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  1. Vaccine Buses will be at Celtic FC and Rangers FC stadiums where the fans can get the vaccine, 18-39 will be offered the Moderna vaccine and 40 and over the heart stopper Astrazeneca vaccine. Come and get your vaccine or you won't be allowed to watch your favorite team , clever mind games from the P.T.B, I can picture it now in my head , Celtic and Rangers fans marching down to their club stadium waiting in a long queue to get on the bus for their jab giving them a vaccine sticker with their club badge on it . I just hope the fans says Fuck off but I can't see that happening. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/19461242.celtic-park-ibrox-hampden-host-drop-in-vaccine-buses/
  2. Nightclubs, Football matches now Students are being forced to take the vaccines or no lectures. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-university-students-should-be-double-jabbed-by-september-says-union-12361932
  3. Italy bringing in Covid Pass like France , cracking down on anti vaxxers , no vaccine no freedom, no restaurants, no gym, no cinema, no concerts, what next supermarkets ? UK will be no doubt follow and add more restrictions for anti vaxxers . It really is the Mark of The Beast and End Times . https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/italy-to-crack-down-on-covid-vaccine-refuseniks-with-green-pass-plan-35bd0w0ns
  4. France bringing in Covid passport for pub, restaurants, trains and shopping centres . https://www.france24.com/en/europe/20210713-covid-19-jab-bookings-surge-in-france-as-macron-announces-new-restrictions-for-the-unvaccinated
  5. Coronavirus is so fucking deadly , Kate Middleton was at the Wimbledon final, but never mind the waiting list for the NHS is 13 million.
  6. This is the road to hell and the sooner the younger people wake up the better , I don't drink in pubs now because I can't afford to, but i do like to go to a restaurant now and then . We all knew there would never be a Freedom Day it's all bullshit, give them their Euros Football and a little taste of freedom and between it all talk about a variant and a increase in cases , prepare the Muppets for another Autumn Winter lockdown, blackmail them until they get the vaccine, no vaccine , no holidays , no vaccine no Pubs , No Clubs , No Fun! Welcome to the Pleasuredome But only for the Rich !
  7. I wish this woman would fuck off back to Florida . https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/covid-scotland-nicola-sturgeon-advisor-20972868
  8. He probably looks down on her thinking she is trash , can't stand Vile, I heard he is taking Alex Belfield to court saying Belfield is stalking him.
  9. All these variants sound like Fraternities names .
  10. Are you talking about the wee lass on the Jeremy Vile show? Beanpole BBC Vine will be getting rid of her soon if she doesn't get the vaccine , have you ever noticed Vine surrounds himself with women on his panel , he is a fucking Weirdo , real dodgy character.
  11. I wouldn't give the cunt the attention she craves .
  12. Strawberries and cream Philip ? No just cream Holly ! I have always hated Wimbledon.
  13. Say anything to get attention, who really gives a shit about her, my God this woman has a big Ego .
  14. Lambda is a South American martial arts street fighting it involves backflip kicks and and hopping kicks and finger punches and it's as fake as those bloody variants.
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