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  1. I just realized what you were saying. I have long believed that the world is much bigger than we are told it is. In fact, we have no idea how big it is, really. I strongly doubt someone walked around it with a measuring wheel. Also the world map that most of us are used to seeing is apparently wrong, but again this would kind of lead to another "how would we know?" scenario. Either way, most of what it exists cannot be processed by our ocular nerves. Hallucinogenics can go some small way to opening up people's field of vision.
  2. I was looking through some of my old posts, and looked at one from 2020. I have an exceptional memory. On a spectrum, mine is somewhere between "excellent" and "eidetic", and I am certain that this specific post was "liked" by a particular forum user, who, at some point or another, withdrew that like. 


    Perhaps it is "ego" that I am mentioning this, but it is DEFINITELY ego for someone to do that. This is profoundly pathetic.


    I see you. You are either a very obvious game player or you have a very weak sense of self. Either way I feel sorry for you.

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    2. Ethel




      My issue isn't WHO, my issue is why. I am certain the person's opinion has not changed. 


      I feel like removing a like because you dislike the person or because you want to compete for likes conveys, at the very least, pettiness. 


      That being said, why do you care why I care?

    3. sickofallthebollocks



      I don't care - you mistake me asking 'why do you care who has removed a like' comment - with me caring?
      Which is not the case. No caring here, I couldn't give a fucking hoot.
      I asked because I was a confused as to why someone would go and put something like this on a status update on the front page of the site?
      Your issue looks like you are concerned with who and why?
      Maybe it was someone you thought you were in good stance with?
      And you are now upset and need to lash out?  Maybe just contact them by PM to ask why instead of lashing out.
      Anyway - like I said - now, by trying to help, it looks like I care.  When I don't.

    4. Ethel


      You definitely care. There's no way what you have just typed indicated nonchalance.

  3. This is a great meme. It does not necessarily denote that "immigrants are good", "white natives are bad"; the message is more subtle and nuanced than that: whenever there are two "opposing" groups, seemingly at odds with each other, there is often a hidden hand orchestrating the whole scenario. So in this scenario, the yellow vest guy thinks he is some kind of victim because he only has one cookie, but is dumb enough to believe that his one cookie is under threat of being stolen because of the immigrants, rather than because twisted illuminati cunts are once again playing puppet master. Meanwhile, Mr. Immigrant is thinking that Mr. yellow vest is a selfish, uncaring, greedy bastard because he has something and is getting fed but still wants to stop Mr. Immigrant from even having a seat at the table... little does he know that old illuminati prick is stirring the pot and winding yellow vest up... Brilliant. The person who created this really has their head screwed on. I see this all the fucking time and it's so fucking frustrating. People desperately need to wise up and start becoming more aware of the myriad ways in which they are being played.
  4. I agree, and in fact already believed exactly that. I think my second paragraph was too harsh.
  5. I sort of agree with @alexa on the subject of beauty in our world. Being in nature I see incredible beauty; the trees, flowers, animals. It is important not to forget that. However, I don't see human society as equally beautiful. Unfortunately human society often overshadows the fact that we live in a world with incredible biodiversity and beauty. Human society is still largely unconscious, sadly.
  6. They are concepts which help people in the new-age spiritual community to feel better. Everyone who incarnates here has to learn to help themselves, and then, once they have learned how to help themselves to a certain level, they can find ways to help others. This is universal and has nothing to do with starseeds, lightworkers, crystal children, rainbow children, indigos, etc etc. We are here to help ourselves awaken from the dream, then, if we do that job properly, help others do the same. That's it. The new age cult is full of adult children who like to find ways to feel better about what is often quite a brutal existence. If it isn't engaging in spiritual narcissism by telling themselves how unique and special they are, it's by spiritual bypassing or enabling "authority" in the worst possible way, since virtually all new-agers have horrendous shadow regarding how they perceive authority.
  7. No it isn't, and I'm not interested in groupthink. It comes from Latin 'Religare', meaning "to bind". There is your purpose. Religion was created to "bind" the masses, control them, keep them tied in place. Keep their view fixed, create blind spots, drug them etc etc etc. End of discussion, end of thread.
  8. Research the etymology of the word and therein you will find the purpose of it. That's what etymology exists for; revealing the truth of things.
  9. I was going to say: "But he's not a celebrity", but then neither are most of the people who appear on that wretched show. He may very well end up eating kangaroo dick, but then him and his cohorts probably already do that for a hobby anyway.
  10. Oh you must see it if you haven't before! You are in for a rare treat. I have shown that film to about six people and all of them loved it. Stylistically it is iconic.
  11. Like all of what is produced by the pharmaceutical industry, synthetic hormones should be used with caution. Unless a person is deficient in hormones, they should not be using them, period. The flippancy people are showing towards use of these chemicals is incredibly dangerous and foolish. The average man or woman should not need to boost their hormones, synthetically or naturally; they should be aiming to eat a healthy diet which promotes homeostasis and therefore balances hormone production. Leave the chemicals for people whom have had vasectomies or hysterectomies. For men who already have plenty of testosterone to take synthetic T is dangerous; it increases the risk of heart attacks drastically. Approach with caution!
  12. Another classic movie scene. Hilarious, and a beautiful metaphor for how hard some people in this world fight to avoid seeing the truth
  13. My favorite film ever is "Lucy", starring Scarlett Johannsen. This scene is one of my favorites in the film, although there are at least six I could have posted here. Besson really excelled himself with this film, as did Johannsen. The best part, of course, is 1:02 This film fires the imagination. I believe our species could evolve to virtually everything Lucy does in this film.
  14. Interesting that I would see this thread as I only recently had the beautiful privilege of having a Swedish Massage and wanted to tell others on this forum how amazing it was. It was absolutely amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. I cannot express how awesome it felt. There was one particular spot in my shoulders which, when massaged, created a deep and intense relaxation and pleasure within my body. If you have any shoulder or back problems and feel like treating yourself, have a Swedish massage. It was worth every penny.
  15. These apparent maverick types like Kanye West and Elon Musk are carefully crafted illuminati puppets whom have been sculpted and shaped to provide the gen pop with convenient 'boogeymen' or idols of hope; delete as applicable. In truth they are just empty husks, probably graduates of the University of MK Ultra. Neither is to be taken seriously, they are bought and paid for illuminati puppets and it doesn't matter a fuck that Musk has bought twitter because the platform itself, like most of the rest of the Internet, is one gigantic echo chamber full of, (I'm sorry to say) easily manipulated people. Elon and Kanye can go fuck themselves.
  16. The UK's richest ever prime minister, at a time when we are headed towards probably the biggest recession ever? Coincidence? Pure pantomime...
  17. Affectionate little ditty for the local plods.
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