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  1. Here is what I think. We are at the point of redemption when most of us will enter the kingdom of heaven - zion. This is the time, right now. The evil in this world were left behind and the earth becomes a living hell for them. As they hide in there bunkers during a third and then fourth world war they do indeed inherit the earth. A barren lifeless planet decimated by the elites greed and want of power. They are given one last chance by God to go back and undo what they did to the world by travelling back to the past to prevent the catastrophe. The UFO's we see are time travellers. They are the elite from the future. The ones that tortured and murdered millions of people in their quest for zion. They are transhuman like merged with robotics and are barely human. They are the psychopaths and monsters and control the world. They changed the timeline numerous times. But each time they get the same fate. A future so terrible they try to go back in time to change it. Have no fear. Death is not the end of us but for them they will be given eternal life in hell.
  2. Read the Observer Effect, as for your other points, to be honest they are just bile, bullshit and lies.
  3. Do you always patronise people and attempt to riddicule them to try to win arguments? That's quite sad really. What were all these people singing about? Occams Razor points to the simplest explaination, which is the timeline has changed. Your explaination that of mass memory disfunction is not the simplest explaination, nor does explain the songs and missing paintings. Your explaination of mass delusion is impossible. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Time will Tell...................
  5. “We know they’re lying, they know they’re lying, they know that we know they’re lying, we also know that they know that we know they’re lying, but they STILL LIE.” Aleksandr
  6. Science is Fiction, thats a fact. The mere obsevervation of an experiment can change it's outcome (read Double slit experiment for definative proof). All of newtons laws fall flat on there face at a molecular level. You attempted to limit the conversation to a movie. It really was quite pathetic I thought the explaination marks might prompt you to answer the question instead you post some bullshit youtube video from 2016 You just have to click the link, its really not that hard is it? No images before 2002 to a bible passage we all remember from youth
  7. I also think the Greatest Fear was a speech by Nelson Mandela. Plaguarised by Marianne Williamson. Another Example of The Mandela Effect
  8. Your on an alternative thinking forum, welcome. To limit Mandela Effect to one thing is an arguement of Manipulation. I am experiencing now the Mandela Effect every week. Occams razor is very much in effect here - the answer is they are messing with our timelines. Lets go back to the one you care to avoid Lopixa "The Lion shall lay with the lamb" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell me why there are no images that predate 2002 https://tinyurl.com/the-lies-they-tell
  9. The Lion shall lay with the lamb.. is definately the correct quote. I think the Mandela Effect is proof of Time Travel as well.
  10. Stop responding to their fear and start celebrating victory
  11. I wanted to know what is your best explanation as to why God allows evil in this world? This as we know is a matrix, its design is to bring us back to god, it is a form of hell and manafests in our lifetime our worse fears, its a computer simulation run on children, and it comes to an end when Jesus arrives. Its to remove the evil among us. The chosen will go to paradise.
  12. Out of reactions but I just want to say Alexa thankyou for keeping the faith and the world is as you percieve it
  13. No one should fear god, our god is unconditional love
  14. there is no anti-christ as such, the devil is a manifestation of our fears
  15. alexa I believe we are 31/2 years into the tribulation and time for Jesus to reveal himself
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