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  1. Whilst I agree that on a planet of over seven billion people (allegedly), this scenario probably does occur, I am interested to hear how common you think this actually is. Ball park figure. Bringing a child into the world who was a product of rape is not a 'reward' to the Rapist. Because he wouldn't need to know. You are employing the use of a particular type of argument I often hear "pro-choice" people using, whereby they engage in hypothetical flights of fancy in an attempt to find some sort of justification for abortion, and I'm not buying it. If a woman possesses enough agency to seek out an abortion, she also possesses enough agency to leave an abusive partner. Which is harder to do? Kill an unborn child or leave someone who is abusing you? As many have said before me, a child doesn't deserve to be punished for the sins of the Father. Also, I don't support the notion that it's impossible for someone who is the product of rape to have quality of life, either. They'll undoubtedly have something extreme to overcome, but it isn't the job of Leftists to guarantee that everyone has a life which is free of challenges. There is no situation I can think of in which I would support abortion. I am infertile, FYI. I wouldn't normally drop that into an abortion debate but on this occasion I will. Reproduction is the one of the greatest gifts that human beings are given; people with fertility are literally able to create life. That is amazing. Even though if I had my fertility this time next week I wouldn't use it, I love babies and it still brings me to tears occasionally when I think that I will never hold a child I created in my arms. Perhaps this is an appeal to emotion but I can't say I care, particularly. The perspectives of infertile people have a place in the abortion debate. I don't even kill houseflies so the 'bundle of cells' argument does absolutely nothing for me.
  2. I am not sure. I could say what helps me, but it might not help you. My beliefs aren't great. I wasn't raised by people who instilled within me positive beliefs about life, the world or people. Powerlessness, shame, rage; self injury, isolation. You get the general idea. So every day I used various methods to change beliefs. There are numerous methods for doing this. It is an ongoing development. I am strong, so I am lucky in that sense. I get exercise, try to eat healthy food. I keep going. I try to treat myself with kindness as much as possible. Every person represents an aspect of you, so when I think that people are dumb fucks, I try and find the aspect of me which is a dumb fuck. In fairness, there's a lot I don't get. I am socially retarded in many respects. I've been there many times. Growth is pain. I don't know if things are going to get better in this world, I can't prove to you they will. They might not. Humanity is in a state of denial because when the denial lifts there will be hurt and pain. There are times when I felt so alone I started to feel like I wasn't real any more. I felt like I was losing myself, disappearing. It passed. Everything passes. Everything changes, because it has to. Eventually.
  3. Deep down they are afraid to see the truth. Which isn't very helpful.
  4. Also, allow me to address the very obvious elephant in the living room by asking the question: how is it possible for a couple living in 21st century society, whilst surrounded by over a dozen forms of contraception, to "accidentally" conceive a child?
  5. Thank you for letting us know. I can't tell you how many sleepless nights I've had, wondering if this would ever happen.
  6. There will be a day of reckoning for the amount of censorship which now exists in our society. I can hardly stomach it in any more. Insanity is the norm now.
  7. I am in favour of a Soros thread. I want to know more about him. I am starting to form a picture: I don't think he is necessarily just supporting and funding organizations which create and enhance social division. I think he is also supporting and funding organizations in order to derail and hijack genuine their legitimate good intentions or plans for the future.
  8. The money is just insane. Fifty grand here, a million there; like someone casually tossing loose change at homeless people. I'd love to find a common thread...
  9. I wish to learn more about this man. Based on several quotes of his, I definitely think he's dirty, but I would love to know more about why he funds what he funds, right across the board. If you go to the open society foundation website you can find a list of literally thousands of organizations he funds. One of them, 'The European centre for the rights of children with disabilities' says in their 'about' section: " to the civil society’s response towards the need to promote, protect and enhance the rights of disabled children, so that they could benefit of a real and effective social inclusion into the Romanian society." Like I said, I don't trust the guy, but I'm struggling to see an angle where giving to charities which help disabled children are concerned. There are a glut of disabled charities right across the Western world he funds, and it isn't always easy to see the agenda behind his doing so. I wonder if it is possible he ever throws money at anything relatively innocuous?
  10. If someone appears out of nowhere and is all of a sudden thrust into the media spotlight, is lauded as counter-culture or 'alternative', speaks for a large number of people or even a generation, or is otherwise pushed forward as an example of someone who "should" be listened to, my mathematical calculations tell me there is a 97.4% chance they are an illuminati puppet. That is all.
  11. This forum needs a reaction for 'absolutely raging'. These kids boundaries are being violated, plain and simple.
  12. Yeah I've seen it. Although these kind of people don't 'get it', and aren't fully aware that what they're doing is damaging, that doesn't make it any less sad, frustrating and depressing.
  13. I was in a cafe earlier today. There were two mature ladies sitting at a table with a baby, presumably one of their grandchildren. The child was happy and smiling and laughing until the two adults decided it was time to leave. Firstly, they strapped the child into a buggy which I absolutely fucking hate. Children don't understand that it's "for their own good", they literally just think they are being tied up. Imagine how you would feel if someone disabled you then tied you to a fucking chair. The child was howling. But secondly, the two women then put face masks on. As one of them leaned over the child with her stupid mask on, the child's cries intensified. I imagined the confusion/fear of the poor little blighter as the insane individual leaned over the child, her two eyes peering over the top of her mask. Then I remembered what I posted about here on this forum, just the other day; that a growing number of children are ending up with multiple developmental delays because they aren't seeing human expressions and lip movements enough. Imagine you are a child who is really unlucky and happens to be born into a really neurotic family who wear masks a large amount of the time. Imagine how damaging this will be. This baby will think a 'normal' representation of humans, at least a percentage of the time, is just a pair of eyes peering over a stupid bit of fabric. Think how far down the foodchain you have to go before you get to something which has no visible nose or mouth. An octopus has no visible nose or mouth. Snails and many other arthropods. The ways in which these children are being primed is beyond sickening. The situation is frustrating and saddening. I feel helpless. I wanted to say something so badly. I wanted to tell them about the Ofsted report on child development over the last two years. But needless to say, I fucking didn't. What do you think would have happened if I had? I would have been told to mind my own business, that's what.
  14. You're welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read it.
  15. My insight into the last two years is now provable. I said way back, roughly halfway through 2020 that the widespread wearing of facemasks would have a detrimental impact on the behaviour, psychology, learning and development of children and now, here we are, in April of 2022 and it is now being confirmed by Ofsted that many children are now basically retarded as a result of the face mask situation and several other facets of the Scamdemic. I called it. I should stop doubting myself. Somewhere on this forum there will be a post where I said this. I think even David Icke didn't touch upon this aspect of the Scamdemic much, if at all.






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    2. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      It's not documented here in this forum, but just prior to the start of the first lockdown in 2020, I did comment to someone who was visiting us at work something along the lines of "it won't be just two weeks though, the longer this goes on, then the more people will be psychologically damaged by this"

      I too like to think that I called this out at the start, and though I've kept mostly quiet about this amongst my closest family and friends, I do believe now - two years later - that I was sadly correct.

    3. Gremmels


      David absolutely said this multiple times.

    4. Anti Facts Sir

      Anti Facts Sir

      Our gut instinct on this was correct, and everything published and that's happened since has confirmed it. Sadly.

  16. Others have offered some reasonable advice here, but I have a few other insights. I have a feeling you aren't the first person in this forum to make a post about this, either that or I'm having deja vu. If the insomnia lasts for hours, I have found it helpful to accept this, then get up and read for a bit. It is the resistance to the insomnia which is powering it, unfortunately. If you literally "give in" and say, "fuck it, I'm getting up", then go and read a book or something, then you should, after an hour or so of that, be able to go back to bed and sleep, but it has to be real acceptance, not fake. Failing that there is various meditations, but you also need to find a way to get the feelings flowing. Blocked emotions cause insomnia. Write about your feelings in a journal. Feel, cry. As a last resort, and this is for nights when I've had a really terrible nights sleep the night beforehand and none of the above have helped, I will occasionally take a strong anti-histamine called Promethazine, brand name 'Phenergan'. The doctor will probably agree to this. I generally hate the pharmaceutical so would only take this as a last resort, once in a blue moon. Even one tablet will leave you groggy as fuck the next day, especially if you ain't used to it. Don't take two or you'll still be sleeping three days later.
  17. American Circumcision: A Commentary This film is a couple of hours long and provides a surprisingly balanced look at the topic of circumcision. Although both sides of the argument are presented here, the anti-circumcision side of the argument is well represented, with the end result being that the documentary could not reasonably be accused of “favouring” either side. The documentary begins showing a close up of a baby’s face, before moving on to showing it being strapped to a circumcision board. Thankfully the footage then stops, although this horror is thoroughly explored later on in the documentary. There are a couple of highly upsetting sequences. America is the only country in the world carrying out incredibly high levels of circumcision on infant males for non-religious reasons. This documentary centres predominantly around a group of activists whom oppose circumcision, called “intactivists”, and a bunch of delusional academics who are in varying states of denial. One of these academics is a guy called Brian Morris, a professor Emeritus at the University of Sydney, who has the vibe of a psychopath and who claims to be pro science despite making a slew of unscientific claims like rapid gunfire. Morris promotes the idea that the human body is inherently flawed, is born flawed and needs “science” to correct it, a common view amongst people with God complexes. Morris is anti-science, anti-nature, and, it goes without saying, anti-God. Another academic, Andrew Freedman, is a deranged beast who circumcised his own son, and who admits that circumcision in the Western world is done predominantly for cultural, rather than medical reasons. This theme is explored several times throughout the documentary, with academics blame-shifting onto parents who seek out these procedures for their offspring on the grounds that they want their sons to be “just like the other boys”. Even if this is true, and it probably is, the idea that doctors are ever led by ordinary everyday people is laughable; their God complex and their professional hubris simply wouldn’t allow them to be swayed by the wants and needs of their patients, and even if it did, carrying out drastic and damaging surgeries to accommodate cultural norms is moral insanity. An interview with a young man who confronted his own Mother about her terrible decision is particularly interesting; her response demonstrates a clear case of Narcissistic entitlement, telling him that he “belongs to her”. When he refuses to back down, she responds with narcissistic rage and throws several cups onto the floor, smashing them. At this point I would like to comment upon ‘cultural norms’. It strikes me as a particular form of weakness when people allow themselves to be influenced by the toxicity of their culture, and an even greater form of weakness when they fail to spot that toxicity in the first place. Behold the foundation of moral relativism: “if everyone’s doing it, it must be okay”. A clear picture begins to emerge by this point: the people who defend circumcision lack the intelligence, insight, wisdom, empathy, compassion or intuition to understand the damage which is being done. They are numb so they think feelings don’t matter. They are numb so they don’t understand what trauma is. Claims of the alleged benefits of circumcision are proven pseudo-scientific nonsense and have been debunked too many times to count. For a comprehensive summary, read ‘Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma’ by Ronald Goldman. Some examples of academia’s dishonest tripe include: claiming that circumcision prevents UTI’s when rates of these are higher in women than men, claiming that circumcision prevents penile cancer despite this being one of least common types of cancer in men, and claiming that circumcision reduces risk of HIV despite the fact that America has the highest rate of HIV in the Western world combined with the highest rate of circumcision. The academics appear to be gas-lighting; although unfortunately this is what people who are in denial do. Next, there is a lengthy discussion of the physical after effects of circumcision which mainly centre around the loss of penile sensitivity. The foreskin contains many thousands of nerve endings, which create enhanced sexual sensation. Circumcision literally removes the Frenulum, which is the most sensitive area of a man’s penis. Many men and women are unaware that men can have multiple orgasms, but will be less likely to after circumcision. Apparently, the difference in intensity of orgasms experienced by men who are circumcised in adulthood is like night and day. The first of two sequences which show part of a circumcision procedure is absolutely gut-wrenching and it is very short. My legs went completely numb and cold as I heard the desperate cries, then, most sickening of all, we see the babies face and he is in a clear state of shock and dissociation. You can literally see his little chest heaving as he breathes raggedly. I know trauma so I know this is what I am seeing. Another interview in the film sees a survivor of female genital mutilation stupidly defending what has happened to her whilst enabling the barbaric and backward cultures which perpetuate FGM the most. What is most remarkable about this woman is her denial. She is like a Stockholm Syndrome victim. We are also treated to an interview with another academic, Edgar J Schoen in which he gaslights the audience by trying to convince them that some babies “sleep through the procedure”, a lie which any sensible human being can see through. What he is actually referring to is a state of extreme dissociative shock; mainly because human beings generally don’t tend to sleep when they’ve just had part of their genitalia cut off. Schoen, along with several other of his cohorts also repeatedly uses the “appeal to popularity” logical fallacy to justify circumcision, stating that the “majority” of men don’t complain about what has been done to them, ergo, no harm done. A more nuanced interpretation of this, of course, is that the majority of men have been so desensitized by the experience that they are in a state of full blown denial. Of all defence mechanisms, denial proves the greatest menace to our species. This idea that many babies whom have been circumcised develop PTSD is further explored by another Intactivist, Marilyn Milos, who speaks about how babies whom have been circumcised later go on to respond more severely to being vaccinated. She also likens the experiences of circumcised males as akin to sexual abuse, particularly because doctors stimulate the genitalia of these babies until the penis becomes erect. Is this sexual abuse? You decide. A brief mention is made of botched circumcisions, I am sure most of us have heard of the most famous example of this, David Reimer, who lost his penis in a botched circumcision and was then forced to live socially as a female. This occurrence, whilst apparently uncommon, is avoidable enough and horrifying enough to be worthy of mention here. Towards the end of the documentary more actual circumcision footage is shown, this time for a longer period. Some parts of this were blurred, although the sounds told their own story. As I, and many others have said before, the screams are really like no other. I am sure you have all heard babies crying before. This wasn’t like that; this was like something dredged up from the depths of hell, unforgettable in the worst way, frantic and desperate, like a cornered, wounded animal. If this weren’t enough, the documentary also shows us a variety of the torture devices actually used to carry out the procedure, and at this point the dread and horror I felt were overwhelming. Interestingly, at one point, one of the academics mocks one of the activists for her overtly emotional displays, as though he genuinely considers emotion to be a defect, inadvertently shining a light on why he holds the perspective he does. Finally, the documentary briefly explores the religious aspect of circumcision before cursorily and delicately touching upon Judaism’s full scale assault of infant bodily integrity and it’s wicked attack on sacred masculinity. The segment lasted around a minute or so, out of a two hour documentary. In summary, the documentary was worth watching, and told me a small handful of things I didn’t already know about the topic. It highlighted a topic which I believe actually underpins a lot of the problems in Western society, leading me on to my final conclusions on what I believe to be the motivations behind circumcision. Possible motivations for circumcision The widespread sexual desensitisation of males The deliberate traumatisation of males Deliberate reduction of genuine intimacy in relationships, owing to both of the above The emotional numbing of men, caused by traumatisation Creation of dissociative states in men (The freeze response) This inhibits the drive to take action The creation of widespread denial as a defence mechanism, the most common defence mechanism
  18. I have not seen this film but have heard that it doesn't hesitate in showing the negative aspects of circumcision. This surprises me, given that it's on something as mainstream as Netflix, but would be curious to know if anyone has seen it? I don't really want to pay for it unless I know it opposes circumcision.
  19. There is a stand piled sky high with Convid tests as you walk into my local supermarket. I can't get the image out of my mind of me, dowsing it in lighter fluid and throwing a lit match at it. Oh well. It's not like I'm actually going to do it...


    *laughs maniacally*

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    2. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I hear people now have to buy these silly tests, rather than getting them for free?


      And now apparently 'cases' are on the rise again. Talk about 'manufactured demand'.


      And sadly people will now actually part with good money for these things, just so they can 'keep safe'.


      HINT: If you don't get tested, you can't get 'Covid' 😉

    3. Ethel


      It's been on the cards for a while that people have to pay, but I didn't know they'd actually done it. Truly extraordinary; people are actually still buying them! Also, where I live, (which has a ridiculously high compliance rate) it appears like mask compliance has actually gone up. I had several people eyeballing me today for not wearing a mask. It had to be that; I was literally the only one out of hundreds not wearing one.


      Imagine that for a second. It's exactly two years and they still haven't 'got it'. How utterly depressing is that?


    4. DaleP


      It seems that many vax manufacturers experienced fire so it's not surprising that Covid test also goes up in flame. Not that I'm going to do anything either but stranger things have happened in the world for sure. Just like schizo would blame...satan told me to do it....we can only hope that spirits would do it. Spontaneous combustion.

  20. I agree with you, and it is interesting to note that there are a vast number of languages which don't have pronouns. The use of these, plus the system's insistence upon birth certificates, naming, and enrolling newborns into 'the system' guarantees the cultivation of ego self. Some psychologists might argue that ego development is a natural part of development, but I am unsure. How can a person 'transcend' something they never had? Interestingly, for anyone who didn't already know this, in Latin, the word Ego = I
  21. If it ends up damaging his career, the slap was genuine. If it doesn't, it wasn't.
  22. My boiler was switched off yesterday and was also switched off in the electricity box too. It may be switched on again next November or December, it depends whether there are more rises. Hot water bottles and thick jerseys are a wonderful invention. I already have mostly cold showers anyway, because it improves circulation. Nobody who is indoors should be concerned about this. You have shelter and a bed with a duvet. Consider yourself lucky. The energy companies are vagrants and it's about high time people stood up to them. I find it incredibly satisfying to know that I can choose how to respond to their slimy, manipulative behavior. Ha ha.
  23. I will tell you all what the cleanest source of water is, in fact, I'll show you, with a photo. But you have to promise not to tell anyone. It is cheap, i.e. free. Enjoy!
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