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  1. I didn't have that many people in my life so I haven't lost much. I can imagine it must be rough. I do have an Aunt who hasn't sent me a Christmas card this year. I guess there could be another reason but your mind starts working overtime.
  2. I'm sorry for your situation. It feels quite alienating. Dunno about you, but I'm not susceptible to peer pressure so that's a bonus.
  3. I have this problem on and off. As a very last resort, I occasionally use Promethazine, although I am generally opposed to pharmaceuticals so this is very seldom. I have noticed patterns regarding my sleeps; If I meditate a few times a day, the sleep will be good. If I go to bed every night within roughly the same time frame, the sleep will be good. If I engage in certain addictive behaviors (anything) and don't do the two things above, the sleep will be poor. Another useful tip is, if you cannot get to sleep, or wake up in the night and cannot get back to sleep, shift your focus off trying to sleep and read a book. This shows acceptance, which immediately puts you back into alignment with the possibility of sleep. Best of luck.
  4. Hmm, interesting. I have wondered many times whether the extreme docility of the past 2 years relates to some as yet unknown quantity. I even wondered if the TV was emitting particular frequencies to evoke particular states of consciousness, a la 'They Live'. I known someone who hasn't had the fake jab, but they keep being drawn to the BBC news, almost as if a compulsion. They become incredibly depressed, lethargic and apathetic very quickly, and have to consciously keep breaking away from it. It wouldn't surprise me if there was a frequency being emitted... That said, there are probably lots of ways that these fiends could increase docility in the population.
  5. Sweet Jesus, why? I live there and travelled between Scotland and England a number of times during the summer of 2021. The compliance rate with the Covid restrictions is vastly, vastly higher North of the border. There are certain parts of it in which you rarely see people not wearing masks. By comparison, the English at least have some resistance. Jimmy Frankie has been ass-fucking the Scottish people for too long. And they're letting her.
  6. It occurred to me after a recent visit to a dentist that what is occurring in society right now is a corrosion of individuality in order to replace that with the collective. A corrosion of individual preferences, perspective and values so that groupthink, the hive mind and tribalism can take their place.


    The problem with this is that the collective are not capable of choosing a set of values which are beneficial to all of us, or even a set of values at all. Rather, they are primarily geared towards a fear-based perspective, and a person like myself, who wants to actually receive dental treatment and look after the teeth I have, instead has to stand by and watch a couple of fully-grown adults behaving like stupid children pretending to be in some sort of danger. The two "dentists" generally behaved insanely, even at one point stating that they would have to wait five minutes to bring my prescription (for an anti-inflammatory I won't be using) out to the reception because they "have to wait five minutes before opening the drawer". This actually happened.


    Individuality is being attacked in the world right now, so that the horde can usher in the psychopathic values of their masters: fear, suspicion, cruelty, callousness. Someone requiring a filling in their tooth is secondary to the imagined, and entirely bogus threat of the ever present "Covid". It lurks in every corner, waiting to pounce at any given moment, so that it can cruelly and vindictively strike down healthy adults with immune systems. 


    I could tell that the woman who examined my teeth thought she was doing me some kind of massive favour, and she more or less told me so. I showed remarkable restraint, but watching their deranged antics has actually left me feeling unwell. I left there actually feeling faint and tearful, then had to come home and cry, because for some odd reason, watching people behave like fucking insane lunatics is quite upsetting to me.

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    2. TetraG


      I sympathize your experience Ethel, its like what we see is the apparently irrecoverably 'kooky-like'  behaviour by those being hard pressed (to conform,  but actually do so willingly) wrapped up in precocious mind dressings (of fertive or stealth psychopathic indoctrination by rules from above plus add their own fears all in one)...  and what we get is the turned inside out portentous priety of pseudo professionalism where at the heart of that subhuman catalyst is simply a deluded disciple of the beast above and the beast from within of relating to sub-human portents or distortion of rationale etc... (or whatever way to say that in conjecture in pinning this down, to then arrive at maybe explaining that better)  but basicly of a problem as features both by control of human convoluted energy, by pre-determined bizarre posturing designed to have you feel uncomfortable and also as you know too with empty virtue signaling disguised by repetitively sublime  officialdom based around insidious rituals to encourage us to obey,  and therefore to inviegle us social entanglement and confusion...  ..Very much behaviour I liken to a clique where we see a sheepesque delegation of preprogrammed automatons bowing to illogical rules or orders, and then that strive to govern behaviour refined to appear halfway normal but is clearly anything but natural and intuitive behaviour. Exhibited by them following a weird pattern of what was showed to you in absurd pretentious ways. 


      Here's something from a search result I just found to pique what we are perhaps piqued about in worldly ways or whatever:-


      I kinda searched "portent" to help me know my words better, and got results for "potential' instead as the search got given instead, ah well. 


      Note however the website is under "reconstruction" when you actually go to visit the site.

      Enyway hope this offers you some psychological assurance of a kind,  at what some people like myself, do sense, about the cost of ludicrous weirding of human nature subverting  not a in a good way... (even if that is not what this site is specificly about, but it could be worth bookmarking if it comes back to life after said maintenance... But just to warn I have not known of it before today though..) 


      ¶¶ globalhousepotentialism.org

      Potentialism shows that all human beings have an enormous latent power—a potential—that is constrained by forces we don't recognize or understand. Moreover, the constraining forces are structural and systemic. They are part of the world we have inadvertently created. But, there is a way to overcome these powerful negative influence in our lives. It is a new concept; a vision for life on ...



      I will be the first to refute it if this website turns out to be a purely globalist signposting as could be obvious. Excuse me if so,  but one cannot tell to comment atm, with site in lieu. In any case in the words systemic and structural comes the cataclysm of control which of course takes many insidious & obnoxious forms... Hatched within the system in order to implement tools of various manipulatory chic, and of course a large part of their psy-op weaponary is by using neural programming, to set about their task in under-mining our confidence and self respect etc... with all their dastardly authoritarian artifices and subtle devices ready to be used on us to herd our mentality in the hopes we become one of THEM. As they fulwell wish was the case

    3. TetraG
    4. TetraG




      Depending on the subject matter, I somewhat question

      the tribalism angle more widely, but in your usage probably Ethel, I can agree you were using it well enough in the overall context of what you are saying below, but lets remember too not all tribes are conceived bad, such as native american or any indigenous tribes, derived not of the modern world...🙂


      But you know as soon as anyone relates 'tribalism' in context **with the modern world** we not surprisingly start to feel threatened by tribalism you know..

      And even just talking about that sometimes can be a challenge, as if it what we're touching upon with this word "tribalism" is of some an attribution where gang culture could easily be infered and inculcated,  and okay I accept that is an "extreme example on a theme" but whatever we mean by 'tribalism', its good &  healthy also to make seperate distinctions sometimes too, where canny to do so, as I just have.) 


      Don't get me wrong though, you certainly have point below, of course...  


      A corrosion of individual preferences, perspective and values so that groupthink, the hive mind and tribalism can take their place.


      The problem with this is that the collective are not capable of choosing a set of values which are beneficial to all of us, or even a set of values at all. Rather, they are primarily geared towards a fear-based perspective, 

  7. I have considered your wisdom and have decided to gargle with turpentine instead. It will also kill bacteria as long as I dilute it like you suggested.
  8. The longer this whole thing goes on, the more convinced I become that this whole thing is just about destruction of personal boundaries, above all else. This fake pandemic is a stepping stone, guaranteed. They are priming people to remove their own personal boundaries and accept anything.
  9. Yeah, I've never actually disliked a Bowie album. I wasn't daft on "Scary Monsters..." but even that had it's merits. If I judged him on his music alone I'd have nothing bad to say about him.
  10. I challenge anyone to listen to Aladdin Sane from start to finish and not conclude that Bowie was a musical genius. That's my focus when I think of him.
  11. I am somewhere up North. I have been concerned about the future. I know I will survive but I would rather do so with people if I had the choice. If people use encrypted email like Proton mail it really makes staying safe easier.
  12. I only know one person other than myself who hasn't taken this injection. That being said, I don't know that many people. I firmly believe most of the people who haven't taken the jab aren't publicizing it. I also believe some people are saying they have had it even when they haven't.
  13. Isn't this a continuation of what is already happening, i.e. human beings externalizing their personal power? It's almost like affirming that we can't save ourselves, so we need someone else to do it for us. Tell me if I'm wrong.
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