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  1. The content of common law is brief and also unnecessary to a right-thinking person. Common law is for the people who need authority to tell them what 'right' and 'wrong' are. Juries can be bought. Judges can be bought. Juries are susceptible to groupthink. The criminal justice system purports to create justice from a place of non-understanding of criminality and it's causes. As a fun activity, one day count up how many people worldwide are in jobs because crime exists. The very 'culture' and society we have created is the root cause of crime. The family unit operates as a microcosm of state. Child-rearing methods are punishment-based because the illuminati created those parenting methods. Read Locke. Punishment has never been an effective catalyst for change. The anti-culture, anti-society that the illuminati have created for us is a slow rape of individual liberty. The very system we are a part of is something we are entered into without consent. As slaves. Your birth certificate has a serial number on it. That's your slave number. The state owns you. Your parents sold you into slavery, unknowingly, as did mine, and everyone else's. Your individual liberty is an aspiration at best. Anything else?
  2. Stop being silly. I did not say that we were convinced by the elite that cannibalism was wrong in the first place. We may have been, we might not have. However, even if they did, it was a correct conclusion. And again, it was not a logical conclusion to make that I think cannibalism is wrong because the elite told me it was. How could that be the case when there are any number of elite-promoted things which I don't support, i.e. eating animals, war, abortion. I don't want to talk about your other arguments either, not because I couldn't dismantle them with the greatest of ease, but because it's too easy.
  3. Just as an aside, there is an angle to this which nobody ever really considers. This is not directed at any particular person, more everyone. There aren't really any 'black people' or 'white people' as such. There are only varying shades in between. Because the terms are literally polarizing, they make 'othering' easier and keep different racial groups feeling more separate from each other. I have never seen a black or a white person. Humans create divisive language and then wonder why we have a society characterised by division.
  4. It isn't me who considers my own hedonistic pleasure to be a greater priority than the life of an animal. You are confused. The vast majority of what is considered normal by the average person is decided for you by the PTB. They are social engineers and wizards of manipulation. They will continue to be so whether you 'agree' they are or not. I haven't. Don't straw man me. On the contrary, it's the other way round. It is you and other carnivores who use appeal to popularity and appeal to tradition in order to defend meat eating. I know cannibalism is wrong because I know there is such a thing as objective morality and I know there is such a thing as objective reality. Most people, on the other hand, rely upon authority to tell them what is right and wrong. You mentioned cannibalism and cannibalism is an ethical issue, ergo what I said was on topic. The reason you don't want to talk about it is because the only justification you have for eating meat is that you enjoy it. That doesn't make it defensible though. To address your original theory again, I doubt the PTB are feeding us human meat because they wouldn't get any enjoyment out of doing it unless we knew. They enjoy degradation, humiliation and manipulation. Their preferred way of doing this would be to convince stupid people that eating human meat is somehow natural and normal, and then laugh, knowing that they could convince the average person of almost anything, because of the dysfunctional relationship most people have with authority.
  5. The powers that be in this world could convince most human beings that anything is 'normal'. You talk of cannibalism as if it is inherently worse than eating animals when, on an energetic level, it is no less morally repugnant. 'Our' Masters have convinced 'us' that the extreme holocaust perpetrated against animals every day is 'normal', that woman paying money to have their fetuses forcibly ejected from their body is 'normal', that the mass sacrifice known as 'war' is 'normal' and are now well on their way to convincing an apparent large majority of human beings to walk around wearing masks, whilst living in fear of their fellow human beings. Most people go whichever way the wind blows. They can clearly be manipulated to believe anything. To return to your original point; cows, pigs, lambs etc are anthropomorphic enough for "carnivorism" to be considered a form of cannibalism. And I guarantee you it would take them less than a year to convince the average person that eating humans is normal too.
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