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  1. I have thought this for a long time, I am ready to die. I welcome death as an escape from this reality and look forward to the next realm of existence. What I am looking for is a accessible, easy, quick way to die please leave suggestions.
  2. The trouble with this type of thinking is it leaves no hope. We are a thought controlled society with mass halocins. Manipulated and influenced by media and enslaved by technology. However this does not calculate the waves and frequencies of freedom has on our physic minds. There is an awakening taking place worldwide that frees the mind from mental slavery. This is the true reason for the lockdown and the vaccines is to prevent us receiving the vibrational change.
  3. I'm not a flat earther but I did realize how seasons can occur within a flat earth model. Imagine the sun moves up and down as it circles within the dome throughout the year. The sun is at its highest point within the dome in southern hemisphere and as it circles the globe lowest point in northern hemisphere causing simultaneous winter/summer in January and then moves down the dome for six months before moving back up the dome for the following six months causing the seasons.
  4. No the curvature is 8 inches per mile not 8 inches squared
  5. This goes beyond humanity being created - everything within the matrix has to have been created
  6. Whilst considering the nature of reality and if this world is real I came upon an interesting thought. If we live in a matrix then it has to have been created and everything in it has to be created. In short a holographic reality actually is in support of Genesis and not of evolution.
  7. OMG you need a morality check. If this is an example of atheist thinking then you are truly lost. I don't make a distinction between people and if you are an example of a HEALTHY mind then no one is truly sane. I suggest you reread whar you have said and grow a conscience.
  8. Wow, just wow. Survival of the fittest actually comes from an economist not Darwin
  9. My first thought was this is not so different to Sabbatian Frankest in there inversion of the bible. The idea that creation is an inferior god is not in itself wrong but that creation is Satan is i believe incorrect even though i have had similar thoughts myself. For me there is not enough here to turn my back on creation
  10. If you believe in evil then there is an opposing force of good. The natural world of animals is similar to all things in this system. All suffer hunger and all hunger is the root of evil. I believe this reality is hell so its easy to see evil everywhere, where as good and god are harder to find
  11. I have a question to atheists ... Do you believe in evil?
  12. We live in a fallen reality, a type of hell. Everything decays here, even fresh water turns stagnant and you are guaranteed in life if you live long enough to loose all the things you love. Everything in this existence is hungry and hunger is the true root of evil.
  13. 519 wow will look out for that
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