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    Pandemic declared, A new silent killer Wuhan Jan 2020, starts to become iller Into March lockdown, it will only last 3 weeks To protect the NHS, and get us past the peak Social distance, is the way to prevent the spreading The public unaware of where this is heading Government seem to know even less Boris is at first upbeat, while the worlds in a mess Businesses shut down, then so do the schools Protect and save lives, the party line rules New legislation, that infringe on our rights Not allowed to gather, so no chance to fight We see the death, and infection rates rise In China, people drop in front of our eyes All other illnesses and treatment, seem to drop Operations booked in, all get the chop All MSM news, only talk about the virus Propaganda and scaremongering, starting to tire us Nations are split, those that believe, those that do not Daily death rate figures, just in case we forgot Rat Handjob, and poor little Johnson, both test positive To believe it or not, that’s your prerogative 100,000 tests a day is the government targets Home testing kits aplenty, appear on the market Kill Gates everywhere, selling his vaccines Lockdown gets stricter, no signs of relaxing Free money and loans, to help out the masses Your friendly neighbours, all turn into grasses Contact tracing set up, the app doomed to fail Lockdown goes on, to protect the old and the frail Masks worn on transport, to save other lives Families not allowed to see, loved ones that die Massive job cuts, as big and small firms go bust Not allowed to work, staying alert is a must Booze, fags and fast food, allowed a roaring trade Can’t keep fit at the gym, no health spa for a day Social media is censored, opposing narrative restricted Its misinformation, the government tells the inflicted Videos and websites removed along with free speech Drones sent to remove people from parks and the beach You’ve all been good people, says the government statement However restrictions still stand, there is no abatement Now Lockdown is into June, and car showrooms can open Can’t visit parents though, if that’s what you’re hoping 14 day quarantine, for overseas Uk new arrivals It may be 3 months too late, but it’s for your survival Imperials data, seems to have been drastically incorrect More inconsistencies, found by those that inspect BLM protests and marches are allowed Anti lockdown objectors, illegal in a crowd Shops start to open, along with the pubs For fun void socialising, welcome to the club Order through phone apps, sorry we don’t take cash The virus lingers on it, could cause a rash Risk assessments expected, from reopening trades None from government though, would show mistakes they’d made Now must wear masks, when going into shops Asthma, stress or phobias, it’s unimportant which condition you’ve got £100 fines, if don’t do as you are told Behind the smoke screen, more lies unfold NHS contracts, sold off to USA by Cummings Private Health Care for all, definitely in the running Vaccines ordered in millions, without medical approval Gates rubbing his hands, it’s as if, he knew it all The list could go on, probably endless They just want conformity, and couldn’t care less It’s not about protecting us all from Corona It’s Behavioural Science, in an effort to “Own Ya” Now second spike, what happened to second “wave” More confusion and terror, to make us behave Now we can’t see others smile, or facial expressions All because of a hyped up, flu like infection Our souls are designed to love and interact To enjoy, bring up children, be happy, that’s fact Of the good human race, we need to be prouder Join together, with respect, and shout louder Or a world where our kids, are controlled, and unhappy Because most of us allowed it, while wearing a face nappy In our hearts, we know what they’re doing is not right But we need to Stand Up Now, and start winning this fight. Just Recapping
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