice and appreciate more during this latest go-through. Briefly, there is mention of the wall which Trump had intended to build while in office and how this was met with accusations of bigotry. The issue of mass immigration is also in passing discussed.
  5. Re: Noahide Israel is for the most part a high-tech secularized state and, unlike Judeophobic/Christophobic lands, largely absent of fundamentalists. Although it's not a stretch of the imagination to conceive of Israeli technocrats posing a threat to global freedom, that an ancient set of religious laws would somehow be involved and imposed by rabbis on the world is a rather fantastic notion. I'm in agreement with 90-95% of what Mr. Icke writes about in The Answer, save for what Appendix 2 tries to convince readers of. Re: Christians & Israel
  6. The U.S. and Israel are democratic allies. Of course the 45th POTUS would have been not so much "owned" by but rather supportive of tiny Israel, a miniscule homeland surrounded on all sides by antidemocratic regimes and sharia-adherent countries. It's not so much that Zionists "control" the U.S. as it is perhaps a simple and overt matter of democratic alliance.
  7. It is said that numerous freedom-conscious Americans fear non-Mexicans crossing the U.S.-Mexico border from countries that outright hate the U.S. for its being "immoral" infidels. Under the guise of asylum-seekers or refugees, it is thought that these ones end up refusing to assimilate into Western society, instead bringing with them their religious intolerance and contempt for democracy (i.e. their anti-Americanism). During the Barack Hussein Obama administration, there were those who believed the then U.S. president was largely behind the influx of Muslim immigrants from countrie
  8. Interestingly, in lands such as India, a country home to many a reincarnationist, feticide is taboo as it interrupts the process of infusionism. In Africa, also, abortion is frowned upon if not illegal as it conflicts with their cultural beliefs. It seems to be a case of if there is an acknowledgement of spirit and soul in one's worldview, the less chance there is of the people being pro-abortion. Whereas, within a scientific materialist paradigm, there is very little if no recognition at all of the holy miracle that is the act of conception. You hear about these young women who in
  9. Tarek Fatah, a Muslim of Pakistani origin, has written a highly readable book titled The Jew Is Not My Enemy. In it, he comments on The Protocols, noting that it was condemned as being a forgery by the London Times back in the 1920s, that it was originally perpetuated by the secret police in Russia, commissioned by the Czar, in order to counteract the rise of Marxism at the time, and label it a Jewish conspiracy and part of a plot to eventually control the world. Mr. Fatah notes that the Protocols are what have fueled much of the anti-Semitism in the Muslim world ever since. Here is a Muslim,
  10. This irrational, obscene, and pervasive blaming of the Jews, this twisted and simple-minded perception of the Jew as global conspirator is in my opinion satanic, dates back to far ancient times, but in the modern era has its roots in these Illuminati-authored/inspired Protocols, a collection of documents conveniently discovered in the early 1900s and later believed by many a (neo)Nazi and self-perceived online pundit as being authentic. It's been disproved as a hoax and was produced in order to deflect attention from the so-called illuminated ones, whose orphic knowledge and powers originate w
  11. To think that there are MSM parrots on various online message boards outside of the DIF, still talking about and buying into the Russia-Trump hoax that was, even now with DJT out of office! Does not the mindless rhetoric spewed from these obliviously indoctrinated Blue Pillers ever end? Far from the conservative party having been corrupted by a pawn of Russian intelligence as these morons continue to claim, Trump, upon having been voted into office in 2016, cleaned house as it were (to some extent, anyway), yet this false conspiracy theory manages to live on in the minds of those who continue
  12. The argument made by some on board that the late Milton William (Bill) Cooper somehow "discredited" Alex Jones is extremely weak and unsubstantiated. In fact, a strong case could be made that this Bill Cooper dude was not a credible source, and his simply having name-called Jones various juvenile terms short of poopyhead in ranting, archived audio clips does not make for persuasive uncovering. By the end of his life, Cooper was washed up and had grown extremist in his subcultural beliefs to the point of his later being hailed as a hero by some within the Hip Hop culture. So Cooper authored a b
  13. I suppose the entire matter could easily be put to rest were Mr. Icke a recognized member of his own forum (as most other authors of websites tend to be). A simple post from him would be all that it would take. If he did say anything about this it may have been in one of his slide presentations/speaking events, during the early-to-mid Aughties, whilst showing the faces of prominent figures/discussing the depravity of certain elites & some of their seedy associates.
  14. I've only seen three of SBC's movies so far -- Borat; Bruno; The Dictator. The first was okay, the latter the weakest of them all. As for Bruno, it's a favorite of mine and have watched it numerous times. It gets me belly laughing like not to many cinematic comedies do. I personally could care less what the personalities of screen actors are like off-camera. The movie Bruno is absolutely hilarious. Two of the more amusing moments involve the protagonist pitching his idea for a TV show to a small group of gob-smacked previewers inside of a screening room, and him sitting with two austere Middle
  15. Have been feeling rather musical of late so I thought I'd contribute to this thread before the feeling passes. My musical taste is somewhat eclectic (especially love Space, Ambient, Lounge, World, Contemporary Instrumental) but most forum members would already be familiar with any of these musicians/groups that I would mention. So I thought I'd highlight a couple of singers/bands that were/are not all that well-known outside of Canada. Artist: The Boomers Album: What We Do Released: 1991 Notable Tracks: "The Matter With Me":
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