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  1. Still waiting for mine, I live in the UK
  2. Start from the simple, basic premise that the people whom possess the most power, control and wealth in the world have the vast majority of people's absolute worst interests at heart, then go from there.
  3. This sounds quite interesting. One thing though; where is 'Sodomcisco'? I've never heard of that place, and when I typed the question 'where is Sodom Cisco' into Google, it just started going on about sodom and gomorrah.
  4. Maybe I'm misreading it, but it looks as though he is satirizing conspiracy theory rather than endorsing it, so I'm unsure why youtube banned it.
  5. which one of his videos was banned?
  6. I have so far only had bus drivers and shop staff ask. I simply say 'no'. I get no hassle. Occasionally I'll get some Karen eyeballing me, but I usually just stare them out until they look away. I want a member of the public to say something. I want the delectable enjoyment of saying "I don't answer to you", or ignoring them entirely, or laughing. Anecdote: months back, I went into an unfamiliar supermarket and began walking around whilst ignoring the shitty arrows on the floor. Inevitably, some aggressive sheep started hassling me, after pointedly checking the arrows on the floor. Middle aged guy, fully masked up. I point blank ignored him, and adopted a body language and facial expression as though I hadn't heard him. He kept saying "excuse me" over and over, about half a dozen times, whilst I kept picking up items off the shelf and looking at them. It was hilarious. Eventually he gave up, and after ironically muttering "fucking idiot" under his breath, gave up and walked away. Lol!
  7. You believe we are heading to a scenario in which there is a food shortage and people's houses are looted? Europe or America? Also - what time frame do you put on this scenario ?
  8. I am about 99% certain there is no virus. I have listened in detail to David's explanation and understand the premise. Another facet to the whole thing is that fear weakens the immune system, and many people are living in fear right now, choosing fear as a lifetstyle. Any illnesses are automatically being perceived as Covid 19. It's actually quite an ingenious plot if you really look at it, but it is heavily reliant on the average person possessing zero critical thinking abilities, which I become more and more convinced is the case as time goes by. This is why I can't really see a way out of the overall situation, because someone cannot just all of a sudden reclaim critical thinking abilities in adulthood. They are meant to be taught, in childhood. I have never met someone who has even had the virus. I have been inside a hospital twice during 'lockdown' and it was dead. The MSM only present one side of everything. Anyone who disagrees with the narrative or even raises concerns gets nowhere near the news. Yes, I can completely understand the reasoning and insight behind the assertion that there is no virus. It is nothing more than all other illnesses which have so much as a respiratory element to them being reclassified, coupled with a sly doctoring of death certificates to fiddle the overall figures, mixed with a constant climate of fear-mongering aimed at unquestioning sheeple. Everything about the overall story of the past six months reeks to the highest blazes imaginable.
  9. My mental health has plummeted. I was seeing a psychologist with the NHS. I was not working prior to lockdown. Due to mental health problems. I can't express how bitterly disappointed I am with the way that the NHS has abandoned people who were seeing psychologists. There is no apparent end in sight for this abandonment either, at least not in the region I live in. The dumb sheep used to be a minor irritation. I already felt alone, have done most of my life. In a way I was always 'seeing through' falsehoods, and it can cause problems. But now these sheep are seemingly everywhere. The feeling of aloneness got worse during the lockdown. It drops to despair like levels during which my chest area feels clogged and desperate. Nausea is common in these phases. As well as regular tactile hallucinations. I have to talk to myself a lot to get by, purely because of the human need to express oneself. I have a number of psychotic traits, and have pondered whether I am being possessed by archons intermittently. This is a horrifying prospect, obviously. Yeah, on a personal level I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about the future.
  10. I don't wear one. They don't work. There is no 'covid 19', 'it' is an amalgamation of various different respiratory conditions, reclassified. I want to add 'in my opinion', but I'm not going to.
  11. It is possible for human beings to live without the cabal, or any rulers for that matter. However, it is unlikely because most people externalize their personal power, hand it to false idols, fake gurus and other assorted chancers. It is, I believe, an Archontic/demiurgic creation designed to generate a constant stream of negative energy. These past four months have amped that up to scary levels. This is why the idea of 'society' doesn't work, because dumb sheep are allowed to influence the lives of right-minded people like me who have no interest in following rules which have no basis in logic, like wearing masks and bathing in hand sanitizer. All I want is peace. These people are like dumb kids who want a big brother type figure to give them their dum-dum and tuck them in at night. That is a dysfunction.
  12. It's a real relief to hear that there are souls that refuse to incarnate. I'll be one of them.
  13. I feel a sense of hopelessness regarding the kids growing up in the middle of all this. What is their perception of the world going to be? But what really scares me is the idea that when I die, I may foolishly decide/be tricked into reincarnating into this hell again. Dear God, no. Imagine it. I spend much of my time alternating between loathing the lamentable levels of acquiescence in the majority of adults and feeling sorry for them, because they are essentially children, with a childlike view of how the world works. I am desperately trying to hold on to my sanity, but the idea of coming back once again, being born into this deranged, hellish cesspit is absolutely unbearable. Anything but that.
  14. In 'Great' Britain, we're more likely to see protests like this because the restrictions aren't severe enough.
  15. I have encountered people who say that the Reptilians and Archons are one and the same. If this is not the case, does anyone know the difference ?
  16. My name is Ethel, I work on the motherfucking checkouts. I am also infinite consciousness. I am pleased to meet everyone. That is all.
  17. I am Ethel. I can be Ethel on the checkouts AND infinite consciousness, simultaneously.

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