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  1. I will never hear anything cooler than the early sound of the Misfits. LOW-FI Cool
  2. I swear to God I was thinking the exact same thing! The dude looks like a goddamn ventriliquists dummy. The one that sprung to my mind was the terrifying Anthony Hopkins film, "Magic" Magic Sunak
  3. This is genuinely embarrassing. The guy is clearly reading from an autocue . He has marginally significantly less charisma than a two-dimensional carboard cut out. So, how many more PM's can we notch up before the start of 2023?
  4. If you've encountered any I guess you've been visiting alternate universes.
  5. All of the phenomena you describe here is covered by the law of attraction, synchronicity or confirmation bias
  6. Here is my theory for where these large numbers of people are disappearing to. In his book "Children Of The Matrix" David Icke wrote about inter-dimensional portals which exist in various spots all over the earth, and also conveyed the theory that Astral entities can create these portals. One of the striking things about the many testimonies David Paulides have gathered is the "there one minute, gone the next" phenomenon i.e. families and friends of people who went missing in places like Yosemite said that their family members who went missing literally disappeared in the space of seconds, and that when they looked, they couldn't see another human for miles around - sometimes in places where there was literally no cover, no place to hide. If you put these two ideas together you come up with the theory that astral entities are creating inter-dimensional portals and then taking people through them. Probably for ritual sacrifice, although the possibilities are endless.
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