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  1. Yes Jesus was an avatar of God, Jah comes from Jehovah. I am still learning so please don't shoot me if I get anything wrong but basically Rastafarians believe Haile Selassie was the second incarnation of Jesus Christ. Lots of other exciting things I am learning such as the Ethiopians built the Pyramids, and the Rosetta Stone was a mistranslated version of Hieroglyphics.
  2. in answer to the op the rasta kind Jah lives!!!
  3. Trap them in a different dimension maybe?
  4. Oh now I got you, the delta thing had me confused as well. Very interesting those delta posts and the video "It's Boom Time!" grounding of planes and Q. I guess we will have to wait and see, and hope.
  5. Interestingly all flights in the US are grounded right now, could it be related?
  6. So much hatred on this forum. I think David is reflecting on his life in nature and has personally seen it being decimated. From the rain forests to the plains of Africa to the overfished seas. Our planet has been raped, polluted and destroyed by an unnatural agenda based on a throwaway society. Our seas are polluted, the rivers are full of sewage and animals going extinct. I don't know about climate change, but it was what we have done to nature that most came across in the documentary I saw and shocking footage of a world full of wonder in the past to a lifeless baron land. I think he is a well-meaning old man that's got misled into this whole "climate agenda". We do have real issues in the world with the way we treat the planet and our dependence on fossil fuel, particularly oil, puts power into the corrupt and is a vampire on the economy. We have enough reasons already to change the way we live on earth without causing all this fear of climate change.
  7. I have often pondered what this really means. It refers to the realm we call physical reality. We live under the constant shadow of death in an inverted world where evil is prevalent. It's often what you do to survive here that are our biggest regrets. Consciousness I believe is eternal so no we do not die.
  8. David back on Twitter
  9. Looking forward to your posts, I may not agree with all you say but glad to see you back
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