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  1. Title: Saucers, Spooks And Kooks: UFO Disinformation In The Age Of Aquarius Author: Adam Gorightly Published: 2021 What's been fascinating to me, more so than talk of the UFOs themselves, has been all the intrigue and drama that has occurred over the years within the UFO field. William Moore's infamous and unforgettable confessional at the 1989 MUFON conference was a shocker that most definitely shook up the UFO community and one such example that comes to mind. Another one being the sad story of Paul Bennewitz, whose interest in UFOs sent him around the bend instead of off planet. These are just two of the human subjects featured in this highly essential read, in which the subtitle says it all. What we are dealing with here is not the same old, worn-out tale of government cover-up, but rather official deception that has long leaked into the UFO field dating back decades (possibly even to the time of Roswell), as a means of throwing researchers off track and muddying the waters, to the point that not even a genuine USO could escape the intel-laden quagmire. As if genuine UFO researchers don't have enough to deal with in the form of independent charlatans and hoaxers, there are establishment wankers such ones must contend with as well. Former special agent, Richard Doty, will certainly go down in ufological history as, without question, the greatest and most influential of all known disinformers. How this contemptible little weasel managed to sleep at night knowing that he lived a pathetic, meaningless existence as the near embodiment of deceit, as well as having been largely responsible (however indirectly) for Bennewitz's mental breakdown, is just one of those mysteries beyond all human(e) comprehension. Even the most competent of UFO researchers have not been immune from the effects of COINTELPRO measures. Among these, those said to have been taken in by crafty shills into the planting of false stories include Stanton Friedman and Linda Howe. Remarkably, even the esteemed Dr. J. Allen Hynek doesn't come out of this read entirely spotless, what with speculations surrounding his partial involvement in the Bennewitz psy-op, in which it is said he bestowed a computer with installed software intended to further mislead the poor dupe into thinking he had discovered an alien transmission from the Zeta Reticuli star system. It is the feeling among many truth-seekers that paid shills operate nowadays primarily via the infiltration of online forums within the alternative and fringe communities, whereas prior to the internet age disinfo was thought largely to have been spread via go-betweens, a la Jaime Shandera, who received a mysterious parcel in the post one day, leading to the whole MJ-12 meme. William Moore was another who was thought to have been an unwitting tool, 'tween disinformer and UFO community, up until said MUFON presentation where Moore came clean about his having been used and attempted to bring to the attention of his fellow researchers this idea of there existing wolves among the flock, be they pseudo-insiders or outright cranks. This book is pure fun to read, whether reading about ETs from planet Serpo who reportedly were observed playing football right here on Earth (sounds suspicious to me) or reading about the CIA-funded 'Stargate' project, that took place at the Stanford Research Institute, where a man believing himself to be one day capable of walking through walls kept bumping into them. Two portions of the book that are especially absorbing: Chapter 24 ("Bill Moore's MUFON meltdown") and the Afterword, which cogently encapsulates what it is like for some who choose to go traveling with Alice down that deep dark hole. With chapter 47, the author brings the reader right up to date, in his profiling the latest questionable character to come along and make a name for himself in the UFO scene: Tom DeLonge. As Gorightly notes, for those familiar with the work of Doty, this kind of felt/feels like deja vu. (I wonder: By 'to the stars' is this self-important attention-seeker referring to 'outer space' or to celebrity vanity?) Saucers, Spooks And Kooks I consider a must-read for anyone even remotely interested in going behind the scenes of the UFO field. I personally found it riveting, to the point I wanted to take my seat cushion with me wherever I went. Gorightly rocks.
  2. The issue of transhumanism constitutes an existential threat to the human species and as such is something which ought to be at the forefront of most minds. Sadly, and curiously, I don't think it is. This, an important topic, most definitely, as the powers-that-be have been slowly conditioning the masses to acquiescently surrender their bodily autonomy in preparation for the 'biodigital convergence' they have planned, in which nanobots, AI, 5G & 6G, VR, and cloud computing all play key roles. The carrot-on-the-string are the few upsides to these, which the devious if not inhuman string-pullers and their legion of useful idiots take great care to magnify and glamorize as selling points of benefit to the pre-post-human species. Meanwhile, myriad of myopic, gluttonous consumers of high-tech unquestioningly bite away at this orange bait stringing them along, totally unaware of their participation in helping to co-create their own technophilic prison, a truly perverse sense of reality. We are entering a dark period in human history, one of potentially irrevocable spiritual implications. How can anyone not be interested in this or regard it as of little importance? Quite frankly, the idea of human-robot progeny, brain-to-computer interfaces, human-animal chimeras, and other freaks of science does not excite me in the least. Synthetic humans in the form of sex-bots are already beginning to make their appearance on the market and hopefully this is as far as the average man and woman will want to take their relations with these machines. To me all this talk from the unelected technocrats and Kurweils of the world, of cyborgs and human interbreeding with animals and human sentience merging to become planetary digitized consciousness is more than just a little weird, but seems downright satanic. For years I held the general silence within the UFO community in regard to transhumanism with great suspicion. Those few who would speak on it talked of it as if in favor of it, at least on some level. Naturally, I couldn't help wonder whether ET was in part behind the transhumanist movement. Certainly, the generally soulless technocrats are. If as soul-aware humans we know we are not biological machines, why would we ever want to merge with technology and become quite literal ones? One of my favorite dramatic actors was the late Robin Williams. In the movie Bicentennial Man, Williams plays an artificially intelligent robot who would rather be human. (Now that's more like it.)
  3. As I watched the footage of Ottawa police clearing the peaceful protesters this past week, pepper spraying and sometimes clubbing the demonstrators, the first thought that came to mind was: Can't you just feel the age of Aquarius upon us? So reminiscent these scenes were of Hitler's henchmen who would intimidate their political opponents from speaking in public via the use of brute force. Reportedly, there were even a few of these aspiring-to-be brownshirts who fell back on the Nuremberg defense in order to justify their actions. Funny, then, and as already highlighted above, that a Toronto MP came out saying this past week that 'Toot! Toot!' means 'Heil Hitler!' in code. Good lord, this here but another glaring instance of wokery-aligned i-n-v-e-r-s-i-o-n. This was a peaceful, democratic protest, plain and civil. Yet as the truckers made their way to Ottawa, no doubt the boy-king was shitting his figurative or literal diapers, possibly believing (as some in the MSM were speculating) that these were Russian agents, instead of motorcades of blue-collar workers out to peacefully defend their civil liberties. (Now, now, state-run Fourth Estate, we mustn't believe in conspiracy theories.) Now that this nominal national emergency has ended, some Canadians are wondering what lies in store for the future of freedom-loving Canucks (who clearly make up the minority), and one can only hope the state does not become so far gone that it turns to harvesting the organs of political dissidents. Will the Prime Minister resign from office? Is that even in his power to do? Will he perhaps acquire a conscience and take to performing some type of community service outside Parliament Hill as a show of remorse for how he handled the protest? My guess is he will strap on a clean pair of diapers or underwear of some kind and use this opportunity to clamp down even further on civil liberties. It was Roman historian Tacitus who said, 'The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.' As for bodily autonomy, or personal security as it is termed, it's my understanding that such is recognized by international law (International Bill of Human Rights) and thus supersedes any national claim to the contrary. This recognized God-given universal freedom, along with others, has I believe been codified and is also known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  4. It's been great to see in recent days a few federal Conservatives finally starting to awaken, with their hitherto uncharacteristic condemnations directed at the PM in his presence and their verbal rallying to the side of the protesters and indeed each and every Canadian who has had enough of Trudeau's shit these past two years. This is especially encouraging to see. Some of these Conservatives were especially aroused after Trudeau allegedly accused a Jewish member of Parliament of being a Nazi sympathizer -- a lady whose immediate ancestors were persecuted by the Nazis. It makes you wonder whether behind that politically correct persona of Trudeau's if there's more than just a hint of antisemitism? With Ottawa in recent days resembling a police state, the PM is certainly beginning to seem more and more like a Putin or an Obama. Both Trudeau and the contemptible leader of the NDP ought not to be in politics; especially the latter leftist who reminds me of those materialistic, soulless goons who run Saudi Arabia. Kingpins have more depth to them than these two cardboard cutouts totally lacking in substance, actors in suits who don't represent the common three-dimensional civilian, hard-working peasants so far far removed from these shallow nonproducers, these rhetoric-spouting empty shells, who appear only in it for the fancy clothes, high-priced cars, bling, the jetting around the world to their retreats, and in the case of Trudeau getting to hang out with questionable Hollywood types and globalist rock stars. Trudeau is a spoiled, pampered man-child completely cut off from the real world, who got elected not so much for his possessing any real leadership skills but due in large part to the fact he's considered by many a Canuck a good-looking guy with nice hair. Pathetic, isn't it? That's how pitifully superficial a lot of Canadian voters are. One can only hope come next federal election that Canadians -- both men and women -- put away their vibrators and re-learn to vote with their heads. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have had their bank accounts frozen, including reports of little old grannies among the victims. Justin Trudeau is one helluva heartless bastard and control freak who is no doubt taking great pleasure in wanting to ruin these people's lives (as he has countless other Canadians' these past two years). Hopefully it doesn't come to this and that freedom-loving groups like the Canadian Civil Liberties Association can do something about it.
  5. If I could vote for Jonathan Emord as Prime Minister of Canada I would but unfortunately that is an impossibility. For starters, he's not even a Canadian. He's a U.S. constitutional lawyer and a sagacious, level-headed one at that. I highly recommend listening to what he has to say with regard to this Freedom Convoy, in the conversation he had this past Sunday on Richard Syrett's The Conspiracy Show. What a delight it was to hear some refreshing rationality for a change, and from the perspective of a lawyer looking in on this from the States. Emord is so cogent here that practically every second or third well-stated sentence of his is a quotable gem. This is the type of man and mind I side with and whom I wish all Canadians did as well. Fantastically, disturbingly, you have Canadians who would rather live under increasing totalitarian socialism, as displayed by their vocal (and sometimes outright hateful) counter-protests and utter contempt for freedom. This to me is the true virus that ought to be feared by every liberty- and peace-loving Canadian -- this insidious and imported psychic contagion sweeping across North America. Emord is spot-on when he talks about the myth of 'collective rights' and how sovereignty of the individual ultimately leads to the true 'greater good' of all humanity. The footage of police brutality in Ottawa ought to remind anyone familiar with their history of Tiananmen Square. At that time Chinese citizens lived during a period called the 'Great Leap Forward.' Today, Canadian citizens, and the rest of the world, live at a time that has certain elites talking of "The Great Reset." (Any coincidence?) I heard a guy in the news comment how Trudeau ought to resign as PM and move to Davos, where he would feel more at home, which would leave the rest of Canadians to their age-long and cherished values and freedoms, and that if he has a graven image of Klaus Schwab that he daily bows to, that he should certainly bring this along with him as well. Emord in this interview sounded as if he was channeling the divine when he said how freedom is our birthright and it comes from God; that civil liberties are pre-political. Amen, brother. P.S. I love you, too, Richard Syrett, my fellow compatriot.
  6. Breaking news: Rebel News, one of the few independent media outlets left in Canada, has reported that one of their reporters, Alexa Lavoie, has been attacked by police thugs, involving a stick and tear gas, simply for performing her duties as a journalist. It is believed Lavoie was singled out by cops in response to her having put to Justin Trudeau a tough question during last year's election debates in Canada.
  7. All these protesters and supporters wanted was to be left alone to their own freedom and bodily autonomy. That's all. So simple. But no. The civil liberties' violators in power want to stick it to them too -- these truckers who work all alone in cabs. (How's that for scientific reason?) As if that weren't enough, now they are being punished in dictatorial style when a simple end to the vaccine mandate would have solved the problem, without the need for all this elitist mediagenic melodrama. No, couldn't have had that. The peacock wanted to proudly display his feathers for the world to see. And notice they have. Indeed, outside of the ruling party's little echo chamber of mentally twisted think-a-likes, it's been refreshing to see many a sane and freedom-loving, outspoken high-profile figure, be it in business, entertainment, or media, alongside other famous people, denouncing this Liberal Party and sometimes in aptly un-PC terms. In the court of public opinion, there is a sense of divine justice after all! I was reading the other day about this SOB's father, Pierre, and how he loved the idea of government as rule from the top-down, and even used the terms 'Cuban' and 'Chinese' to define the very kind of socialism he most preferred. One can only wonder what the thousands of Canadians who died fighting in WW2 in defense of 'National Will' (as opposed to 'General Will') democracy must think were they alive today to witness what this turd off the old ass is doing to the country. With regard to the freezing of bank accounts, however draconian this is, Canadians can at least be thankful that the PM has said nothing (so far, anyway) about the government need for guillotines in public squares. Was listening to a program earlier today about how the Trudeau Liberals gave millions of dollars to a guy by the name of Omar Khadr. Then there's Justin Trudeau's past support of BLM, known for their riots. Fast-forward to the present, and if you're not on the same page as his far-left ideologies, you're devilishly branded a Wall Street occupier, I mean, a 'far-right extremist.' What a contemptible dynast this blockhead is.
  8. Just finished watching Icke's latest videocast ("Cult-Owned, Schwab-Owned, Fascist Canada - And The Battle For Freedom"), and speaking as a Canadian, I am so grateful for this. The world needs to know what's been going on in Canada and how our liberty is at stake now more than at any other time in (recent) history. The key word to be taken from this videocast, what Icke discusses: inversion. Another word for that might be 'Newspeak.' The bullies and baddies have control of the megaphone so to speak, with all the peace-loving, truth-telling voices in the wilderness, those crying out for freedom in the proverbial wilderness, being twistedly and voluminously portrayed by the evil 'Ministers of Truth' as the bad apples. The question is, will the rest of the free world believe the crafty, deeply entrenched, Machiavellian establishment spin or listen to their own God-given heart of hearts and side with humanity? For these peaceful, law-abiding, freedom-defending truckers also represent all of you outside of Canada who choose humanity over the dark forces operating in the shadows here on Earth, who are now beginning to reveal themselves in the open. This is no longer about politics. This isn't about left versus right. This is, at its core, a spiritual issue. This is about good versus evil. Humanity versus the overt and crypto- transhumanists. Had to laugh when Icke mentioned the irony of Canada's Finance Minister's surname. She reminds me of that well-known saying about when fascism arrives it will not come wearing jackboots but knickers, or something to that effect. Her glib, nicey-nicey, prim-and-precise manner of speaking (one masking an authoritarian underneath) makes my skin crawl. Icke also goes into, in this extremely important videocast, the HYPOCRICY of those who supported the BLM riots but who are now coming down hard on peaceful protestors, all for their holding a different view than theirs. I can't express enough how appreciative I am for this videocast and hope that all freedom-loving Canadians see this and feel the same gratitude that I do for Icke putting this together. I love you David Icke. You are a man of God. To all those who read their Bibles and think they are of God simply for doing so but who do not speak out against evil (as Icke does here) when it is staring your brothers and sisters of the human family in the face, your own holy book condemns you.
  9. That which has most negatively affected the Canadian economy (small businesses, specifically) has been the government-imposed lockdowns these past two years, and here the ruling party has the chutzpah to blame a bunch of freedom-loving, peaceful protesters for bringing the economy to a halt over the course of a single weekend. Rather than meeting with these protesters as any mature, humble, great leader would have, instead they went ignored, were preposterously denounced as agitators/revolutionaries, and a draconian Emergencies Act introduced -- a fascist response if there ever was one. (What next, internment/extermination camps for democratic dissenters?) These are dark times for Canada, a nation much in need of prayers from the international community at this time. There are those in high positions within the ruling party with ties to the World Economic Forum. How can anyone possibly call those who feel Canada becoming increasingly unfree conspiracy theorists? What is happening is very real. Reportedly, Trudeau's party is now looking to seize/freeze the bank accounts of Canadians who supported these peaceful protesters, providing them with money to cover the cost of fuel and food. A response, truly intolerant and extremist, but then as of this post a Canadian pastor languishes in solitary confinement, all for his love of the Canadian Charter, as well.
  10. Richard Syrett. Perhaps not well-known outside of North America, the guy's a long-time radio host/podcaster within the alt-media. Despite his podcast being called 'Conspiracy Unlimited' the majority of the show's episodes in recent years have tended to be obsessed with all things paranormal. Indeed, why discuss the New World Order, the climate change hoax, elite think tanks, para-politics, transhumanism, technocracy, and other insignificant things of this 'conspiratorial' nature (which he has hitherto only infrequently) when you can talk, ad nauseum, Bigfoot, Shadow People, ghosts, Grays, and hauntings, instead? Granted, there is the intellectually stimulating and substantial episode every now and then, but overall...what a waste of a podcast, that in name (only?) professes to be primarily focused on topics relating to conspiracy theories. Syrett also periodically guest-hosts on 'Coast to Coast' (which makes you wonder), which his podcast in recent years has become almost a carbon copy of. When he's 'on' (as he was quite a bit when he first started out) there's no better podcast(er) out there, but, in my opinion, of late these instances have become rare as the guy now seems to prefer the frivolous woo-woo over episodes devoted to discussing actual alt-media topics. In all these years he has never had David Icke or Jan Irvin on, as far as I know. That's not only mind-boggling, considering the name of his show(s), but rather suspicious, if you ask me. There are some topics he seems to shy away from: radical Islam, the Pedocracy, social engineering of the counterculture/rock music, ufology and its links to globalist elites/intelligence agencies, etc. No surprise there. After all, isn't discussing fairies, poltergeists, psi phenomena, time travel, hemp, the 'benefits' of robots and the Cloud, far more important? (Perhaps if Syrett changed the name of his show, to something like, I dunno, 'Paranormal Unlimited,' there would no longer be any reason to criticize.) He's also friends with Victor Viggiani, who is a frequent and boring guest on his weekly 'Conspiracy Show' and whose pet-topic is (yawn) UFO Disclosure. Viggiani, every time he's on, sounds to me like a broken record, repeating the same old stuff he's been saying for years, even without the help of a snooze button. (Refer to Charles Upton's latest book for more info on this general psyop that is UFO Disclosure.) At one point during the vaccine rollouts a few months ago, when it was next to impossible to leave and re-enter Canada (where Syrett resides) without a vaccine passport, the next thing you know he's over in Greece, away at his home away from home, despite his talk previous to this about being against taking the covid vaccines. Somehow he got around this, I suppose, by maybe taking swab tests in Canada and in Greece, or else he changed his stance on the vaccines (wouldn't surprise me) or else is a bull-shitter. There's a part of me that now thinks Syrett may be controlled opposition, working in cahoots with 'Coast to Coast' (i.e. more into offering mindless entertainment than anything else), and that he's maybe been 'gotten to.' But I still listen and continue to give him the benefit of the doubt, that he's a legitimate freedom-loving truth-seeker opposed to the NWO and not a poser, or a paid-off shill. (Questioning everything, here.)
  11. The recent feud between Neil Young and Joe Rogan seemed a little put-on to me, a sort of artificial drama akin to televised political debates that give the appearance of multiple talking heads being independent of each other when really behind the scenes they're in fact on the same page and might as well be one party. Although I'm not a fan of Rogan (anyone who follows Jan Irvin's work as I do will understand why), at least in this case he appears to be on the side of the common people. As for double-chinned geezer affluent neo-hippie scumbag Neil Young, I never liked his music, and he certainly comes across here in this Spotify incident as a pro-censorship, self-righteous stooge of the mis- and disinformation-spewing corrupt system. Just another dude in a long list of pseudo-cool and nominally maverick celebs who when push comes to shove and liberty is on the line reveal their true natures as useful idiots if not 'Lifetime Actors' working on behalf of the draconian establishment, despite their long-standing personae of appearing just the opposite in their lyrics, looks, and lifestyles. So much for strumming your guitar and singing like a moron in the free world. What a despicable phony.
  12. The Canadian Prime Minister has been at it once again, amidst this inspiring Freedom Convoy protest/movement happening in Canada, doing what he does best: demonizing groups of decent, hard-working Canadian citizens he doesn't like as being hateful bigots and racists, all for their standing on the side of freedom and opposing government tyranny. It's a tactic that quite frankly is getting a little tired and glaringly transparent. Why, even ones like Elon Musk, who I don't particularly care for, are speaking out in virtuous support of the truckers, which is admirable to see. There certainly appears to be a glimmer of hope for all true Canadian patriots who respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As independent news sources covering the story on the ground and live on location have been reporting for a few weeks now, nationwide across Canada -- from scenes of Muslims toting placards to indigenous folks championing on these long-haulers -- citizens from all types of backgrounds have been showing their support for these heroes who have converged upon the nation's capital, standing in solidarity as a people united, in the face of those in power who get off on wanting to divide and conquer the country, in large part via the assistance of the government-owned legacy media, as in this case of the PM making it out to seem that this trucker convoy protest is the product of a 'fringe minority' comprised of sexists and xenophobic extremists. UTTER LIES! PURE STATE PROPAGANDA! Shame on BLM-supporter Justin Trudeau for ever appearing in blackface and for doing all he can to arguably become 'the' worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. (What little there is left of it.)
  13. For me, with regard to purity of faith, some denominations can be dismissed from consideration right at the outset, as with certain professing Christians. Televangelists, for starters. Transparently impure, most of these; profiteers in ministers' Sunday best. I would also include any others into the teaching of the purely unchristian Prosperity Gospel; good news straight out of the Human Potential circus. Any sky pilot manning a pulpit from inside a mega-church I would also be dubious of, if not count as most likely chaff among the wheat; the wheat in reference to the 'churchless' Body of Christ. 'Churchless,' to mean in this case not dependent on a physical church; meeting-places by which the laity may come together to compare clothing and to fulfill their interpersonal needs as social creatures. What we seem to have here is a process of elimination that only appears never-ending. When Christ returns will he come toting magnifying-glass and search lights? Upon skipping over the Vatican, how many sheep shall he find? Who shall be counted worthy? The stylite perched atop his pillar? I've always considered extremist ascetism in all its forms as pseudo-noble, which in my opinion would exclude the self-flagellating crypto-glutton, more into his whole wheat hoagies than holy bread from heaven. I speak this from a strictly detached, observational perspective, in attempting to answer the question posed by the thread-starter, with regard to Christian purity. I would guess there are many followers of Christ who would identify themselves as nondenominational. Like the pious woman who stays home alone on Sunday mornings, not to attend virtual church socials, but in order to refine her gift for glossolalia. Which brings me to the Pentecostals, neo-revivalists, and charismatics. No thanks. As a non-Christian, those professing to be part of Christ's church who impress me the most are those who: - read the Bible on a daily basis - are prayerful - acknowledge the Great Commission as paramount and more important than strictly the social gospel - are interested in eschatology - adhere to the Decalog - understand the importance of bodily (and not just spiritual) purity - don't have to be Israel-centric in their Christian worldview but at least do not speak wrongly of Jews - are not afraid to proclaim the unpopularity of certain scriptural teachings in the presence of nonbelievers This latter identifying mark, for me, impresses me the most. Either be a Christian (and as such live by the Bible's explicitly stated high moral principles), or don't. What is off-putting to me as one looking in on Christianity from the outside are those who profess to be believers but who water down the word to the point that they might as well be lapsers, worldlings, or outright covert wolves.
  14. Quite the opposite! As the covid vaccines do not contain blood (so it's said) their taking these would not conflict with their sectarian-trained consciences. In fact, among their various branch headquarters around the world (termed 'Bethels') JWs were among the first in line to receive the Covid vaccines as soon as they were made available and one source has said that at one of these branch facilities (which contains close to 2000 members) it is mandatory that all receive the vaccine/booster shots, being they live in what basically amounts to a commune, in close proximity to one another. So long as the vaccine does not contain blood it has been strongly encouraged from 'the Society' that non-Bethelite members (the far majority) also receive the vaccine and for them to not physically associate with ones who are unvaccinated as much as possible or even at all (I think as a coercion by shunning tactic). As far as Covid goes these people are as 'normie' as can be, totally buying into the official narrative hook-line-and-sinker. Generally speaking, they truly feel those in power have humanity's best interests at heart in this case and so gladly follow the Bible's instruction to 'obey Caesar' as it were if what is advised does not conflict with their religious teachings. They're also SO not into 'conspiracy theories'...save, of course, for the one about the whole world being under Satan's control which they would say is not a theory but a Bible-based fact. Go figure.
  15. Martin Luther, pioneer of the Protestant Reformation, certainly accomplished some creditable things. He saw right through the false doctrine of Purgatory as being nothing more than a money-grab scheme on the part of the clergy at the time. His efforts also saw to the Bible being made available to the common folk, aided by the invention of the printing press. Sadly, however, by the end of his life he had turned into a contemptible Jew-hater, something which is obviously not of God and totally at odds with biblical Christianity. This, just another example among many of the satanic hatred for Jews that has always existed since the beginning of recorded history, before the Protocols were ever written and attributed to some 'Jewish' cabal and prior to the creation of the Zionist state in 1948.
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