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  1. With the huge lockdown in Shanghai I wonder if there will be another bullshit variant coming to other countries, any excuse lock us down again and have the frightened sheep rushing to get more booster jabs .
  2. In Scotland , England and Wales is it mandatory a legal requirement to fill up the Census? They say you will be fined up to £1000 if you don't fill it up , is it just scare tactics?
  3. Definitely staged the Oscars is just a freak show with millionaires, the usual satanic freaks like Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish , just shows you how crap movies are today when Will Smith wins a Oscar for a film about Tennis, a movie that I wouldn't watch for free, the Oscars is all bollocks and the media are having a orgasm over this Will Smith fake slapping bullshit, Smith is an annoying egotistical prick he was only good in the TV sitcom Different Strokes , oh wait a minute that wasn't Smith
  4. He is one Evil Bastard, hard to believe he is only worth One Million dollars , bullshit !
  5. I was wondering how long it would be before we heard from Little Bono. Old demented Alky Pelosi wearing her bed housecoat reads Bono poem where Bono says Saint Patricks name is now Zelenskyy My God these people are fucking nuts , Biden and Pelosi are senile and should be in a Nursing home getting 24 hour care and Bono should stay at home counting his pot of gold . https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10626995/Bono-ridiculed-unhinged-poetry-Ukraine-Nancy-Pelosi-read-St-Patricks-Day.html
  6. Paul Joseph Watson is a little prick, the man can not be trusted just like his fat boss Jones with his snake oil supplements, watch Jones on his channel and all he does is beg his followers to buy his Tri Iodine supplement in his WWE voice .
  7. Arnold is a Egotistical Prick who will say any shit to get attention, he is a narcissist steroid junkie , he is only interested to himself, he is a horrible selfish bastard who used people throughout his life, Arnold shut the Fuck Up and Fuck off !
  8. Fourth Booster Jab coming soon to UK by Shat it Jab it https://metro.co.uk/2022/03/17/all-brits-likely-to-be-offered-fourth-covid-jab-this-year-sajid-javid-says-16290913/
  9. Yes the Ukrainians will be guaranteed a job in the UK , they will be top priority over anyone else who applies for the job.
  10. Just like the Covid all this Ukraine shit has been planned it's funny how quick they can come up with the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, after all it's only been days since Russia went into Ukraine.
  11. I wonder if Cunter Biden was mates with Prince Andrew and Epstein?
  12. Cumberbatch will hand pick who he will take into his bedroom i mean home
  13. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/crowd-cheer-iconic-duke-wellington-26400884 Did they do this when Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen ? No they never !
  14. These dumplings would be better helping the homeless or volunteer at a hospice in the U.K. All I can say is ' They haven't a Clue ' Muppets !
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