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  1. Reviving this thread. I have experienced a few of the features of psychosis and have also spoken elsewhere on this forum about how I believe schizophrenics/people with psychosis can often "see into" the Astral. One feature of this which has been with me for years is tactile hallucinations. It has been going on for years. It feels like something is either touching the top of my head or stroking my face. For years I told myself the comforting story that it was "angels" but then I began to wonder if it was Astral parasites. I am not afraid of it, it's mostly annoying. When I am in my bed at night I generally have to sleep on my side with the blanket pulled around my head so that only my eyes and nose are exposed, otherwise this "thing" is stroking my face. It feels like someone's fingers touching my face. I have even said to this thing before, "why don't you go one step further and find another way of communicating with me" but it never does. I wish I knew what this was. I am hoping it isn't demonic. If anyone is reading this and can shed some light on it I would be most interested to listen.
  2. That's how newborn babies operate; they perceive everything as self. They perceive their own Mother as them. Just out of curiosity, what percentage of your life would you say is lived from this perception? I can usually guess what aspects of me different people in my life represent but a percentage of the time I am still "caught in the illusion".
  3. Hmm, interesting. Your argument seems to be that because everything is a unified field, there is no separation, therefore there cannot be free will? I am guessing you are making an argument for determinism? I think that the idea of the unified field is an interesting one and it's what I personally belief, but it is very difficult to "hold onto" that perception; I can grasp it for short periods, and have definitely become much better at spotting the cause and effect of my life but... The unified field is least applicable to earth realm. The illusion of separation was how source consciousness wanted to experience itself, or so many ancient texts tell us anyway. As I have said many times, I don't think the biggest problem on earth is ego, I think it is the unobserved ego. Either way, interesting post.
  4. Thank you for making an excellent point - I went back, edited my original post and placed the words: 'negative karma' in quotation marks. Those whom believe in it will still be bound by it, however.
  5. 100% agreed, in fact I believe a large part of what occurs after death is based on beliefs, and a lot of people believe in karma so this means they will undoubtedly face guilt/shame when they are shown their "life review". As someone who has no intention of going down the "tunnel of light" and who also experiences the negative consequences of their actions far more quickly than most people, there will be nothing for "them" to use against me. I see what you are saying... this doesn't matter, unfortunately. I have done enough research on NDE's to know that people are guilt farmed after leaving here, and opt to come back because of choices they made. We are a largely guilt-driven species. It doesn't matter if someone does harm unconsciously; they're still choosing to reincarnate here over and over again - wouldn't you agree? Untrue. The illuminati traumatize their own. I could tell you some of the stuff they do to their offspring, if you like? It's a vicious circle; a trap. I could talk all day about the semantics of good and evil. Again, agreed, but the biggest problem is the socialization process. Most people use guilt and shame, plus positive/negative reinforcement as child-rearing tools. Which beings me back to my original point, actually.
  6. You raise a valid point. I'm infertile and whilst I went through a period of grief for quite a few years after finding out, I'm now more at peace with it than ever. The amount of "negative karma" you have when you leave this world is vastly reduced if you don't procreate. When I think about some of the things people do to their children I cringe when I think of the guilt and shame those souls will feel when they leave here and see what they've done. To be honest, I would be in favor of bringing procreation levels down for this reason alone. Most people who choose to procreate are not conscious enough to raise their children in a way which avoids harm and trauma. However, I don't necessarily believe our world is overpopulated. We have no idea how many people are in this world.
  7. I agree; that's why I buy the really good quality stuff. I consume raw cacao every day. I would rather die of starvation than eat cadburys or mars. On topic again: I've often wondered how a person can call themselves a "lightworker" when they have quite a dim awareness of their shadow. The spiritual community is full of folks like that.
  8. I considered not addressing this again, and then I thought, actually, why shouldn't I? If I have some perspective on the matter which I am certain is accurate then why should I not convey it? Even though I am bitterly disappointed by this, I am going to try and remain calm. These are multiples/alters. They are the result of a moderate level of multiple personalities. Although I maintain that virtually everyone has multiple personalities, and could, if I chose to, back that statement up to the point of creating an entire thread on the matter, I won't, for the time being. Consider this, however: are you the same person with your grandparents as you are with your mates down the pub? No, of course you aren't. These are different "selves", a normal everyday level of multiple personalities less pronounced than what you would see in "Split" starring James McAvoy. The first alter, or part, as I often call them, is a "protector" part (I call him Hector) which is triggered in situations where I feel "bad". In this instance, being in a minority of one; the only anarchist, seemingly, on a forum of people whom support either a republican or democratic society. This part's response to that was to attack, since, to protector parts, attack is the best form of defense. When this part "occupied the seat of consciousness" and called people pussies etc, it was doing so to "feel better". It was an attempt to help me feel more powerful and/or good, in the face of feeling weak and bad. This is all shadow work. Shadow work is necessary to defeat the NWO, it means they have less to use against you. However, almost immediately the other aspect of me, the one which apologizes for having different opinions, or being in the minority, or wording things harshly, blended with me. When I went to bed that night, I woke up three or four times consumed by guilt at the idea I had hurt people's feelings. This part has a strong conscience, but also apologizes even when it shouldn't. I have actually apologized to people in my life who unambiguously abused me. This part is the result of childhood abuse and being told how "bad" I was constantly. This part goes off at the deep end constantly. It overthinks. Although it is good to have a conscience, vacillating between two "parts" which are polar opposites and have opposite energies is exhausting and destabilizing. It is also sad. I am sad and disappointed that I often can't convey disagreement in a gentle way, or that I have an alter which grovels and apologizes even when it probably shouldn't. I notice also that it's very rare for people to reject my apologies, even when it's probably appropriate for them to do so. Was there anything I should have apologized for? Probably calling people "selfish" or "pussies" - not for advocating for anarchy over republicanism, which I still do. Mentioning that I have multiples is not a shirking of responsibility either. From the moment a person knows this, they are responsible for all of their multiples and should not shirk responsibility because they were blended with one.
  9. You asked what people's thoughts were and I obliged. And you're right, I don't draw a distinction. I was heavily into many aspects of the new-age cult, until I wasn't. Also, narcissism is a spectrum and everyone is on it. It's literally impossible to be alive and be devoid of self-interest. Just ask yourself why Eckhart Tolle chose to name himself after another spiritual teacher and why he is permanently surrounded by flunkies.
  10. I would like to apologize for the rant I posted here last night about those who want a republic. I am sorry. Using laughing face emoji to try and soften the blow of verbally annihilating people for their beliefs is inexcusable. I don't know why I often feel compelled to say things which cause people to form a negative perception of me, but I can assure you it isn't a deliberate attempt to hurt people. It's more likely self-sabotage, but I don't know. Either way, I apologize for any and all hurt or offense caused. I think I will take a break from the forum now, maybe permanently.
  11. Dream on, dreamer. The scenario you envision isn't true freedom. Not even close. A republic is for people who don't have the balls for an anarchist setup. Children. Weak, whiny children who want Mommy and Daddy state to wipe their snotty little noses. In a republic, as I understand it, there are still elected representatives, i.e. "leaders" whom are chosen by the people. By the masses. Democracy, in other words. In what way is that an improvement on the retarded, insane pantomime we already have? You don't put a vote in the hands of idiot children, i.e. most people. When someone's head is still well and truly up their backside, giving them a vote is like giving a chainsaw to a three-year-old. In an anarchist society there would be people who would use the lack of leaders, police, army and law as an opportunity to do harm. (THIS ALREADY HAPPENS) What percentage of humanity that constitutes I don't know. My answer to that is: bring it on. I'll take my fucking chances. It's called being a grown-up. There are too many people on this forum trying to herd people into clinging to the political system we already have, or something close to it. It's an effort to steer narratives. I see it, I see what people are doing. People need to man the fuck up, grow the fuck up and stop clinging to something which has literally never served us. It's retarded and it's also selfish. People like myself who are grown up enough to envisage a society without monarchy or government shouldn't have to live our lives being dragged into other people's co-dependency because people are choosing to be pussies. Man up!
  12. I just realized what you were saying. I have long believed that the world is much bigger than we are told it is. In fact, we have no idea how big it is, really. I strongly doubt someone walked around it with a measuring wheel. Also the world map that most of us are used to seeing is apparently wrong, but again this would kind of lead to another "how would we know?" scenario. Either way, most of what it exists cannot be processed by our ocular nerves. Hallucinogenics can go some small way to opening up people's field of vision.
  13. I was looking through some of my old posts, and looked at one from 2020. I have an exceptional memory. On a spectrum, mine is somewhere between "excellent" and "eidetic", and I am certain that this specific post was "liked" by a particular forum user, who, at some point or another, withdrew that like. 


    Perhaps it is "ego" that I am mentioning this, but it is DEFINITELY ego for someone to do that. This is profoundly pathetic.


    I see you. You are either a very obvious game player or you have a very weak sense of self. Either way I feel sorry for you.

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    2. Ethel




      My issue isn't WHO, my issue is why. I am certain the person's opinion has not changed. 


      I feel like removing a like because you dislike the person or because you want to compete for likes conveys, at the very least, pettiness. 


      That being said, why do you care why I care?

    3. sickofallthebollocks



      I don't care - you mistake me asking 'why do you care who has removed a like' comment - with me caring?
      Which is not the case. No caring here, I couldn't give a fucking hoot.
      I asked because I was a confused as to why someone would go and put something like this on a status update on the front page of the site?
      Your issue looks like you are concerned with who and why?
      Maybe it was someone you thought you were in good stance with?
      And you are now upset and need to lash out?  Maybe just contact them by PM to ask why instead of lashing out.
      Anyway - like I said - now, by trying to help, it looks like I care.  When I don't.

    4. Ethel


      You definitely care. There's no way what you have just typed indicated nonchalance.

  14. This is a great meme. It does not necessarily denote that "immigrants are good", "white natives are bad"; the message is more subtle and nuanced than that: whenever there are two "opposing" groups, seemingly at odds with each other, there is often a hidden hand orchestrating the whole scenario. So in this scenario, the yellow vest guy thinks he is some kind of victim because he only has one cookie, but is dumb enough to believe that his one cookie is under threat of being stolen because of the immigrants, rather than because twisted illuminati cunts are once again playing puppet master. Meanwhile, Mr. Immigrant is thinking that Mr. yellow vest is a selfish, uncaring, greedy bastard because he has something and is getting fed but still wants to stop Mr. Immigrant from even having a seat at the table... little does he know that old illuminati prick is stirring the pot and winding yellow vest up... Brilliant. The person who created this really has their head screwed on. I see this all the fucking time and it's so fucking frustrating. People desperately need to wise up and start becoming more aware of the myriad ways in which they are being played.
  15. I agree, and in fact already believed exactly that. I think my second paragraph was too harsh.
  16. I sort of agree with @alexa on the subject of beauty in our world. Being in nature I see incredible beauty; the trees, flowers, animals. It is important not to forget that. However, I don't see human society as equally beautiful. Unfortunately human society often overshadows the fact that we live in a world with incredible biodiversity and beauty. Human society is still largely unconscious, sadly.
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