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  1. I've read the book and have mixed feelings about it. For starters, it's a little too New Agey for my liking. A term that's used frequently throughout Meet The Hybrids is ascension, spelt with a capital A, which for any Christian (not one myself) should raise alarm bells. The problem is, books like these, as warm and fuzzy as they make the reader feel, as with those by self-proclaimed Experiencers, are remiss I think in failing to accept the reality of a negative force in the cosmos, without which the positive could not exist. It's in this gray area where I personally stand on the UFO issue, as
  2. For Canadians after the other side of the news story, a different point of view from MSM propaganda, there are few options out there other than Rebel News. As such, it provides a valuable service. Tell me what news site doesn't have a slant on its coverage, if not often (as with state broadcasters) then every now and then? Levant can be just as critical of the right as he is of the left in this country. Rebel News is about the only (independent) news site in Canada that has spoken out against things like social media censorship, mandatory face masks, Black Lives Matter, Epstein, vaccinations,
  3. George Carlin was mentioned above. Carlin's shtick was often refreshingly un-PC, and as such he was hardly ever heckled or booed, if at all. Were he alive today, my guess is he'd have more material than he could possibly handle, what with all the nonsense on the part of the intolerant and illiberal infecting modern-day culture (as with those offended by "microaggressions" and so-called "cultural appropriation"). GC has to be rolling in his grave if not chomping at the bit to reincarnate in order to take up the mic again and put all these fascist assholes in
  4. Title: Forbidden Gates Authors: Thomas Horn, Nita Horn Published: 2010 How many of the faithful have heard of transhumanism? The book In large part speaks to the church but can also be appreciated by any anti-transhumanist. The laity may have heard of a talking donkey, but what of animals with transplanted human organs? Although the term xenotransplantation does not appear in the Bible, Christians ought to be made aware of the half-human/half-animal monstrosities said to be in the offing and which the authors feel will amount to a direct attack on the faith of all true be
  5. It has been said of the Reptilians that they are deeply anti-Christian. Might Christ have been a starseed sent to earth whose mission was to help raise planetary consciousness? If so, it is understandable why these lower-fourth dimensional beings would not care much for the gospel message of one whose heart chakra was quite unlike any other known to our species. And what of the Insectoids? Alien abduction researcher David Jacobs places these often robed and hooded beings at the very top in the chain of command, with the Reptilians (or "Reptalins" as he calls them) lower in the hier
  6. Renegade is not only for "Ickettes" but I do wonder just how many Blue-Pill People will get a chance to see and appreciate it. I've hitherto seen it twice and my favorite moment remains the tour that Mr. Icke gives aboard a bus. Renegade is a perfect mix of biography and fairly recent footage of Mr. Icke on a speaking tour. Mentioned is how his website is blocked in various secular indoctrination centers where people attend to pass the time. I wasn't aware of this. That some of his speaking events end up getting cancelled due to public or media pressure is a shame. The
  7. kj35: I enjoyed reading your above post and wanted to get your opinion on The Fifth Estate (2014), if you've seen it. Have been reading about Assange on this board and there's differing if not polarized opinions of him. I thought the movie was well-acted by both Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl, and am interested in getting your take on it as to how accurate a portrayal it was being you met him. The Fifth Estate is primarily plot-driven. In a rare scene that breaks from the action, the lead character is invited to dinner at a friend's place, but he can't stand the idle chatter and flees i
  8. Thank you Grumpy Owl for this. A bit disappointed that Mr. Icke doesn't blog. Not to get too off-topic but since you mentioned Ickonic I would like to know if Mr. Icke has a podcast there or just the videocast? I'll take whatever I can get, just wondering, though.
  9. Anyone who is actually familiar with Icke's material knows that for years he has been speaking about the need for people to overcome fear and how fear is used by the self-loathing ptb to keep the cowering masses spiritually disempowered. Far from wanting to make ones feel even more demeaned and anxious than they perhaps already feel, Mr. Icke has been all about the opposite: making ones see the divine light they inherently possess. Endless talk and ink in regards to raising of consciousness, lightening up, chilling out, oneness over division, and freeing ourselves from a prison planet does not
  10. Back in the early part of the year when this global phenomenon first started I had sensed on an intuitive level that this was something much deeper (almost occult-like) than the story being told the panic-stricken. What's coming out now in regards to "The Great Reset" is likely what it was all really about to begin with, whether Bleeping-19 was planned or not. TGR is what ought to be feared the most and yet I'm afraid that just as people had bought the official version hook, line and sinker earlier, that they will also buy this latest bait and latch on to the sugarcoated fishing rod out of bli
  11. I apologize if I posted the above message in the wrong thread. It was only after submitting it that I realized it may not apply here. Prior to which I had scoured the forums looking for a place to post this message but didn't come across any where questions of this nature could be submitted to a moderator. Then I stumbled upon this, saw "Help" and "FAQs" and figured this place was as good as any. Still, it's a question I would like to have answered somewhere on this board. Thank you and mea culpa.
  12. Has Mr. Icke (ever had) a journal or a blog or somewhere online/on this website where his thoughts are regularly put down in written form, in analysis of current events? Most high-profile thinkers within the alternative news community offer this basic feature. (Indeed, some get so carried away, are so prolific and verbose, it makes you wonder if they get any aside from suspected self-stimulation.) Broadcasts/videocasts (a popular informational mode of communication within this dumbed-down culture of talking heads and visual aids) are all well and good and have their place but, generally, are n
  13. Just as there has been divisiveness within the UFO community over the decades, with this ufologist distancing himself from that one (for whatever reason) and so on, you get the sense the same petty behavior goes on within the subculture of the theorists. This is not only immature but sad. So what if one is a bit more far-out in some respects than another who fancies himself a moderate, both are on the same side, after truth, attempting to expose deceit and corruption, and generally conscious of the same social issues. So how to explain when David Icke is marginalized and ignored ev
  14. A year or so ago I read Ron Taylor's tiny book Agenda 21 (published in 2016). In it the author stated how this was not a conspiracy theory. Now this related Agenda 2030 is being talked about in the MSM, four years later. I wonder what he must be thinking? (As an aside, I find the title of the first chapter an interesting choice of words.)
  15. All these well-off, verbally unctuous and controlled mouthpieces and other media/internationalist figureheads parroting the sustainable development/2030 Agenda line reminds me of a phrase Mr. Icke has used which I feel certainly applies in this case: "Same shit, different asshole." What is now oozing out the facial orifices of these exploiters/opportunists echoes what occurred back in 2015 or 2016 when the proverbial fan was officially turned on. Did not the entire 194 member states sign on to this at that time? What were they thinking? This should be no surprise to them. Many nation-states re
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