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  1. Probably the first time I have commented on a song shared here but... this is awesome
  2. I am Ethel again mostly. Hector has mostly unblended. Once again there are regretful feelings coming from the aspect of me which wants to keep people happy. I can only ask for understanding. It is a legit condition and it is kind of like a hostile takeover. I have this in addition to PTSD, it's a tough old existence. There was little to no "me" there. Compare it to what I said earlier in the thread and you will see the difference. Dunno what more to say.. I hope I don't end up in trouble, I like coming here.
  3. I wasn't referring to you, there were other indirect references. Read the comments.
  4. Yes, that's correct. He protects a variety of "exiles". That's how it works. Also when I say an alter, I mean a literal alter... as in MPD. He "blended" with me when I read someone making an indirect reference to my modding. He is protective of me which is why I keep him under wraps most of the time. Also, most people have an inner Hector. But yes, I don't want anyone to think I am being flippant about this; it's like a literal takeover... my voice changes, I begin laughing hysterically, etc, my heart rate increases. Scary stuff, but he's one entertaining motherfucker
  5. I am channeling one of my alters, Hector. Some of you may remember Hector from a thread in which people discussed a republic vs an anarchist society. Hector tells me he doesn't a give a fuck about normies and would "like to gas them to death". He doesn't give a shit about the slapper women you are referring to or the dumb wanker men who use dating websites. Hector says only assholes think with their dicks. Hector thinks that men who talks this way are being "whiny bitches". He thinks you should man the fuck up. Hector says this is MGTOW rhetoric and a thinly disguised attempt to find... (um, I hate this word but ... pussy) As you can tell, Hector can be quite a colorful character. I mostly keep him under wraps but sometimes have to let him out to play. Hector also doesn't like when other forum users argue with Ethel's moderation, or make passive aggressive comments about it. (Ethel again) Thankfully I am good at keeping Hector under control edit: obviously not as good as i thought
  6. Yes, exactly. And that fear and hostility is being summoned up out of movements which have been weaponized, such as feminism, and movements which were always weponized, such as MGTOW. It is also being disseminated via the widespread cultural indoctrination of children to use terrible intelligence destroying platforms like tik tok and twitter; which are being used to give the masses a particular impression of men and women; Broad sweeping brush strokes which encourage men to see women as manipulative, gold-digging, narcissistic attention whores and women to see men either as commodities or creepy, rapey sexual predators. What's more heartbreaking is realizing that this blatant manipulation has even affected some of the members of this forum. I wish people would realize there are still lots of good men and women in this world who don't just want to use and abuse the opposite sex.
  7. Many of the perceptions I see of women in this thread are based on broad, sweeping generalizations. Plus... Lets all have a big round of applause for confirmation bias
  8. MOD NOTE: I see this thread going off at multiple tangents. Everyone please focus all of your answers within the context of the original question: are modern women taught to hate men? Frame your answers within a yes, this is how or no, this is how type of answer
  9. Also, it was decided somewhere back in time, by the illuminati of course, that women were only to be appreciated mainly for their sexuality rather than anything else. That's why everyone knows the name Marilyn Monroe but hardly anyone knows the name Hypatia. At the end of the day though it isn't men vs women it's the illuminati vs everyone else.
  10. Modern Western society plays men and women off against each other. It takes a lot to not buy into it. Feminism in it's original incarnation had merit but like all "movements" has been weaponized to a great extent. Based on my stance on abortion alone I cannot consider myself a feminist but can empathize with the plight of women in Arabic countries. As far as feminism in the West is concerned the sad truth is that some of the biggest misogynists are women. This is the reason most of the power roles in this world have been held by men. Sociologically both Fathers and Mothers psychologically damage their children through the socialization process so I am disinclined to set the world's problems at the feet of only one gender. Both are equally responsible for the terrible state our world is in.
  11. Pattern recognition is a useful tool. Musk is clearly the illuminati's "I'm not a part of the illuminati, honest" poster boy. He is the one they use to try and "prove" to the masses that they don't want the absolute worst for humanity; basically the contents of agenda 2030. Apart from his constant double narrative on technology that is. It's like having a conversation with Gollum. Musk is prime MPD. He is doing an okay job, at least where the masses are concerned anyway. They probably think Musk is going to "save them" or something.
  12. Agreed, a million percent. It's essentially a violation. No, it's a karma dodge. Or at least they think it is.
  13. I had this issue, although the smart meters I have are in 'dumb' mode meaning their smart functionality is turned off. This is because they are early models. I will never agree to have them updated. Rather than go through changing providers just buy some high quality faraday cages instead, like I did. I have one for the smart meter inside my flat and don't need one for the one outside my flat because I am up three flights of stairs. Faraday cages, orgonite crystals, there are multiple ways of addressing this issue. People are going to have to get creative and start using the placebo effect to their advantage because we are not going to be able to avoid this. Everywhere we go now we are coming into contact with wifi and various other forms of radiation. Pick a way of dealing with this, like an orgonite crystal around your neck like I do, and then believe it is helping you. Believe also that your body has the power to overcome anything. Foster that belief. Then put the issue to the back of your mind.
  14. I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that they could develop tech with that kind of capability. However, people will decide for themselves with their own free will, or what passes for it in this world, whether to connect to this cloud or not. These Satanists, believe it or not, would rather find ways to manipulate you into doing what they want you to do rather than aggressively forcing you to do things, hence why nobody was actually forcibly tied down and injected with the covid vaccine. Their modus operandi is to break down your resolve.
  15. I have approved this post because you worded it as a question, but I don't want people to fixate on the idea that this is a certainty because it might not be. There's a lot of fear in the world right now, might be an idea not to add to it...
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