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  1. They look like a bad Kraftwerk tribute band .
  2. My Gran used to buy a magazine called the My Weekly it was aimed at the elderly, in the magazine there was adverts for clothing , when ever I see Bill Gates wearing those jumpers I think of those adverts, the man is a wolf in sheeps clothing waving his arms around saying VACCINE in his fucking winey voice .
  3. I watched the clip , I'm gonna send her a plastic Oscar for her acting , probably put a onion near her eyes before filming.
  4. Lorraine Fake Mrs Doubtfire Kelly is angry with Anti-Lockdown protesters saying 'She was fuming with the protesters and would like to take them by the hand and show them the reality of Covid , she quoted Kate Garraway saying maybe Kate should have a wee word with those protesters and tell them about the living hell she has been through with her husband .
  5. She must be about 4ft 10 and where is her face mask ?
  6. More like Bonnie Langford, annoying !
  7. Yes she always asks what's you occupation? In one interview she asked a man he continued to talk about why he was at the protest and then she asked him again. ' What's your occupation?'
  8. Watched this woman when she was sitting on a chair after the incident, something not right, Fake Irish accent , talking about Banshees, wearing sunglasses and she looks like she bought her clothes from a charity shop to play the part of a old lady , strange mixture of clothes and odd boots , notice how she screams loudly to get attention when the cop throws her the in second clip , also the dancing on the chair was odd, looks like a set up.
  9. Yes I agree it all seems a bit fishy , definitely planned, especially Johnson winning the election before Christmas, Brexit , Election , Covid 19 and we know what's next .
  10. I first heard about Tiktok during the lockdown with the videos of the NHS Nurses and Doctors dancing and doing other useless shit, so I decided to have a look at it to see what it was , My God WTF is the world coming to , people talking to themselves, doing random crazy nonsense, posting videos everyday, it's like watching people in a mental hospital, it serves no purpose and i think it will be damaging for peoples mental health , the world is fucking crazy and it's getting worse , but what is the point of Tictok and wasn't there a character in Return to Oz called Tiktoc ?
  11. Does Gareth know her? He hugged her and said nice to see you.
  12. I watched her her interview a Welsh ex Miner she looked like she couldn't be bothered with him and she was better than him.
  13. Your probably right about her, I dont know much about her , what is her background? She keeps saying she worked for the BBC and ITV . Maybe she has just jumped on the bandwagon like Alex Belfield , Brees and Bellfield like to blow their own trumpets by saying they have millions of listeners , they both seem to have big egos .
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