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  1. HAL was named after the preceding letters in IBM
  2. Experiments like the double slit experiment show us that reality is manifested with perception. We are essentially waveform and only manifest as matter due to observation. Our whole universe is waveform based and is an illusion. We live in a simulation where the rules of physics govern the rules of the simulation. We are eternal spirits trapped in biological bodies living out life in a matrix
  3. Maybe its part of the plan to stop the awakening. First they jab you with a vaccine then they dim the sun. Don't think its gonna work
  4. It may not seem initially like a protest song but if you listen you will here it in the lyrics
  5. @oz93666 I don't get where your coming from. We are in a simulation and the best thing we can all do is refuse to comply. No holy war, no battles. Just say this is all bollox and I'm not interested. Focus our lives on love and let the whole system collapse. Fuck the cabal and all there into, just refuse to participate at all. The world is coming to a conclusion I believe. And that is we do need guidance from God.
  6. I have been watching a lot of life after death shows. In almost every NDE (near death experience) they describe infinite love. Why is this present in the afterlife but not here. Is it because we are already in hell because we are dead. Jesus says John 14:30 I will not say much more to you, for the prince of this world is coming. He has no hold over me.
  7. What proof do we have that we are not already dead? I believe there are stages of death. This could all be one giant ghost planet. We are not physically here as we are waveform and live within a matrix. So are we even alive? Or are we in some sort of hell. We could be so involved in the simulation that we are trapped. Is what we call death actually rebirth.
  8. The more I think about the truth movement the more I find it a hopeless cause. Wake everyone up and they still have control. So divine intervention seems to be our best hope. Moreover what I have found is that I was angry at the world but deep down I was angry at myself. I have sinned and made mistakes throughout my life and asked Jesus for redemption and now try to live my life without sin. Before we can heal the world we must ask for Gods healing of ones self first. God is within us all.
  9. Ok right although I thought Jesus was part of the Godhead, the trinity, father, son and holy ghost.
  10. I am surprised you say no second coming as Jesus said himself he would return.
  11. Why are so many threads pinned. It ruins the category and means new threads are unseen. In General there are so many threads pinned you can't find new topics. Its killing the forum please unpin threads apart from essential rules and let the people decide popularity
  12. When you see the pollution of the planet, the devastation of natural habitats, the extinction of wildlife its difficult to not see the destructive force humans have had on this planet. The issue has been hijacked by nwo but that doesn't mean there isn't a problem,
  13. @Steven Collins I remember as a kid getting up on stage and singing with the sub-humans, this is by far the best song of there's imho
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