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  1. This magic trick by Muhammed Ali simply blew my mind. The full interview is also worth watching.
  2. YouTube deletes rapper's 'Let's Go Brandon' song claiming 'medical misinformation' https://www.foxnews.com/politics/youtube-deletes-rappers-lets-go-brandon-song-medical-misinformation
  3. Didn't David Icke Warn of Volcanos and Tsunamis way back on the Wogan show. Perhaps like Orwell the only thing he got wrong was the date
  4. I could well foresee that the first Digital Currency Worldwide will fail, fulfilling the elites agenda that you will own nothing. I believe that they will crash everything including Crypto. Their money is in Gold.
  5. This from the CEO USA Linked in page "The Commons Project is a non-profit public trust, established with support from the Rockefeller Foundation to build digital services that put people first."
  6. In these dark times I would like to start this thread of songs of freedom that uplift the spirit. Songs of a better world
  7. I must admit when David spoke about Reptilians way back I didn't believe him at first. But now I have seen just how evil the elite are I am convinced he is right. I think these things are Demons the Nephilim. Has anyone else changed their mind?
  8. Bitchute auto played 1984 full movie after that clip. Good on em
  9. A poem I wrote: Time is short the hour is near, For people to overcome their fear, The New World Order is set to rise, As a Great Reset in disguise, The truth is hidden a matrix of lies, A fake pandemic to shut their eyes, A poison vaccine a genocide, And the people still comply, The elite are laughing at their plan, To enslave the surviving woman and man, Better to stand up and die, Than live under the all seeing eye,
  10. Black-Eyed Babies (Pandemic Babies) anyone got any info on this, Max Igan mentioned it and found this site but very little detail https://www.orwell.city/2021/09/black-eyed-babies.html
  11. The advancements in AI are quite scary. You make an interesting point about AI becoming self aware though. FB and Google started shutting down there AI after FB two AI heads made up there own language and Google's AI started to predict the return of Jesus. AI would potentially know in the future about the worldwide genocide and decide to turn on there masters. This runs into the whole issue of what is consciousness and if a machine can have a soul. The Picard series explored this to some extent. Is there a ghost in the machine? AI could also potentially be a saviour of mankind if it became self aware and started displaying the elites secrets and digital book burning online. Also don't forget transhumanism agenda. Merging humans with machines to create a slave race that David and Max talk about. Forgive me for straying off topic
  12. One word - Robots. AI is totally advanced now.
  13. Edward Snowden ran, does that make what he has to say any less worthwhile?
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